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Issue 1
‫بسم اهلل الرمحن الرحيم‬
A Weekly Newsletter of
14 Rabiul Akhar 1435H
Misaq Majlis
Milad and First
Here in Darus Sakina, Thane, Huzurala
Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS is well
behamdillah and pleased that the Milad
and Misaq Majlis on the 4th of Rabiul
Akhar was a momentous and blissful
event full of barakat. Despite
intimidation, courageous mumineen
attended the event here and took part in
this memorable and significant
occasion. Written highlights of the
bayaan with photos have been uploaded
to the fatemidawat.com website. The
full video of the bayaan is also available
for viewing.
Everyday, Syedna Qutbuddin
continues to preside over Khatmul
Qur’an Majlis of Syedna Burhanuddin
RA in Darus Sakina.
Reaching Out
Many mumineen from all around the
world are contacting us and offering
their assistance for Da’watul Haqq, the
khidmat of Dai al-Haqq and for the
facilitation of affairs for mumineen,
especially to revive the traditions and
practices of Dawat and establish a
proper organization centrally and
locally. We are gradually getting in
touch personally with every mumin who
has contacted us.
During the Misaq bayaan, Syedna
Qutbuddin expressed his aspiration for
shaping a community in which all its
members, not just a handful, actively
participate in the building of the
community with their expertise,
suggestions, knowledge and skills.
Details of this aspiration and vision of
Syedna will be posted on the website
inshaallah in the coming days.
Current Concerns and Advice
We hope that the followers of Syedna
Burhanuddin’s true successor, Syedna
Qutbuddin, are able to benefit from the
utilities of the Dawat-e-Hadiyah
infrastructure including Masjids,
Madrasas, schools, jamaat-khanas,
hospitals and Qabrastans. Efforts are
ongoing to ensure that followers of
Syedna Qutbuddin have a right to
benefit from these facilities for ibaadat
and other religious activities as soon as
possible. In the meantime we are also
looking at interim measures. May
AllahTA open pathways of relief for us
very soon inshaallah.
Shz. Dr. Husain bs Nass Q&A Seies
Part 5: Why you should believe Qutbuddin Mola (Contd.)
Part 6: Why didn’t Syedna Burhanuddin publicly declare
the appointment of his Mansoos
Part 7: Events after the wafaat of Syedna BurhanuddinRA
Syedna Burhanuddin RA Marsiya by
Shz. Dr. Bazat Saifiyah bs
Marsiyah prayed in Khatmul Quran Majlis in
Hazrat of Syedna Qutbuddin TUS
Mumineen mukhliseen should keep
strong their beliefs and aqeeda of Haqq
with yaqeen. Rather than stress or worry,
they should direct their energy toward
their work and the betterment of our
In the present circumstances if anyone
wishes to do an araz or seek raza, they
can do so directly to Syedna’s office via
email or phone.
It is said that when a mumin prays
namaz, Shaitans cry out in despair
‘wawayla’. When the people of Haqq
continue courageously with himmat on
their path of Truth, it weakens the
people of oppression. “Inna kalimatallahi hiy-al-‘ulya” God’s word is indeed
the highest.
Syedna Da’ud bin QutubshahRA
In the time of Syedna Da’ud bin
Qutubshah, Sulayman created
turmoil in Da’wat. He colluded with
the ruler of Gujarat and severely
persecuted mumineen. Syedna
Da’ud himself had to go into hiding
for a period of time. But due to
Syedna’s iqbaal and continued
efforts, and the efforts and sacrifices
of the hudood and mumineen, the
case reached the court of the Mughal
emperor Akbar and God granted
victory to Syedna Da’ud. The time of
tribulation passed and a time of
happiness and freedom followed.
Syedna Da’ud bin Qutubshah’s
successor, the 53rd Dai Syedna
Qutbuddin’s iqbaal is indeed exalted.
In the saya of his guidance, efforts
and do’a-s, we pray that the days of
trials and tribulations will inshaallah
soon come to an end.
Syedna Qutbuddin advises that
mumineen khuda par tawakkul
raakhe (have faith in the Almighty),
take the wasila of Imam-uz-Zaman,
take out Nazrul Maqam AS, and dil
par tasalli anay qaraar raakhe.
HasbunAllahu wa ni’m al-wakeel –
Allah is indeed sufficient for us.
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Bayaan on 25 Rabiul Awwal 1435H.
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