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ILA 2014
Experience the Progress.
Liebherr-Aerospace Sales, Technology, Sites and Customer Service // p.16-29
Information for Visitors ILA Berlin Air Show 2014
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People and Opportunities Working at Liebherr-Aerospace // p.32-37
F.l.t.r.: Heiko Lütjens, Josef Gropper,
André Benhamou, Nicolas Bonleux
Dear reader,
The aviation industry continues to grow. Along with airlines and
aircraft operators who benefit from the increase in air transport, aircraft manufacturers and aerospace system suppliers
are also engaged in this promising development. And so is
In 2013, our customers once again showed their confidence
in our company and awarded us major contracts. Embraer, for
instance, selected us for the E-Jet E2 high-lift system and the
air management system. Moreover, we are pleased to have
supported our customers in reaching key development milestones in their new programs, such as the first flights of Airbus’
A350 XWB, Bombardier’s CSeries and Learjet 85 aircraft.
Liebherr-Aerospace is strongly engaged in research and
development to prepare the future of the aviation industry. With
our partners – the European Union, national governments,
regional governments, research institutes, universities and
private companies – we are working on the more electric aircraft
and on other major projects that will contribute to environmentally friendlier and more efficient air transport.
In addition, our commitment to sustainability has further developed: the major sites of our worldwide network obtained the
ISO 14001 certification in 2013, following our European sites,
which had been certified in recent years.
With every step we take, we are strengthening our ability to
offer our customers innovative, competitive solutions, thus
boosting the long-term development of our company. Key
factors in the success of Liebherr-Aerospace are the outstanding commitment, broad expertise and remarkable professionalism of all our teams. In 2013, 300 new employees
joined us, bringing our total number of personnel to roughly 4,900. We warmly thank all of them for their excellent performance. In this magazine, you will be able to read more
about our employees and learn about our recent contracts
and most exciting projects for the future.
At this year’s ILA Berlin Airshow, we will once again display our
state-of-the-art products and our expertise. We look forward
to meeting all our customers and partners, and we wish all of
you a successful ILA 2014.
Best regards,
The Executive Board of Management of
Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS
André Benhamou
Nicolas Bonleux
Josef Gropper
Heiko Lütjens
Managing Director and
Chief Technical Officer,
Air Management Systems,
Corporate Projects
Managing Director and
Chief Sales Officer
Managing Director and
Chief Operating Officer,
Production, Purchasing and
Asset Investments
Managing Director and
Chief Technical Officer, Flight Control
and Actuation Systems, Landing
Gear Systems and Hydraulics
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Programs and New Contracts
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The Liebherr Group
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ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
Information for Visitors
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Experience the Progress.
ILA Berlin Air Show 2014 –
Welcome to Liebherr-Aerospace
As one of the leading suppliers of the aviation industry, Liebherr-Aerospace is a regular exhibitor at the ILA Berlin Air Show.
From 20 to 25 May 2014, visitors to the show can experience the progress with Liebherr-Aerospace at a number of stations.
Exhibition stand
On stand No. 2201 in Hall 2, Liebherr-Aerospace is presenting
various systems and components from the fields of flight control, air management and landing gears on an area of 225 m².
Among the exhibits are the nose landing gear and the main
landing gear of Bombardier’s CSeries aircraft. In addition, visitors can find out about the customer services division.
Liebherr-Aerospace is welcoming its customers and partners
in the 100 m² Chalet No. 25. Guest are able to enjoy drinks
and snacks while watching the daily airshow from the terrace.
ILA Career Center
The ILA Career Center is held on 23 and 24 May 2014 in Hall 5.
There, Liebherr-Aerospace is presenting itself as an employer,
providing information about career opportunities at the
company and offering interested visitors the chance to establish contacts.
Joint German Armed
Forces Pavilion
The so-called Joint German Armed Forces Pavilion in Hall 3
highlights the successful partnership between the German
Air Force and the military aviation industry in Germany. Along
with other suppliers, Liebherr-Aerospace is presenting exhibits
from aircraft programs such as the Tornado and the Tiger.
Special exhibition ”Innovative
Production Technologies”
As part of the special exhibition "Innovative Production Technologies", which is held at the International Suppliers Center
(ISC) in Hall 1, the Machining Innovation Network e.V. (MIN)
is presenting the machining centers and procedures of the
future. Watching live performances, visitors are able to learn
how complex aircraft components are machined. As a member of MIN, Liebherr-Aerospace is showing how a valve block
is machined on a milling machine.
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
Information for Visitors
Chalet Liebherr-Aerospace
No. 25
Opening hours
10:00 am – 06:00 pm daily
Stand Liebherr-Aerospace
No. 2201 / Hall 2
20 – 22 May, 2014 Trade Visitor Days
20 – 22 May, 2014 International Suppliers Center ISC
23 – 25 May, 2014 Private Visitor Days
Career Center
23 – 24 May, 2014 10:00 am – 06:00 pm daily
Stand LiebherrAerospace
Career Center
International and
National Industry
Center ISC
Civil Aviation
General Aviation
Joint German
Armed Forces
Unmanned Aircraft
Career Center
Conference Center
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
Exhibits of
Joint German
Air Forces Pavilion
Assembly of Flight
Control Components
In the assembly, an employee is
greasing an annular-toothed ring
of a planetary gear set. Afterwards,
the ring will be integrated into a
rotary actuator for the slat system
of an Airbus A320.
Perfectly Balanced
Four air cycle machine rotors prior
to their balancing. The turbine expands pressurized air from the engine to generate cold flow (-30°C),
and drives the three-wheel rotor
at a speed of 40,000 rpm (revolutions per minute). Due to this high
speed, the rotor, which is supported by aerodynamic bearings,
must be perfectly balanced: the
distance from its gravity center to
the rotation axis must be smaller
than 0.5 µm!
Test at -20 °C
An engineer from the testing and
qualification division is measuring
the thickness of the clear ice layer
applied to the main landing gear
of a regional jet. The layer must
be 6 mm thick. The functionality of
the landing gear is then tested at
a temperature of -20°C. This socalled icing test is part of the qualification process conducted prior
to the certification of the landing
gear system.
Machining Scroll Parts
Liebherr-Aerospace’s plant in
Campsas (France) manufactures
scroll parts for Airbus A320 air
conditioning systems. These
parts are completely machined
in a double-spindle, multi-axle
machining center that enables
turning and milling procedures.
Highest Precision
Employees are adjusting intersection holes that were machined into
components for flight control systems. This task is essential for the
manufacture of functional parts and
requires extremely high precision.
Programs and New Contracts
© Bombardier
Maiden Flight of the Learjet 85 Aircraft
with Technology from Liebherr-Aerospace
The latest business jet from Bombardier,
the Learjet 85* aircraft, successfully
completed its maiden flight on April 9,
2014. Liebherr-Aerospace supplies the
integrated air management system and
the high-lift system, including the related
control systems, for the medium-sized
business jet.
Both systems contain state-of-the-art
technology designed for the business
jets of the next generation. The air management system has been developed
and is produced by Liebherr-Aerospace
Toulouse SAS, the competence center
for air management systems located
in Toulouse (France). The competence
center for flight control systems, actuation systems and landing gears,
Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH,
Lindenberg (Germany), is responsible
for the high-lift system.
Left: The air cycle machine is part of the Learjet 85
integrated air management system
Right: Components of the flap actuation system
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
Liebherr-Aerospace has put all of its
experience in the business aircraft segment, and in particular from its longstanding cooperation with Bombardier,
into the development of the systems.
This has enabled the system supplier
not only to enhance the reliability of the
systems, but also to optimize their operating costs and weight.
*Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries
Programs and New Contracts
Flight-Critical Systems for
the Challenger 350 Aircraft
Over the last thirty years, Liebherr-Aerospace has delivered
landing gear systems, flight control systems and air management systems to Bombardier for use in numerous aircraft,
for example business jets of the Global* and Learjet* aircraft
families and commercial aircraft of the Dash 8*/Q series*,
CRJ* and CSeries* families. The Challenger 350* aircraft,
a medium-sized business jet, will feature two flight-critical
systems from Liebherr-Aerospace: The flap actuation system and the air management system.
Both systems are based on technologies Liebherr developed for the successful Challenger 300* aircraft. The
flap actuation system on the Challenger 350 aircraft will
be developed, manufactured and serviced by LiebherrAerospace Lindenberg GmbH, Lindenberg (Germany), the
center of excellence for flight control and actuation systems
and landing gears. Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS, the
© Bombardier
center of excellence for air management systems in Toulouse (France), is responsible for the air management system of the business jet.
With its involvement in the new Bombardier Challenger
350 aircraft, Liebherr-Aerospace is further consolidating
its long-standing relationship with the Canadian aircraft
* Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or of its subsidiaries
AW189 Helicopter Obtains EASA Certification
The AW189, the latest member of
AgustaWestland’s civil rotorcraft family, has obtained its EASA certification.
