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New features & enhancements in version 7
Colour Formatting of Results
Student Maps
? Set up colours to display certain results in (“traffic
? Create maps to group results of similar assessments
lights”), making it easy to visually identify
underperforming students.
? Student indicators can be colour-coded as well.
together, to easily triangulate and analyse different test
results for the same learning area.
? Easily share your maps with other teachers.
Show Student Indicators in List
Node View of Results
Student indicators are now visible on a student list,
making it easier to identify students within specific
? All results and notes for the same test or note type are
now grouped under a heading
? This allows you to expand or collapse a specific set of
results or notes.
Predefined Comments
Student Attendance
? Enter and share comments into your own predefined
? Take attendance once or twice a day from within
comment bank without needing to go into Settings.
? Your predefined comments can then be added to result
comments, notes, ILPs or student reports.
ILP Enhancements
? Customisable absence reason lists, drill-down
attendance history.
Print Student Photo List
? Edit ILP contents in standard edit screen.
? Include parent or teacher signature box.
? Save a copy of a current ILP under a new name.
? Include learning areas in an ILP template.
? Set a default ILP template to be used when adding a
new ILP.
Print a student list as photos only. i.e. photos only with
the student name below the photo.
New features & enhancements in version 7
Show Actual Values on Graphs
·For results from a list that have numeric equivalents to
graph, GradeXpert now shows the actual selected value
(not the numeric equivalent) on the bar graphs and y-axis.
Graph Options Shortcuts
Commonly used graph options (Sorting, Labels, Grouping,
Range, Benchmarks & Means) are now accessible directly
from the graph preview.
Full Note Popup
Note Summary
Hovering the mouse cursor over a note in the student
results history displays a popup showing the full note text,
without having to double-click to open it.
Display a summary of all notes entered school-wide for a
specific date range, classes or year levels and note types.
Automatic Synchronise Prompt
Automatically Archive Students
Before closing GradeXpert at school, you will be
prompted to synchronise your database to ensure you’re
using the latest data when working from home.
When importing a new student list, automatically archive
any students who have left the school and are not on this
Force to Online Mode
Result Types Enhancements
If you are unable to connect to your online database at
school, this new option will allow you to force GradeXpert
into online mode.
? Up to 10 different result types can now be entered for
a test.
? Calculated result types can now be based on another
calculated result and be colour formatted.
New features & enhancements in version 7
Group Results by Year Level
Group assessment results by year level and DOT, or just by
year level and term/semester, allowing you to see all
results entered for a specific test for that term, not split by
Date of Test.
Change DOT for Set of Results
Change the test date, term or semester for an existing set
of results without having to change each result
Even more goodies...
Enter Results in List
? Save selected assessments as a template when using Enter Results in List, to easily get back to the same set of
assessments you were working with previously.
? A check is now performed for duplicate results entry.
? Enter results for up to 10 assessments at the same time (up from 5).
? Sort the list by assessment result columns.
? Allowed values for each result type are shown in the column headings to let you know the type of result that
you are allowed to enter.
? Search boxes added to all filters and lists to easily locate any item.
? When importing a new student list, any classes, houses or years in the student list and not yet created in
GradeXpert will be automatically added to GradeXpert.
New fields available in Report Designer include Class Name only, Year Level only, Attendance (days absent),
Attendance (attendance rate as %).
When printing student reports, each student’s report can be saved as a separate PDF document.
A permanent database connection will be maintained to ensure that a wireless connection is never lost when
entering results in a list.
Automatic repair of corrupted database if a database corruption occurs due to power failure etc.
Remote Support shortcut is now accessible on the main GradeXpert screen.
Plus many other smaller fixes and enhancements.
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