background to the HPA programme

background to the HPA programme
- identified a gap in the market for formalised
- pulled together a group of experts
- consolidated years of research & experience
- piloted within CEN network
- partnership model between 3 sector leaders
the people involved
Core ‘Working Group’
Lois Easton, Beacon Pathway Inc
Heidi Mardon, The Enviroschools Foundation
Jo Wills, Community Energy Network
Sally Blackwell, Meso Consulting
Ian McChesney, Policy Analyst
Ian Mayes, Hamilton City Council Eco Design Advisor
Carsten Beetz,
previous Western Bay of Plenty District/Tauranga City Council Eco Design Advisor
more people involved
Additional expertise
Ewan Gebbie, EMANZ
Robyn Hogan, Capable NZ
Roman Jaques, Sustainable Building Scientist
Vicki Cowan, Beacon Pathway Inc
Andrea Blackmore, Beacon Pathway Inc
levels 1 & 2
Certificate in Home Energy Awareness (lvl 1)
- designed to help professionals and volunteers working with households
to become better equipped to support their clients to achieve a healthy
-1 day course, prerequisite to the HPA course
Certified Home Performance Advisor (HPA) (lvl 2)
- a pathway for practitioners to become highly competent and effective
- 3 day technical programme with requirement to achieve certain
standards through written tests and exams in order to achieve
why the HPA programme
Core principles
Advice must be
1. Independent
2. Based on good science and best practice, and
3. Personalised and in the best interests of the client
Certified Home Performance Advisors commit to
Code of Conduct
Ongoing professional development
overview of the HPA programme
• Professionals who understand home
performance from ‘first principles’
• Whole of house approach – recognises
house as a system
• Framework approach
• Assess
• Diagnose
• Recommend
overview of the HPA programme
Course Content
Principles and Protocols of being Home Performance Advisor
The characteristics of New Zealand houses (‘typologies’)
Heat gains and losses, and the ‘heat balance’ of homes
The thermal envelope, orientation and insulation
Sources of moisture, moisture control and ventilation
Home heating; decision-making over home heating choices
Hot water systems
Lighting and appliances
The ‘three waters’ – potable, grey/black, and stormwater
10. Waste
11. Micro renewables
Certified HPA’s, North Island
Rob Toren
Community Business & Environment Centre (CBEC)
Tamati Kingi
He Iwi Kotahi Tatou Trust
Ella Te Huia
Greenstar Insulation
Jeremy Kellett
Greenstar Insulation
Rob Leaupepe-Hansell
Greenstar Insulation
Te Kaho Courtenay
WISE Better Homes
George Hinga
WISE Better Homes
Natalie Managh
WISE Better Homes
Phil Gregg
Sustainability Options
Simon Morris
Sustainability Trust
Janet Young
Sustainability Trust
Miranda Struthers
Sustainability Trust
Renee Rushton
Sustainability Trust
Certified HPA’s, South Island
Adam Reid
Christchurch Energy Action (CEA)
Paul Auld
Christchurch Energy Action (CEA)
Michael Begg
Christchurch Energy Action (CEA)
Chris Leggett
Christchurch Energy Action (CEA)
Gary Robertson
Christchurch Energy Action (CEA)
Les Norris
Christchurch Energy Action (CEA)
Alex King
Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust (BRCT)
Peter McDonald
Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust (BRCT)
Emil Rahiti
Awarua Synergy
feedback from certified HPA’s
My confidence as a home adviser has definitely improved as a result of the
knowledge and skills gained through the HPA training. The 2.5 days of the
course was great in its friendly, but focused delivery. This was
complemented by a good balance of course content plus hands on
assessments to really solidify what I’d learnt. Great stuff!
Renee Rushton, Certified Home Performance Advisor, Sustainability Trust
“I thoroughly enjoyed the HPA training in Christchurch in November. It was
thorough and professional with knowledgeable instructors and a great group
of trainees for the first intake. Many thanks to the Community Energy
Network for this opportunity….”
Peter McDonald, Transition Valley 473 Energy Group (BRCT)
how to register
- Next HPA (level 2) course 7th – 9th May 2014, Hamilton
- Prerequisite (level 1) 14th April, Wellington
- Registration forms online
Registration fees (ex. GST)
Certificate in Home Energy Awareness
CEN members $350 / $250
NFP, Charities $500 / $350
All other
$700 / $550
TEST only
Home Performance Advisor certification
CEN members $1200
NFP, Charities $1400
All other