Liebherr-Aerospace supplies two major
systems for this 8.3 ton multi-role helicopter − the complete landing gear system
and the environmental control system.
All of Liebherr’s systems and components were specially designed for the
aircraft’s high operational requirements
in missions such as long-range offshore transport or search and rescue.
The landing gear system, which is developed, manufactured and tested by
Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH,
Lindenberg (Germany), stands out for its
particularly high crash-worthiness. The
special shock absorber system ensures
that the energy absorption is sufficient
when the aircraft is flying at a very high
vertical landing velocity. This function is
also important for landings on ships or
with skis.
The environmental control system,
which is based on vapor cycle techno­
logy, is developed, manufactured and
tested by Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse
SAS, Toulouse (France). The compressors installed in the engine compartment power a two-zone air cooling
system for the cabin and the cockpit. In
cold conditions, a heating system fed
by bleed air provides passengers with
warm air. In addition, Liebherr supplies
the AW189 cabin and cockpit air distribution, including ducts, valves, fans,
diffusers and gaspers.
© AgustaWestland
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
Programs and New Contracts
Liebherr-Aerospace on Board
the Bombardier CSeries Aircraft
Liebherr-Aerospace supplies two major systems for
Bombardier’s CSeries* aircraft, specifically, the complete landing gear system and integrated air management system. The
Canadian manufacturer’s new commercial aircraft made its first
flight on September 16, 2013. The systems feature the latest
technologies for the next generation of single-aisle aircraft, and
are therefore considerably more efficient.
Liebherr-Aerospace made use of its vast experience in landing gears and air management systems to optimize the reliability and operating costs of its systems for the CSeries aircraft. The latter are designed, developed and manufactured
at Liebherr-Aerospace’s German- and French-based OEM
facilities: Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH, Lindenberg
(Germany), is responsible for the CSeries landing gear system,
whereas Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS, Toulouse (France),
is in charge of the air management system.
* Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries
© Bombardier
Delivery of the First Bleed Air System
for the C919 Engine Test Bench
After having been selected to develop,
manufacture, qualify and certify the
integrated air management system for
the C919 single-aisle aircraft in 2010,
Liebherr-Aerospace recently delivered
the first bleed air system to Chinese
aircraft manufacturer COMAC.
The system consists of bleed valves,
a pre-cooler, heat exchanger, highpressure ducting and corresponding
pressure and temperature sensors,
which are connected to a bleed monitoring controller. It will be used for the
test-driven development of the engine
LEAP 1C manufactured by CFM. The
components were designed to meet
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
the thermal and mechanical requirements of this new-generation engine.
Measuring equipment was fitted on
the parts in order to provide COMAC
and Liebherr-Aerospace with information on the behavior of the bleed air
system during the engine tests.
In the next step, Liebherr-Aerospace
will deliver additional components for
the engine’s ground and vibration test
benches, thus preparing the flight test
campaign of the C919.
Programs and New Contracts
Progress in the Embraer
KC-390 Program
© Dassault
New Contract with Dassault
Aviation for Falcon 5X
With the new Falcon 5X, Dassault Aviation has developed a business jet which is characterized by an exceptionally long range and a spacious cabin. Liebherr-Aerospace
has been selected by the aircraft manufacturer to develop, produce and service the
air management system for the twin-jet business aircraft. This system includes the
air conditioning system, the cabin pressure control system and the equipment for air
distribution in the cabin.
The new contract consolidates the long-standing relationship between Dassault
Aviation and Liebherr. Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS, based in Toulouse (France),
supplies air conditioning systems, cabin pressure control systems and engine bleed
systems for several aircraft built by the manufacturer, including for the Falcon program.
KC-46 Tanker Aircraft:
New Contract from Boeing
Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS,
Toulouse (France), has been selected
by Boeing Commercial Aircraft to
A regulation valve for the nitrogen
enriched air inerting system
develop, supply and service the regulation valves for the nitrogen enriched
air inerting system (NEAIS) on the KC46 tanker aircraft.
The highly reliable, weight-optimized
pneumatic valves Liebherr-Aerospace
has designed for this system are
based on components with a proven
in-service track record in commercial
aviation. They have been advanced
and specially adapted to satisfy the
extremely demanding requirements of
this special mission aircraft. The regulation valves monitor the air ducted to
the inerting system. This system inerts
the fuel tanks as the fuel leaves the
tank, which prevents the fuel vapors
from igniting.
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
In 2012, Liebherr-Aerospace was
awarded the contract for the bleed
system, the cabin pressure control
system and the air conditioning system in Embraer’s KC-390 program.
The first set of components has since
been delivered to the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer in São José dos
The systems for the military transport
aircraft are developed and produced
by Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse
SAS. This plant in Toulouse (France)
is Liebherr's center of excellence for
air management systems. The systems are thoroughly tested at the
on-site test center. Besides function
testing, qualification is also in progress on the system level.
Thanks to the ultra-modern techno­
logy of Liebherr-Aerospace, the
KC-390 will not only be characterized
by a lighter weight and enhanced reliability, but also by a lighter environmental footprint.
The KC-46A is a derivative of the
Boeing 767. Compared to the longrange commercial aircraft, it features
additional systems, in particular additional fuel tanks and the related safety
systems. Boeing is set to deliver 179 of
this next-generation tanker aircraft to
the US Air Force.
It is the third time that Boeing has selected Liebherr-Aerospace for a critical
system: Liebherr previously designed
the air conditioning system, the engine
bleed system and the anti-icing system for the Boeing 747-8 as well as the
auxiliary fuel tank pressurization system for the Boeing 777-200 LR.
Subjected to Stringent Tests: The Systems
for the Bombardier CSeries Aircraft Family
For Bombardier’s CSeries* family of aircraft, the first completely redesigned single-aisle aircraft family, LiebherrAerospace supplies two highly complex systems: the air management system and the landing gear system. Due to the
aircraft’s innovative configuration, developing and testing these systems was particularly challenging. Both systems
underwent rigorous trials at Liebherr-Aerospace’s test centers and also at Bombardier. The goal was to ensure the functionality of the systems and thus the safety of the passengers on the ground and in the air.
The Landing Gear System
For the CSeries aircraft family, Liebherr-Aerospace developed a state-of-art landing gear system. The system
includes nose and main landing gears, hydraulic actuation components for extending and retracting the landing
gears and steering the nose landing gear, a computer and
related cockpit controls. Testing, qualifying and certifying
such a highly complex system − thus ensuring that it operates flawlessly on board the aircraft − is a joint effort
that demands a lot of hard work, technical expertise and
cooperation between the supplier and the aircraft manufacturer.
Testing the landing gear started in an early development
phase of the system. First, engineers carried out trials on
prototype landing gear components in order to validate
their design concepts and to develop standard components. After these components had been manufactured
and tested, technicians and engineers integrated them into
subsystems and systems. The latter, in turn, underwent
various structural, performance, endurance and environmental trials at Liebherr-Aerospace’s test and qualification
center in Lindenberg (Germany).
Functionality meticulously tested
In a nutshell − what exactly did the company’s specialists
examine in all these tests? Structural tests, for instance,
were conducted to verify if the legs of the landing gear
were robust enough to support the enormous loads that
act on them when the aircraft touches down. In order
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
to carry out performance trials, technicians installed the
landing gear system in a huge test rig that simulated the
CSeries aircraft. This way they checked if the gear could
be extended and retracted quickly enough − that is within
the specified time. In endurance tests, the extension and
retraction process was repeated several thousand times
to verify that the mechanisms would function throughout
the entire life of the aircraft. Would the landing gear system
operate without any problems if the aircraft was hit by hail,
or if it was exposed to sand and dust, or extreme temperatures ranging from a scorching +70 °C to a freezing -55 °C
that caused icing? All these conditions were simulated in
environmental tests to ensure that the landing gear system
would operate in any such scenario.
Taxiing, taking off and landing safely
In parallel to the trials at the Lindenberg test center −
months before the first flight of the CSeries aircraft – several
engineers, technicians and mechanics joined Bombardier’s engineering and test teams in Montreal and Mirabel
(Canada), where the aircraft manufacturer’s headquarters and final assembly line are located. They supported
Bombardier’s specialists in integrating the landing gear
system into CSeries flight test aircraft as well as in testing these aircraft on ground and airborne. In low and high
speed taxiing trials, for example, they checked if the nose
landing gear could be steered smoothly and precisely, and
if the wheels shimmied. During the first flight and the following flight test campaign, tests were conducted to verify
that the extension and retraction mechanisms would work
in the extreme case of hydraulics failure. All these tests
served one purpose – to make sure that future passengers
of the CSeries aircraft would take off and land safely.
