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In Step With Your Future
Global Network. Local Accessibility.
We realize our success is dependent upon your success. From quality consistency to research and
development, we are always improving our processes and our products. As your customers demand
the best, we’re there with you providing a global network of resources, giving you the upper hand
in the competitive furniture marketplace.
Innovative Furniture Components
A Worldwide Leader
and Innovator
Leggett & Platt Home Furniture Components Group (HFC) is recognized as
the world’s leading supplier of a broad line of components for the residential
furniture industry, including sofa sleeper systems, recliner chair mechanisms,
and other motion hardware along with a variety of branded seating systems.
HFC is also a leader in supplying residential furniture components to the
upholstered furniture industry, meeting the requirements of more than 1,500
furniture manufacturers worldwide.
Our business consists of regional centers for product design, engineering,
administration, and sales, segregated by product type. We have worldwide
sales with distribution centers in the US, Europe, and Asia, supported by major
manufacturing sites in the US and Asia.
Our Manufacturing
The entire Home Furniture Components Group is committed to eliminating
non-value-added costs from our products and processes, while finding new
work methods that are simple, safer, and more rewarding.
Our manufacturing facilities employ an ongoing Continuous Improvement
Program that empowers our associates to continue to improve our quality,
methods, and entire service to our valued customers. We also utilize the
LP9000 program as our quality standard for ultimate quality assurance.
Reliable Motion Hardware
Masters of Motion
Leggett & Platt Furniture Hardware Division provides components and systems
used in the manufacturing of motion furniture, including any upholstered
furniture that moves through manual or motorized power.
These mechanisms can be assembled and installed by our furniture
manufacturing customers, or can be purchased from our distribution network
fully assembled and ready for installation.
Furniture manufactured with genuine Leggett & Platt mechanisms provides
years of comfort, quality, and reliable function.
Leggett & Platt produces
mechanisms for:
• Gliders
• Rockers
• Zero-Wall
• Manual
• Power
Sleeping Comfort for Today’s Modern Homes
Inside the World’s Best
Sofa Sleepers
Leggett & Platt Furniture Hardware Division also manufactures sofa sleeper
systems that are designed to create a comfortable bed in a compact space.
Our fully assembled sleeper systems are sold to upholstered furniture
manufacturers who then install them into their sofas.
These components are made primarily from steel tubing along with Leggett &
Platt’s exclusive Pro-Deck™ system, which provides virtually indestructible
support for both the seating and sleeper surface. This creates a dual-purpose
sofa sleeper, providing the ultimate seating and sleep system comfort.
Component sizes vary by width and can accommodate both residential and
contract markets (contract markets include hotels, motels, and resorts). All
mechanisms can be matched to a high-quality, comfortable mattress.
Air Dream™ Sleeper Mattress
Air-over-coil technology makes this
mattress ideal for overnight guests.
The comfort is unparalleled in sofa
sleeper mattresses.
Quality Seating Components
A Comprehensive
Range of Furniture
Seating Components
Leggett & Platt Seating and Distribution Division manufactures and supplies
components and systems that provide a sturdy, comfortable foundation for
upholstered seating products. Our seating components and systems serve many
diverse markets, from low- to high-end and from contract to residential.
Sinuous Wire
Matrex® Decking
Trim-Flex® Edging
SoftLuxe™ Seat Cushion System
with Bolsa® coils
The Most Recognized Products in the Industry
Brand Names You Can Trust
HFC’s furniture components are widely known
by their brand names. Our brands include…
The 350ez® series mechanism is the future of
motion recliner chairs. This amazing metal-tothe-floor mechanism is tested at 350 pounds.
Air Dream™ Ultra
The Air Dream™ Ultra Sofa Sleeper System
Comfort your customers never dreamed possible
in a sleep sofa. This innovative air-over-coil
technology inflates in 60 seconds and operates
with an easy-to-use hand pump. Air Dream
Ultra is a premium luxury mattress that’s sure to
No-Sag® Continuous coils engineered and precisionformed to assure a lifetime of trouble-free
performance. Special-formula high-carbon,
high-tensile wire is structured for shipment in
continuous coils, cut lengths, or bent shapes.
InNova™ The InNova™ recliner mechanism is a sleek,
modern motion furniture mechanism, specifically
designed for contemporary furniture designers
who enjoy the sense of being creatively free.
The EasyCliner®+ is the newest generation of
the SuperCliner family of motion furniture
mechanisms. Go beyond the standard reclining experience.
