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18 June 2014
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Trinity Sunday
During Sunday’s homily at our Parish Church, Father did his best to try to explain to us the mystery of The Holy
Trinity. He reminisced that his Seminary professor pointed out that this was one of the difficult ones and he’s tussled
with it ever since. He likened it to trying to understand IT, and what happens in the cloud. He suggested that whilst
we don’t always understand what goes on with IT and its backroom workings, we are very happy with what it
The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit and the workings of The Trinity can be seen very clearly in nature and
perhaps as Father suggested, this is a good place to reflect on how the Holy Trinity brings effect to our lives.
I would like to extend my congratulations to a number of groups within the College, who have achieved success and
have attained, in a special way, in a number of areas.
Our interschool cross country runners performed very well in the ACC interschool carnival and Year 11 student
Samuel Riak, finished third in an extensive field. This is an outstanding performance.
We also had success in the Year 7 and 8 Touch Rugby State Schools Championship, where two of our teams
reached the semi-finals and one of our teams was victorious in the championship.
Congratulations also, must be extended to the Society and Environment Department who organised a fantastic
evening of what the students had been learning in their classes and this was well attended by their parents.
Well done to all those concerned.
Christmas Island
I would like to draw your attention to a letter from Dr Tim McDonald the Executive Director of Catholic Education,
who has recently signed an agreement with the Federal Government to provide education for refugee children, who
are living on Christmas Island.
Regardless of the political positions which people might hold, it is important that children have access to education. I
do believe this presents a positive opportunity for the church, to be able to be of service to these young people, who
are growing and developing and have a hunger for learning.
The schooling on Christmas Island for the refugee children will commence in the second half of this year and the
Catholic Education Office is working busily with the Federal Government to ensure that the young people are able to
begin, or recommence their learning, as soon as possible.
God Bless
Declan Tanham
Yr 8 students prepare to perform their monologues at the
History Night
Telephone: (08) 9444 9355
41 Franklin Street, Leederville WA 6007
Facsimile: (08) 9444 9310
Website: aranmore.wa.edu.au
From the Director
College Dates
18 June - 1 July
Dear Parents
18 June
Re: Catholic Education WA to provide education services on Christmas Island
19 June
Catholic Education in Western Australia has signed a contract with the
Federal Government to become the designated and sole provider of
education to children detained on Christmas Island. The contract has resulted
from an initial request by the Bishops of WA and has the full support of the
Catholic Education Commission of WA.
- Yr 11 & 12 ODE Navigation
- JWS Rugby Yr 8
- JNT Squad Training Final trial
- NWAS (general bye)
- Yr 11 & 12 SWL placement 2 begins
- JWS Rugby Yr 10
20 June
- Yr 11 & 12 Art & Design Workshop
- Yr 10 ‘Realtalk’ workshop
21 June
- La Fete De La Musique
23 June
- SNT Presentation/Information Night
24 June
- Yr 10, 11 & 12 Parent/Teacher/Student
Report Interviews
25 June
- JNT Teams Training begins
- NWAS Finals
26 June
- Music Ensembles Concert 7pm CASS
27 June
- Yr 12 WACW Success Circle Time
28 June
- Reunion Island French Exchange
- SNT Departs
30 June
I recognise that some members of our community may question this decision.
The Australian Catholic Bishops recently made a statement requesting the
Government’s Asylum Seeker Policy be more respectful of human dignity and
basic human rights, noting the rights of those currently in detention are being
seriously violated.
I would like to express my strong support of the Bishops’ stance and reiterate
my firm belief that providing education to children in detention is our moral
obligation as education is a fundamental human right and in keeping with the
Church’s long tradition of supporting the poor and marginalised.
There is no doubt that this project will challenge us as a system. As a
faith community we are called to radical discipleship and the situation on
Christmas Island offers us a powerful opportunity to put rhetoric into action.
