Fire of Life™ and Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

SCHILLERmedilog presents:
Fire of Life™ and Heart Rate
Variability (HRV)
response to internal and exter-
Heart rate variability (HRV) is
nal triggers like physical acti-
the variation between con-
vation, stress, relaxation, re-
secutive heartbeats and is
covery and sleep.
­affected by several factors
such as age, stress, cardiac
Fire of LifeTM
diseases and health status.
With SCHILLERmedilog ® ECG
HRV decreases with age and
recorders and the new ‘Fire of
it is lower among people who
Life’ software the HRV is ana-
have an inactive lifestyle and
lysed and displayed in a new
those who have medical con-
way to help judge the func-
ditions such as coronary heart
tion of the autonomic nerv-
ous system. Viewing the ‘Fire of
Life’ helps to show how well the
the heart is a central point
­human body reacts to stress
of many regulating systems,
and recovery and if ­repeated
the heart rate is influenced
it can show if therapeutic
by many body functions. The
heart rate itself is continuous-
es are successful in reducing
ly adjusted by the autonomic
stress and improving recovery.
nervous system, the controlling
This opens up new diagnostic
network of the human body, in
Fire of Life™
BURN OUT SYNDROME - heavily over loaded, incapable of working
Example 3:
Manual Worker, 49 years old, very poor sleep, always tired, incapable of working
NORMAL REGULATION and recovery during the night
SCREENING FOR SLEEP APNOEA - and assessment of sleep quality
Example 1:
Manager, 52 years old, deep sleep, good recovery, high working capacity.
REDUCED REGULATION - over loaded, little recover at night
Example 4:
• Team Leader, 57 years old, poor sleep quality, always tired, falls asleep during the day
• Heart Rate – a saw tooth pattern at night, typical of people with sleep apnoea
Example 2:
Manager, 48 years old, poor sleep, tired and low working capacity.
• Respiration curve – shows periods of no breathing, again an indication of sleep apnoea
New perspectivities in HRV
Heart rate variability is a
power­ful measure of autonomic nervous system function. Low HRV is considered
as an independent marker of mortality risk but it is important to ensure that the
beat to beat variation is real,
and not caused by inaccuracies of the equipment used to
carry out the measurement.
­SCHILLERmedilog Darwin HRV
provides the best beat to beat
measure­ment available noninvasively and is an ideal tool
for screening for auto­nomic
failure, syn­cope, neuropathy
and detailed research into
HRV and its asso­ciated conditions.
HRV is part of the range of
Medilog products which have
Part no.: 2.500516
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been used for recording ECG
as for over 30 years. The latest
range of ECG and HRV recorders and software now puts a
­reliable, affordable and noninvasive screening device and
research tool in your hands. So
now you can make that difference in treatment and cost.
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