April 28, 2014
(This is the transcript of the live chat that was hosted on the Webinar Forum, reproduced to facilitate further discussion. The
chat reflects the informal, real-time nature of the conversation.)
marcelo dias:good morning everyone
marcelo dias:I am Marcelo Dias from Brazil
Despina Iancu:Hi everyone
Tonu Basu (GLE):Thank you all for joining the GLE WEBINAR. Please introduce yourselves and feel free to
use this space to interact with each other and with the Speakers. Thanks!
Heather Ridout (Beeconomics):Good morning, I am Heather , in Brazil as well
Roxana Damaschin-Tecu:hi
Despina Iancu:I'm from NESsT Romania, Timisoara. Nice to meet you all!
Simon Henschel:Good evening, this is Simon. I am in Laos.
marcelo dias:what a nice audience!!
Waleed Abd El Rahman:Hello Everyone, this is Waleed from Global Shapers, Giza Hub, Egypt
Jamie Schau, InnovacionAL:Hi everyone! This is Jamie from InnovacionAL Consulting, Chile
Urmi Sengupta:Good Morning, this is Urmi Sengupta from the MacArthur Foundation
Nicole Orillac:Good Morning, Nicole Orillac from Panama
Andrea Gandolfi (AGTR):Good Morning, this is Andre, from Lima (Peru)
Simon Henschel:I am with Sunlabob Renewable Energy in Laos. A Schwab Foundation member.
Cabinet Office:hel
Cabinet Office:Hello- Alexandra Meagher from Cabinet Office here. You can read about our work here:
Rosemary Addis:welcome everyone - would participants please mute their phone lines to assist veryone
to hear the speakers. Thanks all - much appreciated.
Brindusa Fidanza, The Ground_Up Project:Jordan, that was a great pitch and congratulations for the
fundraise and progress
Tonu Basu (GLE):Dear participants - please feel free to share your perspectives on the presentation,
your experiences from working in the region and your questions to the Speakers and other participants.
Thanks! And apologies again for the technology challenges
marcelo dias:i work with Funadacao Dom cabral in Brazil,with social entrepreneurs helping them put up
their projects
marcelo dias:the initial challenge is to give them business prespectives and that goes for 1 year
marcelo dias:what worries me is that the great majority need some capital to start(up to US$30 K),and I
do not see how
marcelo dias:i would love to set up a fund!!
Renata:Hi Marcelo. I am Renata, the Country Director of NESsT in Brazil. I am discussing with Marcele
possible partnerships between NESsT and Fundação Dom Cabral.
marcelo dias:graet news
marcelo dias:would like to meet you
marcelo dias:where do you stay?
marcelo dias:I 'll be in SP may13
marcelo dias:do you have some free time in the morning?
Rob Packer:Marcelo - I work at SITAWI in Brazil and agree there is a need to have more resources for
marcelo dias:i have some ideas and would love to share them with you and Renata
marcelo dias:[email protected]
Tonu Basu (GLE):We invite all participants to share your questions for the Speakers (and other
participants) here
Franklin Mora:what requirements and barriers did you have in building FIS?
Maria Tinelli:In countries where governments are using any social impact idea or project for their own
political benefit (not tha case of Chile and Brazil), and this alieantes investors and potential investors
especially comming from the "North", how do you recommend to bridge the issue.? how do you make
it palatable for investors, and move away from traditional philantropy or charity?
