Presidents Report for WAIA AGM 2014

1 Presidents Report WAIA AGM WAIA President: Pawel Mrugalski -­‐ 9th September 2014 What have achieved in the past 12 months! 1. Continued Strong Branding Growth-­‐ IX Australia Our team has been actively working on our IX Australia branding throughout the year. WAIA has continued to deliver products and services under the IX Australia brand • A Style guide has been developed around the IX Australia peering brand • We have got good feedback from national members as they are able to associated to a national brand • WAIA is planning a number of member events for IX Australia • A communications plan and marking All up to date information on peering services are at the •
IX Australia website URL: 2. Launching the WAIA Members Portal We are very excited to launch and present a new member Portal for WAIA members. The WAIA members portal provides the following new online features: • Manage your membership profile. • Subscribe to a range of email notifications. • View and respond to event invitations. • Pay your account. • Order services. • Introduction of a new set of legal documents. 3. Improved Peering Services New Vendor -­‐ Extreme Networks WAIA is in the process of completing the national refresh or our switching platform across our IX Australia peering network using equipment from Extreme Networks. A Extreme Networks core fabric has enabled IX Australia to have both optimised features (MPLS/VPLS) and small form factor. Virtual Leased Line (VLL) Point-­‐to-­‐Point member service Peers can now gain the benefit of point-­‐to-­‐point services over our national network using our Virtual Leased Line (VLL) product over your existing IX Australia peering port. This method of point to point connectivity provides the means to communicate privately with a scalable and high-­‐
speed data access between other IX peers over a single physical provisioned Ethernet Interface of 1Gb or higher. • Interstate and intrastate • Direct access to other peering members -­‐ content and hosting providers • Inter Capital Peering IX Australia now is Amazon Web Service (AWS) Direct enabled 4. Growing our IX Australia Network Our current location: • We have 6 POPs in Perth Coming soon-­‐ NEXTDC P1 •
3 in Melbourne -­‐Coming soon-­‐ Vocus (530 Collins), Equinix ME1 MDC -­‐ (530 Collins) •
5 in Brisbane Coming soon-­‐ Brisbane Technology Park •
4 in Sydney •
4 locations in Adelaide The Current Number of active Peers at each IXP WA-­‐IX 86 VIC-­‐IX 48 QLD-­‐IX 38 SA-­‐IX 18 NSW-­‐IX 87 About to launch peering in ACT-­‐ IX • We are about to launched ACT-­‐IX in September. Located in TransACT House -­‐ 470 Northborne Ave Dickson ACT Western Australian Internet Association Inc. Presidents report – AGM 2014 2 Price Reduction for 10GigE Peering • Following IX Australia’s move to price parity across all IXs back in July, a further price reduction is being issued across the network with 10GigE peering reducing from $550 (exc GST) per month to $450 (exc GST per month). BIRD Route Servers • The National IX Australia Peering network now has enhanced rich features by operating the BIRD Route servers. 5. Membership Update • WAIA has been communicating to our members through a number of frequent newsletters, Facebook updates, Twitter and IX Australia Blog Ports. Number of WAIA members is currently at-­‐ o
Professional 128 o
Corporate 98 o
Affiliates 2 6. Events 2013 Members River Cruise • Held on Thursday 5th December •
Attended by approx. 80 members Aboard The Odyssey Hosted Connection – Amazon Direct Web Services product launch • Was at Rigby's Bar & Bistro • Held on Tuesday 15th April 2014 •
Attended by approx. 25 members 7. Key Executive Organisational Focus We have been busy focusing on the operational aspects and fine tuning our organisation processes through – • Defining the direction for the investment to provide WAIA member services. • Updating project management methodologies. • The development of new systems when planning financial expenditure. • Strategic long term planning for IX Australia. • WAIA communications plan. 8. Continued our Community Involvement • WAIA sent a team from the Executive to attend AusNOG 2014 in Sydney in September 2014 •
Pawel Mrugalski presented an update on IX Australia within the Peering session •
WAIA made donation to PLUG (Perth Linux Users Group) to assist their work in web streaming of events for Not For Profit groups. •
WAIA Exec Committee members Richard Keeves & Pawel Mrugalski were judges of the WA Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards (WAiTTA) •
Richard Keeves moderated the Tweetwall at the WAiTTA dinner 9. International Memberships • WAIA is a member of Euro-­‐IX 10. Improved our Accounting systems • The migration of our accounting system from MYOB to Xero has been successfully completed and allowing a key component for further system automation. 11. Been served well by WAIA Staff & Exec • Joe Wooller, WAIA's Technical Manager • Kellie Ireland, WAIA's Executive Officer • Accountant Craig and auditor Leon for valuable ongoing assistance. A very special thanks to Jane Keeves I would like to extend a very special thank you to our past bookkeeper Jane Keeves who has been involved with WAIA for over 10 years. The long continued support and accounting services Jane offered WAIA was a vital contribution to the organisation. WAIA wishes all the best for Jane and thanks her for past work and commitment. And many thanks to the Executive Committee members both elected and co-­‐opted. We’re very grateful for the contribution of these willing and capable volunteers. Western Australian Internet Association Inc. Presidents report – AGM 2014