I have written to all Principals in Catholic schools in WA seeking their support
in making their staff available should they wish to take up a short term
contract on Christmas Island, which may involve the temporary secondment
of staff from your child’s school. It is important that you know all costs
associated with providing education and related services to children detained
on Christmas Island, is being fully met by the Federal Government and will
have no impact on your fees, nor the existing budget of your child’s school.
For the Government to consider Catholic Education as their preferred
provider, is indicative of the high regard in which we are held and a powerful
endorsement of our long and successful history in educating the children
of Western Australia. I am very proud that our system has the capacity and
capability to respond at short notice to an humanitarian issue that transcends
personal politics.
I look forward to your support as we work together to deliver a first class
education to children in need.
- Yr 12 English/Lit Curtin Conference
- Yr 10 ODE Excursion begins
Yours sincerely,
Dr Tim McDonald
Executive Director of Catholic Education WA
1 July
- Yr 7/8 Student Leader (S2) elections
- Yr 10 ODE excursion ends
Wednesday Mass
Mass at St Mary’s starts at 9:00am and usually finishes by 9:30am. Parents
are welcome to attend.
Below is the roster for the next few weeks:
The Jungle Book
DateClass GroupTeachers
25 June
Yr 9PE
Sr Janina & Mr Grace
2 July
Yr 9 S&E
Mrs James & Mr Good
From the Deputies...
Semester One Reports & Parent/Student/Teacher Meeting
Over the next few days, parents of students in Years 10/11/12 will be receiving their child/children’s Semester One
report. This report is intended to provide parents with feedback about how their child is progressing this academic
year. For students in Year 10, it will be used to assist course selection for next year.
On Tuesday 24 June the College will host Parent/Student/Teacher meetings for Year 10/11/12 students from
3.30pm to 7.30pm in the CASS. I encourage all parents to make a time to discuss their child’s progress with their
teachers. These meetings are intended to include the student also so I encourage parents to bring their child/
children. If your child received an attribute of 1 or 2 on their Semester report or a D/E grade, then you are required to
make an interview time with the teacher to discuss the matter. In this way we can address any areas of concern and
hopefully resolve them. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to make the night and you need to speak to a teacher,
could I ask that you contact them, preferably via email, to discuss the matter as soon as possible.
With the report you will also receive an ‘Absentee History’. It is essential that these details are accurate and upto-date. Could I ask that you amend these forms as necessary and return them to the College via your child’s Form
Mr Michael Williams
Deputy Principal - Curriculum
Campus Ministry
National Refugee Week 15 - 21 June
June 15 -21 is National Refugee Week. This week, College staff have looked at an article about Catholic teaching for
asylum seekers and refugees. More information is available at http://www.acmro.catholic.org.au/. We keep people in
wartorn countries in our prayers in the current crisis and as unrest continues in Iraq.
Prayer for One Family
Dear God, our Father in heaven,
we thank you for the sacred gift of
the Eucharist which unites us in a single body.
We thank you for the gift of solidarity
and for the richness and beauty found in diversity.
Show mercy to those who travel in danger
and lead them to a place of safety and peace.
We pray for the grace of hospitality and the courage
to welcome those who come in search of refuge.
Through unity and charity, help us to attain
justice and lasting peace in the world.
Mary, Mother of Migrants and Refugees,
present our prayers to your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ,
who is one with the Father and Holy Spirit,
our God forever and ever. Amen.
There is an event in Northam on Saturday 21 June:
Refugee Rights Action Network (RRAN) will host a vigil outside the Yongah Hill Detention Centre about 90 km from
Perth, near Northam on Saturday 21 June. There will be speakers, candles, balloons and statements written by
asylum seekers read out. Hot soup will be provided. “If you’ve never come to one of these events before, take that
small extra step with us. We promise not to get you in over your head!” The event will be child friendly. To book a seat
on the bus click here, $10 concession, negotiable. $15 full fare. Further info: E) i[email protected], M) 0417 904 329. Bus
transport is provided from the Perth Transport Centre on Summers St, East Perth next to the East Perth train station.
Departure time is 2:00pm returning about 9:30pm.
