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Under 5
Up to 4 children under the age of 5 can travel free when accompanied
by a responsible passenger, providing that they do not occupy a seat to
the exclusion of a fare paying
passenger, or are seated in a buggy in an appropriate space
on the vehicle.
Children from 5 to 15 years (including those under 5 not eligible
for free travel) are charged at around two thirds of the adult fare,
rounded to the nearest 5p on any single or return fare.
In Greater Manchester, children in possession of an igo card (issued by
TfGM - Transport for Greater Manchester, can get half
fare travel on our services within the Greater Manchester boundary. It
is also possible to purchase a half-fare 125 Horwich to Bolton
Megarider (on bus 7 day only) with an igo card for £4.25.
Some children under 16 years of age can look older and may be
questioned by the driver. To save embarrassment,
Citizencards, Passports, or other forms of recognised
photographic ID are accepted on our buses as proof of age.
Stagecoach Merseyside &
South Lancashire
Commercial Offices
Gillmoss Bus Depot
East Lancashire Road
Liverpool L11 0BB.
[email protected]
Travel information in person
Chorley Interchange
Preston Bus Station
Local enquiries and lost property
01257 267728
For students and staff at UCLan, we offer our popular Unirider tickets.
These are sold online and at Freshers fairs and offer huge discounts. See
more at:
For students attending Cardinal Newman College, Preston College &
Southport College, we offer the Collegerider range of tickets. Please ask
at your College Student Services office for more details.
Group Day Tickets
Save even more when travelling together in a group. These tickets give
travel within the zones described overleaf, for up to 2x adults and 3x
children, or 1x adult and 4x children. There must be a minimum of 1x
adult travelling:
Lancashire Dayrider
North West Day Explorer
July 2014
This Guide provides a summary of our fares and tickets, together with
details of certain local travel conditions.
Full details of our Conditions of Carriage are available in a separate
leaflet or on our website at
Daily and weekly tickets can be bought from the bus driver. We also
have a range of tickets available for children and students. Longer
term tickets, offering even better value, are available from
Need to use the
bus now and again?
Single from £0.90
Ideal for a one-off journey, but there may be a cheaper day ticket
option for some longer trips.
Day Return
Generally priced at 1.8x the single fare, they offer a saving over two
singles, but check that there is not a cheaper day ticket option first.
dayrider £3.30
Need to use the
bus regularly?
Just need to travel
on the 125?
megarider £9.80
125 megarider £19.50
(child ticket £13.90)
(child ticket £7.60)
7 days unlimited Stagecoach bus travel within the Chorley ticket zone.
7 days unlimited Stagecoach bus travel throughout service 125.
megarider plus £16.00
125 Horwich
to Bolton
(child ticket £12.80)
7 days unlimited Stagecoach bus travel within the Chorley Plus ticket
zone. Now extended to Eccleston and Croston.
gold £26.70
Chorley Ticket Zones
A6/M6 Junction
Holiday Inn Express
1 day unlimited Stagecoach bus travel within the Chorley ticket zone.
Clayton Brook
dayriderplus £4.50
1 day unlimited Stagecoach bus travel within the Chorley Plus ticket
zone. Now extended to Eccleston and Croston.
dayrider £7.20
Great Knowley
Guildford Avenue
Charnock Richard
Hinds Head
1 day unlimited Stagecoach bus travel throughout Lancashire.
As a bonus the ticket also extends over the border to Southport/
Liverpool (2, 2X, X2), Bolton (125), Wigan (113), Burton-in-Kendal
(555), Kirkby Lonsdale (81/81A/81B) & Ingleton (80).
Chorley Town Centre
dayexplorer £10.50
Oak Tree
1 day unlimited Stagecoach bus travel throughout Lancashire and
Cumbria. As a bonus the ticket also extends over the border to the
same places as the Lancashire Dayrider, but also to Dumfries
(79/179/379) & Newcastle (685).
Stagecoach Smart
StagecoachSmart is new way of buying and
using Stagecoach bus tickets.
Its an electronic card with a chip that stores
your Stagecoach Megarider for use on the bus,
replacing paper tickets.
To get a StagecoachSmart travel card simply purchase a 4
week Megarider ticket online and you’ll receive a card with
your travel loaded onto it.
Once you have a StagecoachSmart travel card you can use it again and
again - so don’t throw it away.
For more information on StagecoachSmart please visit our website.
To help us run your services smoothly the correct fare is always
appreciated. Our drivers will provide change if they’re able to do
so. If the driver is unable to give change, we may issue you with a
change voucher. This allows you to claim the change owing later
in the journey from another Stagecoach driver, or at one of our
travel shops. If you’re not sure of your fare, you can email us and
ask - contact details on back cover.
Concessionary travel schemes for many categories of passenger
are operated by local authorities in England, the Scottish
Government and the Welsh Assembly.
Now available at any time!!!!
(child and concession ticket £7.50)
For great savings, buy online from our website
W hittle le W oods
Vill age/
Matrix Park
7 days unlimited Stagecoach bus travel on service 125 between
Horwich (Crown Hotel) and Bolton.
Longer term tickets
7 days unlimited Stagecoach bus travel throughout Lancashire,
Merseyside, Cheshire West & Chester and Cumbria. As a bonus the
ticket also extends over the borders to Bolton (125), Wigan (113),
Kirkby Lonsdale (81/81A/81B), Ingleton (80), Dumfries (79/179/379)
& Newcastle (685).
Railway P ub
(child ticket with igo pass £4.25)
Lower Burgh
Yar row
Chorley Zone
Chorley Plus Zone
Crown Hotel
Please note coloured circles indicate where the Megarider Zone terminates.
All details in this leaflet are correct at time of print July2014
The terms & conditions rules applying to these schemes are the
responsibility of the pass issuing authority and different rules of
usage can apply in each local authority area. As an example,
English passes are not usually valid before 0930 hrs on weekdays
and Scottish and Welsh passes are not valid for free travel in our
area at all.