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Taft Alumni Newsletter
Vol. XXX, No. 1
Taft Welcomes “New” Principal
by Jerry (Beesley) Stephenson (June 1962)
The students had barely settled down to their classes this
past fall when the news hit. Principal Mary Kay Cappitelli
was leaving! She had joined Taft last year after the
retirement of Principal Art Tarvardian. It was announced
that she was not retiring, but taking an extended health leave
of absence, effective immediately, and her duties would be
handled by Acting Principal Carolyn Rownd. Ms. Rownd’s
appointment was approved by the Chicago Board of
Education and she joined the Taft staff in mid-November.
Carolyn Rownd comes on loan to Taft from Jones College
Prep School where she has spent the past six years as
assistant principal. Prior to that, she taught at prep schools
for thirteen years in Middleburg, Virginia.
Should Mrs. Cappitelli decide to retire before the end of the
school year in June 2014, the LSC (Local School Council)
would need to begin the search for a permanent replacement
for next Fall. Meanwhile, she will assist Ms. Rownd in the
transition with students and staff.
Winter 2014
The news stand also has served as a training ground over the
years for many young men and a few young women, many of
them from Taft. In its heyday, when there were morning and
afternoon papers, the news business started very early and
included several auxiliary stands. The loss of the afternoon
Chicago Daily News and American meant scaling back and the
afternoon hours were shortened. Although there now are
more electronic readers, meaning less demand for hard
copies on news print, the daily papers still are in demand
from many of the Kaage customers who like to clip out
Now, although it is back to just the original stand, Kaage’s is
not only a cherished Edison Park tradition but one of the few
truly neighborhood stands which survive in the Chicago area.
At the time the family marked 50 years in the business, Irv. Jr.
officially “retired” and Mike Kaage took over as the official
owner. But Irv enjoyed sitting on Kaage’s corner so much that
he has never completely stopped coming to work for a few
hours at the stand, at least a couple of times a week.
Saluting the Kaage Legacy
by Anne Lunde (1969)
The traditions of the news stand
at Oliphant and Northwest
Highway date back in the Kaage
family just about as long as the
Kaage family’s long association
with Taft High School.
In 1943, Irvin L. Kaage Sr. and his
sons, Irv. Jr. and George, took
over the news stand. Irv Jr.’s
connection with the stand was
clear in his 1946 graduating class
description: He was senior class president and lettered in
football and baseball. “His favorite subject is lunch, his hobby
is sports, and his pet peeves are news-stand ‘leeches.’ Uncle
Sam has plans for his future.”
After a stint in the U.S. Navy, Irv Jr. returned to the news
stand, eventually taking over the stand on his own. Later, his
own children spent their time in the business too, starting
with Taft grads Irv III, Patty and Mike. By the time his
grandson, Irv IV, graduated from Taft, Irv Jr. was invited to
present the diploma. Several of the grandchildren did their
turns at the news stand.
Irv has been honored as the grand marshall for the Edison
Park Fest Parade, an honor shared in 2013 with Mike, but the
best honor came last year when the city of Chicago officially
designated the west corner of the intersection as Kaage’s
Corner with an honorary street sign. State Sen. John Mulroe
and State Rep. Michael McAuliffe joined 41st Ward Alderman
Mary O’Connor and the Edison Park Chamber at the unveiling
ceremony on June 14.
The key to a good news stand is having sales people who are
so in tune that they know their customers’ cars and
newspaper choices. Irv and Mike, Taft grads, are a community
Class June 1954 - 60th Reunion
Donna (Schaller) Evans [email protected] - or
Marcia Kuhr [email protected] - or
Sharon (Kasluga) Biernat –
847-410-3829 –
[email protected]
Date: TBD - Interested in helping?
Contact: - Toni (Geisert) Lien - [email protected]
or 858- 451-1445.
Class of June 1959 – 55th Reunion
(Other Classes Welcome!)
Dates: October 3 – 5, 2014 (Reception, Dinner,
Sunday Brunch, Possible Tour of TAFT & Grammar
Place: Hilton Garden Inn (River Road/Des Plaines)
Contacts: Larry Marsh, [email protected], 540-869-2644
Anne Fear-McManus, [email protected]
Website: taftreunion1959.com
Class January/June 1961
Date: Saturday, April 5, 2014 - Noon - 4pm
Place: 6140 Mourning Dove Way; Hobe Sound FL (for those
unable to attend the west coast affair in St. Petersburg)
Pott Luck: a food item to share (BYOB)
Contact: Lynn (Morley) Martin - [email protected] - or
Jerry Bloom Stephenson - [email protected]
11th Annual ALL CLASS Reunion Picnic South-EAST
Date: TBD - 2014 - picnic
Place: TBD (NW suburban location)
Contact: John Prochaska - [email protected]
Class January/June 1962
Dates: May 2, 2014 - Welcome Reception and Dinner
May 3 - Tour of Taft with lunch catered by Superdawg
May 4 - Farewell brunch (optional attendance)
Place: Des Plaines Hilton Garden Inn - on South River Road
Contact: Judy Merrill Ruegsegger –
[email protected]
Reply: [email protected]
Class January 1964 - 50th Reunion
Date: TBD (Any interest to get one going?)
Place: TBD
Contact: Glenn Skinner - [email protected]
Pot Luck: a food item to share (BYOB)
Photo shoot: 2:30 pm
Contact (if needed): Leon Kathan - 815-814-1555
[email protected]
4rd Annual ALL CLASS Reunion Picnic South-WEST
Date: March 30, 2014, 11am - 3pm
Place: Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale, Stillman Ramada
Pot Luck: Beer permit (non-glass containers)
Donation: $3 per person, bring lawn chairs
Contacts: Kay Kuciak, [email protected], or
Paul Frizane, [email protected], or
Paulette English, [email protected]
Grade School Reunions
Class January 1965 - 50th Reunion
Norwood School Classes of Jan/June ’58
Date: September 26-28, 2014
Place: TBD
Contact: [email protected]
Date: May 3, 2014
Place: 5967 NE Circle - Unit 1D - Chicago (3pm - ?)
