Benesse Art Site Naoshima

Benesse Art Site Naoshima Setouchi, Japan Naoshima: Figures Located in Seto Inland Sea appr. 3,500 islanders on 14.22 km² Area polluted and damaged by smelGng industries 1985: Founder of Fukutake Publishing & Major of Naoshima agree to co-­‐operate 1986: ‘Naoshima Cultural Village’ concept Karel Appel’s ‘Frog and Cat’ installed Chichu Museum opening First Setouchi Triennale 1989 1992 Benesse House Museum opening 1996 1998 Commission of site-­‐specific works PreservaGon of historical townscape 2004 2006 2010 Rice Growing project & Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Red Pumpkin’ installed Shinro Ohtake: I ♥湯 (‘I love Yuu’) Shinro Ohtake: I ♥湯 (‘I love Yuu’) 「一貫してやりたいことは島民の人々に長く愛される「銭湯」を目指すことである。
なったとしたらそれに勝る幸せはないのだろう、そんなことを勝手に想像している。」 “Throughout the project, my unswerving desire was to create a public bath that would be loved by the residents of Naoshima long into the future (…) ‘Hey, why don't we go and have a soak?!’ – I like to think of such a conversaGon becoming commonplace.” Shinro Ohtake: I ♥湯 (‘I love Yuu’) Shinro Ohtake: I ♥湯 (‘I love Yuu’) Town-­‐Naoshima Tourism AssociaGon Town-­‐Naoshima Tourism AssociaGon InformaGon Center & Guided Tours Town-­‐Naoshima Tourism AssociaGon 土井豊さん Yutaka Doi Formerly employed at the Mistubishi Materials Naoshima Refinery At first, he was taken aback by the style and appearance of the facility “I always enjoy coming in to work here. I’m not very good at starGng up conversaGons, but it’s great to meet and talk to all kinds of people. I have young girls tell me the T-­‐shirt I wear as a uniform is cute, and I’ve had my picture taken quite a few Gmes” Always takes a bath aier duty before going home Summary RelaGonship between locaGon and artwork → uniqueness of artwork emphasized → alracGveness of area as tourist desGnaGon RelaGonship between residents and artwork → involvement of local residents → greater support from populaGon → communicaGon between residents and visitors Art leads to variety of opportuni5es! Shinro Ohtake @ Parasol Unit, London free, unGl December 12, 2014 For more informaGon: •  Benesse Art Site Naoshima official website:
hlp://www.benesse-­‐ •  Benesse Holdings official website: hlp://www.benesse-­‐ •  Town-­‐Naoshima Tourism AssociaGon official website: hlp:// •  Benesse Art Site Naoshima (2014) ‘Island Residents Working at Naoshima Bath “I ♥湯”’, in Naoshima Note, February Issue
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