Test rig for the nose landing gear
of the CSeries aircraft at LiebherrAerospace Lindenberg GmbH
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
Finally, the joint effort in the final assembly and test phases
of the aircraft has proven beneficial to both companies.
Bombardier has gained from Liebherr’s experience and
competence. And vice versa, by working face-to-face with
Bombardier’s technicians and getting immediate feedback, Liebherr’s specialists have been able to remain upto-speed with aircraft development and to make enhancements to the CSeries aircraft’s landing gear system.
The Air Management System
The bleed air and environmental control systems, the cabin
pressure control system, the air distribution, the avionics cooling and extraction systems, the wing ice protection system and the overheat detection system – all these
systems are part of the integrated air management system
that Liebherr-Aerospace designed for the CSeries family
of aircraft.
In order to obtain the certification for this high-tech system,
engineers and technicians performed integration testing
at the company’s test center in Toulouse (France). There,
development, qualification and maturity tests for all types
of air management systems and key system components
such as air cycle machines, valves, air conditioning packs,
heat exchangers, motors and power electronics can be
carried out on a 7,000 m² test area. The center is equipped
with state-of-the art test benches and chambers in which
environmental conditions relating to pressure, temperature, air flow rate and humidity are simulated.
Extreme temperatures and pressures
Single parts, subsystems or complete systems can be tested in two high-altitude chambers, with a volume of 70 m³
and 120 m³ respectively. Connected to a high-output
compressed air and vacuum circuit, these chambers enable the simulation of all environmental conditions that may
be encountered in flight, with temperatures from -60 °C
up to +600 °C and pressures from a few mbar to 40 bar.
Testing specialists validated the CSeries aircraft’s air management system architecture in real aircraft configuration
with full pressure and temperature operation conditions.
This was particularly important, as the CSeries aircraft is
equipped with new Pratt & Whitney engines (PW1000G),
which differ from previous engines in terms of bleed pressure, bleed temperature and fan pressure.
Moreover, the CSeries aircraft’s leak detection system was
successfully tested at the Toulouse facilities. As the aircraft’s wings are made of innovative composites, it was
crucial to ensure that the composite surfaces would never
be exposed to bleed air that reaches a temperature of
600 °C. Liebherr-Aerospace has
therefore developed a new, optimized leak detection system that
Specialists of Bombardier and LiebherrAerospace having a look at a test rig
at Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
© Bombardier
traces leaks in the bleed air system and monitors the temperature in the zones made of composites.
A low acoustic level
In order to ensure that the acoustic level inside the aircraft’s
cabin would be low, specialists tested Liebherr-Aerospace’s
latest-generation outflow valves in an ultra-modern anechoic
chamber. With its cut-off frequency of 90 Hertz, its low residual noise level of 20 dBA and, in particular, with its capacity to test air systems in real environmental conditions,
this chamber is unique in Europe. The air intake temperature can range from -40 °C up to +160 °C and the ambient
temperature from -40 °C up to 85 °C. Specially designed for
the CSeries aircraft, the outflow valves with smart actuators
are installed at the main entrance of the jetliner’s fuselage
fairing. This resulted in a totally new configuration for the
CSeries aircraft, which was reproduced for the tests in the
anechoic chamber.
Furthermore, due to the complexity of the systems and the
tight program schedule, Liebherr-Aerospace set up a socalled “Hardware-In-the-Loop” (HIL) test bench. It is used
Air conditioning pack on its test bench
to test real hardware system controllers with all relevant
electric components and actuators, and it simulates all
system control logics. The HIL is a major improvement that
permits software innovations to be validated in an early
development phase.
In September 2013, Bombardier reached a significant milestone in the development of its new jetliner: The CSeries
aircraft safely completed its first flight.
*Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
Liebherr-Aerospace Widens Its Scope of Activities in Brazil
Checking a valve
Liebherr Aerospace Brasil Ltda., Guaratinguetá (Brazil), a specialist in the precision machining, surface treatment
and assembly of high-tech and precision parts for flight control and actuation systems, landing gear and air
management systems, is widening its
scope of business activities.
The company is preparing to manufacture, treat and pre-assemble complex
medium-size structural parts made
from aluminum, such as ribs, beams
and brackets for the wings and fuselage of aircraft, and to deliver its products directly to Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer. To date, it has mainly
been supplying its sister companies in
Europe, the OEMs Liebherr-Aerospace
(Germany), and Liebherr-Aerospace
Toulouse SAS, Toulouse (France). With
this new approach, Liebherr Aerospace
Brasil Ltda. is pursuing the goal to
establish itself as a competitive player
in Brazil’s aeronautic supply chain and
to gear up for future challenges.
In parallel to this, new work processes
for the painting and assembly of structural mechanical parts as well as for the
assembly of electrically driven mani­
folds are being implemented. In addition to this, the company is preparing
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
the introduction of an environmental
management system compliant with
DIN EN ISO 14001 in order to make its
procedures even more sustainable and
environmentally friendlier.
Liebherr Aerospace Brasil Ltda. employs approximately 250 people in total
in production, design, procurement,
quality control and administration roles.
In 2011, the plant was completely destroyed by a blaze. Reconstruction
work started at the same site at the beginning of 2012, and as early as February 2013, the company restarted operations. The new plant covers a surface
area of 8,080 m², which is 10 % larger
than before.
Highest precision
Flow control valves
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
Construction Progress at the
Lindenberg Site on Schedule
The Lindenberg site is growing. In order to boost production
capacity for the long term and thus meet the increasing demand, Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH, Lindenberg
(Germany), began a large-scale expansion in the summer of
2012. At the end of 2013, the first buildings were completed to schedule. On a ground area of some 15,700 m², a hall
was built for the logistics department and flight control systems assembly. Sales and customer services will also move
into new offices in this building. In addition, a building with a
ground area of 2,900 m² was constructed to accommodate
− amongst other things − landing gear assembly and the firefighting service.
Logistics, which includes the incoming goods section, the
warehouse, the shipping section and customs section, moved
into the new hall at the beginning of 2014. Due to the growing order volume and increasing customer requirements regarding lead times, it was not only necessary to increase the
capacity of the warehouse, but also to adjust the processes
employed. In the small parts store, which now has space for
45,000 containers, up to 1,232 containers per hour will be processed in the future by the four storage and retrieval systems.
The new large parts store has capacity for 7,000 euro-pallets.
There, up to 234 pallets an hour can be moved by three storage and retrieval systems. The containers and euro-pallets are
conveyed fully automatically from the fourth basement level
of the warehouse, which is 20 m underground, to the ground
floor for order picking.
In the background: the two new
buildings of Liebherr-Aerospace
Lindenberg GmbH
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
The relocation of the assembly section is well underway. Dismantling and reassembling more than 130 test benches and
taking them into operation again are the greatest challenges
there. At the start of the year, the first work stations for the
assembly of flight control components were set up in the hall.
Using the "cardboard engineering" method, employees designed their work stations themselves. They developed new
assembly lines, which were set up as cardboard models, true
to scale with fine detail. Simulating the work processes and
documenting the requirements to the supporting sections
such as methods services, design of manufacturing equipment, logistics, IT, procurement and scheduling enabled an
optimal logistical process to be developed.
In the planning of the hall, importance was attached to sustainability. The entire building has a green roof, which allows
rain water to be collected and fed into a newly built reservoir.
Moreover, a heat pump is used to generate energy for heating
from process heat.
The previous assembly halls are being renovated and converted, and will be used for production in the future. Once
construction work is completed in 2018, the plant of LiebherrAerospace Lindenberg GmbH will have grown from its original
size of 127,000 m² to more than 160,000 m². The production
area, currently 65,000 m², will then cover 75,000 m².
Test benches for flight control
components in the new assembly hall
A conveyer belt in the new
area for incoming goods
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
Customer Service
Liebherr-Aerospace China Obtains CAAC’s
Maintenance Organization Certificate
Liebherr-Aerospace China, Shanghai (China), has received
its Maintenance Organization Certificate per CCAR part 145
from the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China
The new maintenance station was set up to offer repair services to airlines based in mainland China and thus to improve
component support and repair turn-around times. Having
started by maintaining Liebherr components installed in
Airbus aircraft, Liebherr-Aerospace China will progressively
extend its scope of services to Liebherr components in
Bombardier, COMAC and Embraer aircraft.
With its Shanghai station, Liebherr-Aerospace
its infrastructure in China, which had consisted
cal support, the distribution of spare parts to
of Airbus aircraft and engineering activities for
ARJ 21 and C919.
of technioperators
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
Customer Service
Liebherr-Aerospace Receives the ATR Silver Award
Liebherr-Aerospace has received the
ATR Silver Award in recognition for
its involvement in the ATR aircraft
program in the years 2011 to 2013.
