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April 5, 2015
Easter sunday
My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
May the joy and peace of the Lord Jesus fill all your hearts on this beautiful
Easter Sunday. I take this opportunity to welcome not only our regular
parishioners, but those who may be visiting from another city or another
This week we have experienced the story of Jesus’ passion and death. It is not
a happy story. In fact, as we hear about Jesus being crucified on the cross, we
hear a story about betrayal, abandonment, and injustice. It is a story of lies and
meanness inflicted on an innocent victim. It sounds like the types of betrayal
we read about in the news. Things that, sadly, still happen every day here on
2699 Peachtree Road, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
But then, the story does not end with death. No, there is another chapter. The
one in which Jesus rises from the dead. Good prevails. That is why the church
asks us today to rejoice and be glad. The Christ who laid down his life for us is
alive and present in our midst. We are filled with joy!
Today Christ has won. And we know that in Christ we shall overcome. I wish
you God’s blessings today and always. May the peace and joy of our risen
Christ reign in our hearts and minds this holy season.
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God bless you,
Family Counseling
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Monsignor Frank McNamee
To submit a non-published prayer
request for our parish Prayer Chain,
email [email protected] or call the
Church office, 404-233-2145.
† We ask that you pause a moment
to offer a prayer for the sick of
our community, especially: Fr.
Joseph Peek, William Abdella,
Barbara Azar, Ben Beavers, Mary
Braniff, Jeanie Stier Butler,
Evangeline Catot, Kathy Cianfoni,
Veronica Davis, Emily Edmonds,
Cheri Letts, Anna Martin, Eula
Marshall, Janice Nachtmann, Marie
Pearce, Elizabeth Pennington, Isaac
Saleumsy, Patty Steadman.
† Congratulations and prayers for
those who were married February
21: Lauren Elizabeth Weingartner
& Jairrid Evertt Zellner.
† Congratulations, welcome and
prayers for our new members
through baptism: Lauren Taylor
Clark, Liam Christopher Mancuso,
John Stewart Williams, Graham
Owen Williams, Elle Amelia
Strickland, Christian Ephrem
Short Sermons to Live By
I should cling to nothing but the will
of God.
Around the Parish
Wedding Workshop
If a wedding at the Cathedral is in your future, plan to attend this workshop on
Monday, April 13 at 7 pm in the Cathedral. Brides-to-be, their mothers, their
fiancés and any interested friends are invited. Members of the Wedding Guild
will explain wedding procedures and answer questions concerning the planning
of the ceremony.
Volunteers Needed—Eucharistic Congress
Eucharistic Congress 2015: “I will be with you always”. The Eucharistic Congress
comes this year to the Georgia International Convention Center Friday, June 5th –
Saturday, June 6th. Please prayerfully consider giving time as a volunteer… your
generosity will be much appreciated. Volunteer registration closes as of May 1st so
that plans may be made according to the number of volunteers committed at that
time. Of particular need each year are volunteers for the Kids Track…please help
spread the word that the number of children who can register and participate in
the Kid Track depends completely on the number of adult volunteers registered
by May 1st. Please register on-line using the link http://congress.archatl.com/
Elijah Cup
At CTK, our parishioners have the opportunity to pray for vocations with
the “Elijah Cup”. Praying for vocations is a responsibility and privilege of
the laity. The “Elijah Cup” is a chalice that is presented to a family or
individual each Sunday at the conclusion of the 9 am Mass. That family or
individual takes the “Elijah Cup” home and uses it as a focal point while
praying daily for an increase in religious vocations. In successive weeks, the
“Elijah Cup” will be passed to other parishioners at the 9 am Mass. To participate
in the Elijah Cup, call 404-267-3692.
Snack Bag Making
The next Snack Bag Making is Wednesday, April 8 at 6:30 pm in Conference
Room 2. Please help us feed the hungry by making snack bags or donating nonperishable, individual pull top cans of a main dish item (such as chili, macaroni
and cheese, spaghetti, beef stew or ravioli) and juice or milk box drinks for the
snack bags. For more information, contact [email protected]
Blessed Charles de Foucauld
- IMPORTANT MESSAGE The parish administrative offices will be closed Easter Monday,
April 6 and there will be no confessions or activities that day.
In addition, please note that all Masses and Rosaries will be
held in D’Youville Chapel the week of April 6 due to the
installation and removal of the stained glass windows in the
Cathedral. We appreciate your patience during this time.
Around the Parish continued
Facilitator Training—We Need You
Your parish needs you! There are people who want to be Catholic who need
teachers and sponsors. There are people who want to study the bible who need
facilitators and leaders. There are adults and teens who want to learn about their
Catholic faith and they need facilitators.
Facilitator Training will be held on May 4 from 7—9 pm in Kenny Hall. You don’t
have to be an expert theologian to be a skilled facilitator. Facilitation is a great way
to learn more about your faith while getting to know others in the parish. Christ
the King needs facilitators for RCIA, Bible studies, Adult faith formation and
Parish Life programs. This one night workshop is a great opportunity to learn how
to facilitate groups and help others.
There’s no cost for this workshop but please RSVP so that we will have enough
materials available. RSVP to Helen Young, [email protected], or Bernadette
Flowers, [email protected]
Family Counseling
Holy Family Counseling Center provides therapy for individuals, couples, and
families from a Catholic worldview. For an appointment or more information, call
Stewardship of Treasure
How shall I repay the Lord for his goodness to me?” Psalm 116
According to the Gospel, Mary of Magdala arrived at the empty tomb first. Prompted by
Mary, Peter and John arrived next and viewed the burial wrappings. Scripture tells us of St.
John, “… he saw and believed.” This is the same John, the beloved disciple, positioned at
Jesus’ side at the Last Supper, who stood at the foot of the cross, and, according to the Gospel,
was one of the first to believe in the risen Christ. Like John, may the gift of Easter grace
strengthen our faith and deepen our discipleship in the Lord so that we may proclaim,
“Christ is risen. Alleluia!”
The Christ the King Conference of St. Vincent de Paul will be collecting money for
the poor at the church doors Easter weekend. Please be generous.
APRIL 5, 2015
It’s Easter—Did You Know?
 In the old days,
pretzels were
associated with
Easter because the
twists of the pretzels
were thought to
resemble arms crossing in prayer.
 In medieval times, a festival of
‘egg throwing’ was held in
church. The priest would throw a
hard-boiled egg to one of the
choir boys, and then tossed from
one choir boy to the next.
Whenever the clock struck 12,
whoever had the egg, was the
winner and got to keep the egg.
