2014-15 Newsletter (PDF) - JRRCC John Ross Robertson Child

Volume 14, Issue 1
September 2014
We have large
hardbound books next
to the phones in both
downstairs rooms.
They can be used to
leave messages of any
kind for staff.
Please use them!
Important Numbers
Director’s cell
2nd floor cell
[email protected]
News and Views
Welcome Back
For Another Fantastic
Year at JRRCC
Mosez Kanatkin RECE
Special thanks go out to all JRRCC parents who
contributed to the individual and collective year
end gifts for our staff. It was highly appreciated!
Assistant Director
Nasrin Askari RECE
2014-2015 Staff
Susie DiVincenzo RECE
Lisa Burt RECE
Mariana Manassieva RECE
Etleva Vila RECE
Jocelyn Valdez RECE
Herman Alvarenga RECE
Sandra John RECE
Maliheh Assadi RECE
Larissa Dorovko of
Musical Drama
Melissa Donheim
Staffing Changes at JRRCC
We say good-bye to Krisztina and Olga both of
Yoga the hall working as
whom will only be down
RECE’s in two of JRRECE
School’s Full Day
Kindergarten programs. We welcome three new
RECE staff. They are Maliheh Assadi, Herman
Alvarenga and Sandra John. Staff teams will be
announced in September.
Yoga for Nursery, Preschool and Kindergarten Classes
In our ongoing quest to provide new and developmentally challenging
educational and fun experiences for our children at JRRCC and to encourage
mind–body integration we have brought back our Monday morning Yoga
Program to complement our musical drama classes. Mai Meret, a highly
experienced ECE has been teaching yoga for about the past thirteen years and
will return to offer another year of child centred yoga to our preschool groups.
For more information check out Mai’s website at www.123kidsyoga.comand
scroll down to page 3 of this newsletter to read her commentary.
See next page...........
News and Views
Daycare Hours
7:30am to 6:00pm
Daycare Closures
For all in 2014-2015
October 13
Christmas Break for
Nursery School
December 22 - January 2nd
Christmas Break for all
Family Day
Monday February 16
Good Friday
April 3
Easter Monday
April 6
Victoria Day
May 18
Service for Preschool
Kindergarten and School
age groups is available on
the following JRR School
closure days but Nursery
Programs are closed.
School PA Days
Friday Nov 14
Friday Dec 05
Friday Jan 23
Friday Feb 13
Friday Jun 05
Friday Jun 26
Spring Break
March 16-20
Last day of Nursery
June 12, 2015
Last day of Daycare- for
Kindergarten, Preschool
and School Age Groups
June 26, 2015
Closed June 29-Sept 7
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First Year of Full Day Kindergarten
As of September 2014 JRR School will be implementing the
Ontario governments mandate to create full day kindergarten for
all 4 and 5 year old children across Ontario. John Ross
Robertson Child Centre will provide before and after school care
for a number of JK/SK children who will require it. The school will
be opening five rooms to the FDK program and at least two of
those rooms primarily 101&102 will be shared with the day care
Please refer to our websites Parent Handbook, Fee section and
Calendar for more detailed information.
Please note that Senior Kindergarten children will be placed on a
waiting list for grade one school age program. We cannot
guarantee that all of this year’s SK’s will automatically move up
to get a school age space since this depends on how many
children leave the grade one to six school age program in a given
year relative to how many SK;s need to move up. We will look
into the possibility of acquiring and licensing additional shared
space for a school age expansion should that option be feasible
for JRR School.
Further questions should be directed to Supervisor/ E.D. Mosez Kanatkin.
The ABC’s of our caterer
Real Food for Real Kids
Transforming the way
children eat and perceive
food is no small feat. This
change cannot be
accomplished through
serving up all-natural foods
alone; there needs to be a
shift in perception - a new
understanding of our health
in relation to our bodies,
the food we eat, and our
environment. We are very
fortunate to have a natural
foods catering company
that supplies us with local
and organic, antibiotic and
hormone-free poultry, fish
and meat as well as fruit,
veggies and grains that are
sourced locally and are
chemical, herbicide and
additive free. The snacks
have no refined sugar.
Breads served are from
whole grain or occasionally
from unbleached flour. RFRK
has a 4-week rotating menu
cycle, featuring a variety of
globally inspired dishes. Our
menu changes twice a year
to ensure that we're serving
up the freshest seasonal
flavours. The RFRK hot lunch
and snack program exceeds
the requirements of the Day
Nurseries Act (DNA) and the
City of Toronto Children's
Services Operating Criteria.
RFRK menus are reviewed o
& approved by Registered
Dieticians and Nutritionists.
We’re a
Nut and
Due to our peanut
and nut free policy,
we will not be able
to accept cookies,
muffins, cupcakes
and other food
products brought
from home. Parents
may however bring
baked goods that are
clearly labelled as
nut free or that
come from certified
nut free bakeries
such as Amazing
Donuts etc.
