THE SCHOOL RULES 1. Academic Integrity Pupils

1. Academic Integrity
Pupils are expected to be honest at all times; copying others’ work, plagiarism and cheating in coursework, tests or examinations are
serious offences that may result in formal warnings, disqualification and dismissal.
2. Missing lessons without formal consent
Any pupil found to be absent from a lesson without good cause will be sent to the Director of Studies and he will take action and write
to the pupil’s parents if appropriate expressing our concerns. A second offence will be dealt with by the Deputy Head and may result
in internal suspension. Further offences will be dealt with by the Headmaster.
3. School Uniform
The School uniform must be worn correctly and tidily at all times during the day, as outlined in the School uniform list. It should be
worn in its entirety. No make-up, jewellery or headphones should be worn. The School uniform is listed with these rules. When lessons
have ended pupils may wear their own clothes but not combined with uniform.
Smart Change is defined as follows: for girls - modest dress, skirt or trousers, modest top (no bare midriff), leather shoes; for boys shirt, tie, jacket and trousers, all of sober colour, leather shoes. Jeans and leather garments are not permitted. For all other occasions, such
as debates and lectures, and unless otherwise specified, the uniform must be worn in accordance with this code.
Hair should be the natural colour and of a conservative style approved by the Hsm.
4. Leave Out in Quarter Time
Other than Exeats, pupils may obtain permission for leave out from their Hsms in exceptional circumstances. In normal circumstances
School commitments may not be missed. Pupils will not be given leave to go out with any person under the age of 23 unless that
person is a relative.
5. Prohibited Conduct
The following are regarded as serious offences: theft; bullying (whether verbal, physical, cyber related or otherwise); any form of abuse
of another person; rudeness or insolence to a member of staff or a prefect; refusing to obey a member of staff or a prefect; drinking
alcohol except in accordance with this code; supplying other pupils with alcohol, cigarettes or other prohibited substances; posting
inappropriate material online; supply or possession of electronic pornography; and bringing the School into disrepute. The following
are prohibited: smoking, fake ID, littering, graffiti or any damaging of School property, chewing gum, water pistols, fireworks, laser
pens, any weapons or dangerous instruments, eating or drinking in streets, posting notices without permission, use of skateboards,
scooters or roller blades on School premises or in the town of Oundle, swimming in the river or local lakes, running with headphones,
swapping pieces of School kit with pupils from other Schools e.g. after rugby matches; wearing kit at any formal games practice or as
casual wear that clearly originates from another school.
6. Mobile Phones, Personal Music Players and Cameras
Mobile phones, personal music players and personal cameras may not be used at any time when School uniform is being worn during
the working day. They must be used responsibly at all other times. Laxton pupils may bring their telephones into School but they must
be turned off during working hours and used only in Laxton. Telephone numbers must be registered with Hsms.
7. Alcohol
No pupil below the Sixth Form is allowed to drink alcohol whilst at Oundle School. Pupils who are not yet 16 when they start the Sixth
Form may not drink alcohol in School in accordance with the School Rules and the School's alcohol policy except at the discretion of the
Hsm and subject to written permission from parents. Pupils may not, regardless of age, purchase alcohol from off-licences or shops
whilst attending School or bring alcohol into School.
Sixth Form pupils may only drink beer, cider or wine as part of a social event sanctioned by a pupil’s Hsm and where a substantial
meal is served. Upper Sixth pupils over the age of 18 may purchase beer, cider or wine in public houses in Oundle on Saturday
evenings after 8.30pm. They must obtain their Hsm’s consent in advance and must report back to Houses by 10.45pm. Other alcoholic
drinks (eg fortified wine, spirits or liqueurs) are not allowed. They may only drink the alcoholic equivalent of two pints of beer. If
intoxicated, they are automatically in breach of the School Rules. This privilege does not extend to other licensed premises.
After matches, Sixth Form pupils may visit hotels and public houses in the town of Oundle with their parents provided that no one
under the age of 18 consumes alcohol. All pupils, including those invited as guests by a parent other than their own, must gain
permission from their Hsm before visiting a public house or hotel.
8. Schedule of Sanctions
The following are minimum sanctions and will remain on the record throughout a pupil’s School career.
All alcohol offences must be reported to the Director of Pastoral Care immediately.