 The White House
hosts an Easter
Egg Roll on the
front lawn each
year. This tradition was started by
President Ruthorford B. Hayes in
 Americans consume over 16
million jellybeans on Easter,
enough to circle the globe 3 times
 76% of people eat the ears on
chocolate bunnies first.
 Easter is the celebration of the
resurrection of Christ three days
after his death. It is the oldest
Christian holiday and the most
important day of the church year.
Due to Easter publishing dates, offertory information was not available at the
time of printing.
For your convenience, electronic giving is available at www.cathedralofchristtheking.org.
Blessings to all who remembered a friend or a loved one by donating to the Easter
Flowers Decorations
In Honor Of:
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Anne Abernethy
Kevin Abernethy
Patrick and Erin Abernethy Family
Carlos Eduardo Anliker
Thalia Assaf
Mrs. Linda Beard
The Brady’s of Corry, PA
The Buckshaw’s of Corry, PA
Mary Jane Crawford
Sean D’Loughy
Eleanor Daly
My Nanny and my Papa Eckstein
Donna and Mike Egan
Family and Friends—Living
Katherine K. Ferretti
Katherine Kienle Ferretti
Maggie Grady
Elisabeth Grobel
Francisca Intile
Cecilia LaPedus (mother)
Ted Laski
Monsignor Frank McNamee
Nahida Matin
The Millichap Family
Jane H. Mitchell
Phyllis Mora
Theodore Joseph Nolan
Catherine O’Donnell
Corrine and Kyle Orr
Emma Arlene Peters
Preston Portnoy
Priests and Deacons of CTK
Anna Raglani of Corry, PA
Ida Marie Randazzo
Joseph Randazzo
St. Jude Thaddaeus the Apostle
The Saint Gerard Circle
Joan Sackleh
Barrett Smith
Martha Smith
Helen Stanczyk
John Tardy Sr.
Marcia Abernethy
Marcia Abernethy
Marcia Abernethy
Vivianne Hutt
Marthe Downer Assaf
Saint Gerard Circle
Charlie Buckshaw
Charlie Buckshaw
Sue Lidecka
Mary Beth VanVolkenburg
Meridith Gray
Kerstin Long
Sam Eckstein
Susan DeDeyn
Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. White
John, Monica and Mason Ulzheimer
Ann Marie Ferretti
Barbara and Byron Williams
Ethan and Esther Lacombe
Angela Harrington
Dale LaPedus
Leslie Laski
Anita and Barry Schrenk
Kristina Leyva and Marcus Bray
Cathy and Peter Millichap & Family
Denise and Jay D. Mitchell
Casey Kossuth
Ken and Rhonda Hazen
Larry and Lilli O’Donnell
Betsy Orr
Christine Peters
Steve and Betsy Bulat Turner
Patrick and Barbara McGahan
Charlie Buckshaw
The Davey Family
The Davey Family
Carlos E. Anliker
Saint Gerard Circle
Suzanne and Mike Masters
The Davey Family
The Davey Family
The Tardy Family
The Tardy Family
Blessings to all who remembered a friend or a loved one by donating to the Easter
Flowers Decorations
In Honor Of:
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Violeta Jimenez Zamora
Terry Tardy
Aline Tischer
Mrs. Francine White
Vivianne Hutt
The Tardy Family
Kristen Piatak
Saint Gerard Circle
In Memory Of:
Given By:
Dean Abernethy
Alfred G. Adams
Jim and Lucille Alston
Virginia Ansari
Frances M. Areser
Ignazio F. Areser
Dorothy “Honey” Baker
Ms. Bala
Mae Barry
Kenneth A. Bartosz
Rosalind Bell
Eva Marie Bennett
Jackie Benson
Joseph Thomas Benson
Donna Berthelsen
The Blaydon Family
Lillian Bott
Chuck and Betsy Brady
Margaret Braun
Thelma and William Brock
Pete and Therese Burns
Robert C. Burns
Niall Callanan
Jose Manuel Carballo
Lois Callahan
Ellen Marie Chown
Gabino Chamorro
William Chrimes
Weyman Coe
Mildred Collier
Charlesetta Cooper
Gladys Cooper
Frank Cowan
Dorothy Crippen
Frank Crippen
Eleanor and George Craft
Dolly Damon
Marcia Abernethy
Sarah and Al Adams
Amanda Gregory
Jo-Ann and Bob Peoples
Gary and Cathy Foster
Gary and Cathy Foster
Jennifer Beck
Bob Popowski
Marthe Downer Assaf
Eric and Karyn Froseth
Eyris, Cyrelia and Anthony Polzine
Patricia and David Clevenger
Sarah Catherine Welch
The Braun Family
Erin Smith and Billy Berthelsen
Mary Elizabeth Shannon
John and Donna Frankovsky
Betsy Orr
Lisa Braun
Carol Brock Magill
John Grady Burns
Paul and Marianne Houghton
Monsignor Frank McNamee
Louise Rains
Jane Snecinski
Jonathan and Elizabeth Hurff
Alfonso Chamorro
Charles and Dale Ann Chrimes
Jeff and Patzi Coe
Eric and Karyn Froseth
Shawn Cooper
Shawn Cooper
Janet Dey
Crippen-Ginsburg Family
Crippen-Ginsburg Family
Frank M. Craft
Gary and Cathy Foster
Blessings to all who remembered a friend or a loved one by donating to the Easter
Flowers Decorations
In Memory Of:
Given By:
Carey DeDeyn
Leon H. DeLassus
Margaret and Mac DeLuca
Leo Joseph Dete III
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Dey
Mary Margaret Donnelly
Gertrude Ende
Archbishop John Francis Donoghue
Helen Marie Doolan
Dale Doughan
Dale Doughan
Robert Downer, MD
Tracy P. Downer
Mary Jane Graham Doyle
Helen Draheim
James R. Draheim Sr.
Robert Draheim
Vivian Duffy
Walter James Duffy
Carlos Echague
Gertrud Ende
Bonnie Esser
Jim and Bonnie Esser
Ernest Etoll
Josephine Etoll
Mary Lucy Fairlie
Deceased Members of the Fallon Family
Family and Friends—Deceased
Consuelo Malbog Fangon “Lola”
Deceased Members of The Farrell Family
John Bennett Felty
Emmett J. Ferretti
Emmett J. Ferretti
Deceased members of the Ferrone Family
Glenn Foster
Edwin G. Foulke Sr.
