RealPro Workflow

RealPro Workflow
A fresh approach to workflow
The complete PDF w
for digital & offse
Single solution for
digital & offset
Unique architecture, supports a
range of printing applications
including offset, digital and
hybrid printing.
Intuitive operation
Single production window and
intuitive GUI offers a fast learning
curve and allows complex jobs to
be easily constructed and managed.
Unattended operation
Job templates and a range of
integrated workflow tools enable
fully automated job processing via
drop folder or MIS submission.
Maximised production
Late binding PDF architecture offers
an adaptive flexible solution
allowing device changes and edits
to be applied late in the workflow.
Client server architecture
Unlimited workflow clients allow
internal production staff to
create and manage jobs from
their local Mac or PC desktop.
Integrated imposition
Replaces traditional desktop
solutions with an in-line, multi-user
imposition server, offering reduced
cost of ownership and increased
Pre-Press productivity & efficiency.
workflow solution
et production
Proven ROI
Fully Scalable
Smart Automation
Fast Learning Curve
Future Proof
Modern JDF/PDF architecture
Advanced soft proofing
A wide range of viewing options
allow pre & post rendered
viewing with approval of job
content in both 2D & 3D modes.
Utilises the latest Adobe® PDF
Print Engine 2 combined with JDF
technology offering fast, efficient
& accurate job processing and easy
integration with external solutions.
RealPro Workflow Technical Specification
RealPro Workflow System Developed and designed specifically for commercial, digital, hybrid and
packaging printers who want a fast, modern, upgradable, easy to use, automated production workflow system.
Based on the latest Adobe® PDF Print Engine 2 technology, it is a pure PDF workflow which always preserves the original
PDF content. Its host of features include pre-flighting, automated imposition, archiving, ICC based colour management,
3D proofing and much more besides.
Full JDF, XML compliance ensures seamless connectivity with leading MIS, Web2Print and DFE’s (RIPs) supporting all
types of output devices.
RealPro Workflow’s modular software design makes it affordable and easy to select the right specification for your
business needs, but highly scalable as your business grows.
Key Features
Import Formats
Efficient proprietary JDF database.
PDF, PDF/X1A, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4, Outline PDF.
Automated JDF job ticket based processing.
Composite Adobe® Postscript®, 1 Bit TIFF, EPS.
Supports offset & digital production.
Integrated RIP & ROOM proofing to Epson & HP plotters.
Export Formats
Single pane production window.
PDF, PDF/X1A, PDF/X-3, Stitched PDF, Raster PDF.
Integrated imposition server / clients.
1 Bit TIFF, 8 Bit TIFF, Contone TIFF, Multi channel TIFF.
Mac & PC multi user architecture.
CIP4 PPF, JDF, JPEG, Contone EPS, Java (3D Export), PNG.
Pre & Post rendered viewing & document simulation.
Automated job archiving.
Supported Platforms
Comprehensive ICC colour management.
Server - Windows.
Fast device switching / job repurposing.
Client – Windows / Macintosh.
Easy plate remake via barcode / Unique ID.
Supports direct connection to FFEI Alinte CTP.
Optional FM and hybrid screening.
3rd Party Integration
Integration with MIS systems via JDF & JMF.
Supplies print ready PDF data to digital front ends (DFEs).
Offers connectivity with W2P and DAM solutions.
Wide variety of output formats.
RIP Server Efficient cost effective Adobe® Print Engine to RIP/
colour manage between Digital/CTP /Proofing output devices.
Creative For creative agencies and prepress shops, with PDF
preparation, pre-flight and ICC based colour management.
Digital Powerful “print ready” PDF and template imposition
solution with ICC colour management for leading digital presses.
Planner For medium sized printers with CTP/Digital devices
requiring automated imposition and ICC colour management.
Director Highly productive, fully featured, scalable workflow,
built to manage sophisticated high volume print production sites.
Delivery of CIP4 / JDF data to Press Interfaces and finishing equipment.
Integrated OEM Technologies
Enfocus Pre-flight & Action list support.
Adobe® In-Rip Trapping.
Adobe® PDF Library & Normaliser.
Adobe® PDF Print Engine 2.
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