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Canadian Energy Supply Chain Forum
28-30 October 2014 – BMO Centre, Calgary
Building a World-Class Supply Chain; by delivering world-class
outcomes…. Driving Alberta’s long-term advantage - to everyone’s advantage.
Event Partners: Supply Chain Management Association Alberta, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
and Government of Alberta.
Energy Companies – Developers & Operators (300 Buyers): Decision makers and
influencers from - supply chain management, engineering, construction, inspection,
finance and project management.
EP/EPC/EPCM (100 Buyers & Sellers): Decision makers and influencers from –
business development, supply chain management, engineering, construction,
inspection, finance and project management.
Fabrication, Manufacturing and Service Sector (400 Sellers): Senior management,
supply chain management, engineering and senior business development.
Government and Education (50)
-Tuesday Program Overview8:00AM-12:00PM
Workshops/Project Updates/Access to Capital Program
Canada 3.0 – Building the Technology Supply Chain for the Canadian Energy
“What the Canadian Energy industry wants from the technology supply chain”: Tom JENKINS,
Opentext and Senior O&G Representative
Three case-studies featuring energy companies who have already successfully embraced
technology supply chain initiatives: Three short videos and six speakers
Q&A and summation
Canada 3.0 – Technology Supply Chain Developments & Game Changers
Two energy sector projects underway
Five examples of Game Changers
Social in Showroom
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Opening Dinner – P1: Moderator: TBA
Keynote: Mike MACSWEEN, Executive Vice President, Major Projects, Suncor (confirmed). Mike is
a Productivity Alberta board member and is heading up PA's energy steering committee, which has a
project called the "Aligned Project Execution Initiative". The goal of the initiative is to create a
framework for collaboration whereby all members of the supply chain benefit.
Project Alignment and Delivery (PAAD) takes a bird’s eye view of industrial projects in Alberta and
takes a look at all aspects involved; from manufacturing to supply chain and construction, accounting
to management and procurement. PAAD is dedicated to discover, measure and address critical
execution and productivity challenges in large-scale energy and construction projects, through
collaboration and demonstration of the best practices.
Previous productivity improvement projects, studies and reports have focused on the elements
that make up large-scale projects, but PAAD takes a holistic approach; This ambitious approach
has the ability to measure project execution at both the macro and micro levels; benchmarking
success against global and internal metrics and working to improve execution across an entire
industry, not just one or two factors.
SCMA 25th Anniversary Celebration
-Wednesday Program Overview8:30-8:45AM
Housekeeping and Welcome
Opening Plenary
On Time & On Budget: What does it take to be world-class?
Moderator: Justin RIEMER, Assistant Deputy Minister, Enterprise Division,
Innovation and Advanced Education, Government of Alberta (confirmed)
Case-study – Nova Chemical’s Joffre Polyethylene Facility Expansion Update
Presented by: Ernie TROMPOSCH, Nova Chemicals Corporation, PMO Manager - Construction
Case-study – An Alberta based international petroleum industry owner operator
Case-study – General Electric’s contribution to the Gorgon LNG Project, Operated by Chevron Australia
in joint venture with ExxonMobil and Shell. Presented by GE
10:30AM-12:00PM Concurrent Session: Uncovering Good Ideas and Practices
Topic 3.1: The Key to Effective Communication
 Provide the mechanics of effective communication to influence and achieve the desired
Topic 3.2: Scope and Specification Development
 The cost of poor scoping and good scoping practices to minimize waste. A Buyer’s and
Seller’s perspective.
CESCF14 DRAFT PROGRAM (not for publication) – Produced by: JWN Events
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Topic 3.3: A Better Competitive Bidding Process
 When and how to effectively go to market. A Buyer’s and Seller’s perspective.
Topic 3.4: Energy Sector Outlook
 A presentation from CAPP or others on the growth in the energy sector and its impact to the
economy, supply, and cost.
Topic 3.5: Technology Supply Chain - Productivity
 Three – four presentations
12:00-1:30PM Lunch
Concurrent Session: Uncovering Good Ideas and Practices
Topic 3.6: Building Collaboration Capabilities
 The value of effective collaboration and the building block skills to develop this capability.
Topic 3.7: Integrated Project Delivery
 Productivity Alberta moderated session on projects that have achieved successes.
Topic 3.8: Contract Performance Management
 Developing effective two-way scorecard to ensure alignment of interest and contract
Topic 3.9: Case Studies: SCM Excellence in Supporting Operations
 Demonstrate operational excellence at stage 1 and 2 of the maturity cycle.
Topic 3.10: Technology Supply Chain - People
 Three – four presentations
Day One Closing Plenary P4: Work Packages and Productivity
Moderator: Mathew WILSON, Vice President, National Policy, Canadian
Manufacturers & Exporters (confirmed)
Mining the Gold. A summation, by the moderators, of the key points uncovered in concurrent session
Advanced Work Packaging and Productivity
Traditionally, contractors face a large amount of rework due to both poor field planning and poor
coordination between engineering and construction. The loss of productivity caused by rework can be
harnessed and turned around if the work packaging process is implemented properly. Early project
planning that integrates work packaging with engineering, procurement, construction, and project
controls increases the probability of the following:
1. The engineering team supports the construction sequence and schedule.
2. Vendor-supplied equipment remains on schedule.
3. Materials are purchased and delivered to support construction.
4. Communication of specific work tasks is improved at the workface, from the
superintendent level through the craft ranks. (Throughout this document the team uses
CESCF14 DRAFT PROGRAM (not for publication) – Produced by: JWN Events
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the term workface; this term is interchangeable with the term work front.)
5. Constraints such as craft availability, material laydown, scaffolding, and IFC drawings
are better managed.
6. Work toward closeout and turnover is better controlled.
The session describes the benefits and provides an overview of this disciplined approach to improving
project productivity and predictability.
-Thursday Program Overview8:30-10:00AM
Concurrent Session: Uncovering Good Ideas and Practices
Topic 5.1: The Case for Supply Chain
 What are the KPI’s
 How to make the case for effective supply chain capabilities. The value proposition to
Topic 5.2: Managing Risk Within the Supply Chain
 A systematic approach in assessing risk along the value chain and methods to effectively manage
these risks.
Topic 5.3: Sustainability in Supply Chain: Program contact – Siobhan Chinnery, Sanjel
 The importance of aboriginal business development and sources to help.
Topic 5.4: Case Studies: Success in Continuous Improvement
 A case where Buyer and Seller worked successfully to go beyond contractual obligations to drive
value for both orgs.
Topic 5.5: Technology Supply Chain - Environment
 Three – four presentations
Refreshments on the Showroom Floor
10:30AM-12:00PM Closing Plenary – P6: Collaboration
Moderator: Allan TO, President, Supply Chain Management Association – Alberta
Chapter and Senior Commercial Manager – Category Management, Suncor Energy
Topic 6.1: Mining the Gold. A summation, by the moderators, of the key points uncovered in
concurrent session 5.1-5.4 and a reminder of key points from 3.1-3.8.
Collaboration: Industry leaders across the supply chain network sharing specific details on how to
deliver world-class results by building a world-class supply chain…
CESCF14 DRAFT PROGRAM (not for publication) – Produced by: JWN Events
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