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Friday, November 7, 2014
Since we got to Anchorage on Wednesday afternoon we've been busy non-stop. On Wednesday, Madison, Naomi and I have
been with Mrs. Krause shopping before the ASAG group left to Wasilla the next morning. On Thursday morning, the SDP wrestling
team went to Sports Authority to collect last minute supplies before the scrimmage at ACS. After waiting for the team at Sports Authority we bought a scale from Walmart. When we got back to the Dimond Hotel, Mr. Poage weighs all 8 of us to determine if we had
to drop weight. Unfortunately for the ones who were over weight, they layered on all of their snow gear and ran laps around the hotel
and Walmart, hoping to shed off a few pounds. --Silvanna
Then we woke up at 6:30 am on Friday morning for weigh-ins to begin and the Lime Solar Invitational Tournament. Unfortunately
after the first day of wrestling everybody had been eliminated from the tournament except for Alex. Alex won two matches and lost
one and I won one match and lost two. The rest of our team had a good learning experience in their 2 matches. On Saturday we
again had to get up at 6:20 AM to get to the tournament. Alex went to weigh in but unfortunately was 1 tenth of a pound over weight
and was eliminated from the tournament. Then we watched a lot of matches until we got to wrestle some exhibition matches. They
were fun and we went out and got a bite to eat. Finally, we came back to the school and watched the finals and awards.
Today the wrestling team had the right to sleep in until 10 am. It was an awesome night sleep. After waking up, we had a study hall
for two hours and wrestling practice for two hours after all of the days events we had dinner at an all you can eat Chinese buffet.
Today, on this magnificent morning the great team of the Sand Point screeching Eagles woke up and had breakfast and let the
overweight wrestlers run until 11, then studied. Then coach Poage gave us free time and brought us to the mall until 2:30, then we all
met back in the van and drove to ACS for wrestling duals, all players gave great efforts, the outstanding wrestler award for tonight
goes to Alex Gilbert, for winning both of his matches versus some tough fellers, one was from ACS and he won by pinning him with
the half nelson, then he faced a wrestler from Seward who he earlier wrestled at the ACS tournament, Alex put that Seward wrestler
in a head and arm move and pinned him effortlessly, then we went back to the hotel and had free time until 10:30 and approached
our bunks and wet to sleep. --Alex
On Wednesday, we woke up, cleaned our rooms, had study hour for an hour and a half. Then after that we were able too walk
around til 2:15 then we had too get ready for practice with the ACS. we played a sock game where we all had to take off our shoes
and had too wrestle to get the others' person socks off, if you got the first sock off you had too stand up again and wrestle again too
take the other sock off. After practice we were able too go walk around the mall and Walmart until 10 then had too go back in our
rooms we stay in. --Ryder
We finished our matches at ACS Thursday and had some great wrestling.
 Alex - 2-0 with 2 pins at 170 pounds
 Colten 1-1 with a win 11-2 at 120 pounds
 Timmy Mack 2-0 with 2 pins at 138 pounds
 Ethan Mack 2-0 with 2 pins at 152 pounds
All other wrestlers lost their matches but are doing much better with the added experience. I included a couple of photos, one of
Glen and another of Colten. I will update this weekend depending on internet availability. Enjoy -- the saga continues....
Volume I, Edition 11
I have heard that when a young elephant is born into captivity, the owner
will tether the elephant to a small tree with thick chain. This will prevent
the 250-pound animal from escaping. During the first few weeks of life, the
young elephant will repeatedly test the chain again and again – without
success. After a few weeks, the elephant learns that he is not strong
enough to break the ties that bind him. He then gives up any further attempt to free himself, and consigns himself to life within a small circle.
An adult elephant, trained in his youth and conditioned from past experience, can now be tethered to a small tree with the thinnest of ropes. He
could easily break away, but he will make no attempt to wander because
he “believes” he does not have the power to break the ties that bind him.
He has been taught that freedom to break way is no longer available. For
the rest of his life he is tame and will never be anything like the powerful
creature he was born to be.
I can sympathize with the elephant. I have seen too many kids – and
adults, whose lives have been tied down and shackled. They have been
conditioned not to try. I know that with help and personal commitment you
can break any chain that binds you. Don’t be “bound” by pass failures.
Help Wanted
Girls Volleyball Coach
To finish the last
two weeks of the season
Contact Raynelle-- School Office
Small Stipend
5 Dental Team @ Clinic
call if you need appt.
10 Wrestler's Return
11 Veteran’s Day
12 Mr. Stanley Mack’s
13-15 Volleyball Here
KVC & Unalaska
Wrestlers @ Unalaska
JH BB Trip to KVC!
17 Progress Reports
22 8th Grade Bake Sale
@ the AC 12-3pm
27 No School
Happy Thanksgiving!
28 No School
28 Mrs. Robb’s Birthday
1 HS Basketball Starts
5 Traditional Bazaar
9 Christmas Concert
13 Sand Point School
Christmas Bazaar
17-19 Girls BB @ KVC
17-19 Boys BB vs KVC
18 Christmas Break
Begins Ho-ho-ho!