French aircraft manufacturer ATR presented the award to representatives
of Liebherr-Aerospace at the 6th ATR
Suppliers Conference in Toulouse
(France) in November 2013.
Based on the criteria of performance,
quality, service and technical solutions, the prize recognizes the commitment of Liebherr-Aerospace in
servicing the ATR 42 and ATR 72
aircraft, for which the company supplies the cabin pressure and anti-icing
Representatives of Liebherr-Aerospace
Toulouse SAS were awarded the prize.
First E-Jet 170 Landing Gear Overhauled in Europe
In the past year, Liebherr-Aerospace overhauled the first
landing gear system of an Embraer E-Jet 170 aircraft at its
facilities in Lindenberg (Germany). It was the first time that
such a landing gear was maintained in Europe. The system
supplier, who has many years of experience in the field of
overhauling, was thus able to mark an important milestone in
customer services.
At the start of the overhaul, specialists examined the landing
gear and dismantled it into its component parts. All bushings
were removed. The individual components were stripped of
paint and other coatings and examined for cracks, corrosion
and dimensional accuracy. Repairs were performed on any
discrepancies found.
Moreover, the bushing bores and chrome surfaces were
re-machined, and the components were recoated and subjected to new surface treatment. The components were then
primed, painted and reassembled. After final examination,
the landing gear was reassembled and certified according to
the customer's wish.
The team in charge of
the overhaul with landing
gear components
The landing gear system, including the brake system, for the
E-Jet family E170, E175, E190 and E195 was developed by
Liebherr-Aerospace. The components of the main landing
gear are produced at the Lindenberg plant, whereas parts for
the nose landing gear and actuators and for the brake subsystems are produced by partners in Brazil and in the USA.
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People and Opportunities
Dual Studies at Liebherr-Aerospace –
a Success Story for More Than 30 Years
Dual studies – in Germany, this is the
possibility of studying at a so-called
dual university and additionally gathering professional experience in a
company. Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH, Lindenberg (Germany)
has been offering dual studies since
1980. Over a period of three years,
students enrolled in such courses are
intensively prepared for a Bachelor's
degree, which entitles them to enrol in
a Master's degree course afterwards.
Half of the time, they work in different departments within the company,
whereas they spent the other half
acquiring theoretic knowledge at the
Friedrichshafen campus of the Dual
University of Baden-Württemberg,
Ravensburg (Germany).
Liebherr-Aerospace in Lindenberg offers five different courses of dual study:
mechanical engineering, IT, aerospace
technology, business informatics and
industrial engineering. The number of
places available has steadily increased,
and now six school leavers have the
chance of taking a dual course of study
with Liebherr-Aerospace each year.
The requirements for candidates are
high, particularly in the technical courses:
Very good grades in Maths and Physics
are a prerequisite for a place in these
Graduates of dual studies make a
decisive contribution to the success
of Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg
GmbH: Initially employed as experts in
project management, they partly move
on to assume management responsibility later.
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People and Opportunities
"Girls’ Day" in Lindenberg – School Girls Find out
About Technical Professions
On this year's "Girls' Day", LiebherrAerospace Lindenberg GmbH opened
its doors to girls from schools in the
region of Lindenberg (Germany) for the
sixth time. In total, 20 girls aged 10 to 14
years took the opportunity to spend a
day finding out about the company and
about working in technical professions.
How is a landing gear system developed and manufactured? While touring
the different stations of the Lindenberg
plant − from design to production to final assembly – the participants got to
the bottom of this question. Members
of staff from technical product design,
industrial mechanics, surface coating
and materials testing were at hand to
answer questions and to engage in discussions. The girls found out just how
exciting technology and science can be
in practice while building their own miniature model aircraft.
The objectives of Girls' Day are to introduce girls to the subject of technology,
to get them interested in technical
professions and to give them contact
to relevant companies, training institutions, universities and research centers.
The Germany-wide professional orientation day is sponsored by the German
Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the German Federal Ministry of
Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women
and Youth, and it is partly funded by the
European Social Fund for Germany.
At the end of Girls' Day at LiebherrAerospace, the girls appeared to be
very impressed. The large machines on
which the landing gear components are
built left them especially astonished. All
in all, the experience did not just arouse
their curiosity about working in technical
professions in the aviation industry, but
also their interest in Liebherr-Aerospace.
Start of "Program for Technical Expertise"
in Toulouse
For the professional advancement of its employees,
Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS, Toulouse (France) has
introduced a new careers program, the so-called "program
for technical expertise". There are two sides to this program. Firstly, the company should be able to better identify
necessary competence and build-up know-how in order
to anticipate and devote itself to the technological challenges of the future, for example in the sections more electric aircraft, optimized energy management, new materials,
air management and comfort. Secondly, the employees
should be able to advance within an attractive and motivating career offering numerous benefits: outstanding training,
participating in different projects, working with and within
a group of experts, and a substantial proportion of time to
concentrate on their own technical subjects and to keep up
with topics that go beyond their subjects, for example by
reading publications in scientific journals and by taking part
in specialist conferences.
The program for technical expertise is a real alternative to
the management program and is aimed at management
staff and engineers who have great technical talent. It underlines the company's appreciation for employees who
show an interest in innovation and the technical development of products, strengthening their bond to the company. In short: With this program, Liebherr-Aerospace will,
in the long term, be able to secure its excellent level of its
air management technologies, its capacity for innovation
and its competence in giving its customers solutions with
highest added value.
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3Questions for Yan Lin Goh
Executive Technician, Liebherr-Aerospace Singapore
What is your job?
With a background and an education in electronics, I work
in the avionics shop at Liebherr-Aerospace’s customer
service center in Singapore. My main tasks are testing,
repairing, modifying and overhauling pneumatic and avionics components. Most avionics components are from
the A320 and A330, but an increasing amount is also from
the A380.
What are your most challenging responsibilities?
As a senior staff member, I’m responsible for the dayto-day activities in my section. I need to ensure that we
meet the delivery deadlines, which requires proper planning and liaising with all departments within LiebherrAerospace Singapore. It is a challenging but very rewarding work: knowing that our components are delivered on
time and that we meet our customers’ requirements, we
feel a great sense of achievement.
Moreover, I’m a member of the certifying staff for avionics
components and authorized to release the relevant certificates for serviceable avionics components after each
repair. This is the final part of the entire repair process, the
authorized stamp and signature that legalizes the reuse of
the components on an aircraft.
What do you particularly like about
Liebherr-Aerospace offers a very good and versatile
working environment. I’m a technician with a background
in avionics, and here I was given the chance to learn about
pneumatic systems and the way their components function. Using this knowledge when I troubleshoot a component during repair, I can be confident that the fault will be
found and fixed. There are always opportunities to learn
about new products. Also, my colleagues and I can always give constructive feedback for improvement. Therefore, we feel that we are part of a group of companies that
is privately owned and whose culture is the culture of a
huge family.
People and Opportunities
3Questions for Herbert Sohler
Head of Landing Gear Production, Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH
What are your tasks and responsibilities?
I am Head of Landing Gear Production at the Lindenberg plant,
and I am supported by a total of 150 members of staff. During the launch phase of a new project, it is first defined which
parts of the landing gear are to be outsourced and which are
to be produced in-house based on the company's production
strategy. The components that we produce ourselves – that
is in particular the high-strength and safety-critical structural
components such as housings, tubes, axles and bolts – are
developed and industrialized in my field of responsibility, closely coordinated with the development department. In other
words, we define suitable production processes. These parts
are then manufactured in four different production cells and
delivered pre-assembled to the landing gear assembly section.
Integrated production management and testing guarantee that
the quality of the components is compliant with specifications
and that they are delivered on time to the assembly section.
What excites you about your job at Liebherr-Aerospace?
as an industrial mechanic, and study mechanical engineering majoring in production. Also, I always wanted to work with
people. At Liebherr-Aerospace, these factors, technology and
collegial teamwork, are embodied in the corporate culture,
and I experience them every day at first hand with the tasks
I face in the production of parts and systems for aircraft. The
enormous depth of production, with different procedures and
processes, makes the manufacturing of landing gear a fascinating challenge.
One very special experience for me is to support the set-up of
the production plants in Brazil and Russia. I find the intercultural and technological challenges extremely exciting.
What is particularly important to you
as a member of management staff?
At Liebherr-Aerospace, I can feel the freedom that is granted
to members of management staff to realize their ideas and
tasks, and I value the trust that is put in me. My aim is to pass
this on to my employees as motivation.
Even as a child, I was really interested in technical matters.
So, later, it stood to reason that I should do an apprenticeship
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People and Opportunities
3Questions for Katharina Folkers
Central Controller, Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS
What is your job?