Contact: Jerry Bloom Stephenson - [email protected]
or Linda (Leshuk) Davidson - [email protected]
Class 1968
Date: TBD (looking for committee members)
Place: TBD
Contact: Robert Clark - [email protected]
Norwood School Class of June ’64 - 50 Year Reunion
Date: TBD
Place: TBD
Contact: Carolyn (Sykes) Toerpe - [email protected]
(…Looking for more classmates!!!)
Class 1969
Date: October, 2014
Place: TBD
Contact: Anne Lunde - [email protected]
Lost Classmates
Class 1974 - 40th Reunion
Date: Saturday, August 9, 2014
Place: Moretti’s (previously The Snuggery) in Edison Park 6733 N. Olmstead - Chicago - 7-11pm
(Tickets are $25 if paid online or $35 at the door)
Pizza buffet, DJ and cash bar
Contact: Jan (Ostromencki) Savage - 858-353-3359
[email protected] - or
Barbara Moriarty - 847-492-8212 [email protected] - or
Taft Alumni Newsletter Winter 2014
1st Annual ALL CLASS Reunion Picnic EAST-South-EAST
Are you looking for old classmates with whom you’ve lost
touch? We will help you in your search by publishing the
name(s) in this newsletter. If that party responds and agrees,
we’ll forward that person’s name and address to you.
Send your request and/or response to Taft Alumni
Association, c/o Taft High School, 6530 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.,
Chicago, IL 60631 or email us at [email protected]
The suggested donation for this service is $5 per name.
Page 2
Letters to the Editor
Hi Jerry Eleven from the class of January 1957 got together for a
luncheon at Zia's in Edison Park on Friday Oct. 25th. I'm
attaching a photo from the luncheon.
Marcelyn (Haerr) Norris (January 1957)
To whom it will help,
I would like [you] to know what is happening these days.
My brother Wallace Auerswald changed his name to
Auer. He died in 1999; he married Jane Perfect, class of
[January 1941]. My sister, Shirley Auerswald, class of [June
1942], died in 1986. Hope this gets through to the alumni
Dawn (Auerswald) Suevel (January 1950)
[Hello, Dawn, Thank you for updating us on your siblings. We had some of
the information, but not all. We did not know that Wallace had married Jane.
We had a date of 1996 for Shirley, so I've updated that, as well.
The best way to learn what's happening at Taft and with the alumni is to
join TAA and receive our quarterly newsletter, full of color photos and letters
from classmates, and news about reunions. I'm attaching a membership
form for you here. We hope you'll join us. Paulette English, TAA Web Editor]
Dear Taft Alumni Association,
I sincerely appreciate the lovely fleece and will wear it with
great pride. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and support.
Mary Kay Cappitelli, Principal, THS
Seated L-R: David Taylor, Leo Drummer, Marilyn Lane and
Joyce Stensland. Standing L-R: Elaine Holt, Karen Taylor,
Pat Hansen, Diane Klier, Marcelyn Haerr, Sue Moshier and
Marilyn Kating.
MaryMy name is Steve Anderson. My father William Anderson
was proud alum of Taft High School. Class of 1948. I just
received the invitation for the reunion dated October 19.
Please inform the reunion committee that my father passed
away Super Bowl Sunday, 2002.
Steve Anderson
Hello Steve:
My dad Bill McIlvaine (June 1948) was able to encourage
about 8 alumni to meet for lunch in Chicago earlier this
month [November], which all seemed to enjoy. (See the
photo below.) He got a list from Frank Heyer, also class of
1948, so I will forward your email to Frank, and update the
info about your father in my dad's list. I just now spoke with
my dad and read him your email over the phone as he is not
online. Thank you so much for letting us know.
Mary McIlvaine
Mini Reunion - Class 1948 - November 6, 2013
Left side - Marge Steeger Weadley, Bill McIlvane, Mr. Vegeais, Wallace Wilson. Right side - Mary Stenwall Rehberger,
Frank Heyer, Elenor Scheel Vegeais, Henry Sanderson
Taft Alumni Newsletter Winter 2014
To Whom It May Concern,
I have two trophies from the Girls Athletic Association
(one in 71, the other in 73), earned by my late mother
(Susanne M. (Poulson) James, class of 1973). I don't know if
these are of any interest to you, but I'd thought I'd check
before donating them. I'd be happy to handle any shipping
costs if they are wanted.
My mother spoke fondly of your school, the teachers, and
the friends she encountered there. She worked as a cardiac
nurse for over 35 years; first in Illinois and ending eventually
in California. She was a beloved friend, daughter, and
mother. I know her education was certainly a contributing
factor of this.
Janell James
[Janell, Thank you so much for telling us. We appreciate knowing that your
mother kept Taft in high regard. I'm notifying our President, Kay Kuciak who
can better respond to your offer of the GAA trophies. Paulette English, TAA
Web Editor]
Hi All,
We had a great reunion weekend and if you couldn't make
it, we missed you! There were 135+ of us. It was fun
reconnecting and having those "aha" moments as the light
dawned connecting our high school photo on the name tag
with the person we were looking at. Of course, none of us
looked 50 years older!
The reunion booklet will be sent to those who sent in their
form, but did not attend. Corrections that were given to
Donna Griessmer Catlett at the reunion for the booklet were
sent to attendees in a special email. Be sure to record the
changes in your booklet for future reference.
The photography studio did eventually return with the
photos, but most were gone by the time they arrived.
You may order the photos from them at www.tomkilloran
photography.com or phone at 708-361-0025. Jennifer who
delivered the photos suggested calling. The large class photo
is $20, and the smaller photos of individual grammar schools
are $10. S&H will be added, but will vary.
Page 3
Thanks to those who brought snacks on Friday night. We
had quite the choices. And, thanks to those who brought
memorabilia for our table. Lots of great memories!
Alice Ackert Davenport attended a concert on Sunday
night and shared the words of a song sung that night with me
that she thought "seemed to apply"..."O sacred banquet...in
which memory is recalled...the mind is filled with grace...and
the pledge of future joy is given to us. Alleluia!"
I am still smiling from the weekend, and hope that if you
came, you enjoyed yourselves and that if you were among
those who couldn't make it, you will know that you were
missed and hopefully join us the next time.