Nov 7
Bristol Bay Silver Boot
Bristol Bay Silver Boot
Unalaska & King Cove
Unalaska & King Cove
Unalaska & King Cove
King Cove
King Cove
King Cove
2014 Schedule
State @ ACS
Community members Kathleen Harper, Heidi Jacobsen, Jared Mandalook, Anthony Wilson, Susan Check and James Webster. Justin Mobeck for helping sell
tickets. Raynelle for getting all the cash boxes together.
Outstanding students who helped out until the end were Jonathan Rotter, Karl
Smith, Abraham Bravo, Jonni Pilcher, and Summer Pilcher.
Thank you to all the staff members who helped set up and take down during
the Carnival. Big thanks to Danny Robb and wood shop class for making carnival
games. Bob Nyberg for putting down and putting up the mats and bleachers.
The Close Up Crew says a BIG thank you to the community members that
came to support this school function!
November 6-8
@ Houston
November 13-16
@ Unalaska
December 5, 6
Regional @ Bethel
December 11-13
Alyssa Ludvick, Desiree Mobeck, Evan Wilson,
Marieana Larsen, Kleyvin Larsen
Dec 4, 5, 6 Regionals At New Stuyahok
Dec 11,12,13 State in Anchorage
Sand Point Wrestler, Glen Krause
He is the big, mean one!
Breakfast & Lunches are FREE for all students.
The fee for adults & staff is $5.00.
JH/HS Breakfast Served 7:50 AM-8:05 AM
ELEM. Breakfast Served 8:15-8:30 AM
JH/HS Lunch Served 11:50 AM-12:20 PM
ELEM. Lunch Served 11:00-11:30 AM
Friday JH/HS Lunch Served 12:00-12:30 PM
Interested in making a
Difference in our Community?
Emergency Trauma
Technician Class
Dec 7 thru 15
Evenings & Weekends
Pin! For Alex!
Fire Hall
Cost: Free!
Contact: Denise
Sunday — Pool Closed
Monday Thru Saturday
6:30-7:30 PM Open Swim
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
5:30-6:30 PM Water Aerobics
Tues, Thurs, Saturday
5:30 PM-6:30 PM Family Swim
Monday and Friday
9:00 - 10:00 AM Water Aerobics
Sunday—Gym Closed
Monday —Thursday
6:30-8:00 K-6th Grade Open Gym
8:00-9:30 7th Grade-Adult Open Gym
Friday– Gym Closed
6:30 PM-8:00 PM K-6th Grade Open
8:00 PM-9:30 PM 7th Grade-Adult Open Gym
**Mr. Poage for travelling with wacky wrestlers
for 10 days. He is a good sport!
*Ms. Suter for stepping out of her comfort zone
to travel with the girl’s Volleyball team to Bristol
** Amy Eubank for filling in the gap and helping
to help produce a great Halloween carnival.
Thank you Amy!
** Anabel, For always having a big smile on her
face and taking the time to help the little kids...
The 2014 Fall Alaska Association of Student Governments was hosted by Mat-Su Career and Technical
High School. We are glad we were able to take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to put our leadership skills into action. While there, we did group building
activities and interacted with other schools throughout
Alaska. Also, our resolution for the school to get new
lockers was passed unanimously and will go onto the
Aleutians East Borough School Board for further discussion. We had lots of fun and can't wait to implement the
skills and knowledge we gathered at AASG in Sand
Point School.
Sand Point School
Sand Point Women’s Club
Everyday the after school place to be!
This student spotlight is on Keira Galovin. She is currently in
second grade. Keira enjoys many things like hanging out with
her friends and playing with Barbies. She has a lot in common
with friends. She wants to be a singer when she grows up. "I
want to be a singer when I grow up because I really like music
and it makes me happy when I hear it," said Keira smiling.
Keira is good at many sports like basketball, gymnastics, and
cheerleading. She enjoys sports because they are fun, they
challenge her, and help her get better. She strives to get better
at the sports that she is currently interested like gymnastics
because she wants to learn how to balance on the balance
beam. Keira also wants to have kids when she grows up. "I
would like to have kids when I grow up because it sounds fun,
but I don't want a husband because boys are icky and gross,"
said Keira.
Keira's favorite teachers are Mrs. Robb and Mrs. Leah because they are nice, fun, cool. She also likes how they let her
visit their classroom after school.
She also has a great Grandpa and Grandma!!!
JR High students will be having the chance of traveling to
King Cove on November 13th to play some Jr High basketball. There will only be room for 8 Players. We are able to
travel on a “back haul.” JH Sports are not funded by the
School District.
This week we will be having on Friday at 3 pm and Saturday
at 11 pm.
Eligibility is based on grades (eligibility) , attending all practices, and if you participated in September JH
BB. Sounds like a great time!