I work as a “central controller” in the
controlling department of LiebherrAerospace Toulouse SAS in Toulouse
(France). On a monthly basis, my main
tasks are the management report, delivery performance, the profit and loss
statement, cost center accounting and
the reporting to the Liebherr Group. On
an annual basis, I also work on the overhead budget and its consolidation. One
of my specific tasks is, for example, the
transfer pricing analysis.
Apart from that, I work on the ­financial
controlling for the Aerospace and
Transportation Systems division, which
Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS is
part of. This includes monthly reporting, an annual consolidation of the
division budget and tasks like providing
figures for the Board or for the “Main
Figures” booklet.
Moreover, I have inter-divisional tasks
such as participating in Liebherr Group
wide reporting workshops for the elaboration of the short-term profit and loss
Finally, Liebherr-Aerospace gives me
the opportunity to combine my personal
life and my professional life; it’s common
to work part-time and still have the same
responsibilities as in a full-time job.
Why did you decide to join
What is special about the atmosphere
at Liebherr-Aerospace in Toulouse?
The company appealed to me for several reasons. As I had worked for an
international company in the aeronautical sector in Germany and enjoyed this
work, I was looking for a similar working
environment when I moved to France
for family reasons. I also liked the idea
of working for a company whose site
and structure are smaller. This simplifies
many internal processes, and I really appreciate the atmosphere here.
It almost seems like everyone knows
everyone here. Cohesion among colleagues is strong, and there are a lot of
activities. For example, with colleagues,
I used to participate in courses about
wine and winemaking, and I go swimming with friends from work once a
week during our lunch break.
Working in France, I can improve my
French skills. For certain tasks, however,
I also need English and German, which
is my mother tongue.
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
People and Opportunities
3Questions for Manfred Schlosser
Liaison Engineer, Flight Control and Actuation Systems, Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH
What are your tasks within
As a so-called liaison engineer, I am
in direct contact with our customer
Boeing as the primary contact person
for any technical questions relating to
flight control and actuation systems.
As my office is located near Boeing in
Seattle, Washington (USA), the major
time difference to Europe is not an
issue: Our customer can contact me
any time throughout the day, and I can
immediately respond to questions and
accomplish tasks promptly. For larger
work packages, I work together with
the specialist project teams at our site
in Lindenberg (Germany). My job then is
to ensure transparent communications
and close coordination with Boeing.
In addition, I work on preparing invitations to tender for various flight control
systems, I prepare presentations for
Boeing about our product portfolio and
our research projects and I organize
meetings with our customer.
For ongoing research projects, my job
includes the preparation, evaluation
and documentation of results. For these
tasks, the proximity of our liaison office
to the customer has again proven to be
highly beneficial because results can be
discussed directly with Boeing.
Why did you choose to work
for Liebherr-Aerospace?
Liebherr-Aerospace offers engineers
a wealth of highly interesting and challenging tasks, for example in the development of innovative high-quality systems for the aircraft of the future.
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
Moreover, after spending a semester of
my degree course in Cape Town (South
Africa), I was very keen to work abroad.
As a globally active company, LiebherrAerospace offers this opportunity. For
me, work experience abroad is very
motivating. It broadens professional and
private horizons and creates a greater
openness to the world. My wish has
now been fulfilled with my job as a liaison engineer.
What do you find special
about your work?
For me, the working atmosphere at
Liebherr-Aerospace has remained that
of a family business, despite the company's growth and global activities. A
good working climate, even across national borders, and job security are important for me. The plant expansion in
Lindenberg represents a commitment to
the future and gives me greater security
for my long-term planning.
People and Opportunities
3Questions for Soraya Buermann
Project Buyer, Procurement, Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH
What tasks and responsibilities does your job entail?
As a project buyer in the procurement department, I mainly
select component suppliers for our landing gear systems,
flight control and actuation systems as well as hydraulics. I
coordinate the requirements of the projects with the departments that are involved – for example engineering, scheduling, procurement or sales – and with our suppliers. Also, I
control and monitor the processes at our suppliers to make
sure that they deliver good-quality products on time.
Furthermore, I’m in charge of negotiating contractual agreements for given projects, taking into consideration the market conditions and the requirements of our customers, the
aircraft manufacturers.
What are the greatest challenges in your job?
The most challenging part, in general, is to adhere to the very
tight schedules of the projects and to keep within budget −
despite design changes aircraft manufacturers may request.
Currently, I’m working on the Airbus A350 nose landing gear.
This is a very demanding project due to the rapid ramp-up
of the program and the high requirements concerning qualification that need to be fulfilled before the aircraft can enter
into service.
Daily challenges, such as defining the targets of the projects
on a short-term basis together in a team, and mitigating the
risk impacts in collaboration with our suppliers, make my job
particularly interesting.
In your opinion − what is special about
working at Liebherr-Aerospace?
Having worked for 15 years at Liebherr-Aerospace in Linden­
berg, I can tell that the aerospace business is a small world
led by big international companies. Considering that the
Liebherr Group is still a family business, it’s quite amazing
that Liebherr-Aerospace has succeeded in becoming one of
the major suppliers of aircraft systems worldwide. I’m proud
to be part of it.
Also, I still find it astonishing that a company located in a
rather rural area attracts people from all over the world: At
Liebherr-Aerospace in Lindenberg, there are employees
from Brazil, China, Russia, the USA, and Italy. I come from
France, and I joined Liebherr-Aerospace in 1999 because I
wanted to work for an international company and improve
my German. I had planned to stay for one year only, but I’ve
been working here ever since. I almost need to refresh my
French now!
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Participation in Programs
Airbus Defence and Space
Airbus Helicopters
Airbus A300-600
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• High-Lift System
• Krüger Actuator
• Latching Actuator
• Landing Gear Door Actuators
• Nose Landing Gear
• Upper Cargo Door Actuator
• Environmental Control System Components
Airbus A310
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• High-Lift System
• Krüger Actuator
• Nose Landing Gear
• Aileron, Elevator, Rudder Servo Control
• Air Conditioning System
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• Door Ramp Actuation System
• Engine Bleed Air System
• Fuel Tank Inerting System –
CSAS Components
• Nacelle Anti-Ice System
• Power Control Unit
• Spoiler Servo Control
• Ventilation Control System
• Wing Anti-Ice Valves
• Wing Tip Brake
Airbus A318 / A319 / A319CJ / A320 / A321
• Air Chillers
• Air Conditioning System
• Engine Bleed Air System
• Fuel Tank Inerting System –
CSAS (except A319CJ)
• High-Lift System
• High Pressure / Power Transfer Unit Manifolds
• Rudder Servo Control
• Safety Valve
Eurofighter / Typhoon
• Airbrake Actuator Servo Control
• AMAD Gearbox
• Engine Driven Hydraulic Pump
• Filter Package Units
• Nose Landing Gear
• Nose Landing Gear Retraction Actuator
• Main Landing Gear Side Stays
• Primary Flight Control Actuators –
Fly-by-Wire Technology
• Gears for Tail Gearbox (ZFL)
• Air Conditioning System
• Main- and Tail Rotor Servo Controls
• Tail Landing Gear
Airbus A320neo
• Air Conditioning System
• Engine Bleed Air System
• Fuel Tank Inerting System - CSAS
• High-Lift System
• High Pressure/Power Transfer Unit Manifolds
• Rudder Servo Control
• Safety Valve
• Ruddervator Control System
Airbus A330 / A340 / A340-500 / A340-600
• Air Chillers
• Air Conditioning System
• Auxiliary Power Unit Gearbox
(Long Range)
• Avionics Cooling System
• Engine Bleed Air System
• Cargo Heating System
• Cargo Door Actuator
• Crew Rest Humidification System
• Fuel Tank Inerting System - CSAS
• High-Lift System
• Landing Gear Door Actuation
• Rudder Servo Control
(Airbus A340 Enhanced)
• Spring Strut
Airbus A350 XWB
• Flap Active Differential Gearbox
• Load Sensing Drive Strut
• Moving Damper
• Nose Landing Gear
• Slat Actuation
Airbus A380
• Air / Hydraulics Cooling System
• Cargo Heating System
• Engine Bleed Air System
• High-Lift System
• OBOGS Control Unit
• OBOGS Air Supply System
• Pneumatic Distribution System
• Reservoir Air Supply Cooler
• Spoiler Actuation
• Supplemental Cooling System
Cobham Mission Equipment
• Hose Drum Drive System
Airbus Helicopters
AS350 / 355 Ecureuil
• Gears for Main Gearbox
Super Puma MKI
• Environmental Control System
Super Puma MKII