JK/SK & School Age
Lunch Supervision
JRRCC Daycare does not
supervise Kindergarten nor
School age children during
lunch. Supervision of school
age kids takes place in the
designated lunchrooms and
later in the playground by
TDSB staff hired for that
News and Views
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A word from our
Yoga Instructor, Mai Meret
Early Childhood Educator
Director and Founder of 123 Kids Yoga
As an Early Childhood
Educator, I have taught 2
½ to 12 year olds in the
public and private school
sector for 29 years and
have practiced yoga for
over 10 years.
I am a RCYT, Registered
Children's Yoga Teacher.
I received my training
with Yoga for Kids, in
Toronto. I am also a RYT,
Registered Yoga Teacher
with training in Phoenix
Rising Yoga Therapy.
I teach yoga to both
children and adults.
My goal, as a Children's
Yoga Teacher, is to
provide a safe,
responsive, creative and
loving environment where
all children can be
introduced to and
experience the fun and
benefits of yoga. I feel
that in order for yoga to
be accessible to all
children, it should be
incorporated into the
daily, weekly or monthly
schedule in schools and
childcare centres.
Proper nutrition, exercise,
body and self awareness,
plus learning to deal with
stress and anxiety are
extremely important to
everyone's overall health.
My hope is that while
learning yoga at a young
age, children will become
empowered and
influenced to enjoy a
healthy and active life
style, learn about
themselves and the world
around them, and be
compassionate to all living
things. I believe that
gaining this knowledge
and experience will last
them a lifetime.
123 kids yoga....bringing
yoga into schools and
childcare centres.
“If we wish to create lasting peace we must begin with the
children.” Mahatama Gandi
Who Gets Catered
Catered lunch is served to
Pre-school Children and
included in their monthly fee.
Menus change seasonally
and are posted in the centre.
Lunch is also optionally
available to School Agers
(grades 1-6) for an additional
fee as listed below on page
Unfortunately, catered
lunch is not available to
Kindergarten children as
of this printing. It may be
possible for a parent
group independent of the
daycare to set up an
optional lunch service for
this age group. Please
contact our caterers Real
Food for Real Kids if you
want more info about
how this can be arranged.
School age children who
opt to buy our catered lunch
will have it served to them in
the designated lunchroom
where they will eat with all
other children their age
whether in daycare or not. If
your child brings a lunch
from home it must be nut
and peanut-free and properly
insulated to stay fresh. We
do not have refrigerator
space or microwaves for
warming lunches. Snacks are
included in monthly fees for
all ages.
Children Arriving or Leaving on their Own
Only school age children, ten and over are allowed to arrive at and leave the centre on their own. A dated and signed note
giving permission to this effect must first be submitted. Notwithstanding a note on file, Child Centre Staff reserves the right
to disallow the departure of any child if there is a perceived danger from weather or other sources on a particular occasion.
Younger children must be signed in by an adult or older sibling and signed out accordingly.
Can We Reach
Please note that it is every
parent’s responsibility to be
accessible in the event of an
emergency. Parents who
travel should always let the
Daycare know where they
may be reached or who at
their office could relay
information in an emergency
Parents who have cell phones
or pagers are requested to
leave them on during
daycare /school hours for
ease of access in
Late Fee Policy
Every Centre has one of
these! Please note that
Nursery School pickup after
11:25 A.M. and child care
after 3:05 6:05 P.M. will cost
parents a late fee of $1.00
per minute cash. A five
minute grace period is built
in. However, if parents are
ten minutes late or more the
grace period will not be
factored in. Ten minutes of
lateness will cost $10, 15
minutes will cost $15 paid in
cash. Parents who are late
more than twice in the same
month will be charged twice
as much on the third
News and Views
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Lines of Communication
Please remember that the
child care centre is
separate from the school.
Therefore when your
child will be absent or
picked up early for an
appointment or going on
a play date, both the
school and daycare need
to be contacted prior to
the time that your child
would normally sign-in.
Otherwise we will be
trying to contact you to
find out where your child
is. JRR School’s safe
arrival program does not
know which kids are also
in daycare and do not
contact us to share
All clients are required to
pay first and last month fee
deposits upon registration in
Daycare or Nursery. Most
of you have already done
so. The remaining year is
covered by tendering a
series of post-dated
cheques from October 1,
2014 to May 1 2015.
Cheques are due by
September 16th. All
cheques are to be made
Upstairs school age
phone number
Please use that
number from 3:30 to
6:00pm only, or leave a
message on this cell’s
voice mail with the
knowledge that it may not
be picked up by staff until
then. Timely messages
are better left on the
daycare’s main line at
Please do not depend on
email to pass on
information that is very
timely. There is no
guarantee that staff will
see your message in time.
Email is best used for
passing on information
that is applicable 24
hours or more after the
time that it is sent. If
you do not receive a timely
response to an email
please phone the centre
and leave a message.
Communication Books
We have large hardbound books next to the phones in
both the downstairs rooms. They can be used to leave
messages of any kind for staff. Please use them!
Monthly Fees $
Subsidized clients
should multiply their daily
Effective Sept.2014
assessed fee by the number
JK/SK AM only
of days in each month
JK/SK PM only
$525 listed below.
