Biometric After-Hours Agreement

FRISCO GUN CLUB -­‐ APPENDIX C AFTER-­‐HOURS BIOMETRIC ACCESS AGREEMENT Frisco Gun Club LLC has established the guidelines listed below to regulate VIP member after-­‐hours access to our VIP shooting lanes. We ask that you follow the guidelines listed below: Guidelines: 1. Be aware that use of range equipment and facility is at one's own risk. There are no employees available to assist you when you access our facility during off hours. 2. No food or drink other than water is allowed in the range. 3. All equipment and supplies are to stay in the facility. 4. You are limited to TWO guests during any after hours visit. Guests are not allowed unless they have signed the “Range User Agreement and Liability Release” and this “After-­‐Hours Biometric Access Agreement” prior to any use of FGC’s services. 5. You must be 21 years of age to have biometric access during off hours. 6. The VIP range will be open to all VIP members who have a VIP membership in good standing. Biometric access use hours are: Tuesday-­‐Thursday from 9:30pm-­‐9:30am, Friday –Saturday from 10:30pm-­‐8:30am, Sunday 8:30pm – 7:00am, Monday from 9:00am – Tuesday at 9:30am, and all day for the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. Hours are subject to change due to unforeseen situations. 7. All range rules that apply during normal business hours apply to after hours use. (i.e. no drawing from the holster, no banned ammo, etc.) 8. Must bring your own firearms and ammunition. 2 targets are provided per member and guest; additional targets may be signed out on your member number. I agree to follow FGC’s guidelines listed above. Signature ______________________________________________________________ Date _________________________ Name (please print) __________________________________________________________________________________ Phone _______________________________________ Street Address ________________________________________________________________________________________ City, State and Zip Code ______________________________________________________________________________ Last updated: July 2014