• Environmental Control System Components
• Heating System
UH-72A Lakota LUH
• Gears for Power Transmission Gearboxes (ZFL)
• Hydraulic Valveblock / Reservoir
• Main- and Tail Rotor Servo Controls
• Main Rotor Actuators
• Environmental Control System Components
• MELTEM III-MMI Auxiliary Cooling System
• MELTEM III-MMI Environmental Control Unit
• Main Landing Gear System
• Nose Landing Gear System
• Nose Wheel Steering System
AS365 Dauphin
• Environmental Control System
• Gears for Power Transmission Gearboxes (ZFL)
• Hydraulic Power Supply
• Main- and Tail Rotor Servo Controls
AN-74 / AN-140
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• Environmental Control System Components
• Environmental Control System
EC135 / EC635
• Gears for Power Transmission Gearboxes (ZFL)
• Hydraulic Power Supply
• Main- and Tail Rotor Servo Controls
• Gears for Power Transmission Gearboxes (ZFL)
• Hydraulic Valveblock / Reservoir
• Main- and Tail Rotor Servo Controls
• Gears for Power Transmission Gearboxes (ZFL)
• Hydraulic Valveblock/Reservoir
• Main Rotor Servo Actuator
• Tail Gearbox
• Environmental Control System Components
• Auxiliary Power Unit Gearbox
• Fly-by-Wire Main- and
Tail Rotor Servo Controls
• Environmental Control System Components
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
AN-148 / AN-158
• Integrated Air Management System
ATR 42 / 72
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• Anti-Ice Valves
• Environmental Control System
• Environmental Control System
• Landing Gear System
• Environmental Control System
• Fly-by-Wire Main and
Tail Rotor Actuators
• Landing Gear System
Dassault Aviation
Hawker Beechcraft
• Environmental Control System
Falcon 50EX / 900 / 2000 / 2000EX
• Air Conditioning System
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• Engine Bleed Air System
750 / 850XP / 900XP
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• Environmental Control System
• Fly-by-Wire Main and Tail Rotor Actuators
• Landing Gear System
Falcon 5X
• Integrated Air Management System
• Environmental Control System
Falcon 7X
• Air Pre-Cooling System
• Cabin Air Humidification System
Mirage 2000
• Air Conditioning System
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• Engine Bleed Air System
• Air Conditioning System
• Engine Bleed Air System
• Auxiliary Tank Pressurization System
Bombardier Aerospace
Challenger 300/350
• Flap System
• High and Low Pressure Ducting
• Integrated Air Management System
• Air Conditioning Components
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• Engine Bleed Air System
• Cabin Pressure Control System
CRJ700 / -900
• Integrated Air Management System
• Low Pressure Ducting
E-Jet E2
• Nose Wheel Steering Control Module
• High-Lift System
• Integrated Air Management System
• Command-by-Wire Rudder
Control System
• Integrated Air Management System
• Low Pressure Ducting
Embraer 135 / 145 / Legacy 650
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• Flap System
• Nose Landing Gear
• Integrated Air Management System
• Landing Gear System
• Cabin Pressure Control System
Global Express
• Cabin Air Humidification System
• Integrated Air Management System
• Nose Landing Gear Shock Strut
• Cabin Air Humidification System
• Integrated Air Management System
• Nose Landing Gear Shock Strut
G6000 / G7000 / G8000
• Integrated Air Management System
• Flap System
• Integrated Air Management System
Embraer 170 / 175 / 190 / 195
• Landing Gear System incl. Braking System,
Wheels and Tires
Embraer Lineage
• Landing Gear System incl. Braking System,
Wheels and Tires
• Air Conditioning System
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• Engine Bleed Air Valves
• Wing Anti Ice Valves
IA-63 Pampa III
• Air Conditioning-, Heating- and Ventilation
• High-Lift Actuation Components
• Primary Flight Control Components
• Landing Gear Components
• Integrated Air Management System
• Landing Gear System incl. Braking System,
Wheels and Tires
• High and Low Pressure Ducting
• Integrated Air Management System
• Landing Gear System
• High and Low Pressure Ducting
• Air Conditioning System
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• Engine Bleed Air System
• Heating and Ventilation Systems
Dornier 228
• Flap System
• Landing Gear Actuators
• Nose Wheel Steering System
HJT 36
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• Environmental Control Unit
• Cabin Pressure Control System Components
• High-Lift System
Korean Aerospace
• Cabin Pressure Control System Components
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• Engine Bleed Air System
• Ventilation Control System
Northrop Grumman
• Environmental Control Unit for POD
• Environmental Control Unit for POD
RUAG Aerospace
Dornier 228 New Generation
• Flap System
• Landing Gear Actuators
• Nose Wheel Steering System
• Engine Bleed Air System
Sukhoi Civil Aircraft
SuperJet 100
• Fly-by-Wire Flight Control System
• Fuel Tank Inerting System – CSAS
• Integrated Air Management System
• Environmental Control Unit for POD
• Environmental Control Unit for POD
• Environmental Control Unit
• Cabin Pressure Control System
• Cabin Pressure Control System
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LiebherrTransportation Systems
© Bombardier
Greater Ride Comfort and Less Wheel Wear
with Anti-Buckling Systems
The hydraulic anti-buckling system, which LiebherrTransportation Systems has developed specially for lowfloor trams, fulfills a safety-critical function: it guarantees
that the specified clearance profile is maintained at all
times. In addition, it improves ride comfort and reduces
wear on the wheels because the car bogies are hydraulically coupled. The complete anti-buckling system includes
hydraulic actuators and an integrated electronic controller.
network of the Braunschweiger Verkehrs-AG in Braunschweig (Germany). This contract – like the contracts from
China – has impressively demonstrated the competitive­
ness of Liebherr-Transportation Systems' solutions in the
field of hydraulic actuation systems.
Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. of Zhuzhou (China)
is the second Chinese rail vehicle manufacturer after
Tangshan Railway Vehicle Ltd., Tangshan, to select LiebherrTransportation Systems as the supplier of anti-buckling
systems. A prototype vehicle has already been equipped
with the system and will be tested by the end of 2014.
Series production of the low-floor trams is due to begin in Zhuzhou after the test phase.
Liebherr-Transportation Systems has also secured an important contract in Europe. The
company is set to supply anti-buckling systems for a total of 18 low-floor trams to
the Polish manufacturer Solaris Bus
& Coach S.A. of Owińska (Poland).
These trams will be operated on the
Anti-buckling system
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
Liebherr-Transportation Systems
The Prize for the Best Technological Innovation
Goes to Liebherr and Bombardier
roll compensation system FLEXX* Tronic
WAKO*. The prize for the best technological innovation in Europe was
awarded at the European Rail
Congress, which was held in
London in November 2013.
Liebherr-Transportation Systems and
Bombardier* Transportation received
the “European Rail Congress Award
2013” in the category “Excellence in
Technology” for their jointly-developed
system features integrated
active lateral suspension including electro-hydraulic actuators that were developed
and manufactured by LiebherrTransportation Systems. Additionally,
it can be upgraded with active radial
steering (FLEXX Tronic ARS).
and improving ride comfort. Thanks to
roll compensation, speed can be increased and travel time reduced. The
first Bombardier double-deck trains
with this innovative bogie technology,
the BOMBARDIER TWINDEXX* Express, will be operated by Swiss Railways (SBB).
are trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries
During curves, rail cars tend to tilt inwards. The FLEXX Tronic WAKO system compensates for this roll movement, thus reducing wheel and rail wear
Efficient Cooling of Li-Ion Batteries
Liebherr-Transportation Systems has been selected by the
rail vehicle manufacturer Bombardier Transportation GmbH
of Mannheim (Germany) to develop and produce a compact
and reliable cooling system for an innovative Li-Ion battery.
These batteries will be employed in the next generation of
electric drive systems, which are set to power urban transit
buses and light-rail vehicles in the future.
The highly efficient cooling system will ensure that the battery runs under optimal thermal conditions. Prototypes of
the system are being tested both at Liebherr's ultra-modern
test facilities and on demonstrator vehicles at Bombardier.
The Li-Ion battery is an integral component in Bombardier’s
highly innovative inductive battery charging system
PRIMOVE. This system enables the main battery of the
electric drive system to be recharged without contact to the
trolley wires, so the vehicle does not have to interrupt its
operation. The battery charging system will play a major role
in reducing CO2 emissions in urban traffic.
Light-rail vehicle with
charging system PRIMOVE
© Bombardier Inc. oder Tochtergesellschaften
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
Liebherr-Transportation Systems
Liebherr Equips Additional FLEXITY Classic Trams
with HVAC Systems
Liebherr-Transportation Systems is supplying heating,
ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for another
four of Bombardier Transportation’s FLEXITY* Classic 6NGTW
Series trams. The delivery is based on a contract both companies signed in October 2012.
units and one saloon unit. The high-efficiency, high-reliability
and low-weight HVAC systems offer optimal comfort for the
driver and the passengers, and reduce power consumption
and maintenance costs.
