Newsletter NO 2 13th February

Barwon Heads Primary School
‘It takes a village to raise a child’
A Word from Our Principal
Newsletter No 2
Thursday 13th February 2014
Important Term Dates
Term 1: 28th January – 4th April
Term 2: 22nd April – 27th June
Term 3: 14th July – 19th September
Term 4: 6th October – 19th December
Calender Dates
17/2/14: Surf Awareness Program commences
28/3/14: Boardies Day
12/8/14 – 19/8/14: Life Education
14/8/14: BHPS Athletics Day
18/8/14: Book Week
27/11/14 – 28/11/14: Grade 2 Sleepover
2/12/14: P- 2 Swimming program commences
11/12/14: P – 2 Swimming program finishes
We are currently preparing a full annual calendar
which we will publish for families in the near future.
*Please note that applications for EMA
close on Friday, Feb 24th - Late
applications cannot be accepted. If you
qualify for EMA and haven’t yet filled out
an application form please do so at the
Wednesday is School banking day
Attendance – Every Day Counts
The Victorian Government is introducing new
measures to ensure students attend school every
day and get the most out of their schooling. Daily
school attendance is important for all children and
for young people so they experience success in
education and to ensure they don’t fall behind both
socially and developmentally. In previous years
BHPS has significantly promoted and
acknowledged attendance. In 2013 we decreased
the focus on attendance and coincidentally our
absence figures increased considerably. Included in
this newsletter is an article the Victorian
Government has produced. From a school
perspective we just want to ensure that children
attend school when they are healthy and there is no
good reason for them to be absent. We do not
want nor encourage children to attend school when
they are unwell.
We all want our students to get a great education,
and the building blocks for a great education begin
with students coming to school each and every day.
Missing school can have a major impact on a
child’s future – a student missing one day a
fortnight will miss four full weeks by the end of the
year. By Year 10 they’ll have missed more than a
year of school.
There is no safe number of days for missing school
– each day a student misses puts them behind, and
can affect their educational outcomes.
Coming to school every day is vital, but if for any
reason your child must miss school, there are
things we can do together to ensure they don’t fall
 Speak with your classroom teacher and find
out what work your child needs to do to keep up.
 Develop an absence learning plan with your
teacher and ensure your child completes the plan.
Remember, every day counts. If your child must
miss school, speak with your classroom teacher
early as early as possible.
From 1 March 2014, new laws will mean that parents can be fined for not sending students to school without
an acceptable reason.
If you’re having attendance issues with your child, please let your classroom teacher know so we can work
together to get your child to school every day.
Attendance – Facts and Figures
If a student has an attendance of 90% it means that they have missed 20 days or 4 weeks in the year. Over the
period of a student’s primary education this equates to nearly 3 terms missed! Please note the following:
95-100% (0-10 Days) Congratulations. This rate of attendance allows for maximum learning potential and
opens up a wide range of future life choices.
90-94% (10-20 Days) Attention. This rate of attendance allows for a satisfactory level of learning in the
classroom. Any more absences will make it more difficult for full potential to be achieved.
85-89%(20-30 days) Caution. This rate of attendance indicates that too much instruction and valuable learning
time is being missed. This may impact on the amount of curriculum that can be covered at this year level.
Less than 85% (30+ days) Warning. This rate of attendance indicates that the risk of not achieving the
minimum learning expectations is high. There is a risk of losing connectedness with peers.
Let’s look for reasons to be at school rather than be absent. It’s not OK to be away.
At Barwon Heads Primary School
We will be once again maintaining a focus on attendance for 2014 in line with DEECD requirements. We will
again set our annual target at “less than 10 days per student”.
Whilst it is understood that there are those unavoidable circumstances that arise preventing children from
attending school, it is still believed that improvement in this area is possible.
In 2013 our average last year was over 13 days absence per student.
New Captain Initiative – The Golden Bell
At last week’s assembly the school captains spoke about their desire to begin a new school initiative, ‘The
Golden Bell.” We already have the historic ‘Golden Brush’ which the house captains award to the grade they
believe has the tidiest room. We are now seeking suggestions from our school community as to what we can
use ‘The Golden Bell’ to acknowledge. Each week’s winner will get to ring it at assembly. Please email the
school with any suggestions you may have. You never know, your suggestion may just become part of the
school history as well.
Pedestrian Safety
I have been informed that there will be a local public meeting to discuss pedestrian safety for Barwon Heads.
If you have any concerns regarding pedestrian safety in BH can you please contact the school and I will pass
on the information. The meeting will be in the BH hall. Full details are in the community news at the end of
this newsletter.