Sharon Foy
Sharon Foy
Richard Burrus Fristoe
Francisco and Carmen Garcia
Deceased Members of the Gastel Family
John and Regis Glancy
James T. Glenn
Paul J. Gordon
Susan DeDeyn
Mary Ann DeLassus
Jo-Ann and Bob Peoples
The Dete Family
Janet Dey
Patrick Donnelly
Ethan and Esther Lacombe
Lynnda Jabaley
Suzanne Doolan
Nash and Rachelle Petusky
Pat and Connie Esser
Marthe Downer Assaf
Lynn and The Downer Family
Andrew Doyle
Jacqueline Draheim
Jacqueline Draheim
Jacqueline Draheim
Simons and Jones Family
Frank and Mary Brooks Smith
John and Michelle Teel
Ethan & Esther Lacombe
Nash and Rachelle Petusky
Pat and Connie Esser
Elizabeth Etoll
Elizabeth Etoll
Jonathan and Elizabeth Hurff
Monsignor Frank McNamee
Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. White
Aisha Guthrie
Monsignor Frank McNamee
Kristen and Dave Felty
Ann Marie Ferretti
John, Monica and Mason Ulzheimer
Mike and Carmelita Prince
Gary and Cathy Foster
Wendy, Elizabeth and Ed Foulke
The Braun Family
Michele and Greg Burdick
The Fristoe Family
Frank, Cathy and Andrew Garcia
Bill Gastel
Elizabeth Cipro
The Gordon Family
The Gordon Family
Blessings to all who remembered a friend or a loved one by donating to the Easter
Flowers Decorations
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Frances Gray
John J. Green
Rochelle Green
Ray Allen Guidry
The Gunning Family
Mary Sugrue Hammond
Gail R. Harper
James Harrington
Rose Harrington
Joseph M. Harrington
Mary Beth Harrington
Charles and Emily Hazen
Edward Heitzeberg
Lillian Heitzeberg
Edgie and Sybil Herbert
Hugh Herbert
Mr. and Mrs. G. Bliss Herrmann
Bliss Herrmann Jr.
Grandma Betty Heusel
Mary Hicks
Randy Hicks
Helen Hull Hitchcock
Janet Hoffmeister
Holy Souls of Purgastory
Albert Hutchison
Joe Hutchison Sr.
Willemine Hutchison
Pietre Intile
Mrs. Minnie Jababley
James M. Jaraczewski
The Johansen Family
Willis B. Jones
Gene Junkins
Magdalen Kaselnak
Stephen Kaselnak
The Kelner Family
Monsignor Thomas Kenny
Monsignor Thomas Kenny
Monsignor Thomas Kenny
The Khoury Family
Robyn Keily
Bill Kiely
Meridith Gray
Alan and Cindy LeBlanc
Alan and Cindy LeBlanc
Elizabeth S. Susco
Barbara and Fred Johansen
Jane and Jim Murray
Pamela Specht
Angela Harrington
Angela Harrington
Sarah and Al Adams
Sarah and Al Adams
Ken and Rhonda Hazen
Katie Hutchison
Katie Hutchison
Sophia Herbert-Peterson
Sophia Herbert-Peterson
Nadine Lawton
Nadine Lawton
Rob and Meg Heusel
Patricia Means Hicks
Patricia Means Hicks
Christine Peters
Nicole and Andy Jung
Thomas Moody
Katie Hutchison
Katie Hutchison
Katie Hutchison
Angela Harrington
Lynnda Jababley
Jaclyn Irving
Barbara and Fred Johansen
Nadine Lawton
Meridith Gray
Larry and Lilli O’Donnell
Larry and Lilli O’Donnell
Judith Ward Kelner
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Seitz
Mary Fenton O’Doyle
John and Carole Seffrin
Poucette Rachmeler
Simons/Jones Family
Judith Kiely
Blessings to all who remembered a friend or a loved one by donating to the Easter
Flowers Decorations
In Memory Of:
Given By:
Kathleen Killackey
Alice Klinovsky
Andy Kostka
Elizabeth Martha Kramer
Harold Henry Kramer
Thomas John Kramer
Mr, and Mrs. John Kuhlmann
Chester and Arlene Kulas
Clarence LeDuc
Grace LeDuc
Kristin Larsen
G. Albert Lawton
Jorge Lawton
Chooja Rosa Lee
Dub Little
Francis A. Lisi
Sharon K. Lisi
Lillian Barbon de Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Jose E. Lopez
Thomas C. Lopez
Oscar R. Loe
Donna Lowry
The McCaheys
McGahan-Ave Family
Christie McNamee Jr.
May and Christie McNamee
Deceased Members of the McNamee Family
Eugene McNatt
Mary McQueen
Dr. James H. McRae
Luella R. McRae
Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Mackinlay
Ailene and Robert Magill
Tom Magill
Eleanor M. Malek
Monsignor Frank McNamee
Karen Klopp
Ita Vellek
Jonathan and Elizabeth Hurff
Jonathan and Elizabeth Hurff
Jonathan and Elizabeth Hurff
Alvaro and Joan Lopez
David Suholet, MD
Jacqueline Draheim
Jacqueline Draheim
David Suholet, MD
Nadine Lawton
Nadine Lawton
Hyunmi Kim
Jennifer Talaber
Steven M. Lisi
Steven M. Lisi
Carlos E. Anliker
Alvaro and Joan Lopez
Alvaro and Joan Lopez
Ita Vellek
The Braun Family
Norine M. McCahey
Patrick and Barbara McGahan
Monsignor Frank McNamee
Monsignor Frank McNamee
Monsignor Frank McNamee
Tere Coronado
Mary Shusta
Frank, Cathy and Andrew Garcia
Frank, Cathy and Andrew Garcia
Nadine Lawton
Carol Brock Magill
Carol Brock Magill
Stephanie A. Colosi
Blessings to all who remembered a friend or a loved one by donating to the Easter
Flowers Decorations
In Memory Of:
Given By:
Richard Malinowski
Vincent Malinowski
Ann Mangin, mother of Msgr. Lopez
Anne Mangin
Francisco Marroquin
Frank and Beatrice Marzzacco
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Maschi
Rachel Maschi
Mary Magdalene Marix
Burt Masters
Victoria Matte
Al and Helen Means Sr.
