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National Health Service – Medical Assistance – Multilingual Doctors
National Health Service
Austria has a national health service with a high standard. Depending on the conditions (your home country,
duration of your stay) your national health insurance service provider may cover the costs of any necessary treatment
in Austria. Therefore it is recommended to contact the health insurance provider in your home country as well as to
inform yourself about the necessary steps before coming to Austria.
Useful information by the Austrian Exchange Service:
Medical Assistance
Generally patients may choose their own physicians (generalists or specialists) and have free access to most forms
of medical care.
List of hospitals in Styria: (LKH = provincial hospital)
In urgent cases outside the normal opening hours, you may call the doctor's emergency service at Marburgerkai
51, 8010 Graz: call 141 (“Ärztenotdienst”).
In case of an emergency (acute, life-threatening illness or injury) an ambulance (Rescue Team and Austrian Red
Cross) is available: call 144 (“Rettung”).
More information
Medical Association of Styria
Ärztekammer für Steiermark
Kaiserfeldgasse 29, 8010 Graz
T: +43 / 316 / 8044 0
Regional Health Insurance Organisation for Styria
Steiermärkische Gebietskrankenkasse
Josef-Pongratz-Platz 1, 8010 Graz
T: +43 / 316 / 80 35 0
Multilingual Doctors
The Welcome Center does not have its own list of multilingual doctors, but on the website of the Medical
Association of Styria, it is possible to search for doctors who speak other languages in addition to German.
Online search function for doctors:
The website is only available in German. Here is a short explanation of the search fields:
Field 1: Choose a doctor. We recommend that you choose “Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin” (a doctor who is
specialized in a wider area; if necessary, this doctor will send you to a specialist).
Field 2: Choose your district to find a doctor there. We recommend choosing “Graz – Gesamt” as this is the
whole area of Graz.
Field 3: Name of the doctor
Field 4: Name of your health insurance. Employees of TU Graz should select “BVA (Versicherungsanstalt
öffentlich Bediensteter)”. Anyone else should select "GKK §2-Gebietskrankenkasse".
Field 5: Opening hours
Field 6: Kind of diploma you would like the doctor to have
Field 7: Additional knowledge
Field 8: Choose the doctor's gender. “Ärztin/Arzt” is the standard field, but if you would prefer to go to a male
doctor, choose “Arzt”, or to a female doctor, “Ärztin”.
Field 9: For special health check-ups
Field 10: Language the doctor should speak
For help and assistance contact the Welcome Center of TU Graz:
[email protected]
+43 (0)316 / 873 – 6427 or 6428