Course List - Glendale Community College

Dual Enrollment Course Offerings
With Glendale Community College
And Glendale Union High School District (GUHSD)
High School Class Name
College Class Name
Advanced Marketing
No match identified yet
AP Biology
BIO100* & BIO101*
AP Calculus AB
MAT220* (yearlong)
AP Calculus BC
MAT230* (yearlong)
AP French
FRE201* & FRE202*
AP Literature
ENG101* (fall only)
AP Literature
ENH110* (spring only)
AP Physics I
PHY111* (yearlong)
AP Spanish
SPA201* & SPA202*
AP US/AZ Government
POS110* (yearlong)
AP US/AZ History
HIS103* & HIS104*
Architectural CAD
CAD167 (fall)
Child Development
CFS123, CFS125, ECH176 , ECH270 (yearlong)
CNT138 (fall only)
CNT148*(spring only)
CNT158*(fall only)
CNT168*(spring only)
College Algebra
MAT151* (yearlong)
Culinary Arts 1-2
CUL105 (yearlong)
Drafting & Design Technology I/Drafting 1-2
CAD100 (fall)
Drafting & Design Technology II/Drafting 3-4
CAD101 (spring)
Ed Professions/ADV/FEA/Aspire to Teach
EDU221* & EDU282AC* (yearlong)
ECH271, ECH280, ECH282, ECH287 (yearlong)
Fire Science 2
FSC106 (fall only)
Fire Science 4
FSC113 (spring only)
Health Career ED 1-2 (HCE 1-2)
HCC130, HCC145 (yearlong)
Health Career ED Field (HCE Field)
NUR158* (yearlong) – not offering
Honors Economics
No match yet
Honors French or French 5-6
FRE101* & FRE102*
Honors Pre Calculus
MAT187* (yearlong)
Honors Spanish or Spanish 5-6
SPA101* & SPA102*
Marketing 1-2 (2 year Marketing students)
MKT271 (yearlong)
Statistics 1
MAT206* (yearlong)
Welding Technology 1-2
WLD101 (yearlong)
Welding Technology 3-4
WLD201 (yearlong)
*Prerequisite or placement test required, see Dual Enrollment Course Testing & Prerequisites Guidelines.
Some schools do not have the appropriate software to offer CAD100, therefore they will only offer CAD101.
Yearlong classes register in fall and end in May. College courses with two courses listed and not yearlong, first
class is the fall class and second class is the spring class.
Not every college course is available at each high school & subject to change.
Updated 08/04/14