If you want to download photos to me, I will send on to
the group. Also, if you hear of info about friends or if your
info changes you can contact the Taft Alumni Association, but
also let me know and I will add to my data base.
I just sent a cashier’s check for $1,314.63 to the Taft
Alumni Association with a note indicating that it is from our
class. We did good! We kept the price of the reunion to the
same as it was 10 years ago and had this left over to share
with the school.
We will look at picnic sites for next summer; probably in
Des Plaines. And, then it seems likely to have a 55th reunion!
Cheryl Henninger Krupa (January 1963)
[Cheryl, On behalf of the TAA, I thank you for your class reunion gift. As
always, Taft grads are the best! Jerry Stephenson, TAA Newsletter Editor]
Letter to the TAA Editor,
I was saddened to learn in the last TAA [Spring 2013]
newsletter that Marlene (Fenske) Douglas (June 53) passed
away last December. She was one fine and kind gal, who
gave generously of her time to be on our class reunion
committees making for a splendid very well-attended 50th
reunion for the enjoyment of us all.
Marlene, Celeste Gassman and I were locker partners for
all 4 of our years at Taft, which now has me scratching my
head wondering how we managed that.
My deepest condolences to Marlene's family.
Marilynn (Loh) Wennerstrom (June 53)
Dear Jerry,
I enjoyed reading the ongoing dialogue between you and
Bud Wrisley.
Even though I am considerably older than both of you, my
sister, Betty Wilson Schnitzler (June '50) and I lived on
Newark Avenue at one time, and know almost everyone
mentioned, plus many more.
To keep this note short, I just wanted to clarify Bud's
memory and yours, regarding who lived where. There seems
to be no disagreement about your family living at Newark and
Ardmore (I really only knew Marjorie and Chuck), and you
were both right about the family living at Newark and
Avondale! It wasn't a Beesley, but it was a Beazley! (That was
Vince Beazley, June '47). Thanks for all your good work!
Bob Wilson, Norwood (June '43), Taft (June '47)
I’m writing to notify you of the death of Thomas R. Moyer.
I think Tom went to Taft. I went with his older brother Pat
(Class of 1977 or 78), please check the records and post in
newsletter if indeed he attended Taft.
Keith Englemann (1979)
[Keith, Initially, I couldn’t find a listing for Thomas Moyer, however, that is
may be due to CPS ceasing to publish graduation lists after 1973. In fact, we
didn't even have you listed (we do now). The late 70's early 80's are sparse,
but we are always on the lookout for information, either through reunion
committees or correspondence such as yours. Anne Lunde, TAA Vice
President, recently uncovered class lists from '86, '87 and '88 that had been
published by the Des Plaines Publishing Company in their grad sections. In
recent years, we have received senior lists directly from the school. So, we
thank you for adding another piece to our puzzle. Paulette English, TAA Web
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours, and thanks again for
all you continue to do for TAFT alumni and for our high school
alma mater!
Attached please find a recent photo taken at our Annual
TAFT June 1959 Christmas/Holiday Luncheon. Here is a
suggested caption:
“The Class of June 1959, along
with spouses and guests, held
their Annual Christmas/Holiday
Luncheon on 30 December at
The Hilton Garden Inn in Des
Plaines. A good time was had
by all! June 1959 will hold their
55th Reunion next October 3-5
at the Hilton Garden Inn.
Details to follow and to be
posted on the Class website:
www.taftreunion1959.com. “
Larry Marsh, (President, Class
of June 1959)
Taft Alumni Newsletter Winter 2014
Page 4
Hi Jerry,
Wondered if you could tell me who to email to let Taft
alumnae and anyone else that might be good to contact. In
late June we had a break in and lost jewelry. One of the
items taken was my Taft class ring. Can't believe someone
would purchase this but you never know. Anyway, thought if
someone ever saw it somewhere, in a jewelry store, flea
market, or if someone has seen it and contacted the alumnae
association or someone else associated with the school. It
would help to let them know I have lost mine. Wish I had a
picture of it, but I don't. Remember it had the blue stone and
1962 on it and I think my initials.
Sandy (Schmook) Jones (June 1962)
[Sandy, I'm so sorry. Having been a victim a couple times with theft, I
understand how violated you feel after something like that. I am notifying
our TAA Web Editor so she can possibly put something out on our TAA
Facebook page. And, if you look on the TAA web page, there is contact info
for Jostens (the company who made the ring). Maybe they can provide you
with a generic photo for you to use with the insurance company. Your Cousin,
Jerry (Beesley) Bloom Stephenson, TAA Newsletter Editor]
[Continued on page 5]
Taft June 1961 Class
Cocktail Reception 2013
The Taft June 1961 Reunion Committee planned to have a
cocktail reception one year after its 50 + 1 year reunion. The
event was scheduled for September 14, 2013, at the 56th floor
Library of the Park Shore condo building at Randolph St. and
Lake Shore Dr.
There was little apparent interest in the event by Chicago
area alumni, many of whom had scheduling conflicts, so the
event was modified to include a dinner. The late afternoon
was bright and sunny, allowing attendees to see up and down
the downtown lakefront from Navy Pier to beyond Soldier
Field, and west along the Chicago River. Wine, cheese and
appetizers began the event, and the video record of the prior
year’s reunion played in the background. After the
attendees renewed acquaintances, we walked under Lake
Shore Drive along the DuSable and Monroe Street Harbors to
the Columbia Yacht Club for dinner. Night fell during the
dinner, and we returned along the harbors to the 56 th floor
Library amid the twinkling lights of the city. Wine and an
array of desserts were set out on the bar, and attendees took
the opportunity to take night photos of the city from the
adjoining pool deck.
Carolyn Larsen (6/61) and Bob Sperl (6/60) served as hosts
for the evening. Reunion committee members Cindy Ludtka
(6/64) and John Prochaska (6/61), and Mary Langenegger
Bernahl (6/61) handled the logistics. Attendees included
Marsha Vogt Podlasek (6/61), Noel Tureck (6/60) and Don
Thomson (6/61), Susan Miller Aldrich (6/61), Maurya
McGinnis Zaki (6/61), and Maurya’s neighbor Sue from New
A final decision on a proposed Picnic for September 2014,
including both the January and June 1961 classes, has yet to
be made.
