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The content of this Key Fact Sheet is prescribed by the Australian Government
and is a requirement under the Insurance Contracts Act 1984
All-in-One Farm Pack V A2.0
Prepared on: 26 November 2014
Understanding the Facts Sheet
The Key Facts Sheet set out some of the risks covered and not covered by this policy and other information you
should consider. This sheet does not provide a complete statement of the cover offered, exclusions, conditions and
limits that apply under the policy. You should carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and all policy
documentation for more details.
Check the maximum level of cover and the events covered
Under this policy, home contents insurance is provided under Category Two – Inventory. You choose if you want
reinstatement cover (cover to repair or replace to the same condition as when new) or indemnity cover (cover to repair
or replace to the condition that it was in, taking into account wear, tear and depreciation). You set the maximum level of
cover and your payout is limited to that amount (the Insured Sum), or less if the underinsurance clause applies.
Fire and
Some examples of specific conditions, exclusions or limits that apply to
events/covers (see PDS and other policy documentation for details of others)
Fire excludes scorching, singeing, melting, charring, brewing, burning out of electrical
equipment and engines, overheating, burning out, breaking of ovens and boilers.
Cover will commence 48 hours after our quotation has been accepted unless the policy is a
renewal of an earlier policy when there is no waiting period.
Only covered if your home building suffers an insured loss from the storm. No cover if
water has penetrated through open windows, doors or shutters and vents (unless you
have Three Star Cover) nor if your home is open on three or more sides. No or limited
cover if the roof is fully or partially removed during construction or renovation.
Theft and
Actions of the
Accidental loss or damage to your home contents is only covered if you have Three Star
All loss or damage resulting from earthquake occurring during each period of 72
consecutive hours shall be considered one event.
Only covered if the connection between the lightning strike and the damage is plausible
and there is visible evidence of the lightning strike at or in the immediate vicinity of the
risk address. Electrical or electronic equipment only covered if there are also tracks of a
direct impact on the equipment or on the building in which it was located.
One Star Cover only covers theft during a fire, fire extinguishing and salvage.
Tsunami is covered.
Escape of liquid
High value items
and collections
Items away from
insured address
Covered under Two and Three Star Cover. Excludes malicious damage caused by
you, your directors, partners, employees, tenants, any member of your family, any
invitees of any of them and anyone else acting with your knowledge and consent.
Only covered under Three Star Cover.
Accidental loss or damage caused by unexpected outflow of liquids or steam from water
pipes, sewer pipes, appliances and devices permanently connected to these pipes or
from plumbing, central heating, air-conditioning, aquariums or water beds, and pipes
bursting as a result of freezing.
Cover for valuables, collections and items away from the insured address
Not covered under One Star Cover. Jewellery only covered under Two and Three Star
Cover if stolen from a permanently inhabited house.
Only covered if temporarily removed for no more than three months and only in
*This Key Facts Sheet is a guide only. The examples provided are only some of the conditions, exclusions and limits in this policy. You must read the
PDS and policy documentation for all information about this policy.
Version 1.0
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The content of this Key Fact Sheet is prescribed by the Australian Government
and is a requirement under the Insurance Contracts Act 1984
Other things to consider
This policy has restrictions that limit your cover for certain events and items, for example, we will only pay up to $5,000 for
any one event for jewellery (unless a higher limit is specified in your Certificate of Insurance). To find out these limits you
need to read the PDS and other relevant policy documentation.
If you make a claim, the excess is the amount you may have to pay of each incident. A number of different excesses may
apply in respect to this policy, for example a higher excess may apply if the loss or damage was caused by flood,
earthquake, tsunami, subterranean fire or volcanic eruption. You may be able to increase these excesses to lower your
premium. For more detail, please read the PDS and other policy documentation.
Legal Liability
This policy does not provide cover for legal liability under Category Two – Inventory (including household effects). If
selected, Category Five – Liability of this policy covers your legal liability when you are found to be legally responsible for
damage or personal injury to a third party or their property. It is limited to liability that arises from an accidental event. You
should read the PDS carefully to determine the extent of this cover.
Cooling off period
If you decide you don’t want this policy within twenty one days of it being issued and you haven’t made a claim, you can
cancel it and receive a refund.
Maximum level of cover offered by insurers
Insurers offer different maximum levels of cover in the event of the loss or destruction of your home including where:
You set the maximum level of cover and your payout is limited to that amount* (Sum insured).
You set the maximum level of cover and the insurer may provide you with some agreed extra cover above that
amount (Sum insured plus safety net).
*the insurer may provide some cover above this amount.
When working out how much cover you need for your contents, ensure that you value your possessions correctly. To do
this you could start by listing all your contents and working out how much it would cost to replace them.
A failure to adequately insure your contents for their replacement value may result in underinsurance.
Warning: this Key Facts Sheet sets out some of the conditions, exclusions and limits in respect to this
policy. You should read the PDS and all policy documentation for all the conditions, exclusions and
limitations of this policy that limit or exclude cover.
Seek more information
If you want more information on this policy contact us on 1300 78 08 08.
For more information on choosing insurance and to better understand insurance, visit the Australian Government website:
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Version 1.0
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