Board Minutes March 19, 2014

Kellogg Community College
Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
March 19, 2014
The regular meeting of the Kellogg Community College Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday,
March 19, 2014, in the Board Room, Roll Building, Kellogg Community College, 450 North Avenue, Battle
Creek, MI 49017
Chairman Byrd called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. The roll reflected the following trustees present:
Chairman Jonathan Byrd
Trustee Julie Camp Seifke
Trustee Steve Claywell
Trustee Reba Harrington (telephonically)
Trustee Matthew Davis
Trustee Brian Hice
Trustee Jill Booth
Attendance from President’s Council included:
Dr. Dennis Bona, President
Ms. Teresa Durham, Interim Executive Director, Kellogg Community College Foundation
Ms. Becky Gallimore, Executive Assistant to the President
Ms. Catherine Hendler, Vice President, Instruction
Dr. Jan Karazim, Dean, Workforce Development
Mr. Mark O’Connell, Vice President, Administration and Finance
Dr. Kevin Rabineau, Dean, Arts, Sciences and Regional Education
Mr. Bob Reynolds, Chief Information Officer
Mr. Rick Scott, Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Ali Robertson, Human Resources Director
Ms. Terah Zaremba, Dean Student Services
Thirty-one individuals sat in the gallery including invited guests. Mr. Justin Hinkley, Battle Creek Enquirer
reporter, was also in attendance.
The minutes from the February Board of Trustees meeting were approved as written in a motion made by
Trustee Booth and supported by Trustee Davis.
Calhoun Community High School: Dr. Bona introduced Mr. Tim Allard, Principal of Calhoun
Community High School. Mr. Allard recommended Ms. Laura Otte and Ms. Lydia Drikakis for the Calhoun
Community High School Board of Education. This was an action item later in the agenda.
Incident Report: Dr. Bona described an incident that happened earlier in the day with a gentleman
driving west on Roosevelt that had become incapacitated, went off the road, and hit the concrete barrier
where the salt is stored on KCC property. The gentleman passed away but the cause is unknown.
Mr. John DiPierro, Director of Institutional Facilities and Public Safety, provided an explanation of the
incident that took place the evening of March 12 near the main campus involving shots being fired. While
the incident was not on College property, it did effect a lock-down of the main campus for a short period
of time. Adjunct instructor, Ms. Laura Culver, was commended in a letter to Dr. Bona by one of her
students for her outstanding efforts during the lock-down. Ms. Culver had recently participated in Active
Shooter Training held on campus and was able to utilize tips presented in the training to help keep the
students safe. The Crisis Action Plan was reviewed and everything had gone as planned. Trustee
Harrington thanked John DiPierro for his service to the College and also to the others involved in the
Alternative Dispute Resolution: Trustee Harrington introduced Mary Asmonga-Knapp and Wendy
Kropp from the Defense Logistics Agency. Mary and Wendy, along with Laurie First, who was also in
attendance, are mediators at the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center for the Alternative Dispute Resolution
(ADR) group and were there to provide the Board with a deeper understanding of ADR and its benefits
over litigation. There is an opportunity for KCC to benefit from a partnership that would incorporate these
services into existing conflict resolution processes within the bargaining units and administration.
Nursing: KCC’s Nursing Program has had an exceptional year both from a programmatic and outcomes
based perspective. All nursing faculty, the Assistant Director, and Director were on hand to bring
awareness to the department’s accomplishments and the direction it is headed. After some major
changes over the last few years, the outcomes for the RN and PN now exceed those for both the
Michigan and National levels. The goal now is to seek accreditation by 2016 through teaching strategies,
utilization of simulation, collaborative curriculum work, and teamwork. Some of the work being done has
been validated by the acceptance of a proposal to present KCC Nursing Department testing policies at
the TRENDS conference. The department also expressed appreciation for the support received from the
Board and the administration.
Legislative Update: The personal property tax is progressing in the State and the impact for KCC looks
good. It is reported that both the House and Senate are leaning against the tuition cap proposed earlier
by Governor Rick Snyder.
Kellogg Community College Foundation Report: Ms. Teresa Durham, Interim Director for the Kellogg
Community College Foundation, was pleased to report that sixteen individuals have been recommended
as recipients of the prestigious Gold Key Scholarship. Dr. Bona thanked Ms. Durham and the entire Gold
Key committee for their hard work. Trustee Davis commented on the quality of students the college is
able to attract based on the high GPA of the recipients. Disparity between the recipient’s high schools
was noted and discussion was held regarding the need to put emphasis on reaching out to counselors so
they will encourage students to apply.
Scholarships and Grants: The College received scholarships this month totaling $6,324.50. This brings
the fiscal year total to $212,708.83. The scholarships are accepted with great appreciation on behalf of
the students and the College.
21 Century Update: Mr. Richard Scott reported that the recent bond sale to fund construction for Binda
Theatre and the Davidson Building is now closed. The $9.7 million bond issue will be paid off over
thirteen years at a 2.039 percent interest rate. A local entity, Southern Michigan Bank and Trust, based in
Coldwater, teamed up with the winning bidder from Oklahoma to purchase 20% of the issue.