Mrs Bernice Roche
Campus Minister
Breakfast Club
We are looking for donations of Tea, Milo, Jam and cereals (no Weetbix required as Weetbix is supplied by
FOODBANK). If you are able to donate any items, we would be very grateful. Thank you.
Mrs Bev Haigh
Breakfast Club Coordinator
Uniform Shop
Parents/Guardians please note that backpacks have gone up to $90 due to price increase. Thank you.
The Uniform Shop is open during the term on the following days:
Tuesdays: 11am – 1.30pm
Fridays: 8am – 11.30am
Please note that the Uniform Shop does not accept cheques.
All years
SmartRider and Printouts
Last week, the computer printouts were linked to the Library photocopier. All students who need to print or
photocopy at school must have their SmartRider card to collect their printouts electronically from the photocopier
in the Library. Please make sure you have your SmartRider on you at all times at school as it is your ID card and
no printouts will be given without your SmartRider card. You do not need money on your Smartrider for printing at
school. (Any money on your SmartRider can only be used for bus or train tickets via Transperth.)
Ms Robyn Harbord
Teacher Librarian
Term Two has been very busy with the Language Perfect World Championship taking place from 19 - 29 May.
Congratulations to all those who participated and improved their vocabulary while competing. A very special “Bravo!”
to Ricki Kumar, Joaquin Zuljevic, Isaac Barden, Stephanie Smith and Ronnie Kumar who achieved top scores
and gold medals. Certificates will be presented to them later in the term.
La Fête de la Musique, the French Music Festival will take place
on the day of the European summer solstice on the 21 June at the
Wembley Community Centre. There will be music performances, dance
workshops from Africa and Reunion Island from 3pm to 5pm and
great food stalls with a big outside area for children and easy parking
access. Come and join us for this celebration of music in a cheerful
Madame Linda Blake
French teacher
Mathematics Homework Help
Maths Homework Help is on every Monday afternoon from 3.15pm to 4.15pm in Room SM2.1.
All students welcome. - Mrs Kathryn Ralph, Head of Mathematics
Society and Environment
History Night 2014
Last Thursday night we held a fantastic evening in the CASS sharing the academic achievements of our Year 8
students with parents, friends, staff and other students.
This is the first year we have run this assessment as a cross curriculum activity with English. There was noted
improvements in students’ achievement because of this. On the night we had some outstanding monologues, as well
as a big effort with costumes.
There are many people who contributed to the success of this event both in the lead up and on the night itself. My
sincere thanks to you all. Well done to the Year 8 students for their efforts and enthusiasm.
Mr Craig Phillis
Head of Society & Environment
Images by Ranya Al-Doori (Yr 11)
Aranmore Catholic College
Specialist Music Program
proudly presents
Music Ensemble
Thursday 26 June
in the Centre for Arts & Sports Science (CASS)
Refreshments from 6:30pm for a 7pm start
Featuring the College ensembles
Gold coin entry
For catering purposes
please RSVP by 24 June on 9444 9355 or at
Parents & Friends News
Rocking Roast - Airconditioning Fund Raiser
The P & F are having their major fundraiser for the year on 16 August. This year’s function is a Rocking
Roast Dinner Dance with The Filth performing on the night.
We are sourcing donations for raffle prizes. If you have a business or know someone who does and can
make a donation, please drop it into the Front Office or contact Julia Nelson at [email protected] All
donations greatly appreciated.
For more details regarding the event, please look out for the flyer further on in the newsletter.
ACC Cross-Country Team 2014
Sorry to those students whose names were left off the ACC Cross-Country team list in the last newsletter. In addition
to the list, there were great performances from:
Georgia Sarmiento
Raul Pereira
Samson Araya
Amou Arok
Stephanie Smith
Mr Dwayne Grace
Director of Sports
Specialist Netball Program News
Senior Netball Tour 2014
Our final travelling group of 20 athletes has been decided and the girls are gearing up for strong tournament in
Melbourne at the end of this term. The Waverley International Schools Netball Championships is a strong competition
that makes for great rivalries and great netball! With a few weeks left of preparation ahead of us, the girls will be
challenged to rise to higher expectations in order to excel in Melbourne.
