MIG Conference Japan 2014 - Closing Thoughts

MEMS Industry Group
Conference Japan
Closing Thoughts
Karen Lightman, Executive Director
MEMS Industry Group
April 24, 2014
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Top Issues
• Sony is clearly a leader in mobile
communications – looking into several
new applications with MEMS
• Sony’s innovation is mainly through its
partnership with supply chain
• Largest (40%) of OMRON’s business is
industrial automation; MEMS & sensors
• Wireless Sensor Networks will be enabled
by energy harvesting (OMRON)
Top Issues, cont.
• Bouchaud: “There’s good news and bad news in
MEMS; thankfully more good than bad.”
Microphones – good news for MEMS suppliers
BAW Filters and microbolometers surprise!
Wearables are HOT for MEMS and non-MEMS
Bad news:
• Motion sensors mkt in CE & mobile saturated; combo sensor
growing at expense of discrete motion sensors
• Emerging MEMS not as hot as expected
• IoT is not just an opportunity for MEMS – it’s
sensors as well (trying to quantify; will have info
for us by Shanghai)
Top Issues, cont.
• Leo Beer:
– Big challenges: multiple application coverage with
higher integrated functionality and power with fast
product cycles (very hard work!)
– MEMS supply chain relationship is like marriage –
need compromise; reduce complexity thru technical
measures- integrated solutions and increased flexibility
• Babak Taheri
Freescale @2B units by 5/2014and soon #1 in TPMS
Car will be ultimate smart mobile device by 2025
New: inertial & pressure side crash satellite
What’s coming up: IoX (internet of anything)
Top Issues, cont.
• Liang Shi
– MEMS supply chain starts with Silicon (value adding
– Partnership is critical with customers
• Denise Kaske
– Fraunhofer’s microelectronic group is focused on
applications – unique is contracted research
– Innovation is built into their research model
Top Issues, cont.
• Director Wang
– China rep’s almost 60% of worlds semiconductor
market; and manufactures world’s electronics
– Majority of MEMS supply chain companies
concentrated in Shanghai/Yangtze River Delta area
– SIMIT has generated numerous startups
– Working on various MEMS devices for numerous
applications (even supercomputing)
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Established and Emerging Markets
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