Pearson Meidel
Dr. Michael T. Melneck
Helen Melvin
Josephine Drew Menadier
Barbara Merkle
Gus Merkle III
Jett Merle
Steve Zoltan Messaros
Tim F. Mitchell
Gretchen Mixon
David Mobley
Rita Moore
Linda Chrimes Moore
Margita Mrvova
The Murphys
Lawrence E. Myers
Stanley T. Napierski
Roger and Naomi Neighbor
Agnes Newman
Jose Luis Antem Nolla
Deceased Members of the O’Connor Family
Arthur O’Donnell
Michael O’Donnell
Paul O’Donnell
Paul E. Oakley
Joseph K. Orr
Larry C Orr
Helen Malinowski
Helen Malinowski
Patrick and Barbara McGahan
Marcia Abernethy
Vivianne Hutt
Kristen Dacanal
Vincent Lopez
Vincent Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. David Stroth
Suzanne and Mike Masters
John and Donna Frankovsky
Patricia Means Hicks
Deborah, Art, Grace and Grant Bradley
Michael Melneck
Brian Melvin
Ursula McIntyre
Joan Merkle
Joan Merkle
Mary Beth VanVolkenburg
Cheri Sullivan
Denise and Jay D. Mitchell
Michelle, Jim, Molly and Harrison Clifton
The deButts Family
Nash and Rachelle Petusky
Charles and Dale Ann Chrimes
Karen Klopp
Norine M. McCahey
Sue and Larry Myers
Sue and Larry Myers
John and Michelle Teel
Mary Elizabeth Shannon
Jamie and Sandra Laskowski
Monsignor Frank McNamee
Larry and Lilli O’Donnell
Larry and Lilli O’Donnell
Larry and Lilli O’Donnell
Ita Vellek
Betsy Orr
Betsy Orr
Blessings to all who remembered a friend or a loved one by donating to the Easter
Flowers Decorations
In Memory Of:
Given By:
Larry Orr
Cullum Owings
Helen and Richard Owings
The Pandini Family
Mrs. Pastorelli
Mary and Frank Peoples
Gladys Perry
Homer Perry
Margaret Piatak
Paul Piatak
Alycia Polzine
Nikolas Polzine
George L. Pope, Jr.
Amanda Powell
Col. Alfred Powell
Deceased members of the Prince Family
Margaret Pritchard
Margaret Pritchard
Alan T. Rains
Edwina Rains
Helen Rroy Rains
Oliver Rodman Renfro
Lucia Reynoso
Clarence Haverty Ridley
Caroline Roberts
Dr. Dean W. Roberts
David Roberts
Donna Roeder
Edward Roeder
Gloria Roeder
Frank R. Romeo
Helen B. Romeo
Cindy Ryan
Fred Sackleh
George Sackleh
Joseph Salerno
Mary E. Salerno
Denise Schreck
Ted and Mary Ellen Seffrin
William Segers
Elizabeth and Joseph Seitz
Marthe Downer Assaf
Susan and Steve Owings
Susan and Steve Owings
Poucette Rachmeler
Jennifer Talaber
Jo-Ann and Bob Peoples
Kirk A. Stephens
Kirk A. Stephens
Kristen Piatak
Kristen Piatak
Eyris, Cyrelia and Anthony Polzine
Eyris, Cyrelia and Anthony Polzine
Margaret and David Withers
Suzanne and Mike Masters
Florence Powell
Mike and Carmelita Prince
CTK Monday Women’s Bible Study (Group 5)
The Braun Family
Louise Rains
Louise Rains
Louise Rains
Frank and Mary Brooks Smith
Alfonso Chamorro
Eleanor Ridley
Adair and Dick White
Adair and Dick White
John and Michelle Teel
Pamela Specht
Pamela Specht
Pamela Specht
Eugene P. Shatlock Sr.
Eugene P. Shatlock Sr.
Kristina Leyva and Marcus Bray
Suzanne and Mike Masters
Suzanne and Mike Masters
Jeff and Patzi Coe
Jeff and Patzi Coe
Matthew, Maggie, Henry and Katie Schreck
John and Carole Seffrin
Eyris, Cyrelia and Anthony Polzine
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Seitz
Blessings to all who remembered a friend or a loved one by donating to the Easter
Flowers Decorations
In Memory Of:
Given By:
John and Mary Shannon
Isabelle A. Shatlock
Don and Maureen Sherman
Dorothy Shusta
Ernest Shusta
Jose H. Silva
Candy, Judson and Wendy Simmons
Marge and Charlie Simons
Alex W. Smith III
Betty Haverty Smith
Harry Eugene Smith
Joseph and Helen Snecinski
Will Soza
Louie Stanczyk
Betty Stephens
William Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Stockton
David and Virginia Suholet
Sarah Alexander Summers
Edward Szustak “Papa”
Joe Talaber
Rita Talaber
Florence and Neuman Taylor
August E. Tischer
Mary Toluba
Loy Thompson
Timothy Culver Trivers
Donald G. Vellek
The Ward Family
Burnette and Betty Sue Washburn
Geraldine O. White
Richard S. White Sr.
Vivian C. White
Demain Donley Whitesides
Helen Wilk
John Withers IV
John B. Withers, IV
John Barker Withers IV
Jeff Wittig
Anne Elizabeth Wrigley
Graham Jerome Wrigley
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Joseph Wrigley
Mary Elizabeth Shannon
Eugene P. Shatlock Sr.
Kyle and Beth Sherman
Mary Shusta
Mary Shusta
Maria da Silva and Augusto Elias Family
Nadine Lawton
Simons and Jones Family
Mr. and Mrs. William Rawson Smith
Mr. and Mrs. William Rawson Smith
Wendy, Elizabeth and Ed Foulke
Jane Snecinski
Mark, Liz, Madeline and Margaret Stewart
The Tardy Family
Kirk A. Stephens
Kirk A. Stephens
Nadine Lawton
David Suholet, MD
Alexis and Steven Summers
Aisha Guthrie
Jennifer Talaber
Jennifer Talaber
Ken and Rhonda Hazen
Kristen Piatak
Joe Wilk
Sarah Kate Thompson
Mrs. Timothy C. Trivers (Helen B.)
Ita Vellek
Judith Ward Kelner
John and Carole Seffrin
Adair and Dick White
Adair and Dick White
Adair and Dick White
The Fristoe Family
Joe Wilk
Susan DeDeyn
Margaret and David Withers
The Withers Family
Tim and Amanda Vergenz
Mr. & Mrs. John Andrew King
Mr. & Mrs. John Andrew King
Mr. & Mrs. John Andrew King
APRIL 5, 2015
Christ the King
Christ the King School creates a nurturing, Christ-centered environment
based on its Catholic tradition of fostering academic excellence, individual
responsibility, spirituality, and growth of the whole child, in order to spread the Good News of
Jesus in word and deed.
Tricia Ward, Principal • 404-267-3669 • www.christking.org
Community of Faith, Knowledge, and Service
At CKS, we are committed to providing a well-rounded education, with Christ at
the center of all that we do. Besides the academically excellent education that can
be measured through standardized testing, CKS also provides learning
experiences that flourish, without measure and expectation, through the grace of
the Holy Spirit in service and liturgy. May the seeds planted at CKS help our
students to always want to serve the Lord in joy.