Taft Alumni Newsletter Winter 2014
Reunion Reflections
by Alice Ackert Davenport (January 1963)
Submitted October 2013
Transitioning …
Peeling away layer after layer …
Responsibilities, commitments, projects half done,
Books to be read and friends to call: fun!
Driving …
Mile after mile, moving from “Now”:
- my ‘have to do’ duties - backwards to “then”.
Will I remember anyone?
Will they care to see ME?
What will we find to talk about?
All these questions flee:
“We could’ve talked all night; we could’ve
talked all night … And still have stayed for more!”
Apprehensive, eager – Will it all just be a blur?
Anxious, yes, but self-assured
Fifty years, summed up, one word: Reunion!
We understand each other in ways others just cannot.
We shared so much; grew up as one and understood a lot!
I left a piece of heart and soul with every hug I gave…
But that’s ok; you filled mine with a part of yours,
to save.
Yevtushenko wrote: “No people are uninteresting.
Their fate is like the chronicle of planets.
Nothing in them is not particular, as planet is
dissimilar from planet…”
Each new old friend: a burst of fireworks,
a flower in a bouquet.
Triggering good memories: talks that lasted all day.
Events shared, songs enjoyed
Basketball games, good buddies
Favorite teachers, Taft football
Home room, roaming the halls
Gym class, classy gear,
Band and orchestra, ogling boys
Chorus and art, actual cheerleaders
Today, they dance. Then, they dug in!
Transitioning …
Homeward bound: a great sense of joy,
But also of loss. Wishing we could’ve been
Together longer. Let’s try it again!
[Yes, Jerry; I give my permission to print my poem, knowing that there are
REAL poets out there... in fact, usually I do not like poems that 'rhyme' - did I
learn that from a Taft English teacher?!? - but I wanted to do some rhyming
in this reflective poem... so it goes! Rev..Alice Ackert Davenport - Macomb IL]
Page 5
Class Notes
To all TAA members,
Your Class Notes section here includes both TAA
new members and renewals, when received and when space
permits. If you don’t provide new information, we reprint what we
currently have on file for you. If you want your name to include
“other” special details, you need to include that information when
you send in your dues with the form as shown on the inside of the
last page of this newsletter.
Stanley Logan (June 1942) married Marjorie (Behn) (June
1942); he graduated from U of I BEME 1949, U of NM MS
1964, PhD 1974; Marjorie graduated from U of NM BS
1970. They have 2 children, 2 grandchildren, and they live
in Santa Fe, NM, where he is a nuclear engineer
consultant and Marjorie is a homemaker.
Robert Forney (June 1944) graduated from Purdue BS 1947,
MS 1948, PhD 1950, lives in Unionville, PA and is a retired
VP from Du Pont Co.
Taft Lowell (January 1945) graduated from Lake Forest BA
1949, lives in Arlington Hts, IL, has 3 children, 2
granddaughters and is a retired teacher and insurance
Ted Dobrowolski (January 1946) lives in Hinsdale, IL, has 5
children, 6 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren and is a
retired president of Goodwill Manufacturing.
Julianne (Stamer) Hollander (January 1947) lives in Punta
Gorda, FL, has 2 children, 1 grandchild and is retired.
James Geisler (January 1947) married Marge (Kaulfuss) (June
1949; they live in Brewster, MA, have 4 children, 3
grandchildren. He is a retired consultant, she is a retired
LPN, and they currently own Ocean Gold, a B & B in
Rodney Lowell (June 1947) graduated from U of Chgo BA
1951, lives in Tucson, AZ, has 2 children, 7 grandchildren
and is a retired physics technician.
Bill Fassnacht (January 1948) graduated from U of I BS 1952,
lives in Hilton Head, SC, has 2 children, 4 grandchildren
and is a retired business owner. He was class president
for January 1948.
James Jacobsen (June 1949) graduated from Northern BS
1952, Bradley MS 1947, North Colorado EdD 1964; lives in
Peoria, IL, has 1 child, 4 grandchildren and is a retired
professor from Western IL and an antique dealer.
Henry Wagner (June 1949) married Rosalyn (Coy) June 1952),
he graduated from Northwestern, they live in Lillian, AL,
have 5 children, 10 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren
and he a retired electrical construction supt.; Rosalyn is
also retired.
Richard Murbach (January 1950) lives in Las Vegas, NV, has 4
children, 7 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren and is a
retired controller.
Taft Alumni Newsletter Winter 2014
Robert Sir (June 1950) graduated from Lake Forest BA, lives in
Milton, GA, has 7 children, 10 grandchildren and is a
retired custom home builder.
Ed Archambault (June 1951) graduated from De Vry 1953,
lives in Sun City West, AZ, has 5 children, 12
grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren and is retired from
WGN-TV in Chicago.
Ronald Betz (June 1951) graduated from U of I BS 1955,
Roosevelt MA 1987, lives in Northbrook, IL, has 2 children,
6 grandchildren and is a retired pharmacist.
Art Nauman (January 1952) graduated from U of I BA 1956,
lives in Sacramento, CA, has 2 children, 2 grandchildren
and is a retired newspaper journalist.
Gary Machon (June 1954) married Donna (Matheson)
(January 1957), he graduated from U of I BS 1960; they
live in Medford, WI, have 4 boys, 9 grandchildren. Gary is
a retired pilot from American Airlines and they now own a
small beef cattle farm.
Art Reider (June 1954) lives in St Petersburg, FL, has 3
children, 11 grandchildren and is a retired Des Plaines
Gary Johansen (January 1955) lives in New Lenox, IL, has 2
children, 4 grandchildren and is retired.
Walter Johnson (June 1955) lives in Woodstock, IL, has 2
children, 6 grandchildren and is retired.
Katherine (Hansen) Gutierrez (June 1956), lives in Sebring,
FL, has 2 children, 3 grandchildren and is a retired
Chester Kowalski (June 1956) graduated from IIT BS 1967,
lives in Norfork, AR, has 3 children, 4 grandchildren and is
a retired manager.
Nancy (Wander) Stolfa (June 1956) graduated from
Blackburn BA 1960, lives in Cape Haze, FL, has 5 children,
11 grandchildren and is retired from IBM Systems.
