Weekly Updates After School Program ILP Meetings are coming up

Weekly Updates After School Program Daycare is available for Lighthouse students in grades K-­‐8 during Intersession weeks. For more information, please click the link: If you are interested in signing up your child for Intersession Daycare, please download the application and turn it in by Friday, October 10th. ILP Meetings are coming up! Our first Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) meetings are coming up this month on October 23 & 24. Here is some information about ILP meetings. What is the purpose of ILPs? Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) serve several goals, for the student, their family, and the teacher. For students, ILPs can be a powerful tool for learning how to set goals, self-­‐monitor progress, and reflect on achievements or struggles. For teachers, ILPs serve the purpose of monitoring individual student progress. For families, ILPs allow families to be an authentic part of their child’s education. The ILP meetings are mandatory. When do ILPs happen? ILP meetings for your child happen 3 times per year (sign up for your individual conference in October, January, and April). How do I prepare for them? ILPs are a time for your child’s teacher, you and your child to come up with goals for the quarter. Talk with your child about what is going well and what they feel needs improvement. -­‐-­‐ If your child is in 5th -­‐12th grade, check how they’re doing on Active Grade (get information on how to use Active Grade at both front desks) -­‐-­‐ Call or email your child’s teacher/crew leader and ask them how your child is doing in class -­‐-­‐ Start thinking about goals for your child -­‐-­‐ When you think about a goal for your child, think about how will you know they accomplished this goal? What strategies can they use to accomplish this goal? Taking time to think about your child’s goals before your child’s ILP will help you feel better prepared for this meeting. What do I do after my Child’s ILP meeting? If you have any lingering questions or concerns after your ILP -­‐ reach out to your teacher/crew leader or to the appropriate Case Manager. Remember, we are working as a team to support you and your child. Don’t think twice about asking questions or expressing concerns. We are here to help! Give us a call or stop in the office if you have an idea or question! We are here to help! Pre-­‐ K Readiness Program WINTER SESSION STARTS OCTOBER 23, 2014! Open to parents/caregivers AND children ages 0-­‐2 who have not had preschool or prior early childhood education. Must attend full 8-­‐week session. Learn about literacy development, health & nutrition, and other topics to help ensure your child is ready for Kindergarten! 8-­‐week sessions Winter session 2014: Thursdays 9-­‐10:30 am. Oct 23, 30, Nov 6, 13, 20, Dec 4, 11, 18 Spring session 2015: for ages 3-­‐5, dates TBD Enroll by Oct 17 (510) 562-­‐8807 [email protected] Kinder -­‐ 4th October 7, 2014 -­‐ Padres Comprometidos Lighthouse is excited to offer a for the first time a NEW Padres Comprometidos parent class for parents with students in K-­‐4! This course is developed by the National Council de la Raza to support becoming a committed parent, understanding staff roles, supporting children’s education at home and at home and modeling positive behaviors at home. This course is an 8-­‐week class that begins on October 7 at 10am – 11am. Parents receive a certificate of completion and graduation celebration at final class. This first round will be SPANISH ONLY, with English only class offered in the spring. Contact Maritza Ortiz if you would like to join 510-­‐562-­‐8225 Volunteers needed for K-­‐4 -­‐ Here at Lighthouse we send home books or book lists over every vacation and I would love some help making books for students. The timing is very flexible...you can come in to volunteer during the school day or after school Your help can ensure that every student has plenty of books to read at home. Please contact Ms. Wissmann at [email protected] if you'd like to help. 5th -­‐ 8th 8th grade advocacy office hours have begun. Students can sign up to stay with teachers from 3:30 to 4:30 to get extra help. On the day a student wants to advocate, s/he needs to fill out a pass with the teacher and notify parents that s/he will be staying late. All students received an advocacy permission slip, and this permission slip must be signed once for the year before students can stay after school to advocate. Days/Subjects: Monday/Science Tuesday/Math Thursday/Humanities