Yingnan Zhao
PhD candidate in University of Twente
Tel: +31 614 822 762
Email: [email protected]
Date of Birth: 14-07-1984
Civil State: Married
Experienced in heterogeneous catalysis for gas phase and liquid phase reaction, especially on catalyst
preparation, catalytic kinetics, as well as surface science.
Highly motivated with enthusiasm and ambitious on science research; creative on developing theory and
novel experimental approach.
Good initiative on new collaborations with multiple levels in and abroad; skilled in good
communication with multi-culture working environment.
Excellent presentation skills and experienced on international/national conference presenting with poster
and oral presentations.
Motivating and teaching students and collaborators with great passion.
PhD in Heterogeneous Catalysis, University of Twente, The Netherlands, 2010 – 2014 (expected)
M. S. in Heterogeneous Catalysis, Tianjin University, China, 2006 – 2009
B. S. in Chemical Engineering, China University of Petroleum (East China), China, 2002 – 2006
Pd Colloid as Catalyst and Catalyst Precursor for Nitrite Hydrogenation in Aqueous Phase
University of Twente, 2010 – present, supervised by Prof. dr. ir. L. Lefferts
 Removal of polymer stabilizer on Pd nanoparticles prepared via colloidal method; effect of acid used for
colloid immobilization.
 Polymer affecting catalytic performance of Pd nanoparticles prepared via colloidal method.
 Influence of adsorption of reactants on the support on catalyst performance in batch experiments at
close-to-complete conversion
Selectivity of Cu Based Catalyst for Low-temperature Water-gas-shift Reaction under High Pressure
Tianjin University, 2006 – 2009, supervised by Prof. Yongdan Li
 An optimization study on catalyst preparation using ammonia-evaporation-coprecipitation to minimize
methanol formation as by-product.
Catalyst preparation: Colloidal method, Coprecipitation
Catalyst characterization: TEM, XPS, CO chemisorption, ATR-IR, XRF, BET, Zeta-petential.
Reaction kinetics: Mass transfer limitation, Adsorption
Y. Zhao, L. Jia, J.A. Medrano, J.R.H. Ross, L. Lefferts, Supported Pd Catalysts Prepared via Colloidal
Method: The Effect of Acids, ACS Catal., 3 (2013) 2341-2352.
Y. Zhao, J.A. Baeza, N. Koteswara Rao, L. Calvo, M.A. Gilarranz, Y.D. Li, L. Lefferts, Unsupported PVA
and PVP stabilized Pd nanoparticles as catalyst for nitrite hydrogenation in aqueous phase, J. Catal.,
Submitted (2014)
Y. Zhao, Y.D. Li, L. Lefferts, Adsorption and Mass Transfer Effects of Supported Pd Colloid as
Catalyst for Nitrite Hydrogenation, Manuscript in preparation (2014)
Y. Zhao, L.L. Wang, Y.D. Li, L. Lefferts, Pd Colloid Supported on Activated Carbon: An Optimization
of Preparation, Manuscript in preparation (2014)
 Unsupported PVA and PVP Stabilized Pd Nanoparticles as Catalyst for Nitrite Hydrogenation, 8
ICEC, USA, 2014
 Unsupported PVA and PVP Stabilized Pd Colloid as Catalyst in Aqueous Phase, NCCC XV, The
Netherlands, 2014
 Remove Polymer Stabilizer Blocking on Colloidal Nanoparticles, NCCC XIV, The Netherlands,
 Suppression of PVA Blocking Effect on the Surface of Supported Pd Nanoclusters, 11
EuropaCat, France, 2013
 Chlorine Suppression Stabilizer Poisoning on Supported Pd Nanoparticles, Faraday Discussion
162, Germany, 2013
 Polymer Removal from Supported Pd Colloids, NCCC XIII, The Netherlands, 2012
 Nitrite Selective Hydrogenation over Supported Pd Catalyst in Slurry Phase, NCCC XII, The
Netherlands, 2011
Catalysis, an Integrated Approach (Niok)
Characterization in Catalysis Research (Niok)
Advanced Catalysis Engineering (Niok)
Professional Effectiveness
New technologies, Philosophy, History, Chinese calligraphy, Society psychology, Management
Prof.dr.ir. L. Lefferts, University of Twente, [email protected]
Prof. dr. K. Seshan, University of Twente, [email protected]