Dianne (Slatkay) Frantzis (June 1957) lives in Glenview, IL,
has 2 children, 4 grandchildren and is retired, spending
winters in Sanibel Island, FL.
Judith (Edfeldt) Hartman (June 1958) lives in Mt Prospect, IL,
has 3 children, 3 grandchildren and spends time doing
clerical work for her husband’s company.
Joyce (Cleaver) Leddy (June 1958) graduated from U of I
1962, lives in Pasadena, CA, has 2 children, 2
grandchildren, is retired and is a painter involved in the
Joan (Petersen) Murray (June 1958) lives in Niles, IL, has 5
children, 11 grandchildren and is a customer service rep.
Glenn Templeman (January 1959) married Barbara (Lynn)
(June 1959); he graduated from U of I BS 1964, IL State
MS 1965, Barbara graduated from U of I BS 1963; they live
in Arlington Hts, IL, have 3 children, 7 grandchildren. They
are both retired teachers; Glenn also plays the trumpet in
a big band dance band.
Barbara (Knudson) Newlin (June 1959) graduated from IL
State BS 1964, George Washington U MA 1994, lives in
Richmond, VA, has 2 children, 1 grandchild and is a retired
human resources director.
Page 6
Michael Kelly (January 1960) married Sheryl (Buerger)
(January 1963); he graduated from North Park BS 1964,
Northern MS 1968; they live in Huntley, IL, have 3
children, 5 grandchildren and both are retired.
Tom Nelles (June 1960) married Lynn (Foerster) (June 1960);
both graduated from Cornell BA 1964; they live in
Hoffman Estates, IL, have 3 children, 6 grandchildren. Tom
is retired from sales & marketing, Lynn is a retired
Robert Sperl (June 1960) married Carolyn (Larsen) (June
1961); he graduated from Roosevelt BSBA 1980, Carolyn
graduated from Roosevelt BSBA 1964, Loyola MSIR 1989,
Kent Law 1999, they live in Itasca, IL, have 4 children, 8
grandchildren, Robert is a CFO, Carolyn is a human
resource consultant.
Janet (Swanson) Cnota (January 1962) lives in Scottsdale, AZ,
has 3 children, 8 grandchildren and is a retired pastry
Phyllis Miller (June 1962) lives in Crescent City, FL and is a
retired executive with IL Dept. of Public Aid.
David Robert (June 1962) married Ann (Kwerneland) (June
1962); he graduated from Loyola Ed D 1974, they live in
Arlington Hts, IL, have 2 children, 1 grandchild and both
are retired.
Donna (Maag) Esposito (June 1963) graduated from
Northeastern BA 1966, lives in Marana, AL, has 2 children,
2 grandchildren and is a retired sales rep.
Randall Fischer (June 1963) graduated from De Paul BSA,
Walton BA, U of I CPA, lives in Lake Forest, IL, has 1 child,
3 grandchildren and is a CPA.
Dan Frizane (June 1963) lives in Minden, NE, has 5 children, 3
grandchildren and is a college music teacher.
Ellamae Braun (June 1963) lives in Barrington, IL, has 2
children, 2 grandchildren and is a part time cashier at a
car dealership.
Alice (Mohrman) Kosnik (June 1963) graduated from
Northeastern BA 1966, lives in Northbrook, IL, has 2
children, is a retired Spanish teacher who is now a world
language consultant teacher/trainer.
Patricia (Naumes) Sherman (June 1963) graduated from
Wright AA 1965, lives in Glenview, IL and is in sales.
Rita (Golterman) Barth (June 1965) lives in Park Ridge, IL and
is a retired rate analyst.
Nancy (Wendt) Gunning (June 1965) graduated from Luther
College BA 1970, lives in Park Ridge, IL, has 4 children, 5
grandchildren and is a human resource administrator.
Pamela (Stern) Hendricksen (June 1965) graduated from U of
I BA 1969, lives in Prospect Hts, IL, has 2 children, 3
grandchildren and is a retired administrative assistant.
Leroy Pomeraning (June 1965) lives in Scottsdale, AZ, has 2
children, 4 grandchildren and is retired.
Marie (Marquardt) Rodgers (June 1965) graduated from
Interior Designs Inst. 2001, lives in Irvine, CA, has 2
children, 3 grandchildren and is retired.
Wayne Willems (June 1965) graduated from Western BA
1969, Northwestern MBA 1974, lives in Dallas, TX, has 2
children and is a retired investments counselor.
Taft Alumni Newsletter Winter 2014
David Bergnbreiter (June 1966) graduated from Mi State BS
1970, MIT PhD 1974, lives in College Station, TX, has 2
children, 1 grandchild and is a chemistry professor at
Texas A & M.
James Bixler (June 1966) married Gail (Ponce) (1968). He
graduated from CAL State BA 1977; they live in Oceanside,
CA, have 3 children, 1 grandchild and both are retired,
with Jim from USMC.
Katherine (Schneider) Knapp (June 1966) graduated from
Northeastern BA 1971, lives in Henderson, NV, has 2
children, 1 grandchild and is in the new home business.
Holly (Gundlach) Mihalovich (January 1967) graduated from
North Park, lives in Charlotte, NC, has 1 child and is a
Paul Frizane (June 1967) graduated from Northeastern BA
1976, lives in Mesa, AZ and is a semi-retired teacher. Paul
is the one who started up the Southwest Alumni picnics.
Mildred (Reynolds) Zasadil (1968) lives in Schaumburg, IL,
has 1 child, 1 grandchild and is an insurance agent.
Mike Fransen (1969) graduated from IIT BSME 1974, UIC MS
1978, lives in St. Charles, IL, has 3 children, 5
grandchildren and is a retired HS math teacher.
Richard Karneboge (1969) graduated from Western BA 1973,
Central MI MSA 1986, and lives in Pekin, IL, has 2 children
and is a retired program director at Tazwell County Health
Juergen Rusnak (1970) graduated from Roosevelt BA 1974,
MBA 1983, lives in Des Plaines, IL and is a retired software
Mary Kay (Kretch) Haben (1973) graduated from U of I BS
1977, U of MI MBA/Mktg 1979, and lives in Glenview, IL,
has 2 children and is a retired president of Wrigley, North
Steve Jancovic (1973) lives in Chicago, has 3 children and is in
Jerry Herreweyers (1974) graduated from U of I BS 1974, San
Diego ST MS 1982; lives in San Diego, CA, has 1 child and
is a product manager.