Road Safety
We were contacted this week about a boy who unexpectedly cut in front of a car on his way to school. This
was a very concerning and dangerous incident. Please take the time to discuss road safety with your child/ren.
The BHPS Band
Our new music instructors, David and Andrea Robertson, will be conducting auditions for students who may
be interested in forming a school band. If your child can play an instrument proficiently then please encourage
them to try out. This will be a an exciting new initiative for BHPS. David and Andrea are loving being part of
our school and are thoroughly enjoying working with all our students.
Literacy Coach to support School Improvement
This year we will be utilising the expertise of a Literacy expert who will be working with our staff throughout
the year. This is part of our commitment to continual school improvement as we regularly challenge ourselves
as educators to reflect on our practice with the aim of improving and refining our knowledge and teaching
skills. The primary focus for this year will be ‘Writing” Staff are excited about the opportunity to work with
Julie Bennett in this area. Julie who has been greatly impressed with our school, students and staff is also
looking forward to commencing her work with us on Monday.
School Council Elections
Each year the school is required to hold School Council elections. School Council provides an excellent
opportunity for input into the decision making process of our school and in setting and monitoring the
strategic direction of the school.
School Council currently meets on the third Thursday of the month at 5.30pm and is generally a very relaxed
meeting – swapping ideas and providing updates into new plans and projects. I now invite parents to nominate
for selection. Please note you can self nominate. If you require any more information then please make
contact with me at school or talk to any of our listed current school councillors.
Nominations forms and further information regarding school council can be collected from the office.
We have 4 Parent Vacancies and 2 DEECD employee vacancies for 2014. Each position has a 2 year tenure.
ALL current school council members, whose term is ending, are able to renominate.
Parent members whose terms conclude in 2014:
Sally Ford
Steve Copland
Viva Portos
Nominations forms for council are available from the general office
Members whose terms conclude are able to renominate.
Election Timeline:
7/2/14 Notification of election. Call for Nominations:
14/2/14 4.00pm Nominations close
21/2/14 Ballot Announced and prepared (if required)
28/2/14 Council election ballot closes
Announcement of election results
Current School Council
President: Sally Ford
Executive Officer: Darren Roskosch
Vice President: Steve Copland
Maureen Cross
Adam Foord
Warren Jackson
Lauren McManus
Teagan Wheeler
Student Attendance
AIM FOR TERM: 2.5 (max) days absence average per student
Current Average Absence: 0.63 per student
AIM FOR YEAR: 10 days (max) per student
Perfect attendance total for 2014:
396 out of 409 children
Mr. Darren Roskosch
Sharna Sutas
Cathy Crane
Matthew Brown
Viva Portos
Kate Suter
Art Room News -Thank You
Last year many of you diligently collected the
Woolworths Earn and Learn stickers and sent them
to school. Stacey Davis and Jack Brassington sorted
and counted the stickers and then met with me to
help select the items we would like for the art room.
This program has allowed us to have some luxury
items such as quality paintbrushes, printing rollers,
glue guns, specialty cutters, lettering stamps and
many other useful tools. Last week the art supplies
arrived and the students are gradually being able to
use them in the art program. Thanks for your great
Jill Petersen
Visual Art Teacher
Barwon Heads Primary School Superstars
Byron Foord Grade 2 competed for Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club at a State Carnival in Jan Juc on the
weekend. Byron came first in a team wade event and 3rd in the individual wade event in hot windy conditions.
Good Luck to Byron and Remy Roberts who will compete on the 22nd February in their final state carnival for
the season at Torquay. Remy is proving to be a very fast competitor and has already won or placed in many
events over the 2 carnivals he has competed in for Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club.
Scholastic Book Club 2014
During the year your child will bring home Book Club offers (2 issues per term.) If you wish to purchase any
items fill in the order form (don’t forget your name and class) and hand in with your money to the office
before the due date. Grades Prep, 1 & 2 will bring home Wombat, Lucky and Extra! Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6 will
bring home Arrow Star and Extra! Scholastic generously give us commission on all your purchases and we are
able to buy books for your Library. The first Book Club Issue for 2014 has been sent home. Any orders are
due back by tomorrow Friday the 14th of February. No late orders please.
Thanking you everyone,
Happy reading!