Baby items were collected for the Advice and
Aide Pregnancy Center to support vulnerable
women in the metro area to choose life for
their unborn child.
Potatoes from the Potato Baby Project were
donated to Toco Hills Community Alliance.
family &
Elaine McCollum • 404-267-3692•
[email protected]
Vacation Bible School
Mark your calendars. This year the
program will run June 15-19, and
meet from 8:45 am – 12:15 pm,.
VBS 2015 is open to children who
have turned 4 by June 1 up through
4th grade. Watch the Cathedral
website for electronic registration.
VBS Volunteers Needed
If you are interested in assisting with
the program, please contact Elaine
McCollum, [email protected],
or call 404-267-3692.
Important Dates
 PSR classes will NOT meet
Sunday, April 12. Classes will
resume on April 19.
Teachers Sought
Christ the King Catholic School, a K-8 Archdiocesan parish school, located in the
Buckhead community of North Atlanta, GA is establishing an applicant pool of
certified teachers for the 2015-2016 school year. Requirements include a
Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Education. Qualified applicants may obtain the
professional educator application via website at www.christking.org. Please fax
application and resume to 404-266-0608 or email [email protected]
 Family Pizza/Bingo night, April
30 at 6 pm. All Parish families are
welcome. Details to follow.
Save the Date
The CTK Men’s Club Speaker Series will host its April
event on Thursday, April 9 at Fado Irish Pub in
Buckhead. The cost is $20 to attend.
For more information or to register, visit
Invites all adults
to join us for
A Salute to the
Masters Golf
Adult Formation & RCIA
Kathy McCormick • 404-267-3691 • [email protected]
Mark your calendars to join us for
Monday Evening Bible Study
“The Prophets: Messengers of God’s Mercy”
Begins Monday, April 20th 7:00 - 8:30pm in the Hyland Center
God Is Calling You To a Deeper Relationship with Him
After the 5:45pm and
7:15pm Masses
If we consider that God is the Divine Bridegroom and the Church is his Bride,
then the prophets can be seen as “spiritual marriage counselors.” They afflict the
comfortable and comfort the afflicted, calling us to return to our covenant relationship with God. They urge us to repentance, warn us of the dangers of sin, and
announce the blessings of faithfulness. Their prophetic words speak to us even
today, as they draw us closer to our heavenly Bridegroom, and show us how to
share him with others.
In Kenny Hall
The Prophets: Messengers of God’s Mercy is a Catholic Bible study that will draw
you closer to your heavenly Bridegroom.
Come connect with your
church family!
This is a 10 week DVD program. No meeting on Memorial Day.
Sunday, April 12
For more info go to
Traveling This Spring
Don’t let
your spring
break travels
prevent you
from going
to Mass. You
may visit www.masstimes.org,
which is a non-profit website that
allows traveling Catholics to locate
Mass times and information for
Catholic Churches around the
Register online today at www.cathedralofchristtheking.org/MEBS
Join other adults just like you each Sunday Night to
Make New Friends, Grow in Faith, Connect to our
Church Family
Sunday Evenings in Kenny Hall after the 5:45 pm Mass
SOCIAL HOUR - after 7:15 pm Mass
April 5
No SNL - Happy Easter!
April 12
SNL Café
“A Salute to the Master’s Golf Tournament”
April 19
“The Blessed Virgin Mary” Part 1 of 4 series
April 26
“The Blessed Virgin Mary” Part 2 of 4 series
May 3
SNL meets at Felini’s (off site)
May 10
SNL Café - Cinco de Mayo celebration
May 17
“The Blessed Virgin Mary” Part 3 of 4 series
For more info go to www.cathedralofchristtheking.org/SNL
Pastoral Care Ministry
Linda Dyson • 404-233-2145 x440 • [email protected]
Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers and Greeters
Needed for Weekday Funeral Masses!
Additional Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and Greeters are needed
to serve at funeral Masses and memorials at the Cathedral. If you can be available
during a week day to serve, and would like to be added to our phone tree, please
contact Linda Dyson, 678-235-0505 for more information.
New Ministry at CTK: Parents of
Do you have a child that suffers from any type of
Addiction? Could you use support from your
church community? Interested in joining BiMonthly Bible Study for Parents? We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 7 pm. For
more information contact Suzanne Strang @ [email protected] or call
CTK Knitting Ministry
Relax, focus, and let your creativity blossom. Make new friends and be of service
to the Lord. Think about joining the CTK Knitting Ministry. Do not knit? We will
show you how—not a problem. We meet once a month at the Cathedral from 10
am until noon on the first Wednesday. We knit shawls, baby blankets and hats
for Christ the King, the Shepherd Center and Piedmont Hospital. Call or
e-mail Nancy Mattus at [email protected] Phone: 770-455-8738.
Funeral Reception Volunteers Needed
The Funeral Reception Committee provides loving hospitality for families who ask
to have a reception following their loved one’s funeral. We offer a variety of
opportunities to serve: to cook food, telephone committee or serve at the
reception. Recipes are provided and you will be called only once or twice a month
to volunteer. All is done on a rotation basis. If you are interested in volunteering
on the Funeral Receptions Ministry, please contact Joanne Love, 404-256-1442 or
[email protected]
APRIL 5, 2015
Monsignor Frank & Pastoral Care Ministry of the Cathedral of Christ the King Invite our Senior Adults to join us for the 12:10 Mass in the Cathedral, followed by anoin ng of the sick, with lunch and camaraderie In Kenny Hall. T h u rs d ay, April 23, 2015 Reserva ons are Limited, Reserve your Place Call Pastoral Care at (404‐267‐3674) When “Cheer up” Doesn't Work
You’ve heard it time and time again: “Cheer up … Get over it . . . It’s
not that bad.” Maybe people have said it to you. Or perhaps you
keep saying it to yourself. But it hasn’t helped. You’re still hurting. Things are
coming apart. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to go through your struggle
alone. Help is available. Our Stephen Ministers are trained caregivers who will
walk with you, listen to you, and provide confidential, one-to-one care as you sift
through the pieces and find what is truly in your heart. Contact Linda Dyson,
Stephen Leader at 404-233-2675 to learn how to meet with a confidential
Stephen Minister who is ready to care for you.
Stewardship -
Your time & talent
Bernadette Flowers • 404-267-3690 •
APRIL 5, 2015
Around the Archdiocese
Trauma Recovery Group
Parish Trip to see Pope Francis
The Office of Child and Youth
Protection Victim Assistance Program is
offering a Trauma Recovery Group for
adult survivors of childhood trauma
Thursday evenings beginning May 5.
Registration deadline is April 24. Group
is limited to 10 participants.
