Class 10

Venus Public School
Summer Holiday Homework (2014-15)
Class: X
Affiliation No. : - 1030310
Students of class x will visit different areas of Gwalior and prepare of survey report on Water Scarcity problem in
Gwalior city.
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1, Contribution of Mathematician in field of Maths (any 2)
2, Select at least 15-20 question of topic Polynomial other than NCERT Books and solve them.
3, Same for Topic – Linear equation in 2 variables.
Project – Tsunami – The Killer Sea Waves
I) Choose a Tsunami hit are and study the following in that region.
1. Extent of damage and location of the epicentre
2. Areas affected
3. How the damages could be minimized.
4. What measures to be adopted to save the coastal people?
5. What guidelines to be followed by the people so that they can prevent the loss of life next time.
II) Suggest operations of a rescue team and disaster management team in a disaster prone area.
Social Studies
1. How will the rescue team operate to help and save maximum people and also resettle them?
2. Mention the probabilities of damage and suggest the action plan of the rescue team.
3. How should the disaster management team operate before a Tsunami to restrict the extent of damage?
1. Which areas in India are probably affected by Tsunami? What must be done to minimise the extent of damage here.
Mention both structural and non-structural measures.
2. What are the Tsunami warning device? Where have they been used? How far they are effective in alarming people.
Make a PPT on CD about Internet cover all the important points related to Internet.
Prepare a working model which includes the application of electric & magnetic effect of current. Also prepare an
effective presentation on the same project.
Note: Students those who are absent, can download the holiday homework from school website i.e., or can contact on school
phone numbers i.e., 968539962, 0751-4029925, 0751-2491307 between 7:30 am to 2:00 pm .