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Over the past several years, I have been training
with Elite Performance to enhance my athletic and
personal performance. One of the main reasons I
have enjoyed training here
is the personalized workout
plans adjusted to help me
attain my personal goals. I
feel all of the valuable time
and hard work I have put in
has played a crucial role in my
success as a high school athlete. As I entered college and
chose to play collegiate basketball and track, I knew I had
to step it up a notch and work
even harder to be an asset to
the teams. Elite performance
has not only made me stronger, but has also quickened
my footwork, improved my
form, and helped me to reach
my goals with hard work and
dedication. I would highly recommend this
program to all athletes and to anyone who is
looking to improve their personal performance.
Choosing GAH and Elite
Performance has been one
of the best decisions I have
made as an athlete. I first
became involved when I tore
my ACL my senior year of
high school. I was devastated
when I hurt my knee. I did not
think I would ever be back to
the level I was at before. When
I chose GAH and Elite Performance I had no more doubts.
They had me back at 100% a
whole month earlier than I was
supposed to be. Thanks to them
I got to run track my senior year
and continue playing football
and running track at the collegiate level. I continue to go to
Elite Performance today because
they push me to my full potential.
I have become bigger, faster and
stronger because of it. My improvements have been
truly unbelievable and I am truly blessed to have been
training with the best.
Allison Cowell
GCMS class of 2013
Matt Mogged
Tri-Point Class of 2012
Sports Medicine
Coverage for:
GCMS High School
Blue Ridge
High School
Iroquois West
High School
Prairie Central
High School
Tri-Point High
PBL High School
Ready to be
Fairbury Clinic
221Wal-Crest Drive
Fairbury, IL 61739
Phone: (815) 692-4660
Gibson City Clinic
413 East 1st St,
Gibson City, IL 60936
Phone: (217) 784-2045
Paxton Clinic
239 N. Taft Street
Paxton, IL 60957
Phone: (217) 379-3585
The Gibson Area Hospital Sports Medicine Program
uses a medical team approach to cover every facet of
athletic related injuries.
GAH Outreach Programs
Free sports injury evaluations are available for local
athletes, recreational league athletes, and weekend
warriors who have been injured or cannot continue
their sport due to injury.
Call our Gibson City or Paxton office to set up your
free sports injury evaluation with one of our athletic
certified strength and conditioning specialists.
Coaches and Athletic Directors
• Are you interested in a sports medicine
based clinic for your staff?
• Do you need a guest speaker at an event
or clinic?
• Would you like to schedule a speed, agility,
or quickness camp for your athletes?
Call us at Fairbury: (815) 692-4649,
Gibson City: (217) 784-2045
or Paxton: (217) 379-3585
We specialize in strength and conditioning programs
that are specifically designed to address the athlete’s
individual goals.
Our strength and conditioning experts will perform an
initial physical assessment on each athlete to identify
any weakness or areas that need improvement.
The sports medicine team at GAH includes
an Orthopedic Surgeon, a Family Practice Physician
with a Sports Medicine Fellowship, and several Athletic
Trainers, Certified Strength Conditioning Specialists,
and Youth Fitness Specialist. Others include Physical
Therapists with an interest or background in sports
and sports medicine, as well as our sports medicine
support staff.
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Fellowship–Orthopaedic Oncology
Board Certified American
Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
Orthopaedic Surgeon
An individualized plan will be developed based on
the athlete’s initial interview, goals and physical
After completing all Elite Performance sessions, each
athlete will be reassessed and will receive
pre- and post-test results.
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Sports Medicine Fellowship
Call GAH Sports Medicine for pricing.
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Together we provide every athlete with
paramount sports medicine care including:
• Aqua Therapy
• Rehabilitation using sport specific skills
• Free sports injury clinics - call for an
• Sports enhancement programs
• Coaches clinics
• High school outreach athletic training services
• Post Therapy programs
Advanced Practice Nurse
Certified Physician Assistant
* Not a full-time employee of Gibson Area Hospital & Health Services.
** Not employed by Gibson Area Hospital & Health Services Independent Physicians of GAHHS.