Join the people of St. Joseph Parish and Fr. Gaurav Shroff on a 5-day trip to see Pope
Francis in Philadelphia, September 25-29. Also included, a visit to Mount St. Mary’s
Seminary and the home of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American-born saint,
from Emmitsburg, MD, and a visit to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the
Immaculate Conception and the St. John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington DC.
The pilgrimage starts in Baltimore the evening of Friday, September 25 and ends in
Washington DC on Tuesday, September 29.
If you are interested, contact Lynn Renna before the deadline of April 17 at
[email protected] or 706-338-3434.
Camp for Disabled
Toni’s Camp Retreat is open to any person age 14 or older who is mentally or
physically impaired, who possesses basic self-care skills, enjoys group activities,
and does not have severe behavioral problems is welcome. Toni’s Camp Retreat
will be held May 1 – 3. For additional information call 404-920-7682 or email:
[email protected] Registration for Toni’s Camp Retreat is now available
online at: http://www.archatl.com/ministries/disabilities/toniscamp.html.
Registration is on a first come, first serve basis..
Intern at Archdiocese of Atlanta
Catholic? Interested in fighting poverty? Be an Intern with the Catholic Campaign for
Human Development! CCHD is the domestic anti-poverty social justice program of
the U.S. Catholic Bishops that promotes and supports parish and community-based
efforts and education for justice that work to end the root causes of poverty. This $12
per hour paid internship will involve working 15 hours/week for approximately 24
weeks between September 2015 and April 2016 (days and hours are flexible).
Participation in a May 27-29, 2015 Orientation is required. Applications for the
CCHD Internship can be obtained by submitting resumes to Kat Doyle, Director of
Justice & Peace Ministries, via email at [email protected] by no later than April 6.
9th Annual "It's Just Hair" Cut-a-thon
Do you have long hair? Please consider donating your locks for the 9th Annual
"It's Just Hair" Cut-a-thon to benefit Locks of Love and children with long-term
medical hair loss. The cut-a-thon will take place on Monday, May 18 in
Alpharetta. Hair must be at least ten inches and cuts and styles are
complimentary. Please contact Diane Cooley to register or for more information
at [email protected] or call 678-521-5639.
PATH Retreat
It will be held at St. Jude the Apostle
Catholic Church, 7171 Glenridge Drive
NE, Atlanta from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.
Cost is $25 per session (partial
scholarships available). Please contact
Sue Stubbs at 404-920-7554.
Tolton Reteat
Please join us for Walking With the
Saints: Tolton Spirituality Retreat on
Saturday, April 11 from 9 am—3 pm at
the Lyke House, The Catholic Center at
AUC, 809 Beckwith St. SW, Atlanta.
The retreat will focus on The Cause for
Canonization of Father Augustus Tolton
For more information or to RSVP,
contact Mr. Ashley Morris at the Atlanta
Archdiocese Office for Black Catholic
ministry at [email protected] or call
Sophia Academy Open
There will be an Open House for
prospective parents Wednesday, April
8 at 9:15 am at 2880 Dresden Drive
Atlanta. As a Marist Catholic college
prep school, Sophia Academy
provides personalized education
tailored to meet students with mild to
moderate learning differences as well
as traditional learners. Contact
Jennifer Artigue for more details:
[email protected] or call
A PATH (Post Abortion Treatment and Healing) Retreat is scheduled for April 10,
11, and 12. If you are wanting to know more about this compassionate and
confidential ministry, visit our website at www.healingafterabortion.org. PATH is
endorsed by Archbishop Wilton Gregory.
2699 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
2620 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA 30329
Teléfono 404-267-3696
Lunes a Viernes : 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Catedral Martes
7:00 PM
5:00 PM
1:30 PM
Misión Domingo
9:30 AM
Lunes y Miércoles 7:15 - 7:45 AM
6:00 - 6:30 PM
8:30 - 9 AM / 3 - 4:00 PM
9:00 - 9:30 AM
Otros días, previa cita únicamente.
Mis queridos hermanas y hermanos,
Que la alegría y la paz de nuestro Señor Jesús llene sus corazones en este
hermoso Domingo de Pascua. Aprovecho esta oportunidad para darle la
bienvenida no solamente a nuestros feligreses de siempre, sino también a
quienes nos visitan de otras ciudades o de otras parroquias.
Esta semana hemos experimentado la historia de la pasión y muerte de
Jesús. No es una historia feliz. De hecho, al escuchar la historia de la crucifixión de Jesús, escuchamos también una historia de traición, abandono
e injusticia. Es una historia acerca de mentiras y maldad cometidas contra
una víctima inocente. Suena como el tipo de historias que vemos en las
noticias. Este tipo de cosas, tristemente, suceden aún en nuestros días en
nuestra sociedad.
Pero luego, la historia no termina con la muerte. No, esta historia tiene
otro capítulo. El capítulo en el cual Jesús se levanta de la muerte. El bien
prevalece. Estas es la razón por la cual la Iglesia nos urge a regocijarnos y
a estar contentos. Cristo que dio su vida por nosotros, está vivo y presente entre nosotros. ¡Estamos llenos de alegría!
Hoy Cristo ha vencido a la muerte. Y sabemos que en Cristo, podemos
vencer todas las dificultades. Les deseo muchas bendiciones hoy y siempre. ¡Que la paz y la alegría de Cristo resucitado, reine en nuestros corazones y en nuestras mentes en este tiempo santo!
Menores de 6 años
Horario para inscripción: Lunes a Viernes de
10 AM a 1 PM en la oficina del Ministerio
Hispano. Se requiere el certificado de
nacimiento y un comprobante de domicilio.
Preparación obligatoria para padres y
padrinos el cuarto viernes de mes de 6-9 PM.
Bautismos – Cuarto sábado de mes a las 9 AM.
Deben estar inscritos en la Parroquia 3 meses
antes de solicitar el Bautizo.
Iniciación Cristiana para adultos
Para adultos que les falte algún sacramento
(Bautizo, Comunión y Confirmación)
Las clases son los lunes de 7 a 9 PM
Para más información llamar a María
Goretti, 404-267-3696.
 Deben estar registrados en la parroquia.
 Comunicarse con la oficina del Ministerio
Hispano al 404-267-3696.
Los 2do y 4to Domingo del mes, inscribirse al
404-267-3696, indicando el nombre del niño
que será presentado. Los niños de tres años
que van a ser presentados deben estar
Que Dios los bendiga,
Monseñor Frank McNamee
“¿Cómo podré pagar al Señor todo el bien que me ha hecho?” Salmo 116
De acuerdo al Evangelio, María Magdalena llegó primero a la tumba vacía.
