The WCCD and ISO 37120 - Global City Indicators Facility

The WCCD and ISO 37120: Created by Cities, for Cities
What is the World Council on City Data (WCCD)?
The World Council on City Data (WCCD) and ISO 37120 were both officially launched at
the Global Cities Summit on May 15th, 2014. The WCCD coordinates all efforts on open
source city data to ensure a consistent and comprehensive platform for standardized
urban metrics. The WCCD is a global hub for creative learning partnerships across cities,
international organizations, corporate partners, and academia to further innovation,
envision alternative futures, and build better and more livable cities. The WCCD
has identified 20 foundation cities to adopt ISO 37120 and to help build the WCCD.
What is ISO 37120?
As part of a new series of International Standards being developed for a holistic and
integrated approach to sustainable development and resilience under TC268 Sustainable
Development of Communities, ISO 37120 establishes a set of standardized indicators
that provide a uniform approach to what is measured, and how that measurement is
to be undertaken. This International Standard does not provide a value judgement, or
numeric thresholds on what a particular city should choose as appropriate targets for
the indicators. ISO 37120 defines and establishes definitions and methodologies for a
set of indicators to steer and measure the performance of city services and quality of life.
How can I join the WCCD and become an ISO 37120 city?
Please visit our website and fill out an
Expression of Interest form.
Solid waste
and innovation
Fire and Emergency
ISO 37120
Urban Planning
Water and Sanitation
Who are the users of
ISO 37120?
This International Standard is applicable to
any city, municipality or local government that
undertakes to measure its performance in a
comparable and verifiable manner, irrespective
of size and location or level of development.
How can ISO 37120
help cities?
Standardized indicators enable cities to assess
their performance and measure progress over
time and also to draw comparative lessons from
other cities locally and globally. It also helps to
guide policy, planning and management across
multiple sectors and stakeholders.
In this age of urbanization, city indicators can be used as critical tools for city managers,
politicians, researchers, business leaders, planners, designers and other professionals
to help ensure policies are put into practice that promote liveable, tolerant, inclusive,
sustainable, resilient, economically attractive and prosperous cities globally. Cities
need indicators to measure their performance for improving quality of life and
sustainability globally. The WCCD and ISO 37120 provide an open source, independently
verified data platform which helps to build smart and sustainable cities worldwide.
ISO 37120 - Benefits of Standardized Indicators
More effective governance and delivery of services
Local and international benchmarking and planning
Informed decision making for policy makers and city managers
Learning across cities
Recognition by international entities
Leverage for funding by cities with senior levels of government
Framework for sustainability planning
Transparency and open data for investment attractiveness
World Council on City Data
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