Master in Global Management (MBA)

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Master in Global
Management (MBA)
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Prof. Dr. Tim Goydke Course Director
Master in Global Management (MBA)
“Studying at the IGC in Bremen will inspire students for their
future careers in global management. Meeting fellow students
from all over the world, discussing up-to-date issues of global
business in an intercultural setting will be a rewarding
experience in the career path of our achievement oriented
participants. We provide an intercultural learning environment
for an academic reflection of real life challenges based on
scientific standards with dedicated lecturers with advanced
academic and practical backgrounds. I am looking forward
meeting you in our traditional global trade city of Bremen.”
/ IGC – Study in the heart of Bremen
Globalization requires specific
management skills for international
business. Appropriate management
competences and tools are needed for
the implemen-tation of globalisation
strategies, including intercultural
competence acquired in a multi-cultural
study setting. This program is
specifically designed to prepare students
for management positions in a global
business environment. Basic economic
or business qualifications are considered
to be essential for admission to this
program. During the one-year
program the students will develop
and extend their management
competencies and key qualifications.
A company internship after the study
semesters is optional.
The core components of the MGM
program cover the following skill
• Understanding the trends and
interdependencies of the global world economy, its driving forces and of
different policies of multinational
• Evaluating global opportunities
and threats
• Identifying the requirements
for globalising business
• Developing and implementing global strategies in the business environment
• Understanding intercultural
decision-making and responsibility
for international business activities
/ Target Group
The University of Applied Sciences
Bremen is both rich in tradition and
innovation. With the inception of the
university dating back to 1799, today the
university is committed to innovation and
internationalisation. This unusual combination has formed the unique profile of
the university in the last two decades.
Today, the University of Applied Sciences
Bremen embodies competences in international as well as applied and practiceoriented teaching and research. It is dedicated to teaching and learning as well
as research and development in terms
of lifelong learning. We are the competent
partner for the industry and public
institutions enabling the interdisciplinary
transfer of up-to-date academic concepts
from more than 40 university institutes to
practical applications.
The International Graduate Center
(IGC) was founded by the University of
Applied Sciences Bremen as an interdisciplinary graduate school for management
and leadership. For applicants with a first
university degree the IGC offers several
MBA and master degrees in the area of
international and European business and
The IGC guarantees a postgraduate
education which satisfies both academic
and job requirements in equal measure.
With five fulltime and five part-time
master programs the IGC has among
the largest range of courses of all graduate
schools in Germany. Team oriented
lectures and seminars in small groups
with a maximum of 25 students facilitate
a constructive dialog between the
members. The IGC currently has some 200
students from more than 40 countries.
The international network is strengthened
by visiting lecturers from many of our
international partner universities who
offer courses, lectures and contribute
to the intercultural competence of our
MGM addresses postgraduates all over
the world, who have a bachelor degree
in a partly business-related program, full
or part time work experience of at least
two years and a very good command
of English. It is designed to equip junior
managers with the specific competencies
required for successful global business
Students will acquire managerial skills for
the global context as well as thoughtprovoking experiences focused on global
business,. This is an essential requirement
for students interested to take the next
step in their career in either government,
international organisations or globally
active companies.
/ Admission requirements
For application we require the following
qualification and documentation:
• Bachelor degree in a study program with a significant number of business related modules
• Official transcript of previous
undergraduate degree
• Proof of English proficiency with TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) 560 written points or IELTS (International Language Testing System) 6,0 points
• Two years of qualified professional full or part time work experience*)
• Passport photograph
• Copies of either birth certificate
or passport
• Curriculum vitae
• An essay outlining student‘s interest
in the program
• GMAT is not required but positively evaluated
*) proof of work experience /
employer’s certificate mandatory
/ Designed for your career
The MBA in Global Management gives
a unique study experience in a culturally
diverse group of students and in an
inspiring and fruitful learning environment.
Graduates will be equipped with the
competences of successful leadership in
a multi-national environment.
Thus they will be prepared to assess and
shape strategic and operational management processes in a company and their
interactions with the environment on a
global scale.
/ Student Voices
The diversity in class reflects up-to-date
working environment in a global work
setting - creating an awareness for
different cultural backgrounds and
improving student‘s soft skills, flexibility
and adaptability.
Olsa Rumbullaku Albania
“The MGM program enabled me to start an international
career. In our program the professors came from different
countries and industries. The team-work during the course
developed my communication skills and I learned a lot about
cultural differences from my class mates. Through this Master
program I found the job which I always dreamed of. Now I work
for an international company in the automotive industry.“
The multinational student group offers
the chance to be part of a global network
after graduation.
Guido Schwartz Germany
“The MBA in Global Management provides a modern
management education in an international environment.
Students gain cross-cultural competence in multinational
teams in Germany, thus building up sustainable management
capabilities. This is a perfect preparation to act successfully
in different areas of today´s international business life. Now I
work for an international company in the aviation industry.“
Prepare for Leadership
/ Curriculum
1st Semester
/ Key facts
2 nd Semester
3rd Semester
Diversity Management & Ethics
A:Cross Cultural and Diversity Management
B: Business Ethics
International Financial Management
A: Global Finance
B: International Accounting
Master Thesis
Global Management
A: Strategic Management & Globalization
B: Organizing International & Global Business
Management Functions in Global Business
A: Global Marketing
B: International HRM & Individual Career Planing
Master Thesis
Research & Communication
A:Quantitative Methods
B: Communication & Presentation
International Legal & Tax Framework
A: International Business Law
B: International Taxation Systems
Master Thesis
Global Economics
A: Trade Theory & Policy
B: International Capital Markets
and Exchange Rates
Project and Quality Management
A: Projects in International Business
B: Process and Quality Management
Master Thesis
Operations Management,
Logistics and MIS
Electives (Subject to change)
1. German Business Enviroment
2. Innovative Entrepreneurship
3. Innovation Management
4. Comparative East Asian Management
Program duration: Structure: Start of the program: Language of instruction: Tuition fee: Size of the classes: Degree title: Credits awarded: Internship option: Application period: Master Thesis
*) plus 270 Euro Immatriculation fee per semester (includes semester ticket for free
public transport in and around Bremen and the social student contribution)
5. Business Game: Strategic Marketing
6. Further topics as announced
Two semesters, plus master’s thesis, oral defence and optional internship
Full-time program
12,500 Euro*)
25 students maximum
1 semester (30 ECTS credits)
January 1 - May 31 Non-EU Applicants
January 1 - July 31 EU Applicants
/ Contact
Regine Hink Course Coordinator
Master in Global Management (MBA)
Tel. + 49 (0)421 59 05-47 69
Fax + 49 (0)421 59 05-47 65
[email protected]
Béatrice Guillet Office Manager
Master in Global Management (MBA)
Tel. + 49 (0)421 59 05-47 86
Fax + 49 (0)421 59 05-47 65
[email protected]
International Graduate Center
Hochschule Bremen · University of Applied Sciences
Süderstraße 2 · 28199 Bremen, Germany
[email protected]
/ Quality
The University of Applied Sciences Bremen
has already received several prestigious
awards for the quality of its international
and practice-oriented teaching. Accordingly,
we have committed ourselves to a
high quality standard. Our programs
are therefore periodically assessed by
external accrediting agencies and thus
guaranteeing our students postgraduate
education at the highest level. The IGC is
dedicated to a practice-and applicationoriented study approach, a truly international and intercultural orientation as well
as an ongoing dialogue between science
and business practice. With all this the
IGC is a reliable partner for the academic
training of leadership personnel and
The degree course has been accredited by the National Accreditation Agency ZEvA.