Animados por María, Pedro y Juan llegaron después y vieron las sábanas con las
que se había envuelto el cuerpo de Jesús. La escritura nos dice de San Juan “.. Vió
y creyó.” Este es el mismo Juan, el discípulo amado, que estuvo al lado de Jesús
durante la Ultima Cena, que estuvo parado al pie de la cruz, y de acuerdo al
Evangelio, fue uno de los primeros en creer en el Cristo resucitado. Como Juan,
que el don de la gracia en este día de Pascua nos haga más fuertes en la fe y nos
haga profundizar nuestro discipulado en el Señor, de tal manera que podamos
proclamar: “Cristo ha resucitado. ¡Aleluya!”
La información de la colecta no está disponible al momento de la impresión de
este boletín.
Aviso Especial
Las oficinas de la Catedral estarán cerradas el día Lunes 6 de Abril por la fiesta de
la Pascua. Regresaremos para servirlo el día Martes 7 de Abril.
Se necesitan voluntarios para el Congreso
Congreso Eucarístico 2015: “Estaré siempre con ustedes”. El Congreso Eucarístico
este año será el Viernes 5 y el Sábado 6 de Junio en el Centro Internacional de
Convenciones de Georgia. Por favor considere donar su tiempo como voluntario
… su generosidad será muy apreciada. El registro para voluntarios se cerrará el 1
de Mayo para poder planificar de acuerdo al número de voluntarios que se han
comprometido a ayudar estos días. Se necesitan especialmente voluntarios para el
Kid Track … por favor ayúdenos a pasar la voz que el número de niños que podemos registrar para que puedan participar del Kid Track depende completamente
del número de voluntarios adultos registrados para el 1 de Mayo. Para registrarse
en línea, por favor use esta dirección: http://congress.archatl.com/volunteers/.
Es Pascua, ¿sabía Usted que …?
En tiempos antiguos, los pretzels eran asociados con la Pascua debido a que las
vueltas de los pretzels se veían como brazos cruzados en oración.
En tiempos medievales había un festival de “tirar el huevo” en la iglesia. El sacerdote le tiraba un huevo cocido a uno de los niños del coro, y este a
otro, y así. Cuando el reloj tocaba las 12, quien tuviese el huevo, era el ganador y se quedaba con el huevo.
Se consumen más de 16 millones de Jellybeans en Pascua en los Estados
Unidos, cantidad suficiente para darle la vuelta a la tierra tres veces.
APRIL 5, 2015
Se necesitan voluntarios para adoración al
Santísimo Sacramento. Apuntarse en la
oficina del Ministerio Hispano.
Si deseas formar parte del grupo de
oración, este se reúne todos los sábados de
6 a 8 pm en el Salón de Conferencias I.
Para más información por favor contactar a
Luz Marina Amaya al 404-604-9286.
 Si desea que la imagen Peregrina visite
su casa, por favor registrarse con Imelda
en la oficina del Ministerio Hispano.
Si desea agradecerle a Dios el don de la vida
en sus quince años, por favor inscribirse con
tres meses de anticipación a las clases de
preparación obligatorias. Le recordamos que
es necesario haber recibido la primera
Comunión, asistir al grupo juvenil de
crecimiento o Confirmación y tomar el curso
de quinceañeras.
Inscribirse en la oficina 404-267-3696
Si desea ofrecer sus servicios a la comunidad Le
invitamos a participar en alguno de los Ministerios
eclesiales de nuestra parroquia. Llame al
Catecismo para niños de 3 a 16 años y
Escuela para Padres de Familia y Adultos.
Los Sábados a las 3:00 PM. Más
información con María Goretti Guzmán al
PARROQUIA Inscribirse en la
parroquia es una manera de afirmar:
¡Esta parroquia es mi familia! Mayores
informes llamando al 404-267-3696.
Lo invitamos a visitar nuestro portal de
internet www.catedraldecristorey.org
Ofrecemos consejería a bajo costo para
individuos o familias. Consejeros
profesionales están disponibles en el área
metropolitana de Atlanta, el costo es basado
en el salario que recibe la familia. Llame al
404-885-7266 o al 404-321-2900 de
Servicios Sociales Católicos.
76% de las personas se comen las orejas del conejo de Pascua primero.
La Pascua es la celebración de la resurrección de Cristo tres días luego de su
muerte. Es la fiesta cristiana más antigua y el día más importante del año en
la Iglesia.
ADULT INQUIRY: Adults interested in
learning about the Catholic Church can
attend meetings most months on the
fourth Monday at 7:00 pm. Please see
inside the bulletin for upcoming
sessions. No further obligation or
commitment is required. Call Helen,
404-233-2145 x439.
ANNULMENT: To help couples establish
permanent and sacramental marriages, the
Church encourages divorced and
remarried persons to pursue the
annulment process. Contact 404-2332145 for information on arranging a
confidential discussion with a trained case
Thursday, ten days BEFORE the
bulletin date. All new notices need
prior approval; submit one week before
this deadline. Fax to 404-233-9711 or
email to [email protected]
NUMBERS: Please notify the Parish
Office at 404-233-2145 x432 of any
change in your member information.
PLANNING: For more information,
contact Ann LaBar at 404-915-1685.
MARRIAGE RENEWAL: Rediscover your
marriage through Retrouvaille. Visit
www.retrouvailleofatlanta.org or call
NEW PARISHIONERS: Registration forms
are available in the back of the Church.
Drop them by the Reception Desk or in
the Collection Basket at Mass.
children who do not attend Catholic
School and are the age for Preschool
(4 years old) through 8th grade.
Registration forms are available in the
Religious Education Office.
through a difficult time? Stephen
Ministers are caregivers trained to provide
confidential Christian care. Contact
Dottie O’Connor, 404-233-2145 x440.
Nursery is available for children 6 months
to 4 1/2 years of age at the 9 am, 10:30
am, 12 noon, and 1:30 pm Masses on
Sunday. Please provide supplies (i.e.
diapers, bottles) to the nursery worker for
your child. Mark all personal items with
your name. Donation suggested.
