Title - 東京工業大学応用セラミックス研究所

MSL Lecture
Title: White OLED technologies for display and lighting
Lecturer: Mr.Takatoshi Tsujimura
KONICA MINOLTA, INC. General Manager of OLED business unit
(コニカミノルタ株式会社 OLED事業部長 辻村
Place: Meeting Room, R3 Building 1F
(応用セラミックス研究所 R3棟-1F 大会議室)
Abstract: A quarter century has passed since the first paper reporting the fundamental OLED device
structure. OLED display has been broadly adopted especially for small-size electronics, such
as smart phones. On the other hand, OLED has several merits suitable for large televisions
and lighting applications. Future perspective including technologies to utilize such merit of OLED and
the approaches to maximize their performance will be discussed.
Contact: Prof. Hideo Hosono (ex:5009)