J.L. Mann Magnet Program Focus Area Courses

J.L. Mann Magnet Program
Focus Area Courses
• First Round:
November 3Noon December
3, 2014. APPLY
• No faxed or
Submit apps at
JLM Main Office
7:30 – 3:15 daily
• Decisions
reported by midDecember.
Check website
for application
links and
program info.
Debbie Howard
Magnet Coordinator
[email protected]
k12.sc.us; 355-6326
Tonya Vaughan
Magnet Assistant
Please note: GCS
Magnet Academies do
not schedule shadowing
or classroom visits for
prospective students.
dhoward @greenville.k12.sc.us
Tonya Vaughan, Magnet Assistant 355-6300
Algebra 1 CP, H
Biology 1 CP, H
Algebra 2 CP, H
Biology 2 H
Algebra 3 CP
Chemistry I CP, H
Geometry CP, H
Chemistry II H
Pre-Calculus CP, H
Earth Science
Calculus CP
Environmental Science CP
Probability & Stats CP
Forensic Science CP, H
AP Calculus AB
Genetics H**
AP Calculus BC
Microbiology CP, H
AP Statistics
Marine Science CP, H
Accelerate (application required)
Physics I CP, H
Intro to Engineering
Principles of Engineering
**Magnet “math majors” at JLM
AP Biology
will earn 7 math and 4 science
credits. Physics may be
substituted for one of the math
electives. At least one math
must be AP.
AP Chemistry
AP Physics I
AP Physics II
AP Environmental Science
** Magnet “science majors” will earn
Keyboarding* (pre-requisite)
Computer Apps 1*
Desktop Publishing
Computer Programming
Web Page Design
Digital Multimedia
Intro to Engineering Design
Principles of Engineering
Accelerate (application required)
AP Computer Science
6 science and 5 math OR 7 science
and 4 math credits. At least one
science must be AP level.
*Semester Courses
Students accepted into the magnet program
may choose to complete their magnet course
requirements through New Tech. Application
required after acceptance.
**6 credits total required for Tech
“majors”- one must be AP
Computer Science-1 course
required for SC HS diploma
New Tech @ Mann
Dr. Cindy Alsip, Director
[email protected]
Students in the Science and
Math pathways may choose to
complete their magnet
requirements at the Golden
Strip Career Center in an