Application of Nanomaterials in tyre industries

Application of Nanomaterials in tyre industries
R.Vasanthakumari , Polymer Nanotechnology Centre, B S Abdur Rahman University,
Vandalur, Chennai 600048
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The application of nanometric fillers to polymer materials is a promising technique for
property modification, particularly mechanical and thermal properties. Nanofillers
improve the polymer performance remarkably because of their high specific
surface area. Since the essential modulus and strength of neat rubber are low, an
additional reinforcing phase is necessary for the practical uses of rubber materials.
Lot of research work is going on to obtain nano fillers reinforced rubber , with both
natural rubber as well as synthetic rubbers. The major nanofillers tried are nanoclay,
nanosilica, CNTs, nanocarbon etc.
In tyre industries rubber is reinforced with nylon / polyester fibers and steel fibers ,
carbon black (CB), and silicate fillers . The full reinforcing effect of these fillers are
diminished due to their large size and agglomeration, and h e n c e application of the
well-dispersed nano-fillers into rubber is becoming crucial to obtain beneficial
mechanical and physical properties.
The present paper will high light the various nanomaterials and their nanostructures with
special emphasis on the application of Nanotechnology in tyre industry and the potential
nanomaterials that can be used in tyres for improving its performance.
Carbon black aggregates in rubber
Silica aggregates in rubber
Clay nanotubes (HNT)
Key words : Rubber, nanomaterials, Tyre performance
ODR results of Natural rubber (NR) with
CNT and Carbon black