First Offence will in general be dealt with by the Hsm with a sanction in House and a letter home. The sanction for First Offence is one
weekend’s gating, attendance at Proctor’s Detention and an SMP. When the First Offence involves the drinking of fortified wine, spirits
or liqueurs, or a referral to the Sanatorium, the pupils will automatically be referred to the Headmaster and placed on Final Warning.
Second Offence will be referred to the Deputy Head who will investigate prior to referral to the Headmaster. The sanction for Second
Offence will include Final Warning in addition to the sanctions for First Offence.
Third Offence will be referred straight to the Headmaster and may result in dismissal from the School.
All smoking offences must be reported to the Director of Pastoral Care immediately.
First Offence will incur a minimum of £10 fine plus gating.
Second Offence will incur a minimum of £20 fine plus letter home to parents plus gating.
Further offences will be dealt with by the Hsm with serial offenders being referred to the Deputy Head.
All forms of smoking paraphernalia fall under the category of smoking. Associating with smokers will be sanctioned as a smoking
offence. Smoking in School buildings is a very serious offence and will automatically be referred to the Deputy Head.
9. Dinner Rules
Dinners should take place on Saturdays and exceptionally on Sundays at lunchtime. They may not take place during the week except at
the invitation of the Headmaster.
Before any dinner can take place, the pupil organiser must secure the permission of the Deputy Head (or Senior Master for team
dinners) at least one week in advance. A list of the names of those attending the dinner will be required and details must be supplied to
Hsms in advance of the event. All those attending must adhere to the School Rules on alcohol.
Only Sixth Formers may attend team dinners. In normal circumstances, other dinners (societies, sets, etc) are restricted to those over 16
and each case will be assessed on its merits. Set dinners are restricted to Upper Sixth sets.
No dinner may take place without the presence of a member of staff who is responsible for ensuring that the rules set out above are
followed. Part-time coaches of sport may not be approached to supervise dinners.
After dinner all pupils must return directly to their House and report in person to the member of staff on duty. Permission to sign out
again will be at the discretion of the member of staff on duty.
10. Eighteenth Birthday Dinners
Permission for such dinners should be sought from the Deputy Head in accordance with the Eighteenth Birthday Dinner Rules which
are published on the intranet and on the School website.
11. Drugs
The use or supply of illegal drugs or other non-prescription, behaviour or mind altering or harmful substances is a serious offence that
will be dealt with by the Headmaster. There is a no tolerance policy towards use or possession of illegal substances and pupils are
liable to immediate dismissal from the School.
12. Sexual Activity
No public display of physical affection is permitted. Any pupil participating in the act of sexual intercourse or any other act of sexual
intimacy is liable to immediate dismissal from the School.
13. Visiting Houses
Pupils may visit another House at the following times:
Mon, Wed, Fri: 1700 to 1830
Sat: 1700 to 1830 and 2030 to 2130
Tues and Thurs: no House visiting
Sunday: 1100 to 1245; 1430 to 1800; and 2000 to 2115 (at Hsms’ discretion)
Girls visiting boys' houses and boys visiting girls’ houses must always sign in and refer to the visiting rules for that house. Such visits
should take place in visiting rooms, or, if there is no visiting room, in the ground floor common areas defined by the Hsm. The rest of
the house is out-of-bounds.
14. Areas Out-of-Bounds
The playing field areas and Grafton Paddock are out-of-bounds after dark. Pupils should use paths and not cross Chapel Lawns,
Grafton Paddock and playing fields. Pupils may only leave the town of Oundle for a specific purpose and subject to Hsms' consent.
15. Cars
Pupils may only travel in cars with an adult who is over the age of 23, with express written permission from their parents and subject
to their Hsm’s consent. Pupils are only allowed to drive a car in exceptional circumstances subject to the express permission of their
Hsm and written permission from parents. Driving lessons must not cut across School commitments (including PRs) and must have the
permission of the Hsm.
16. Road Safety
The law of the land and the Highway Code must always be strictly observed showing courtesy to road users and pedestrians.
17. Bicycles
Permission to bring a bicycle to School and to use it is always at the Hsm's discretion. Bicycles may only be used to attend sports
venues outside the town and should not be used around town unless in an official School activity. A cycle helmet must be worn.
18. Breaches of the School Rules
A pupil’s full disciplinary history will be taken into account when assessing the School’s response to breaches of the School Rules.
Updated September 2014