All-day Preschool $1275
Sep-22, Oct-23,
Part Day Preschool $980
Nov-20, Dec-16,
School Age Gr.1-6
Jan-20, Feb-20,
School Age AM only $175
Mar-22, Apr-22,
Nursery School
May-21, Jun-20
5 days-$535; 4 days-$475
3 days-$405; 2 days-$335
payable to JRRCC.
Monthly Fees for Optional Catered Lunch (Grades 1-6)
5 weekly lunches = $125
This fee may be added to your monthly fees or paid by separate cheque.
News and Views
If music be
the food of
love...play on!
Give me Excess of It!
We have an exciting
new Music Program
for preschool and
Nursery School
Children starting
this academic year.
Larissa Dorovko
presents an
acclaimed program
called Kindermusik
starting later in
September. Please
check out
online on You Tube
or Google Search for
more details.
Melissa Donheim of
“Kids Can Boogie
Too” will continue her
Dramatic and musical
program as well. With
the help of Pepper her
special canine puppet
friend, Melissa will get
children to shake a tail
feather and kick their
ya ya’s out while also
learning a variety of
life skills in the process
of having such
tremendous fun.
Melissa is currently
scheduled for all
preschoolers every
second Wednesday.
When you child becomes ill....
Children who are ill
should be kept at home.
Staff will not accept
children into care who
cannot participate in both
the indoor and outdoor
parts of the programme.
Please note that children
who are sent home from
school or daycare due to
fever, diarrhoea, or
vomiting may not return
to care the following day.
It is our policy that
children with these
symptoms must remain at
home for a minimum of one
day after leaving the
centre. The temptation to
load your child up with
Tylenol and send him or
her back the following day
could be harmful for all.
Children who have been
absent due to a lengthy
illness of 3 days or more,
must have a doctor’s note
confirming that it is safe for
them to return to school
and child care.
Unexpected Closures
Two or three years ago,
the TDSB closed all of its
schools for a day due to
harsh weather
conditions. Parents are
therefore requested to
keep an eye on their
emails on harsh weather
days and to monitor the
early morning news.
Every attempt will be
made to inform parents
about what is going on
by also placing an
outgoing message on our
main phone line
Please note that in stormy
weather conditions our
7:30 AM staff might be
late opening the centre. In
the rare event that this
should occur please be
patient and wait in the hall
with your child or leave
your child in the care of
another adult who can
supervise until the staff
member arrives.
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Medications at
Please read
the parent
handbook for our detailed
policy. Members of staff
do not dispense any over
the counter medication
such as Tylenol or skin
cream unless there is a
note on file from a doctor
stating that this type of
medication may be given
at a parent’s request.
Prescribed meds must be
in their original container
and a form must be filled
out indicating how and
when staff should dispense
the medication and how it
should be stored.
Proper Attire and
Extra Footwear
Please make sure that your
child is dressed for the
weather conditions.
Through September and
possibly October we all still
need hats and sun screen as
the UV may still be high.
Please avoid sending
sandals for outdoor shoes as
they are not safe for running
and climbing. Sandals may
be kept as extra indoor
shoes, which are mandatory
for every child to help us
keep the floors and carpets
clean. Extra sneakers or
slippers are also acceptable.
All Nursery, Kindergarten and
even most School Age kids
should keep some extra
clothes at the centre. Nursery
and kindergarten kids should
keep two sets of clothes in
their cubbies or in a pack or
bag on their assigned hooks.
News and Views
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All-Day Preschool & Nursery School
Tid Bits
Dolphins and Pandas
Nursery and
All or Part Day
Since most Nursery and some
Preschool children are new to
our program we find it best to
stagger entry on the first week
allowing children and staff to
get better acquainted in a
smaller group. Here are the
start day schedules:
Preschool children are part of
two combined programs Daycare and Nursery School.
When there is a closure date for
Nursery, all and part day
preschool children who
normally attend on the given
day of the week may still attend
for the full day since they are in
Daycare as well as Nursery
Nursery School
Start Dates:
4 & 5 day Nursery School
Children-Mon Sept. 8 (or Tues
Sept 9 for 4 day clients who
exclude Mondays)
3 day childrenWednesday, September 10
Start Date
Tuesday, September 2 if
attending on Tuesdays.
Otherwise start Wednesday or
Thursday, Sept 3 or 4
2 day children
Thursday, September 11
In the morning from 9:15-11:30
we have two randomly mixed
groups of children ranging in
age from 30 to 44 months. We
call one group Dolphins and
the other group Pandas.
Preschool children may also
attend between 7:30-9:15AM.
Placement of Children
in Nursery
We regret that all requests for
placement in a specific group
could not necessarily be met
since we had to consider
reasonable size classes and
gender balance in both groups.
Returning children were
automatically placed in the
same group as last year unless
otherwise prearranged with the
Dolphin RECE Staff
Mariana Manassieva
Jocelyn Valdez
Panda RECE Staff
Lisa Burt
Etleva Vila
Staff (floating as needed between both Groups)
Nasrin Askari, Susie DiVincenzo, Maliheh Assadi, Sandra John
and Herman Alvarenga