Acts 2:14
6:45 am
8:10 am
12:10 pm
5:30 pm
April 6, 2015
Mt 28:8-15
Joseph DiMercurio (D)
Willard Pitt (L)
Estelle Moores (D)
Kendall Grant and Family (L)
TUESDAY, April 7, 2015
Acts 2:36-41
Jn 20:11-18
6:45 am Tony Farrell (L)
8:10 am Lilian Hernandez Rayman (D)
12:10 pm Chip Miller (L)
5:30 pm Patricia Callahan (D) 7:00 pm Wendy Arizona Orellana (D)
WEDNESDAY, April 8, 2015
Acts 3:1-10
Lk 24:13-35
6:45 am Lisa Hart (L)
8:10 am Claire Eanes (D)
12:10 pm Adam Hill (D)
5:30 pm Julie and Pitts Carr (L)
THURSDAY, April 9, 2015
Acts 3:11-26
Lk 24:35-48
6:45 am Tom and Robin Tio (L)
8:10 am Mike Desing (L)
12:10 pm Raul Pino (L)
5:30 pm David Colgan (L)
FRIDAY, April 10, 2015
Acts 4:1-12
Jn 21:1-14
6:45 am John R. Cray (L)
8:10 am Willie Hickey (D)
12:10 pm Albert Lawton and Wendy
Simmons (D)
5:30 pm Angie and Art Beattie (L)
SATURDAY, April 11, 2015
Acts 4:13-21
Mk 16:9-15
8:10 am Cecilia Strougal (D)
4:00 pm People Of The Parish
5:00 KH Pedro Martinez and Francisca
Ramos (D)
5:00 pm Sierra Nelson (D)
SUNDAY, April 12, 2015
Acts 4:32-35
Jn 20:19-31
7:30 am For Volunteers of The Divine
Mercy Ministry (L)
9:00 am Jane O’Reilly (D)
10:30 am Gallagher and Rowland Families
10:30 KH Jesus Lucas, Sr. (D)
12:00 pm Reverend Robert Tomkins (D)
1:30 pm Leslie Maria Garcia (L)
4:00 L/T Tom Kolb (D)
5:45 pm Dorothy Bartenfelder (D)
7:15 pm Lita T. Logarta (D)
MONDAY, April 6, 2015
6:00 pm Divine Mercy Novena (D’Y)
TUESDAY, April 7, 2015
9:30 am Tuesday Women’s Bible Study*
9:30 am CBSW* (KH)
6:00 pm Divine Mercy Novena (D’Y)
6:00 pm Parents of Prodigals (CKS Media
6:15 pm Legion of Mary (CR2048)
6:30 pm Women’s of the Word* (KH)
7:00 pm CRHP Men’s Meeting* (HC)
7:00 pm Rosary Group Prayer Cenacle
WEDNESDAY, April 8, 2015
7:15 am Confessions (CA)
7:15 am Men’s Bible Study (KH)
6:00 pm Divine Mercy Novena (D’Y)
6:00 pm Confessions (CA)
6:30 pm Snack Bag Making (CR2)
7:00 pm Word of God Prayer Group
(Nursery 2053)
THURSDAY, April 9, 2015
6:00 pm Divine Mercy Novena (D’Y)
6:30 pm CTK Men’s Club Speaker Series
7:00 pm CRHP Women’s Meeting* (CKS
Media Ctr.)
FRIDAY, April 10, 2015
6:00 pm Divine Mercy Apostolate (D’Y)
SATURDAY, April 11, 2015
7:30 am Divine Mercy Novena (CA)
8:30 am
3-4 pm Confessions
SUNDAY, April 12, 2015
4:00 pm LifeTeen Mass (CA)
*Pre-registration required for this event.
Call 404-233-2145 for more information.
Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory
Most Reverend Luis R. Zarama
Most Reverend David P. Talley
Reverend Monsignor Francis G. McNamee
Reverend Feiser Muñoz
Reverend John Howren
Reverend Richard Morrow
Reverend Monsignor Richard Lopez (in residence)
Reverend Mr. Chris Andronaco
Reverend Mr. John McManus, JCL
Reverend Dr. Scott J. N. McNabb
Reverend Mr. Whitney Robichaux, Jr.
Reverend Mr. Gerald J. Zukauckas
Saturday Masses:
8:10 am, 4:00 & 5:00 pm (Saturday Vigils)
Sunday Masses:
7:30 am, 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, 4:00 pm Life Teen,
5:45 pm (Cathedral), 7:15 pm
Weekday Masses:
Monday–Friday: 6:45 am, 8:10 am, 12:10 pm & 5:30 pm (D’Y)
En Español:
5:00 pm Sábado (Salon Parroquial)
9:30 am Domingo (Misión de Cristo Rey)
1:30 pm Domingo (Catedral)
7:00 pm Martes (Catedral)
Mondays at 6 pm
After all 8:10 am & 12:10 pm Masses
Tuesdays at 7:00 pm
Spend an hour each week in adoration in the Blessed Sacrament
Chapel. Email [email protected]
Parish Office: 404-233-2145; Fax: 404-233-4984
Archdiocesan Catholic Information: 404-888-7801
Faith Formation & Evangelization: 404-267-3691
Hispanic Ministries: 404-267-3696
Music Ministry: 404-233-2145
Pastoral Care: 404-233-2145 x440
Religious Education: 404-267-3694
Christ The King School: 404-233-0383; Fax: 404-266-0704
St. Vincent de Paul Hotline: 678-892-6163
Dear Friends in Christ,
On behalf of Archbishop Wilton Gregory, the Clergy and
staff, I welcome you to the Cathedral of Christ the King. I
hope and pray that you feel welcomed by our parish
community and that your spiritual and pastoral needs will
be met.
We are a very active parish with 5,500 families and over one
hundred ministries. We encourage our members to share
their gifts of time, talent and treasure.
Our mission statement is to “Know, Love and Serve as Jesus
Did”. This is the mission of each disciple of Christ and, if
you are new, I hope and pray that you will join us and be
part of the community of Christ the King. If you are passing
through or visiting the city of Atlanta, I hope you enjoy your
worship experience and please visit us again.
If you would like to know more about our parish, you can
visit our website at www.cathedralofchristtheking.org or
email us.
May we, this day and all the days of our lives, know, love
and serve as Jesus did.
Prayers and Blessings,
Msgr. Frank McNamee, Rector
Parish families who wish to have a child baptized should be
registered in the parish for 3 months and take the prebaptismal class BEFORE the birth of their child. Classes are
offered monthly. Please contact Elaine McCollum at 404267-3682 to register for the class. All scheduling
information is given at the class. (Note: Baptisms are scheduled
after the class is completed.)
Preparation is a two-year process. Enrollment in Catholic
school or Parish School of Religion is required the year
prior to receiving the Sacrament.
A minimum of six months preparation is required. Call the
Parish office, 404-233-2145 x673 for information and to
register for the preparation process.
Monday and Wednesday, 7:15-7:45 am and 6-6:30 pm.
Saturday, 8:30-9 am and 3-4 pm, in the Cathedral.
Please inform Pastoral Care Ministries of anyone homebound, shut
-in or hospitalized so that they may receive the Sacraments.
Please call 404-233-2145.