Sunday — Library Closed
Monday - Saturday 6:00 - 8:30
Christmas Concert -- Dec. 9
Choir Rehearsals for the Christmas Concert. 6:307:30 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Starting
Tuesday Oct. 28. Rehearsals will be one hour
long. Rehearsal dates will be Oct 28, 30, Nov. 4, 6,
11, 13, 21, 28, 30, Dec. 2 and 4. This group will
participate in the Sand Point School Christmas Concert on Dec. 9.
All High School Students are encouraged to join
choir next semester if you want to participate in the
group going to Regional contest. Eight students will
be going out to the contest. -- Mr. Herndon
Traditional Christmas Bazaar
December 5,
6:00-9:00 PM
Friday Night
At the Q.T.T. Building
For More Info.
Call Charlotte 386-6022
This weeks spotlight teacher is Ms. Kurmes She
is from Arizona where she went to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff where she got a double major in elementary and special education.
She has been teaching for many years. She
taught 5 years of dancing and 3 years of student
teaching. This is her second year teaching at our
school. She really likes Sand Point and it is her
first time having her own classroom. She plans
on teaching here at least a few more years and
maybe more. Ms. Kurmes has always wanted to
come to Alaska. Her uncle is from Kodiak. She
was offered contracts with all 5 districts. While
she was waiting she was trying to decide in the
elevator. She saw Mr. Seifert and he had just
become principal for King Cove and asked if she
wanted to interview. She said yes because there
was nothing to lose. They did a really fast interview with the school board and Mr. Lindquist
there. She left and Tiffany called and asked if she
wanted to come talk more. They told her about
Sand Point and she accepted it on the spot and
turned down places like Mat-Su and Cordova.
100% -- Landon, Joshua,
Chancelor, Acey, Dantezza,
Summer W, Keira, Julian,
Emily, Michael, Breeanna
75% -- Silvanna, Brittany, Vann,
Alexia, Iris, Charlotte, Leah,
Jeremy C, Jonni
50% -- Alexia, Darius, Jermaine,
Ashton, Dantezza, Morgan, Kaatje,
Hawk, Kailey, Rowdy, Carson, Josh,
Devin, Summer P.
25% -- Avi, Donovan, Mathew,
Parker, Joseph, Mia, Paige,
Deven, Xavier, Tyler, Ava, Lexus,
William, Issac, Julianne,
Brooke, Saylor, Jeremy M.,
Keeley, Emmanuel, Jillian,
Peter, Eppenei
Culinary Arts has been utilizing the wonderful Rowe Farm apples this week! We have been busy making pies and streusel
recipes. The results have been delicious! Thank you Rowe
Farms for donating the apples, Marilyn and Melvin Larsen for
picking the apples, and Coastal Transportation for donating the
Very High Honor Roll
First Quarter
12th Grade
Marieana Larsen
Jillian Bjornstad
11th Grade
Chloe Gardner
Madison Thompson
10th Grade
Colten Mack
Naomi Krause
9th Grade
Michael Herndon
Brittany Gardner
7th Grade
Jesse Starnes
High Honor Roll
12th Grade Alyssa Ludvick
Jordan Herndon
10th Grade Silvanna Morris
8th Grade Summer Pilcher
7th Grade Jermaine Cogo
Honor Roll 3.00-3.49
12th Grade Alex Gilbert
Kleyvin Larsen
11th Grade Evan Wilson
10th Grade Joshua Bravo
Dantezza Pangilinan
Michael Stroud
9th Grade Neleshaj Aquino
Ashlyn Jackson
Felicia Johnson
Payton Stroud
7th Grade Lila Gundersen
Logan Thompson
Desiree Mobeck
Jonni Pilcher
Edmond Cumberlidge
Glen Krause
Breeanna Mobeck
Jonathan Rotter
Abraham Bravo
Nicole Gundersen
Charles Jackson
Joseph Ortega III
Justin Mobeck
Recently, I attended the School Health & Wellness
Institute in Anchorage, thanks to the support from my
administration and school board. This conference was
highly valuable in conveying important information
about how we as a school can support our children’s
physical and academic growth by offering them not
only nutritious meals but also opportunities for physical
fitness activities.
Childhood obesity is a serious threat to our children’s
health. Offering healthy meals and engaging the students in 60 minutes of physical activity every day
helps fight this rising epidemic. Likewise, healthy
meals and physical activity aides in student’s learning.
I now have a better understanding of how important it
is for our school to have a wellness plan as well as a
wellness committee to help support the plan. I hope to
be a part of our schools wellness committee to help
our children learn about making healthy choices and
supporting a healthy lifestyle.
I also have a better understanding of how important it
is for our students to have periodic “brain breaks” to
get them up and moving around. These movement
breaks have been shown to increase brain activity and
help students engage in their learning. It is difficult for
anyone to sit for too long. One awesome brain break
activity website is www.GoNoodle.com This is a great
place to find fun short videos to get the children moving. I appreciate the support that this district and
school board has given me in allowing me the time
and opportunity to attend this conference and learn
more about supporting our children’s health.
Thank you.
Karen McMillan