W o o d S h a v in g s - Northwest Georgia Woodturners

Volume 1, Issue 2
March 2014
Shape, Sharpen, and Hone
Wood Shavings
We learned a lot from Bob
Brancheau at our February
meeting. The most important two items: 1. There
is no “magic” angle or
grind out there. 2. There
are three steps in the sharpening process: Shaping,
Sharpening, Honing.
Bob walked us thru the use
of a bench grinder to Shape
our turning tools. During
the demo he showed us the
need for a jig to support the
tool during the shaping
process. Bob utilized a
Sharpie marker to insure
the tool bevel was making
proper contact with the
grinder wheel. He also
used a slow speed grinder
to keep the tool a cool as
After getting the tool
ground to the right shape,
Bob then moved onto the
Tormek Slow Speed Wet
Sharpener. At this stage,
the tool is starting to be
sharpened using the
Tormek’s 1000 Grit wet
stone. The Tormek featured several jigs to hold
the turning tools at the correct angle and depth from
the tool bar. Bob showed
the relationship between
the BGM tool bar setup
on the grinder and the
similar tool bar setup on
the Tormek.
Hopefully, we all went
home with some useful
knowledge and have our
tools in better shape.
Finally, Bob showed us
the use of diamonds to
hone the turning tool.
The key here was to make
sure to hone the cutting
edge of the tool.
After the presentation,
Bob shaped and sharpened several of our members’ tools while answering questions.
Bob answering questions at
the end of the presentation.
Invitation to see David Ellsworth
Bert Workman, President
of the Dalton Area
Woodturners Guild, has
informed us of their upcoming March meeting
featuring David Ellsworth.
tion Center. Directions can
be found at:
Nonmembers are being
asked to pay $30 to attend
or you can join their group
at the door for $25.
The meeting will be held
on March 22nd @ 6PM at
the Catoosa County Nutri-
Inside this issue:
Special points of interest:
Show & Tell
March Meeting
Southern States Symposium
Demonstrator Trade
About Us
Class Opportunities
 March 8th Deadline for Early Registration
to Southern States Symposium
 March 22nd David Ellsworth @ Dalton
 March 27th Pen Show at monthly meeting
 April 4th-6th Southern States Symposium
 May 3rd Shop Tour Wood Killer Designs
Show & Tell from February Meeting
Cherry Burl Bowl
Tom Canada
Threaded Boxes
Tom Canada
Ambrosia Maple 3-axis Platter
Jack Kerwood
Cypress Square Bowl
Tom Canada
Zebrawood Candle Holder
Al Donahue
Oak Bowl
Jeff Masi
Poplar Bowl
Richard Green
Spalted Maple Bowl
Phil Ward
Walnut Communion Set
Phil Ward
March Meeting
Our March meeting will focus on pen
turning. We are fortunate to have Marion
Dunham join us our demonstrator. As
many of you know he is our 100 year old
Honorary Member from Florida.
For Show & Tell this month . . . Bring In
Your Pens!!!!!!!!
The Wood Store has recently had over
100 pen kits donated. These range from
Slimline to Cigar style pens. We’ve also
Page 2
have over 200 pen blanks in stock. To
move through some of these items blanks
will be $1 each and pen kits will range
from $1—$5 each. Most of the pen kits
are from PSI so bushings and instruction
sheets can be gotten easily.
The Raffle will include several Pen Presses and Drilling Vises.
Look forward to seeing everyone there.
Southern States Woodturning Symposium Rotation Schedule
Friday April 4th
Saturday April 5th
Sunday April 6th
1:30 PM — 3:30 PM
8:00 AM — 9:30 AM
8:00 AM—9:30 AM
Dennis Liggett: Twisted Goblet
Nick Cook: Three Legged Stool
Nick Cook: Production Projects
Trent Bosch: Sunburst Platter
Harvey Meyer: Mosiacs on Wood
Mike Mahoney: Heirloom Bowls
Jimmy Clewes: Square Oriental Box
Mike Mahoney: Heirloom Bowls
Jimmy Clewes: Scorched Ash Bowl
Mike Mahoney: Calabash Bowl
Trent Bosch: Vessels and Surfaces
Trent Bosch: Vessels and Surfaces
10:15 AM — 11:45 AM
Dennis Liggett: Tangled Aspen
Lyle Jamieson: Foundations of Hollow
Steve Cook: Candle Sticks
Jimmy Clewes: Lidded Box and Brass
Lunch and Auction
3:30 PM—5:00 PM
3:00 PM — 4:30 PM
10:30 AM — 12:00 PM
Dennis Liggett: Untraditional Canteen
Dennis Liggett: Untraditional Canteen
Mike Mahoney: Calabash Bowl
Steve Cook: Pepper Mill & Salt Shaker
Mike Mahoney: Calabash Bowl
Jimmy Clewes: Leaf Ash Platter
Trent Bosch: Vessels of Illusion
Trent Bosch: Vessels of Illusion
Dennis Liggett: Tangled Aspen
Jimmy Clewes: Leaf Ash Platter
Harvey Meyer: Mosaics on Wood
5:00 PM — 6:30 PM
Dennis Liggett: Goblet with Twisted
Mike Mahoney: Hollow Form Threaded
Trent Bosch: Sunburst Platter
Jimmy Clewes: Square Oriental Box
Demonstrator Trade
Do you have a particular item that you
are good at turning?
Have you ever wanted to show others
how you turn?
Why not try your hand at demonstrating?
We have an opportunity to trade demonstrators with the North Alabama
Woodturners group that meets over in
Boaz, AL. Their President, Jess Walls,
attended our last meeting and expressed a
great interest in having a swap of club
member demonstrators sometime this
year. If this sounds like an opportunity
you would like to pursue let Jeff know by
emailing him at [email protected]
It’s a great way for both clubs to see
more turners without the expense of
bringing them in.
Page 3
Welcome to the Northwest Georgia Woodturners.
Membership Info
Individual $25
Family $30
Student $15
Membership runs from
July thru June.
Our meetings are at 6:00 pm on the 4th Thursday of
each month at the Senior Center, 1325 Kingston Hwy.,
Rome, GA. 30161.
NWGAWOODTURNER meetings are informal with
featured “show & tell”, guest demonstrators, and
quite a bit of learning and sharing of ideas and techniques between members. Visitors are always wel-
We’re on the Web
come, so come and join us.
Upcoming Classes
Many of our members have expressed
interest in hands on turning classes.
Many of the demonstrators that travel
from club to club offer the opportunity
for hands on classes either the day of or
day after there presentation to the club.
We have had a few opportunities offered to us in the past month and wanted to let you all know about them.
June 27th
Mark Silay
6 person limit
Terry Brandin’s Shop
Contact Terry for more information.
[email protected]
Sept 28th — Oct 3rd
Nick Cook
Turning for Food
John C. Campbell Folk School
Oct 24th—26th
Jimmy Clewes
Jess Walls’ Studio
Boaz, AL
Contact Tommy Hartline for more information. [email protected]
Our demonstrator from last month, Bob
Brancheau, has offered teaching a 3
Saturday course on segmented turning.
Each Session would focus on one aspect in the project allowing the students
Bob Brancheau’s Segmented Turnings
to work on the completion before the
next session. Cost would be around
$100 including materials. The classes
would be held at Terry Brandin’s shop.
At this point we are seeing the level of
interest we have within the group. If
we have at least 4 members wanting to
take advantage we will setup the dates
and times. The resulting segmented
turning would be similar to the one Bob
brought in for Show & Tell.
If any of our members would be interested in teaching a class let us know
and we can post it in next month’s