The teams will be travelling from 29 June to 5 July.
Captains will be named at our presentation night on Monday 23 June…
Best Wishes to all…
SNT Team 1SNT Team 2
Hannah AndersonJorjena Harman
Ruiha BiddleStephanie Chilcott
Jeune BiddleMolly Curnow
Alannah Tynan-HislopGrace Marland
Cheyelle Robins-RetiMegan Moffet
Kennedy CherringtonRebecca McCafferty
Kate BuntenChelsea Johnston
Kaliway Anderson-HamlinClementine Elia
Rachel ScottLouise Coffey
April KerrBrittney Taylor
Mrs Cherie Farnan
Specialist Netball Program Coordinator
Specialist Rugby Program News
Aranmore Claim Year 9 & Opens Rugby CSC Competition
Aranmore Catholic College have won the CSC Competition in comfortable style, beating Thornlie in the Year 9 Grand
final 66-5 and the Opens beating Thornlie 56-24. Both games were played in great spirit and the skill and excecution
of both the Aranmore teams was exceptional.
The Opens lead by Lorenzo Mario powered through the Thornlie forward pack and the backs split them apart.
Thornlie were a big team with some very hard runners and produced some good rugby. The hard running Lorenzo
Mario and Ethan Williams set a great platform for Kade Pearce and Chadd Ross to score some great tries. Although
Charlie Fisher took a while to get in the game, he scored a double, taking his tally to 8 tries in 3 games. Jack Daynes
was ruthless in the breakdown and Jake Ryle finished the game with a solid conversion and has put his hand up for
Gold Coast kicker. Ford Hemi as usual was pin point with his throws which gave us good go forward balls and Jake
Ryle wasn’t given the opportunity to bring out his speciality the chip n chase but was very safe around the field.
Serge Sapsford dotted down in some close quarter contact with a nice pick n go. Malakai Chan Boon made some
solid line breaks with a couple of great offloads. Tyler Love and Adrian Folkard had post camp blues and although
being tired still managed to put in a great effort. Eli Greaves got through the game without an injury. All the others
who came on and played - congratulations. Now we prepare for Gold Coast Rugby Tour.
Above: The Champion Opens CSC Competition Team
Details of the Year 9 game in the next edition of the newsletter.
HSC Touch Rugby Semi-finals
On Monday, we took three teams to the HSC Touch Rugby Semifinals. The Girls team narrowly went down to
Ellenbrook High School 5-3 and the Aranmore Boys Red team went down to Lakelands 6-4. Congratulations to both
these teams for making the finals.
The Junior Boys Blue team beat Atwell College in the Semi Final 15-1 and in the Grand Final, beat Lakelands 13-1.
The Red team commenting on how they had tired out Lakelands for the final. The game was played with great skill
and speed. Stand out players were Sam Clarke, Nika Morehu, Brody McAskill, Cullen Ngamanu and some great
plays by our Year 7 boys, Tyree Mau and Winiata Cherrington.
Thanks to Mr Craig Phillis and Mr Hayden Hamilton for their expertise in Touch Rugby.
Mr Dwayne Grace
Coordinator Specialist Rugby Program
From the Community...
Stronger Teens Camp - ‘The Truth Will Set You Free.’ John 8:32
The annual Stronger teens camp is a weekend away with friends, fun & faith. Great music, games, teachings and
prayer will make for a fantastic weekend. All teens (high school students) are invited to attend. Date: J4 - 6 July, 2014
at Eagles Nest, Gigdegannup. Cost: $100 – includes accommodation & food. Places are limited.
RSVP: Register before Friday 27 June. For further info: www.cym.com.au, 94227912 or email [email protected]
TICKETS: $60 per person
Purchase tickets from the front office – Franklin St, Leederville
*Price includes meal,
cash bar is available for drinks (no BYO)
Visit www.aranmore.wa.edu.au for further details