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November 13, 2014
Project: Johns Hopkins Hospital – Meyer Building Renovations
Site Address: 600 N. Wolfe St., Baltimore, Maryland 21287
Proposal Due Date: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2014 - NO LATER THAN 2:00 PM
Prospective Bidders,
You are hereby invited to submit a LUMP SUM BID for the associated Work on the above referenced project in
accordance with the drawings and specifications and all applicable contract documents.
Project Description:
The Meyer building is a 32 years old, 12 story building constructed in the early 1980's located on the JHH East Baltimore
Campus. The 12 stories include a basement (B) and sub-basement (SB) below grade, a penthouse (PH) mechanical
space at the 9th floor, and elevator machine rooms at the 10th floor.
The building consists of 2 wings; the patient wing & the lab wing. The renovations will incorporate interior renovations to 3
inpatient units and floors 7,8 and 9 and associated support space; interior upgrades to the 1st floor public corridors;
building infrastructure upgrades including majority of MEP systems serving the entire building both in the 9th floor
penthouse, the SB mechanical/electrical (MEP) space and MEP Shafts; replacement of the concrete floor slab in a portion
of the SB; construction of a new low Voltage IT Shaft on the east face of the building exterior; waterproofing of the Meyer
Courtyard adjacent to the west side of the building; and modifications to the east face of the building along Wolf Street at
the 1st level.
Floors 3 thru 6 house active inpatients units and floors B through 6 house a number of active lab spaces. Floors SB
through 8 also contain numerous active outpatient operations and physician offices. All areas noted as active will remain
occupied throughout the renovation process and hospital functions on these floors must be maintained.
Key Scope Overview:
a. Interior Renovations to 3 inpatient Units on floors 7, 8 & 9
- 1st Floor - Interior Demolition & Build-out – 12,000 SF
- 2nd – 6th – Misc Interior Renovation
– 3,000 SF
- 7th Floor – Interior Demolition & Build-out – 24,816 SF
- 8th Floor – Interior Demolition & Build-Out – 15,730 SF
- 9th Floor – Interior Demolition & Build-Out – 13,681 SF
b. Court Yard Renovations – 1st Floor adjacent to
- Demolition, Waterproofing & Repaving of Hardscape
c. N. Wolfe Street Sidewalk Renovations
- Repaving of Hardscape
- New Planters
d. Roofing (Add Alternate)
- Complete Tear-off and Re-Roof
e. Structural Steel
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Project: Johns Hopkins Hospital – Meyer Building Renovations
- Misc Metals to Support MEP Upgrades
Building Additions – 540/Sf per Floor
- IDF Room, MEP Chase & Linen Chute Addition - SB thru 9th
- Metal Panel Exterior
g. Mechanical – Major Work
- Complete Upgrade of Existing Mechanical Systems (Floors SB Thru 9th)
- Includes Prefabrication, Testing, Disassembly & Re-assembly of Custom Air Handing Units in
Existing Penthouse & Sub Basement Levels
- Replacement of Oxygen Lines
- Replace Domestic Water Lines
H. Electrical – Major Work
- Complete Replacement of Substations A & B (3 Phases)
- Replace Emergency Distribution Power System
- Replace Motor Control Center
- Replace Existing Bus Duct Risers
- All work Multi-Phased to accommodate Existing Occupancy
Schedule: January 2015 to July 2016
RFI: Submit RFIs to Rob Dahms, email:[email protected], due Friday, November 21, 2014 @ 2:00pm
Pre-Bid Meeting: Thursday, November 20, 2014 @9am (Location: project site)
Pre-qualification: All bidders must complete Turner Construction’s prequalification online if not done already by
December 1, 2014. Your bid will be deem non-responsive if your company is not prequalified with Turner Construction.
Key Highlights:
MWBE participation – 15%
Sales Tax Exempt
Contractors are responsible for Offsite Parking
JHH Badging Required – with Photo ID.
Project Drawings and Specifications: Sent via GradeBeam with this invitation
Turner Construction Company reserves the right to reject any and all BIDS. All proposals shall be valid for 120 days.
Conversations directly with the Owner and/or the Owner's Consultants are not permitted. Bidders will be disqualified if in
violation of this requirement. All questions shall be submitted in writing per above.
Turner Construction Company
Patrick (Po-Chun) Huang
Patrick (Po-Chun) Huang – Procurement Manager
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