*FLEXITY is a trademark of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries
For each one of the four trams, which will be operated by the
city of Plauen (Germany), Liebherr is supplying two driver cab
Flexity Classic 6NGTW tram
© Bombardier
Air Conditioning Systems for Thameslink Rolling
Stock Program
Liebherr-Transportation Systems GmbH
& Co KG, Korneuburg (Austria), signed
a contract for the delivery of air conditioning systems with rail vehicle manufacturer Siemens and operator Cross
London Trains (XLT). These systems are
meant for the Thameslink Rolling Stock
Program, which is led by the UK Department of Transport.
The 1,140 passenger compartment units
and 230 driver cab units covered by
the contract are light-weight and
maintenance-optimized, and
feature low power consumption.
Driver cab air conditioning unit
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Liebherr-Transportation Systems
IRIS Certification for Sites
in China and Bulgaria
Liebherr Zhongche Transportation
Systems Co., Ltd. based in Zhuji (China)
has for the first time been certified
in accordance with the International
Railway Industry Standard (IRIS).
The company − a joint venture between
GmbH & Co KG, Korneuburg (Austria),
and Guangzhou Zhongche Railway
Vehicles Equipment Joint-Stock Co.,
Ltd., Zhuji (China) − develops and produces air conditioning systems, supplying these primarily to Chinese rail
vehicle manufacturers. The successful
IRIS certification is an important step
in the further expansion of the business activities of the joint venture.
Liebherr-Transportation Systems’ Bulgarian site, Liebherr-Transportation
Systems Marica EOOD in Radinovo,
successfully renewed its IRIS certification in 2013. The auditors of the German certification agency DQS GmbH,
which performed the audit, praised
the improvement processes implemented and extended the certificate
until December 2015. The company's
overall rating by DQS GmbH has also
Bogie Coupling Systems for
Alstom’s H3 Hybrid Locomotives
Liebherr-Transportation Systems has delivered the first
hydraulic bogie coupling system for the new three-axle H3
hybrid shunting locomotives to ALSTOM Lokomotiven Service GmbH, Stendal (Germany).
Liebherr is responsible for the manufacturing of the system, which was jointly developed by Liebherr and Alstom. It
couples the three axes of the locomotive so that the vehicle
can round curves easily despite large axial distances. Thus,
the bogie coupling system helps to reduce wear on both
wheels and tracks, and also to decrease noise emissions.
The H3 hybrid locomotive can be used for especially
heavy shunting operations thanks to Liebherr’s technology.
Liebherr-Transportation System’s bogie coupling system is
hence another application that gives proof of the benefits
and the efficiency of electro-hydraulic actuators.
© Alstom
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Liebherr-Transportation Systems
Continual Expansion of Production in Bulgaria
Liebherr-Transportation Systems GmbH
& Co KG, based in Korneuburg (Austria), has been advancing the strategic
orientation of its production network
for several years. Part of this process
is the continual expansion of the activities of Liebherr-Transportation Systems
Marica EOOD, the production facilities
in Marica, near Radinovo (Bulgaria):
In 2004, production of components
such as ducting sets and heaters commenced on an area of 300 m². This area
was enlarged to 10,000 m², and since
2010, complete heating, ventilation and
air conditioning systems (HVAC systems) for rail cars have been produced
Today, Liebherr-Transportation Systems
Marica EOOD is responsible for the
series production of air conditioning
systems and additional parts for all major contracts that Liebherr is awarded
worldwide. The production range is being continually expanded: Besides the
necessary know-how, the infrastructure
has also been expanded so that in the
future, it will also be possible to build
battery cooling systems in series production on an area of 10,000 m².
Assembly line of HVAC systems
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Liebherr-Transportation Systems
Functional testing
The employees play an essential role in the growth and success of the company at Marica, as do the management and
production systems. The latter guarantees fluid production,
transparent processes and safe products, and includes a continual improvement management system.
Enhanced applications include, for example, "synchronized
logistics" or the "supermarket system". Synchronized logistics means that in final assembly, production runs in the same
rhythm as it does at the Liebherr-Transportation Systems customers, the rail vehicle manufacturers. With the "supermarket
system", the employees in production take pre-selected parts
from a shelf, upon which the employees in the warehouse immediately refill the shelf with new parts. This simplifies management of the materials substantially and allows a continuous
workflow with reduced lead time. Moreover, improved transparency guarantees a high level of process reliability.
Thanks to the continuous expansion of production capacity
and investment in the infrastructure, more than 1,950 HVAC
systems could be assembled in Marica in 2013. In addition,
the approximately 270 employees were able to celebrate the
milestone ten-thousandth air conditioning system in the autumn of the past year. These systems are sold not only to
customers in Europe, but also overseas. In addition to these
successes, Liebherr-Transportation Systems Marica EOOD
was able to successfully renew its certification according to
the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) and is now
preparing for certification in accordance with the international
standards DIN EN ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001.
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The Liebherr Group
Maritime Cranes
New Fixed Cargo Crane Lifts
Passenger Tour Boats at Niagara Falls
The new Fixed Cargo Crane (FCC)
from Liebherr completed its first job
at a famous location. On 31st October
2013, the crane lifted passenger tour
boats of the local company Maid of the
Mist out of the water for winter storage
at the foot of the Niagara Falls.
proved to be challenging. Due to the
gorge’s limited road access the single parts of the FCC had to be lowered to the crane’s final position with
the help of a ring crane. The new
With a lifting capacity of 441,000 lb
(200 tonnes) at a radius of 49 ft (15 m)
this FCC is the first of its kind for the
heavy lift crane segment.
A short time before the crane was installed on the new drydock facility on
the US side of the river. Since this facility is located in a gorge below the
waterfalls, the FCC is the perfect crane
for this site. It is fitted on a fixed pedestal and provides a space-saving solution for installation on narrow docks
thanks to its slim design.
In the run-up to this lift especially
the last part of the transportation
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
heavy lift crane is part of a 32-milliondollar project for the construction
of the new dockside. The facility is
planned to be completed in summer
The Liebherr Group
The Transport of a Liebherr
R 996 B Sets Records
The transport of a fully-assembled
Liebherr R 996 B hydraulic mining excavator between two mine sites proved
to be the largest complete excavator
moved in Australian history. Six Prime
mover trucks were required to tow
and push this 675-tonne (744-short
ton) machine from the Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)-owned Christmas
Creek mine site to its Solomon mine
site. Fortescue contracted Mammoet
Australia for this undertaking, and 20
Mammoet employees were required
to load the machine onto 24 twin-axle
(384 wheels) Goldholfer platforms and
move it to its new work site. Travel­
ing up to 12 hours per day at 4 km/h
(2.5 mph), it took a total of six days
to move the R 996 B the 230 km
The completed R 996 B hydraulic
mining excavator prepared for transport
(142 miles) to the Solomon mine. This
newly-commissioned excavator will
join thirteen other Liebherr mining machines at work at the Solomon mine site.
Domestic Appliances
HCB 2060 Refrigerator with GlassLine Shelving
Show off the materials and design of
your custom kitchen to the fullest with
the stylish fully integrated HCB 2060.
The new 36” (91-cm) single door model
features strong hinges for a convenient
closing of doors as well as LED lighting
and elegant GlassLine shelving including door storage of gallon containers.
The two BioFresh drawers are individually usable as HydroSafes with high humidity or as DrySafes with low humidity
to enable versatile storage. In this way
the ideal climate is provided for all varieties of food.
The HCB 2060
features two BioFresh
drawers individually
usable as HydroSafes
or DrySafes.
An automatic IceMaker featuring the
most technically advanced water filter
provides an ample supply of perfect ice
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The Liebherr Group
Tower Cranes
Derrick 200 DR 5/10 Litronic Dismantling Crane
Removes Luffing Jib Crane From Hotel Roof
The Liebherr Derrick 200 DR 5/10
Litronic carried out a job at an extreme
altitude on the roof of the newly built
Courtyard Marriot Hotel in Montreal
(Canada). The crane operated in a
very constricted space to remove the
Liebherr 355 HC-L 12/24 Litronic luffing
jib crane safely and reliably.
The 355 HC-L climbed with the IC tower
system in the building to a final hook
height of over 427 ft (130 m). After completing the hoisting work, the rigging
team dismantled the 355 HC-L within
four days from the hotel roof using the
derrick crane. In contrast to conducting dismantling work from the ground,
this job did not require any major roadblocks which would have adversely
affected the other construction work.
The heavy components of the luffing
jib crane were lowered safely and at
an ade­quate distance from the building
since the 200 DR has a variable radius
of up to 82 ft (25 m).
Subsequently, the derrick crane was
used for a further two months on the
hotel roof to help with the roofing work.
Afterwards the Derrick 200 DR 5/10
Litronic was also dismantled. Its low
package weights and compact dimensions meant that the crane components
could be lowered to the ground using a
load elevator.
