Regeneration Seminar Programme and

Tuesday 17th June 2014 GAVO, Church Road, Maindee NP19 7EJ
Meet for Lunch (vegetarian soup, bread, fruit cakes & biscuits)
Sue Barlow
Chairperson’s welcome and introductions
John Hallam
Outline of progress with Maindee Unlimited and our benefits roadmap
Anna Minton
On current trend in urban development and threats posed to public space
Paul Haywood
On sustainable initiatives led by voluntary sector organisations and citizen
Mary Clear
Co-founder of Incredible Edible Todmorden on why we need to grow
Tea Break
Huw Meredydd Owen
Huw will open an hour’s discussion on local approaches to community
John Hallam
Next steps: learning, planning, forming, bidding
Chairperson thanks and close
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Maindee Festival Association acknowledges the generous financial support of the Arts Council of Wales and
Community First Central Newport Cluster for today’s seminar. Contact [email protected] for further info.
Aled Singleton
Kate Aspinwall
Bob Pontin
Ingrid Wilson
Huw Meredydd Owen
Sharon Smith
Deb Davies
Chris Jenkins
Peter Willis
Richard Morgan
Anita McConnell
John Hallam
Anna Minton
Steve Gregory
Gerald Jones
Karl Nielson
Sally Morgan
Danielle Sheahan
Chris Thomas
Alison Starling
Angela Lloyd
Mary Clear
Jenny Mullis
Neville Davies
Sue Hallam
Sue Barlow
Paul Haywood
Bronwen Lloyd
Brian Hockey
Matt Jarvis
Laila Ajbar
Ian Lamsdale
Stephen Dale
Gareth Clark
Marega Clark
Sarah Griffiths
Sarah Banwell
Nichola Davies
Chaminda Seneviratne
Nayab Naqvi
Andre Laida
David Phillips
Change Manager, Bridgend County Council
Volunteer Coordinator, Maindee Festival
Trustee, Maindee Festival Association
Trustee, Community House
Architect and Artist
Accountant, Diocesan Office, Church in Wales
Beechwood Ward Councillor / NCC Cabinet
Victoria Ward Councillor
Cynefin Place Co-ordinator, Maindee
Volunteer, Maindee Festival Association
Maindee Front Gardens Project Manager
Trustee, Maindee Festival Association
Author and Journalist
Director, Best of Newport & Torfaen
Community Development Officer, GAVO
Newport Resident
Newport Resident
Newport Resident
Families First Voluntary Sector Support Officer
Trustee, Maindee Festival Association
Maindee Action Group Chairperson
Community Chair, Incredible Edible Todmorden
PCSO Maindee Police
PC Maindee Police
Newport Resident
Sue Barlow Associates
School of Art and Design, Middlesex University
Head of Community Regeneration, Charter Housing
Church in Wales Parish of Maindee
Chairperson, The Woodlanders
Newport Resident
Manager, Newport City Radio
Graphic Designer
Mr and Mrs Clark Company
Mr and Mrs Clark Company
Housing Support Manager, REACH
Senior Caseworker, Office of Jessica Morden MP
Families First, SEWREC
Minority Ethnic Elders Advocacy, SEWREC
Finance Officer, SEWREC
BME Youth Worker, SEWREC
Chief Executive Officer, SEWREC