P e r fo r m ance S eating S ystem
Cordless Technology
A Future
Without Cords
The Helios wireless charging system provides a safe, convenient way to power
devices. Because there are no cords, devices are protected from power surges
and the risk of electric shock is reduced. Multiple types of devices can be
charged, regardless of voltage, and only the necessary power is supplied to
fully charge the device.
Helios™ can be integrated into:
• Case Goods
• Shelves
• Trays
Distribution When and Where You Need It
Kendallville, IN
City of Industry, CA
Tupelo, MS
We’re Everywhere You
Need Us to Be
Conover, NC
Leitchfield, KY
High Point, NC
Jiaxing, China
Taizhou, China
Huizhou, China
In addition to having the largest US distribution network, Leggett & Platt and
its global manufacturing footprint have been created to provide you with
local accessibility; we are located in close proximity to finished-furniture
manufacturing centers all over the globe. Our world-class engineering
capabilities ensure the products you purchase from Leggett & Platt are all built
to the same exacting specifications and test requirements, regardless of the
plant they were manufactured in. Consistency of quality builds confidence for
you and your customers.
We have also built a distribution network that provides you with a diverse
portfolio of products in any one location. Our distribution network is the key
to providing you unmatched service, “Just-In-Time” delivery, and the capability
of supplying you with the right product, at the right time, in the right
condition, every time.
Innovative Solutions That Give You an Edge
The Nucleus of Innovation
Leggett & Platt’s IDEA Center is a corporate research and development facility
designed to fully leverage our deep resources, experience, and intellectual
knowledge to provide a constant stream of innovative product developments
that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
An acronym for Innovation, Design, Engineering, and
Acceleration, the IDEA Center was formed to drive
Leggett & Platt’s success in the global marketplace,
especially in the area of product development.
The IDEA Center serves as the centralized hub of innovation initiatives that
includes office space occupied by 40 engineers, a large product showroom,
and technical center situated in close proximity to the machinists who create
newly engineered products and parts.
Research and
Development Strategy
Understanding the needs of our customers and providing them with
innovative solutions that support their long-term profitable growth is the
driving force behind HFC’s research and development programs.
At Leggett & Platt we’re proud of our…
Continuous research and development efforts positioned to create new,
innovative products that generate interest and sales at the retail level of
business for a global market.
Constant investigation and improvement in cost savings for our components.
Product development that is timely for our customers and incorporates JIT methodology.
Continuous evaluation of a worldwide marketplace seeking ideas in
development, outsourcing, partnering, and various growth methods aimed
at creating more efficient and effective operations.
Established reputation in the delivery of quality products that are
competitively priced with on-time delivery and service.
State-of-the-art research and development centers support:
Furniture Hardware – Tupelo, MS and Simpsonville, KY
Seating – High Point, NC
Sleepers – Tupelo, MS
Components That Will Endure
Putting Products to
the Test
Our Furniture Technical Center is equipped for a wide range of durability
and compression testing of individual springs, spring assemblies, cushions,
and upholstered furniture. We can compare your standard construction to a
proposed design, determine the life cycle of a new or existing design, check
foam density and ILD, and measure frame stress.
Our full range of services includes: product installation, frame conversion,
and field service for seating, motion, and sleeper designs. We can assist you in
sales presentations as well as engineering and design support.
Our technicians and designers will work with your team to design new
prototypes, improve current designs, or expand a design concept. Once we
understand your needs, our creative team will work toward finding the
solution. Your input is the first step on the road to innovation.
Environmental Responsibility
Green from the
Inside Out
Leggett & Platt’s Home Furniture Components is committed to minimizing its
impact on the environment, -- now and in the future. All our branches are
EFEC (Enhancing Furniture’s Environmental Culture) registered and we are
always seeking more environmentally sound manufacturing processes for
ensuring success through innovation and technology. We began our green
efforts in 2008, and have since realized significant reductions in energy usage,
raw materials, and waste. In 2011, we were a finalist for the SAGE Award,
which recognizes excellence in sustainable business practices.
For a look at our complete “green” statement, visit our website at
HFC mission statement
Through continuous improvements, we will provide innovative solutions that
support customers’ long-term profitable growth. We will provide high-quality
products that meet or exceed customer expectations. We will eliminate nonvalue-added costs from our products and processes, while finding new work
methods that are simpler, safer, and more rewarding.
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