Steve Ek (1983) married Carrie (Shafer) (1984) she graduated
from U of I BA 1988, Keller Graduate MBA 1997, they live
in Park Ridge, IL, have 3 children. Steve is owner of EK
Automotive in Edison Park, Carrie is a registered dietitian.
Juanita Silva (1990) graduated from Northeastern BS 1996,
lives in Chicago and is a Chicago fire fighter.
Due to some difficulties with the changing of hands from Frank
Heyer to Jim Hartford and dealing with the severe weather in
Chicago during the month of December, we have a delay in our
record keeping. If you sent in your renewal recently, the dates on
the front of the newsletter will be wrong. As I receive the mail,
you will either get an email or a card showing your updated
renewal date. Thank you for your patience,
Kay Kuciak,
President TAA
Page 7
Martina (Oskroba) Mueller, class of January 1966, passed
away on January 21, 2014.
In Our Memories
Elsie Sadowski, Teacher's Aid and Manager of Box Office,
employed in the late 60's to 90's, died September 8, 2012.
Wallace R. Auerswald (changed last name to Auer), class of
June, 1940 died July 28, 1999 in Franklin Park, IL. He was
husband to Jane Perfect, class of January 1941.
Shirley A. (Auerswald) Nielsen, class of June 1942, died
October 11, 1996 in Des Plaines, IL.
Erna Mae Bone, class of January 1944, died November 30,
2013 in Barrington IL. She was an elementary teacher at
Roosevelt School in Park Ridge IL for over 30 years.
Clarence Edward Johnson (Red), class of June 1944, passed
away January 14, 2014. He retired as the President and
CEO of Borg Warner, was a Taft Hall of Fame inductee and
the husband of Shirley (Meltzer) (June 1943).
Kenneth F. Kuenstler, class of 1947, passed away January 8,
Chrys Marie (Arnold) Hoff, class of June 1946, passed away
suddenly October 24, 2013. She was the sister of Gloria
(Arnold) Klingaman (January 1948).
Richard Jerome Jamieson, class of June 1948, passed away
on August 15, 2012. He was brother of Charles Jamieson
(June 1948).
Charlotte Jay (Sutton) Douglas, class of January 1949 passed
away January, 2014.
Patricia Rae 'Pat ' (Johnson) Kellogg, class of June 1949
passed away January 17, 2014 in Woodstock, IL. She is the
sister of Carol Hayes Heck (June 1954).
Nancy (Kuhl) Buending, class of June 1950 died August 17,
Donald Francis Chassee, class of January 1951, passed away
June 8, 2013 at home in Friendship, WI. He previously was
married to high school sweetheart, Joyce Stichter, and
brother to the late Richard Chassee. He was founder of
flooring company, Noland Sales Corp. of Chicago.
Michael Jeffery Bain, class of June 1958, died in December,
2013. He is the brother of Patricia (Bain) Utley (June 1963).
Robert Murray, class of June 1952, passed away in April
2013; his wife is Joan (Petersen), class of June 1958.
Carole (Green) Lubecker, class of June 1953 died in April,
2013 from heart problems.
Vic Shuflitowski, class of June 1962 from Mundelein, IL died
October 20, 1993.
Kim Leslie (Wolter) Hansen, class of January 1962, passed
away October 10, 2013. She was sister to Robert Wolter
(January 1958).
Curtiss Stewart Hinkell, class of June 1962, died January 9,
2013 from a collision of a car with his motorcycle.
Ronald Irving Pearson, class of June 1962 died July 3, 2011
from a ruptured aneurysm.
John Christianson, class of January 1963, died, date not
Ruth Ellen Nelson, class of January 1963, died, date not
Taft Alumni Newsletter Winter 2014
Thomas Joseph Wolek, class of 1969 died, date unknown.
Susanne M. (Poulson) James, class of 1973, passed away
September 15, 2012 from complications of Pulmonary
Hypertension and Right-sided Heart Failure. See additional
comments in “Letters to the Editor” section.
Deborah (Sadowski) Barker, class of 1975, died September
17, 2013 of cancer. She was the sister of Christopher
Sadowski (1971) and daughter of Elsie Sadowski (see
Thomas R. Moyer, class of 1977, died August, 2013. He was
CEO of Western Shield Label of California and the brother of
Kevin Moyer (1976), Michael Moyer (1978), Colleen
(Moyer) (1979), Bill Moyer, Patrick Moyer (1979) and
Daniel Moyer (1985).
Michael Neumann, class of 1994 passed away July 11, 1996
from leukemia. He played baseball for Taft, and was
brother to George Leyva (1995).
Patrycja (Tarasko) Leyva, class of 1995, died July 11, 2006
from a pulmonary embolism. She was the wife of George
Leyva (1995).
"In Our Memories" page on our web site now includes
veterans with their branch of service and which conflict, if
any, they were involved when that information becomes
available. Feel free to contact us with any updates or
corrections. We always appreciate your help to keep our files
up to date.
Letters to the Editor
(Continued from Page 5)
Hi All,
Here is a picture from Norman Jansen (January 1956)
while at the Grand Canyon on his Route 66 vacation here in
US. He graduated with me and we were both in Mrs. Rogers
Division. Norm went on to Northwestern U ... studied music
(French Horn) and was in the Taft orchestra. After graduating
from NU, he was hired by the Bergen Festival Orchestra in
Bergen Norway where he stayed until his retirement. While
in Norway he met his wife & has a couple of kids. He still lives
in Bergen.... but has 2nd home in Bradenton Florida.
Judith Nelson (January 1956)
Hilsen fra oss i Grand Canyon
Page 8
I noted that on page 12 of [the Autumn] newsletter under
"In Our Memories," Roger Nowak, class of 1969 is listed as
dying in 1970. I believe his name is listed in error, as I spoke
with Roger in October of 2012, and also Larry Magill (another
1969 classmate) spoke with him this summer.
