Find my User ID? - Pioneer Pass

Western Piedmont Community College Pioneer Pass FAQ How Do I Find My User Id?
Default user ids for students will have the format of lastname first initial middle initial.
Ex: norrisne
However, because of duplications, user ids may be followed by the last 2 digits of the student’s WPCC id.
Ex: norrisne56
WPCC employees will have a different format for their user ids: first initial last name.
Ex: nnorris
For duplications, user ids will be followed by the last 2 digits of the employee’s WPCC id.
Ex: nnorris56
To determine exactly how your user id was created, use the following steps to look it up on Pioneer Pass.
1. From the Pioneer Pass homepage, click Account Information.
Western Piedmont Community College 2. Click What’s My Userid?
Pioneer Pass FAQ 3. Enter your Last Name and either your SSN OR WPCC ID (entering both will produce an error).
Western Piedmont Community College 4. Your userid will be displayed.
Pioneer Pass FAQ Additional Notes:
If your account has not been created yet, you will receive the following error message when trying to
look up your userid: You are not signed up for WebAdvisor. Contact your system administrator.
For new student applicants, please allow 1 week for your userid to be created.
Western Piedmont Community College Pioneer Pass FAQ If you are still receiving an error after 1 week, please contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance
with your account: By Phone: 828-448-6030 or Email: [email protected]
This information is also listed on the Contact Us link on Pioneer Pass.