Mr. Mark O’Connell provided an update on Binda Theatre construction. Programming for the Davidson
building reconstruction has been presented to the design team. Estimated timeline for Davidson has the
faculty and staff moving out of the building in December in preparation for the renovation.
Kellogg Community College Center for Diversity and Innovation (KCCCDI): This new KCC initiative,
funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for $2.1 million over the next three years, will focus primarily on
the issue of racial equity. The community-wide effort fits perfectly into the College mission and will be
housed in the downtown office as part of the Division of Student and Community Services.
Succession Planning: Dr. Bona described a tiered plan of succession for key leadership positions at
the College. The first tier details a plan for the sudden departure of an employee while the second tier,
being more conceptual, deals with setting up a profile for make-up of the leadership team. This “living
plan” will be updated with every personnel change that occurs.
2014 All-Michigan Academic Team Awards: On March 25, 2014, KCC students, Jon Johnson and
Madeline Schnorr, will be recognized as recipients of the award and named to the All-Michigan Academic
MCCA Board of Directors Meeting: Chairman Jonathan Byrd and Dr. Bona reported on the highlights
of the MCCA Board of Directors meeting held on March 14, 2014, at Southwestern Michigan College in
Dowagiac. Action items occurring at the meeting included an increase in the annual dues by 12% bringing
KCC’s annual amount to approximately $25,000. Chairman Byrd estimated this was the first increase
since 2008 or 2009. Other items included approval of the budget, a legislative update, discussion of the
governmental accounting standards board and the pension liability, and the statewide branding
Trustee Matt Davis expressed thanks to Rod Price, President of the Kellogg Faculty Association, for
comments he made publicly in the Battle Creek Enquirer regarding the KFA’s support for the College and
the College leadership. The article identified plans for the KFA to begin a faculty senate.
Nursing instructor, Ms. Kathy Bess, stated there are several individuals in the nursing department that are
in support of the faculty senate.
Ms. Bess also asked what type of methodology was used to determine the skills and talents of the
administrative team for the tiered succession plan. Dr. Bona replied that it was a self-assessment.
Mr. Kevin Moody, Chapter Chairperson of the Maintenance Association, stated that he, personally, does
not see a need for ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). He continued by stating that the maintenance
union has not had a grievance for many years and since the maintenance, support staff, and faculty all
have a grievance policy, he wondered if it was something that was really necessary for KCC. In addition,
Mr. Moody also asked for clarification of terminology between Sr. Management, Upper Management,
Executive Management, and President’s Council. That will be provided at a later date.
Financial Statements and Personnel Items: In a single motion by Trustee Booth and supported by
Trustee Hice, the Board agreed to a consent agenda accepting the February financial statements as
presented, including expenditures for the month, and the following personnel items:
Abigail Pero
Teresa Peet
Pam Feeney
Secretary, Nursing
(effective March 11, 2014; Support Staff, O&C II, Step 3, 2013-2014
hourly salary $16.69)
Coordinator, Binda Theater (7.75 years)
(effective June 30, 2014)
Professor, English (25 years)
(effective August 14, 2014)
Calhoun Community High School Board Members: In a motion by Trustee Hice and supported by
Trustee Davis, the board approved the recommendation of Ms. Laura Otte and Ms. Lydia Drikakis to the
CCHS Board of Education.
Community College Act of 1966: After a brief explanation by Mr. Richard Scott, the Board approved the
estimate for the amount of taxes or appropriation deemed necessary for the ensuing fiscal year in a
motion by Trustee Davis and supported by Trustee Booth.
Binda Theatre Painting Bid: In a motion by Trustee Davis and supported by Trustee Camp Seifke, the
Board approved the painting bid by Schweitzer, Inc. with a bid cost totaling $71,071.
Mr. Rod Price, President of the KFA, questioned staffing for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant that was
received for the Kellogg Community College Center for Diversity and Innovation (KCCCDI) in regards to
staff staying on beyond the 3 year grant period. Dr. Bona stated that the decision will be based on
whether or not there is continued grant funding or if enough new revenue is brought in to support the
Mr. Kevin Moody stated that there is also information in the student handbook regarding issues so he
reiterated his earlier statement regarding the need for Alternative Dispute Resolution.
In a motion by Trustee Hice and supported by Trustee Camp Seifke, the Board agreed to enter into
Closed Session at 8:15 pm to discuss the proposed Kellogg Faculty Association contract. The Board was
expecting to take action after the session.
The Board returned to public session in a motion by Trustee Hice and supported by Julie Camp Seifke at
8:31 pm.
Kellogg Faculty Association Contract: On behalf of the Board, Chairman Byrd thanked the KFA for
bringing forth a responsible proposal that clearly had the College in mind. The contract called for a 0.5%
increase and the appropriate step, if any, for each employee and the continuation of the current health
insurance and cost-sharing terms.
In a motion by Trustee Booth and supported by Trustee Camp Seifke, the board approved the one year
KFA contract for 2014-2015.
Chairman Byrd adjourned the Board meeting at 8:34 pm.
Reba Harrington, Secretary
Jonathan Byrd, Chair