Valerie Stewart Sosnowski (1969)
[Hi, Valerie, Thank you for setting us straight on your classmate. We
will correct our records accordingly. Paulette English, TAA Web
Hi Paulette,
As usual, I read the online version of the Alumni
Association newsletter as soon as I received your email.
Thank you for providing the links to Target's "Take Charge of
Education" program. As a denizen of Target (I'm almost
embarrassed to tell you how many times a week I shop there
- two of the cashiers greet me by name when I walk up to
their lines) and a debit and credit cardholder, I immediately
signed up. Living in San Diego with no children, there isn't a
local school with which I have a connection. I'm glad I can
help support Taft and its mission by doing what I do almost
every day - shopping at Target.
Thanks again and keep up the great work on the
newsletter. Receiving it is always the highlight of my day.
Ralph Walton (1982)
[Ralph, we're delighted that you enjoy the newsletter, and thank you
for being a continuing supporter of Taft. Paulette English, TAA Web
I never got a yearbook. I was wondering if there is one
available for sale.. Also wondering if there is class reunion for
1956 coming up that I could attend. Any information
you could help with would be great. Thanks a lot.
Bob Lewis (June 1956)
[Hello, Bob, we're glad you contacted us, but sadly we have no
yearbook for1956. I also checked with Classmates.com, and they
don't have one posted yet either. I'm sharing your query in our
newsletter in case a classmate can give you a line on a yearbook.
…As to a '56 reunion, nothing yet, but--everyone knows what I'm
going to say next--if YOU would like to get something rolling, TAA
will supply you with a list of names and contact information, and
helpful reunion tips. …The best thing you can do right now is to join
TAA to receive our quarterly newsletter and keep up with all the
happenings. I'm attaching a membership form here for your
convenience. Besides our web page, you'll also find us on Facebook.
We hope you'll join us. Paulette English, TAA Web Editor]
My name is Don Simon. Sam Workman and I were
roommates at Fresno State when he left Taft High to start
college and continue his track career. When we parted in
1964 at the end the school year, we had become very good
friends, however we lost track of each other and never saw
each other again. I don't know if he is alive, or not. If he is, I
would love to find a way to reconnect. If he is not, I could
supply you with some wonderful articles about him during
our year together, that I'm sure he would approve of. Any
information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Don Simon, Fresno State
Taft Alumni Newsletter Winter 2014
[Hello Don, I could find no record of a Sam Workman in the CPS
graduation lists. Is it possible there is another spelling for the last
name of your friend Sam? Computers are very specific in their
searches. The standard method we use for classmate search is to
review our files and then, if not found, we place a notice in the TAA
newsletter in hopes of finding that person or another who knows the
whereabouts of that classmate. The requested donation for this
service is $5. A check can be made out to "Taft Alumni Association"
and mailed to TAA, c/o Frank Heyer at Taft H.S., 6530 W. Bryn Mawr
Ave., Chicago, IL 60631. Any response we receive would then get
forwarded to you.
Please advise, Jerry Bloom Stephenson, TAA Newsletter Editor]
Hi Paulette,
I'm not sure if I am in the file. Here is my updated info:
[personal info privatized], Edgebrook Elementary School, Jan
1946. I truly enjoy the TAA Newsletter and appreciate all of
the time and effort it takes to stay current and respond to all
of the notes. Thank you so very much.
Mary Ann (Buddenbaum) Tittle (January 1950)
[Hi, Mary Ann. Thanks for keeping us current with your information.
We're so glad you enjoy the newsletter. I had your old address in
Indiana (not far from my folks in Porter, I think. I notice that your
phone number is still an Indiana number. If you are a snowbird, we
can accommodate two addresses.
Paulette English, TAA Web Editor]
Dear Jerry,
I have been receiving the T.A.N. for only about a year so
far. This newsletter had a few items that brought back
memories to me.
First, the lead article about retired coaches and teachers
hit home to me. In my freshman year, I saw Taft lose to
Austin for the city championship in football 15 to 13. Joe
Kupcinet coached that team. Two layers stood out for Taft.
They were Steve Nosek [January 1949] and Phil Kleasak. I
still communicate with Bill McCarthy [June 1952] who played
four years for Coach Kupcinet. I was on the 1949 baseball
team coached by Jim Smilgoff that won the city
championship. George (Sooie?) Maier [June 1947] was the
standout player on that team. Bruce Benson [January 1950]
(also an outstanding player) played shortstop on that team. I
played four years on the team. I still periodically see Herb
Manig [June 1952] (all city pitcher) and Jim Tortorelli [June
1952), both of whom played four years. I also played three
years on the basketball team for Jack Rapper. We had Junior
and Senior teams, based on height. Jim Tortorelli and I were
on the Juniors because we were short until our senior year. I
made the height requirement for the Junior team, but Jim
didn’t. I then elected to play on the senior team.
Secondly, there was a letter to you from [Norton] “Bud”
Wrisley [January 1953]. I remember Bud for several reasons.
First, his relationship with Bruce Benson. Second, I believe
that his family owned a soap manufacturing company. Third,
Bud’s first wife, Donna Granzin [June 1952] was in my class
and I had one date with her. I don’t remember the year. I
also knew Marcia Lien [January 1953] as she was in my first
wife’s class. I think her family owned a chemical company.
Lastly, Bud and I both passed the CPA exam. I met him at an
awards meeting in the late fifty’s.
Page 9
You also mention the Crippen house. Harvey [Crippen –
June 1953] was in my wife’s class and he played on all the
Another girl in my wife’s class was Pat Miller [Burneson –
June 1953], who married my cousin who went to Steinmetz
High School.
My wife’s name was Dorothy Weed [June 1953]. She
graduated one year after me. We were married for 47 years
until she passed away in 2002. Dorothy’s sister, Sally [Weed
– June 1959], was at Taft when Jim Grabowski was there.
My older sister Elaine [Swanson Herwig – June 1950] at
one time dated a boy named Vinnie Beesley. I don’t imagine
that he was related to you.
Don Swanson (June 1952)
graduated from Taft High School. He related many
interesting experiences through the years and attended an
occasional reunion. On his eightieth birthday, he was
surprised by a visit from a fellow classmate from Taft he had
not seen for 50 years. Quite a reunion.