The derrick crane can be used to dismantle tower cranes in 100 mt, 200 mt
or 300 mt and more load capacity. The
supports on the crane can be swiveled
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
and adjusted to the static situation of
the sub-structure on the surface to ensure excellent distribution of the support
forces. Depending on the requirement,
this special crane can be used with or
without supports, its so-called stiff legs.
The safety PLC controller of the Derrick
200 DR 5/10 monitors all the movements
with the time-tested functions of Liebherr
luffing jib cranes. Sensors monitor the
hoist height, load moment, jib angle
and slewing gear and keep them to safe
levels. The remote control enables the
crane driver to operate the machine
from the best possible location. So
safety is guaranteed, even in heights of
several hundred meters.
The Liebherr Group
Machine Tools and Automation Systems
Palletizer Cell Allows Modern
Production Concepts
How can we optimize logistics for raw
parts and finished parts? Standardized transport containers with basket
technology harmonize the logistics
and allow a flexible production sequence. Throughout the entire material flow, the work pieces remain in a
wire basket or work piece carrier, allowing the interface between the machine and the automation device to
be harmonized with substantial cost
reduction potential. The Liebherr palletizer cell enables machine capacities to be greatly increased compared
to less flexible production systems.
Stacks of finished parts are formed
and transported to the next processing point or to a station for automatic
onward transport with materials hand­
ling equipment. The logistics concept
allows the following operation to be
individually defined, depending on the
processing task and work piece concerned. Thanks to a modular building block concept, the palletizer cells
are particularly flexible. Depending on
the production process concerned,
Liebherr offers versions with two,
three or four cells with additional functions. Particular attention was paid to
the graphic visualization of the palle­
tizer cell. The intelligent control supports the user in exchanging a work
piece and makes it easier to monitor
the overall process. The result: Short
exchange times, fast production startup and high levels of acceptance.
„Löwen Hotel Montafon“
November 2013 saw the re-opening ceremony of the "Löwen
Hotel Montafon" in the Austrian region of Montafon. With its
new façade, the fully renovated building has changed even at a
first glance. On the ground floor, the new bar forms the central
point of attraction. The new layout features a new restaurant, a
cigar room and a fireplace room. The bedrooms have also been
completely refurbished.
Since 2012, the "Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol" has been listed among
the "Leading Hotels of the World" and the "Leading Spas" –
an umbrella organization of the most exclusive hotels and spas
worldwide. The 5-star Superior Hotel on the Seefeld plateau
in Tyrol, Austria, has recently had three new rooms added: the
Salon Bellevue, the Café Wien and the Smokers' Lounge.
Three more Liebherr hotels are located in and around the town
of Killarney (Ireland). The 5-star "The Europe Hotel & Resort"
was named "Best Resort Hotel 2013" and "Best Overall Hotel
Winner 2013" in the National Hospitality Awards. The restaurant has won numerous awards as well. Killarney is also the
home of "The Dunloe", which has fantastic views over the Gap
of Dunloe, and the "Ard na Sidhe Country House" on the shores
of Caragh Lake. The "Hotel Falken" in Memmingen (Germany)
is the sixth hotel owned and operated by the Liebherr Group.
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
The Liebherr Group
Vladimir Chagin, team leader and coach of Kamaz Master,
and Eduard Nikolaev, Kamaz Master driver, in front of the racing
truck no. 500 at Liebherr Machines Bulle SA. The truck with the
Liebherr V8 engine won the third place in the Rallye Dakar 2014.
Successful Rallye Dakar Racing Team Visits
Liebherr Machines Bulle SA
Among the 71 trucks that started in
the Rallye Dakar in January 2014 were
five trucks from Kamaz Master, the
racing team of the Russian company
Kamaz OJSC. Three of the trucks were
equipped with 8-cylinder Liebherr diesel
engines. Two of the trucks came in third
and fifth in the overall ranking. The third
truck had to drop out in the second
stage due to an accident on extremely
difficult terrain. On March 12th, one of
the trucks that participated in the rallye
and its driver Eduard Nikolaev visited
Liebherr Machines Bulle SA, where the
engines had been developed and built.
The Rallye Dakar is one of the toughest challenges for drivers, vehicles and
their components and has taken place
in Latin America since 2009. The Kamaz
Master team has been dominating the
race in the truck competition for years
and has won the race twelve times in
total – in 2013 with the team built around
driver Nikolaev and in 2014 with team
For the Rallye Dakar 2014, three out of
five trucks of the racing team Kamaz
Master were equipped with Liebherr V8
engines model D9508 A7 with 16.2 liters
displacement. Both companies jointly
developed a racing configuration with a
special turbocharger. In this configuration, a nominal power of 720 kW (965 hp)
and a maximum torque of 4,000 Nm
could be achieved. The engine accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 10 seconds.
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014
The average speed during the race varied
between 20 and 140 km/h.
During their visit, the Kamaz Master
representatives stressed their enthusiasm for the straightforward, cooperative partnership with Liebherr. They also
praised the outstanding performance
and superb reliability of the engine during the rallye.
For the Rallye Dakar 2015 Kamaz Master plans to use Liebherr engines in all of
its racing trucks. The preparations have
already started.
The Liebherr Group
Deep Foundation Machines
New Rotary Drilling Rig LB 44
The 381,000-lb (173-tonne) heavy LB 44
expands Liebherr’s series of rotary drilling rigs at the upper end of the scale. It
is driven by a V8 diesel engine offering
677 hp (505 kW); this engine complies
with the exhaust certification Tier 4i/IIIB.
Possible applications are Kelly drilling,
drilling with double rotary head, continuous flight auger and full displacement tool.
The innovative rotary drive offers a torque
of 376,000 lbf-ft (510 kNm) and is thus one
of the most powerful drilling rigs currently
available. The main advantages of the hydraulic drive manufactured by Liebherr
are automated torque adjustment, continuous speed optimization and four electronically adjustable speed ranges.
The high-performance rope crowd system
with its pull force of 123,000 lb (56 tonnes)
allows utilization of the entire length of the
leader, and therefore ensures maximum
performance and reliability even in the
most difficult soil conditions and operating circumstances.
Despite its size, the LB 44 can easily be
moved from place to place and, if ne­
cessary, dismantled so that the weight
of the heaviest element does not exceed
90,000 lb (41 tonnes).
The first two LB 44 are currently employed
in the construction of a particle accele­
rator in Darmstadt (Germany) to stabilize
the subsurface with cast-in-place drilled
piles. These operations form the basis for
the construction of the international particle accelerator FAIR. In total, some 1,400
foundation piles with a length between 131
and 203 ft (40 and 62 m) are being set in the
ground since March 2013. All drilled piles are
installed down to the final depth completely
cased. That means that during the drilling
process, the excavated material is removed
under the protection of an advancing casing. The efficiency of the rotary drilling rigs
working in the rotary drilling method means
that the boreholes can be excavated down
to the final depth completely cased, without
the need for a casing oscillator.
After its planned completion in 2018,
the FAIR particle accelerator will be
one of the largest research facilities in
the world.
New Logistics Center
In July 2013, the Liebherr Group began construction of a new
logistics center near Kirchdorf an der Iller (Germany). In future, this will be the point from which spare parts for Liebherr
earthmoving machinery will be supplied around the world. In the
long term, spare parts logistics for other construction machinery divisions will also find its home there.
It is currently anticipated that the first building extension phase
will be completed in the third quarter of 2014. This phase covers, for example, site development, erection of a logistics warehouse over an area of approx. 505,903 ft² (47,000 m²) as well as
the construction of a separate administrative building. The site
should be operational within the first quarter of 2015.
In the final extension phase, Liebherr will have a warehouse area
of about 1,829,864 ft² (170,000 m²) as well as an administrative building covering an area of 48,437 ft² (4,500 m²) on the
3,875,007 ft² (360,000 m²) site.
Several factors were decisive in selecting this location. Among
these, for example, were the proximity of the A7 autobahn as
well as the available area for further expansion. Another important factor was also the large number of Liebherr construction
machinery plants in Southern Germany, Austria and France.
For efficient storage of the spare parts, a high-bay store with
60,000 spaces for pallets and a height of approx. 125’ (38 m) will
be built. In total, this warehouse will offer an area of 505,903 ft²
(47,000 m²) to store spare parts. For logistics on the premises,
there will also be an innovative 95’-high (29-m-high) container
warehouse for 122,000 containers and a potential goods handling output of 3,500 containers per hour.
In the remaining 65’-high (20-m-high) part of the building, provision
is to be made for manual storage areas with 25,000 pallet spaces
and a storage zone as well as workspaces for customer-specific
consignment, packaging and dispatch. Using 22 transport loading
bridges, the spare parts are then loaded onto HGVs and vans and
sent to customers and dealers via the quickest route possible.
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