Sushi Jin by Les Amis Group Quality Japanese dining experience

Sushi Jin by Les Amis Group
Quality Japanese dining experience that is value-for-money – Sushi Jin opens at Owen Link,
One Farrer Hotel & Spa, Singapore’s first integrated hospitality & healthcare destination, in
November 2014
Japanese cuisine is still at the pinnacle of our palatal pilgrimage in sushi-obsessed Singapore, but
a high-quality dining experience may not come with a plausible price tag – until now. The new
concept by award-winning Les Amis Group is a “must-go” among Japanese food aficionados
looking for a tranquil culinary escapade with a friend or two. Hence the logo, Jin, which means
benevolence, was hand-painted by the principal of the Singapore Japanese School as an emblem
of benign hospitality and culinary appreciation.
At Sushi Jin, you get supreme freshness of ingredients flown in 3 times a week from Tokyo’s
Tsukiji market, known to be the world's largest and busiest fish market. This means, you can
now save on airfare to Japan’s favourite destination among jet-lagged tourists with predawn
hours to kill, on top of a price-savvy menu.
Stretching down the aisle, Sushi Jin’s Zen-like façade is shuttered with parallel light-brown
wooden strips of traditional Japanese elements. In the middle, a frosted sticker masks a glimpse
of bamboo plants, while an origami-inspired angled wood cut-out cladded onto a glass panel
gives passersby a peek into the traditional sushi counter.
The entrance greets with pebbled-washed flooring enclosed within slate tile walls, paving to a
glass vitrine that cradles an array of sakes from Junmai to Junmai Daiginjo. Notable names
include Dassai 23 ($295) and boutique makers like Hokusetsu Shin YK35 ($295). In addition, they
will regularly hand-carry special bottling from renowned sake breweries such as Kokuryu and
Juyondai. Whiskies aficionados can also look forward to a small but curated range of Japanese
whiskies like Yamazaki Owner’s Cask and the occasional Karuizawa.
On the left, you will find the oak panel bar-counter for 14 guests who will get to marvel at the
skills of the sushi chefs while seated in the comfort of exquisite designer Mallorca chairs. Chef
Raymond Tan helms the kitchen after engraving close to a decade of culinary artistry, including
stints in Japan before heading Fat Cow in Singapore from year 2011 to 2014.
At the right-hand corner of the restaurant, it will lead to a section for group dining. However, for
the best seats in the house, grab the unique private sushi counter for 5 - the perfect venue for
hushed business lunches or intimate celebrations. Adorned with Japanese textured wallpaper,
this private sushi counter slides open to a peek of the kitchen for a personal chef to work his
Its menu boasts a plethora of appetizers, sashimi, sushi, maki, agemono, grilled items, noodles,
rice & soup, and dessert. Chef’s specials include Ootoro Aburi sushi (bluefin tuna belly), $32 for
2 pieces, Wagyu Asupara maki (wagyu beef asparagus roll), $38, Gindara No Yuba Tempura
(bean curd roll cod fish tempura), $18, and Gintara Tsuke Yaki (grilled marinated silver cod with
mixed mushrooms), $32.
For the price savvy, set lunches start from $22 for a bowl of Spicy Salmon Don, to $32 or $45 for
5 or 7 kinds of assorted sushi and 3 kinds of maki, while the tantalizing Jin Omakese sets are
valued at $80 and $130.
Les Amis Group spokesperson Raymond Lim said, “At Sushi Jin, we want to offer a 6-star
experience at 4-star prices. Everything from the hand pressed menu cover, to the solid oak sushi
counter; from the designer Mallorca chairs to the hand hammered copper sake carafes have
been carefully curated to present our diners with an elegant experience not found at other sushi
restaurants within similar price points. Quality of the fish wise, we take deliveries 3 times a
week from Tsukiji when the maximum in Singapore is 4 times.
I can dare say that you won’t find an equally stunning restaurant in Singapore with the standard
of food that we are offering at the price point we are charging. Singaporeans know a good deal
when they see one so I am confident that Sushi Jin will be the next best kept secret.”
With a total seating capacity of only 38, diners at Sushi Jin can expect a truly exquisite Japanese
dining experience without breaking the bank – but of course, we suggest you make your
reservations in advance.
Sushi Jin is located at:
One Farrer Hotel & Spa
1 Farrer Park Station Road
Owen Link, #01-11/12
Singapore 217562
T: 6443 3378
E: [email protected]
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