He always read the newsletter from cover to cover. I
believe his membership expires in May 2014.
Joyce C. Chassee
[Don, it was fun reading your letter and seeing all the connections
between you and other Taft grads that have been mentioned in the
TAA newsletters over the years. You are correct, The Wrisley’s had a
soap company and the Lien Chemical Company was on Northwest
Highway for many years. Also, I remember your sister-in-law Sally
Weed, and her sweet smile while she “performed” with the Taft
cheerleaders in the early 60s. The one difference I’ll mention to your
letter is the name of Vinnie BEAZLEY (June 1947), who was not
related to me, and as I recently learned, lived near Newark and
Avondale Avenues. Jerry (Beesley) Stephenson, TAA Newsletter
[I just received your Email notice for renewal.] I will have my
daughter send a check as I am blind [and] do not write...by
the way, her name is Paulette and she is an educator and just
retired from the Los Angeles School System. I enjoy the Taft
News...I am a WWII Vet and Christmas Day reached my 90th
birthday. At the VA Blind Training Center, I am a volunteer
and reintroduce Vets to play blind golf.
Howard Payne (January 1942)
Dear Jerry,
I would very much appreciate if you would publish
Donald’s [Chassee – January 1951] obituary in the
newsletter. He felt very honored to have attended &
[Joyce, thank you for your kind letter. Our condolences go to you and
your family. Due to space constraint, we cannot publish complete
obituary details on Taft grads. We have listed his name in this
newsletter “In Our Memories” section on page 8 and will include his
name in the website memorial section as well. Jerry Stephenson,
TAA Newsletter Editor]
[Howard, thank you so much for your continued support. Your
volunteerism under remarkable circumstances is an inspiration and a
wonderful example of the Taft spirit and courage. Paulette English,
TAA Web Editor]
Prussing School Class of 1963 50-Year Reunion
Last September, 18 Prussing Elementary School alumni and their guests arrived at Hugo's Frog Bar and Chop House in the Rivers
Casino, Rosemont, to celebrate their 50 Year Reunion. The alumni were Cindy (Bergmann) Puralewski, Sharon (Blitzner)
Deutscher, Carol (Hanson) Everson, Craig Huber, Karen (Jensen) Catron, Gwen (Kammien) Ginnochio, George Kruto,
Linda (Mutter) Olsen, Patricia (O'Brien) Cerny, Patricia (Scharing) Richert, Martha (Schioler) Luzio, Linda (Stenstrom)
Torres, Martin Tikovitsch, Nick Varallo, John Wiemhoff, Susan (Wilder) Grumman, Janice (Woosley) Conrad, and
Paulette (Zemaitis) English. The conversation and laughter never stopped long enough to take a "serious" class photo (and for
the record, we never saw one frog).
Taft Alumni Newsletter Winter 2014
Page 10
In the News
In October, 2013, Rich Lindberg (1971) signed a contract with
Rowland & Littlefield Publishers for his next book, his
seventeenth. It will be titled "Gangland Chicago: 150 Years of
Mayhem in the Streets," which explores the history of street
gangs from the time of the Civil War through the modern age.
Concurrently, he is working on the authorized history of his
alma mater, Northeastern Illinois University. To be published
by the university, it is the first complete history of the college,
covering its founding as a Cook County Normal School
(teacher’s college) in 1867 through the current time. Rich
stated, “Without Northeastern and its wonderful history
faculty I studied under in the 1970s I sincerely doubt that I
could have written and published all these books.”
Attention! Edison School Grads
Submitted by Bob Johnson (June 1964)
Here's an update. .. in case you aren’t aware of the
following.. The Chicago Public School System is going through
some trying times with dozens of inner city schools being
closed for lack of enrollment.
But, not so in the "'old" neighborhood.
It seems my alma mater (Edison) is over-crowded with 450
++ students! (I seem to recall during our baby boom years,
we had 600 students with classroom sizes of 40 students)
Today, with 450 students and classrooms trying to be kept
under 25 students means a need for 20 rooms!
Edison does not have it! .. So, I heard the Library and Gym
have been converted into classrooms. I even heard from one
of the construction workers that some classes are conducted
in the halls!!!!
But. A big (huge) new addition will be opening soon (Fall
2014?) I visited the construction site to take some progress
photos. There will be ten new class rooms on the 2nd floor
with Cafeteria and mechanical services (Air conditioning) on
the 1st Floor. The front of school appears much the same
(except for the handicap ramp and the school signage).
I wonder if we might get a tour of the school next fall when
the TAFT Class '65 Reunion takes place! (Don't forget to save
Saturday - September 27th 2014 for the TAFT '65 Reunion)
As always, for all the memories…
Taft Alumni Newsletter Winter 2014
Page 11
Windbreaker—blue nylon drawstring bottom
printed with white TAA logo
Baseball Cap—blue embroidered “Taft Alumni”
with full-color eagle
Car Sticker—clear printed in blue/gray
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Price Each
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Jacket , Fleece - Taft Alumni Logo
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T-Shirt—gray cotton printed with blue TAA logo
T-Shirt—gray cotton printed with blue TAA logo
T-Shirt—gray cotton printed with blue TAA logo
T-Shirt—gray cotton printed with blue TAA logo
T-Shirt—gray cotton printed with blue TAA logo
Jacket , Fleece - Taft Alumni Logo
Taft Yearbook (be sure to state year)
Shipping and Handling: Stickers only = $1.00, all other orders = $6.00
Name (please print):
Total Price
Grad Month/Year:
Phone: (
Send check or money order (no cash please) with completed order form to:
Taft Alumni Association, 6530 W. Bryn Mawr Ave, Chicago IL 60631
Please use a separate order form for separate addresses.
Yearbook Inventory
Some years are hard to keep in supply. All requests are on a first-come, first-serve basis. As of
today, we have the following yearbooks for purchase: 1942 Jun (1), 1943 Jun (1), 1945 Jun (1),
1946 Jun (1), 1959 (1), 1960 (1), 1965 (2), 1966 (1), 1985 (24), 1986 (47), 1987 (76), 1990
(52), 1991 (9), 1992 (132), 1993 (5), 1994 (57), 1995 (183), 1996 (65), 1997 (52), 1998 (154),
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