Maria Tinelli:THis is the case for Argentina, Bolicia, Venezuela, where the potential is great but the
governments alienate investors
Franklin Mora:Jordan: what industry has the most white space for scalability in LA or emerging market?
is their an ethos that had really driven Vision Spring to grow? do funders ask for detailed social impact
Brindusa Fidanza, The Ground_Up Project:To Maria Jose Montero, if impact investment must be int'l,
how about matching int'l deal flow, aggregated portfolios of projects #impinvGLE?
constanca - UnLtd/GSEN:what is the development stage and main challenges of support organisations
for early stage social entrepreneurs in LA? By support organisations I mean organisations that provide,
for example, mentorship and coaching programmes as well as early stage grants.
marcelo dias:Great question Brinduza
Brindusa Fidanza, The Ground_Up Project:Thanks Marcelo
Brindusa Fidanza, The Ground_Up Project:I do hope we have some time for answers
marcelo dias:I was thinking how can we join forces to cross border ideas and projects
Brindusa Fidanza, The Ground_Up Project:Drop me a note at [email protected], would
like to discuss
Maria Tinelli:I'm in for discussing options
Maria Tinelli:based in London so can bring this side's view / potential
marcelo dias:Iwill do Brinduza
marcelo dias:[email protected]
marcelo dias:can you share your email MAria?
Maria Tinelli:please tell them Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia
Maria Tinelli:to provide context
Maria Tinelli:complete different scenario than Brazil or Chile
Maria Tinelli:[email protected]
Maria Tinelli:thank you Rosemary ;)
Brindusa Fidanza, The Ground_Up Project:Thank you Maria, I would be very happy to continue this
discussion and show how The Ground_Up Project aims to supply an international deal flow with impact
projects that match various investment approaches.
marcelo dias 2:MAria,where do you stay?
Nicole Orillac:can we get access to the research that Nicole and Gonzalo mention>
Nicole Orillac:?
Nicole Orillac:If so, where?
Tonu Basu (GLE):
Renata:Hi Nicole Orillac. The research will be available in few days in NESsT website.
Nicole Orillac:thank you
marcelo dias 2:I would ask all the participants to share their emails,so we can continue to share
dreams,barriers and solutions
constanca - UnLtd/GSEN:[email protected]
Renata:And No Free Ride can be reached here:
Nicole Orillac:Completely agree with Maria Jose! Rosemary, could you facilitate exchanging contacts of
people who attended this webinar?
Christina Kappaz:Marcelo asked we all share emails. Mine is [email protected] (Christina Kappaz)
Nicole Orillac:Mine is [email protected] and [email protected]
Tonu Basu (GLE):We are happy to put all the participants on the same email list. Please indicate on this
window if you'd like to be on that mailing list and we'll be happy to facilitate connections.
Nicole Orillac:Yes, please add me to the mailing list
Andrea Armeni:Andrea Armeni, Transform Finance ([email protected])
constanca - UnLtd/GSEN:Mee too - [email protected]
Renata:Me too - [email protected]
Heather Ridout (Beeconomics):Thanks Tonu, please add us to the list [email protected]
ignacio:Me too please: [email protected]
Rob Packer:[email protected]
marcelo dias 2:me too
Adriana:[email protected]
Despina Iancu:[email protected]
Brindusa Fidanza, The Ground_Up Project:yes, please [email protected]
Elisabeta Varga:[email protected]
Tonu Basu (GLE):Thanks all. We'll add a specific GLE email group for those who would like to continue
this conversation beyond this webinar.
marcelo dias 2:[email protected]
Jamie Schau, InnovacionAL:[email protected]
Nicole Orillac:also if you can share the presentations. Thanks
Celia Cruz (ICE, Brazil): Celia Cruz - ICE, Brazil: [email protected]
Marilyne Abony:thank you for a great session! [email protected]
marcelo dias 2:don't forget the panelists emails
Tonu Basu (GLE):The presentation and the recording of the Webinar will be available on the GLE website
and we will share the link when it's uploaded. Please continue to share your details and we'll be in touch
over the next few weeks. Thanks!
marcelo dias 2:thank you so much,everyone
Celia Cruz (ICE, Brazil):Thanks a lot
Maria Tinelli:Thank you all great webinar!
constanca - UnLtd/GSEN:Thank you!
Brindusa Fidanza, The Ground_Up Project:Thank you
Jamie Schau, InnovacionAL:Thank you everyone!