Polaris Essential Shipment

Polaris Essential Shipment
Polaris Industries has designated the following items as essential service tools.
Valve Spring Compressor Adapter
Piston Ring Compressor
Used to compress the intake and exhaust valve
springs on the KTM 525 engine.
Used to compress piston rings
during installation.
Crankshaft Locking Tool
Clutch Holder
To lock the KTM 525 and 450 engines at TDC.
Used to prevent the engine from turning
while removing and installing the clutch
nut and primary gear nut.
Water Pump Mounting Sleeve
Protects the water pump seal during installation.
Flywheel Puller
Timing Chain Riveting Tool
Used to rivet KTM Cam Chain Links to form
an endless chain loop.
Used to remove the flywheel on the KTM 525 engine.
The total price of this essential tool kit is $236.85 in U.S. funds plus any applicable taxes.
Your Polaris account will reflect this charge under part number PA-48931.
Promotion # PU07-377