Green Sheet - About Mrs. Kat

Subject: Pre Calculus
Text: Glencoe Advanced Mathematical Concepts
Instructor: Mrs. Kat Thoman
EMAIL: [email protected]
Required Materials: Notebook, 1 pack of binder papers, mechanical pencil, ruler, graphing calculator
(TI-83 or TI-84 only), red correcting pen, and 4-pack whiteboard markers (new/sealed).
Course Description: Pre Calculus course is consists of one academic year of work in advanced
mathematics and a preparation for calculus. It is intended for students who have completed Geometry and
Algebra 2 or Accelerated Algebra 2. In this course, the student uses previously learned math concepts to
analyze and solve real-world problems. Topics included are polynomial functions, theory of equation,
trigonometric functions, sequences and series, exponential and logarithmic functions, parametric equations,
vectors and polar coordinates. This course also meets the CSU and UC university entrance requirements in
addition to the California and San Jose Unified School District Standards for Pre Calculus.
Rules and Expectations: Students are expected to know and adhere to all School and District
policies and behavior standards outlined in the Student and Parent Information Handbook of San Jose
Unified and the Leland Student & Parent Handbook.
1. No food or drinks except bottled water.
2. No profanity, rude, loud, or disrespectful behavior.
3. No walking around the room or social conversation during class.
Electronics: ANY electronics that are visible and/or are in use during class, quiz, or test are eligible for
confiscation. This includes but is not limited to: ipods, cameras, cell phones, and devices with games. Due
to students’ past violations of hiding cell phone use under their desks, students will be asked to keep their
hands out of their pockets, on top of their desk, or visible to the teacher at all times in class. Bags should be
on the floor and not on the desk.
Consequences: Students whose behavior threatens academic success of themselves and others will
receive the following consequences:
1. Conference with Mrs. Kat.
2. Call/ email parents or guardians.
3. Referral to an administrator.
Grading Policy: Grades will be based on the following:
Homework: 10%
Participation: 15%
Quiz: 25%
Unit Test: 35%
Final Exam: 15%
Grades are absolutely not negotiable. Course grades are given for each 6-week grading period. The
semester grade is cumulative.
Letter grades:
A: 90 – 100% B: 80 – 89%
C: 70 – 79%
D: 60 – 69%
F: < 60%
Homework (10%): Homework is assigned on a daily basis (see website for the list of HW assignments
by Chapter) and is meant primarily for practicing the concept or skill learned that day. Thus, it is not graded
as rigid as quizzes and tests (see Homework Rubric). Students who have incorrect answers must copy the
correct answers during class using red pen. Stay alert during HW correction time. Students are responsible
for requesting to see the supporting work of the problems they missed during tutorial period. This will give
them immediate feedback on which concept or skill they need to improve on and to be better prepared for
the chapter quiz/ unit test. Students are responsible to pick up their recorded homework assignments and
keep it for reference or review purposes.
Participation (15%): All students will be expected to:
1) Write down notes and answer APK (Activating Prior Knowledge) question on their notebook
everyday. There will be a notebook check at the end of each semester.
2) Participate during class discussion and group activities. Each student will receive a maximum of 20
points per grading period. (see Participation Rubric)
3) Answer classwork activities (i.e. worksheet and mini project)
Quizzes (25%) and Tests (35%): A quiz will be given after at least 3 or 4 lessons of each chapter.
Chapter test will be given at the end each chapter (see website for schedule). To provide additional help,
study guide sheet will be given one week before each test. Students are responsible to work on each
problem and ask for help on the questions they are having difficulty with before the test (utilize tutorial
Final Exam (15%): It will be a cumulative test, covering all lessons from the entire semester only. Study
guide and final exam review will be given as well to help them prepare for the test. As per department
policy, quiz, test, and final exam papers are not allowed to take home. Assessment tools such as quizzes,
tests, and final exams are used repeatedly every year. Thus, keeping it confidential is important.
HOWEVER, students can request an appointment with the teacher to discuss his/ her score and problems
he/ she missed during tutorial period.
Extra Credit: Extra credit opportunities will be provided throughout the semester (i.e. worksheet, mini
project, etc.). The Mathematics department allows a maximum of 2% extra credit per semester.
NOTE: If a student volunteers to facilitate study session on tutorial period or answer questions during
homework check he/she earns a point (maximum of 1 point per week). If a student earns 5 accumulated
points (maximum of 5 per semester) he/ she can use it either as extra credit points or as homework pass
(You may not turn in 1 homework assignment without affecting your grade).
Late work/Absences/Make-up Work Policy: No late work is allowed unless your absence is
excused. If an absence is unexcused, work cannot be made up, that includes homework, quiz, and
test. Assignments, quizzes, and tests missed due to excused absences must be made up within the same
number of days as the number of days missed. The teacher will not be held responsible for reminding
absent students about the make-up works that are due. Students must come during tutorial period to
correct their homework assignments before turning it in otherwise their make up homework will not
be accepted. Quizzes and tests must be made up by appointment (can be made through email) and
should be taken during tutorial period as well. In addition, students are expected to copy the class
notes from a classmate or from the teacher. You can use your smart phone to take a picture of the notes
and copy it on your notebook at your convenience.
"M" will be recorded in lieu of a grade to remind students to make up their missed homework, quiz
or test. Please note that this will lower your grade until it is replaced with the earned grade. Homework
assignments, quizzes, and tests that are not made up within the allowed time will remain "0" on the
semester grade.
Tutorial Period Policy: Tutorial period is an academic/ learning environment and not an extended
break or social period. Use this to make up missed quiz/ test, correct homework assignment from the day
your were absent, discuss your quiz/ test score, and study for quiz/ test.
Expectations during tutorial period:
1) Attendance will be taken using scanner and sign in sheets.
2) Non – instructional technology use and food are prohibited in the classroom.
3) No disruptive and disrespectful behavior.
Tardy Policy: Attendance will be check as soon as the bell rings. You must be in your assigned seat
when the bell rings to avoid being marked tardy. Excessive tardy = AIM.
Written Work Format Policy: Use pencil and either binder paper or graph paper (if needed) only.
Fold paper in half and draw line in the middle. Table number should be written on the upper left hand
corner. Full name and period should be written all the time on the upper right hand corner of the paper. NO
Cheating: Cheating of any kind, including the use of any electronic device during the quiz/ test will not be
tolerated. Copying another student’s work is considered cheating. Allowing students to copy your work is
also considered cheating so be sure to protect your answers during homework, quizzes and tests. Cheating
on any quiz, test or homework assignment will earn a grade of ZERO. Students who cheat will be reported
and acquire a Cheating File in the office and will not be eligible for a college recommendation from a math
Intervention: Struggling students should come see Mrs. Kat during tutorial period.
To assure the most productive year possible, please be certain that this classroom
information is understood and followed.
I, the undersigned, have read, understand and am responsible for knowing the information
on this sheet.
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