Ms. Chris Browne (Librarian)
Mrs. Cheryl Benson (Book Club Organiser)
Protecting 13th Beach
With so many Families enjoying the beach this summer we thought it timely to remind
Barwon Head’s students about how they can set an example to people visiting our
beaches. The sand dunes are a delicate ecosystem which are home to many plants and
animals. Playing in the sand dunes not only ruins the homes of fauna but also causes
erosion. In past years students from our school have participated in sand dune
revegetation which involves dragging native branches onto the fragile parts of the dunes
to protect them. Please discourage others from playing in the sand dunes-we need to
protect our local environment!
Would $500 assist you with education costs?
Join Saver Plus and match your savings dollar for dollar, up to $500, for education costs including school
uniforms and text books, laptops, sports equipment and music tuition!
To be eligible you must:
 have a Centrelink Health Care or a Pensioner Concession Card
 have a child at school or starting next year
 have some form of household income, for example, you or your partner may have casual, part-time,
full-time or seasonal employment.
Prep A
Prep B
Prep 1C
No awards due to Assessments.
No awards due to Assessments.
Poppy Stevens
Jahli Bennett
Taj Daly
Monique Guest
Lily Carroll – Saunders
Joseph Cincotta
Jema Hely
Charlotte Leibhardt
Maeve Brewer
Tilly Rutjens
Jet Kneebone
Giselle Webber – Taylor
Darcie Bormeisters
Molly Johnston
Lara Grigg
No awards due to Assessments.
No awards due to Assessments.
Ella Rutjens
Miller Smith
Nic Thyer
Jemima Harris
Saul High
Isaiah Norling
Kirra Young
Logan Wood
Murphy Moulton
Mitchell McCahon
Abby Blacket
Lachy Dixon
Stirling Shier
Lachy Dixon
Grace Hudson
Jarah Green
An opportunity to discuss and debrief issues, difficulties and successes
when working with vulnerable children and families in a smaller informal
Representation is invited from Early Childhood & Education staff who are
working with vulnerable children aged 0 – 6 years in the City of Greater
This month there is one group available to attend:
Group 1: Monday 3rd March 2014. 3:30pm- 5:00pm
Guest Attendee: Tracey Daniel, Community Based Child Protection.
Venue: Ariston House Training Room
245-249 Pakington Street, Newtown
Please feel free to pass this onto colleagues who may not have access to this
Please note that there is no parking available on site at Ariston, so allow time to find on-street
Places are limited, bookings are essential
Sandy Snell
[email protected]
Ph: 5272 4105
Barwon Heads Primary | 14th February 2013
Welcome Back
Hi Everyone my name is Colleen Grace and I am the new Coordinator of the After School Care Service.
Thank you to everyone for welcoming me. It's lovely to see some
families that I know walking around! I live locally in the Ocean
Grove community, have 2 children of Kinder and School age, I'm a
member of the Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club, I love paddle
boarding and I love working with kids.
Within the service I aim to provide a safe, fun and educational
environment catered to your child's needs and interests. I am
hoping to introduce a few ideas to the program that will encourage
more participation and a lot more fun! I want families to see that the
service I provide is not only just a service for working families, it's a
service to offer children as an extra-curricular activity for the week.
To get the ball rolling in the first week we did some old favourites as
chosen by the kids. This included dodge-ball and poison ball, dress
ups, arts and crafts and a tour of the school helped to familiarise
myself with the grounds.
This week we explored Countries around the world, recycled box
construction (generally based around our mascot Fuzzy the Bear)
working with natural resources in arts and crafts and more outside
games. Next week we will introduce paper machete, sand painting
and cooking.
Looking forward to meeting you all over the course of the year!
Community News
Parent and toddler indoor group fitness
Mondays 915-10am at the Barwon Heads Community Hall.
$12 per family (1 adult & if you have a child/ren, you can bring them also)
Stacey, M: 0407 622 304
Public Meeting on
Pedestrian Safety for
Barwon Heads
Monday 17th February 2014
Barwon Heads Hall 7.30 pm
Bellarine Community Farmers' Market
This Saturday 15th February, 9am-1pm, Ocean Grove Park For the best of fresh local & regional produce +
food-to-go, playground & buskers all enquiries: Sally Waites 0418141208
Mums Tennis program
There will be a 5 week subsidised Mums Tennis Program beginning on
Monday 24 February – Friday 28 March 2014.
The program is designed to give Mums in the local area an opportunity to get active by playing tennis, meet
and socialise with other mums in the local area.
We also coordinate a Tiny Tots program for children between the ages of 3 - 5 which allows mothers to
participate along with their children and not have to worry about the burden of childcare.
The program is a Tennis Victoria initiative which is a non for profit organisation.
Program Registration: To register for the Mums Program (and the Tiny Tots Program**), Please contact your
nearest venue. Places are limited so please register early!