2014-Appeal - Council for Support of Polish Studies

c/o Maciej Zaremba
Jerzy Słubicki
Past Chairman
Toronto, ON M4G 2S9
(416) 422-0383
November, 2014
Teresa Berezowska,
Canadian Polish
20 Rykert Crescent
Over the last ten years hundreds of individuals and organizations have contributed
to Polish Studies. This support -- your support -- has been crucial. Thanks to
your generosity our endowment for the highest level language courses, together
with that of Mr. Wrzesnewskyj, reached about $210,000 at the end of the fiscal
year in May. We are well on our way to our target of $350,000.
Stanisław Orłowski
(1920 - 2003)
We have had a number of outstanding contributions that have not yet been
reflected in the previous fiscal year:
The Adam Mickiewicz Foundation has made a commitment to create a
fund of $25,000 in the coming years for this cause. The first contribution
of $10,000 has been received by the University of Toronto.
On October 16, at a reception at the Polish Consulate, the senior scouting
unit Tatry presented a cheque for $5,550 to Prof. Trojanowska for the
support of the Polish Studies. This sum was donated by the members of
the unit and their families.
Ms. Wanda Matuszkiewicz has made a donation that will be realized in the
future. She has signed an agreement with the University assigning the
proceeds from a life insurance policy to Polish Studies.
On October 15 the Polish Students’ Association donated $1,200 from a
recent fund raising event. This is the third time they have done so and have a
goal of donating a total of $10,000.
Maciej Zaremba
Prof. Janusz Brzozowski
Maria Swiętorzecka
Kazia Bladek
Andrzej Derkowski
Christine Erikson
Jesse Flis
Chris Korwin-Kuczyński
Irene Kremblewski
Eva Stachniak
Danuta Warszawska
Zygmunt Warszawski
Monika Wyrzykowska
We are very grateful for these very generous donations which demonstrate
different ways of supporting the Polish Language and Literature program, and
hope that these examples may inspire many of you in the future. Financial support
can come in many different forms.
Agata Mycek
Paula Poniatowska
On the back of this letter you will find excerpts from statements we have gathered
from some of our most generous donors. Their reasons for supporting the Polish
Studies may echo your own feelings about the value of the program.
E-mail adresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Website - www.csps.kpk.org
As the Christmas holiday season approaches, we wish you the
very best for the Holidays and in the New Year.
Why do I support Polish Studies?
We support Polish Studies to ensure that our Polish language and heritage continues to
thrive for future generations.
Alina Brown, President, Marie Curie Skłodowski Association
We support Polish Studies in order to continue the influence and blending of Polish culture
within Canadian society. We donate to the fund in order to educate a new generation of
Polish-Canadian leaders.
Roman Jagła, Charitable Foundation of the Canadian-Polish Congress
It is important for Canadians of Polish descent that there be a good relationship between
Canada and the country of their birth. We need to understand each other well; to help
ensure this we want Canadians to have some knowledge of Poland’s history and culture.
There has been a large improvement in this regards since Poland gained its independence
and became a member of the European Union. But we must not rest on our laurels.
Tomir Bałut
We are pleased that here, in our adopted country, the next generation has the opportunity
to become familiar with the language, literature and history of their parents’ homeland. As
much as possible we want to help those who wish to learn Polish or improve their Polish
language skills. Some of the settlers in Ontario from the Kaszuby district of Poland, now in
their sixth generation, still speak the Kaszub dialect.
Franek Ciupak
The Polish-Canadian community remembers its Polish heritage and appreciates the
thousand-year old Polish culture. The connection with our homeland can flourish only if we
maintain a thriving contact with contemporary Poland. This will be easiest for those who
speak Polish for they can enjoy Polish literature, internet, film, etc., as well as
communicate with Poles in their own language.
Jerzy and Halina Grodecki
All of us who are parents and grandparents hope that our descendants will remember and
cherish their Polish heritage while remaining fully integrated in Canadian society. Polish
Studies at the University of Toronto provide the opportunity for all interested in Polish
language, culture and history to continue their education.
Andrzej Derkowski
Poland is now an important member of the European Community, and has strong ties with
Canada through the Canadian Polonia. The lectures, workshops, conferences and papers
presented by faculty members of Polish Studies showcase Polish history, culture, literature,
film and theatre. The large Polonia in the Toronto Area easily provides a sufficient number
of students to justify a variety of Polish language courses.
Janusz and Grażyna Brzozowski