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Nimmitabel Public School
Calendar - Term 1
Week 6 - Monday 3rd March - Friday 7th
Monday 3rd - Tuckshop
Server: Jaz Sheehan
Cook: Nicole Fleming
Tuesday 4th - Fairytale Dress Up day
Wednesday 5th - Mrs Wall - Music
Thursday 6th - Library
Friday 7th - Sport Uniform Day - Regional Swimming Carnival at Dapto - Good luck
to all our swimmers!
Week 7 - Monday 10th March - Friday 14th
Monday 10th - Tuckshop Server: Alyssa Hildyard
P&C Meeting @ 2p.m.
Thursday 13th - Library
Friday 14th - Sport Uniform Day
Cook: Pauline Cook
Upcoming Events:
Friday 28th March - School Cross Country for all students K-6
Thursday 3rd April - District Cross Country - held at Nimmitabel PS
Tuesday 8th April - Canberra War Memorial visit
Wednesday 9th April - Life Education visit / Movie Night 5 p.m.
Friday 11th April - Last day of school / Easter Hat Parade / School Athletics
Our vision: “To create a community of learners where students are challenged and
supported by their teachers and their peers”
*Appointments to speak to teachers can be made before and after school. Please
contact the office to make an appointment. Please remember to sign your child/children
in or out of the school, and to notify their teacher if they are late or picked up early at
the School Office
Wolfe St, Nimmitabel, NSW 2631
email: [email protected]
Phone: 02 6454 6205
Mobile: 0438 546 205
Fax: 02 6454 6405
Nimmitabel Public
Congratulations to all students who participated in the recent Snowy Mountains PSSA
Swimming Carnival. Back Row: Charlotte, Emma, Lisa, Dale, Kayla
Front Row: Cassidy and Maggie
Week 5 Term 1, 2014
Nimmitabel Public School Newsletter
Many thanks to the P&C for
organising a very pleasant Back To
School BBQ last week. Office bearers
for this year are as follows:
Congratulations to all Nimmitabel
students who participated in the
Snowy Mountains PSSA Carnival
last week.
President: Liz Jardine
Highlights of the day included
students beating their previous
personal best times as well as the
P5 relay team and Lisa and Dale
qualifying for the Illawarra South
East Region carnival in Dapto on
Friday 7th March.
Vice President: Nicole Fleming
Secretary: Jo Heesom-Green
Treasurer: Kate Waldren
Tuckshop: Linda Thistleton
Lisa Haylock came second in the
breaststroke and Dale Sheehan
placed third in backstroke and
second in the butterfly.
Catering: Lisa Kobold & Pauline Cook
I would like to thank all members of
the P&C for their hard work in 2013
and for future good works!
These are our best school results in
quite a long time - something to be
proud of.
**Claiming the date**
The school needs your help with
serving/catering for the District Cross
Country on Thursday 3rd April.
Remember ‘many hands make light
Library day: Thursday
Please have a look at home for any
school library books, as our records
show that we have still not received
some books borrowed in the 2013
school year.
The next P&C meeting will be held on
Monday 10th March at 2 p.m.
Your attendance would be greatly
Your support of the Scholastic Book
Fair is greatly appreciated. We sold
over a thousand dollars worth of
books, resulting in $130 worth of
books going to our school library and
$166 in rewards to purchase books
throughout the year - a fantastic effort
for a school our size.
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Nimmitabel Public School Newsletter
A school play has been planned for
term two this year. Mrs Wall has
already purchased the script and
music, and has begun working with
students this term. Putting on a
school play is a great experience and
we are quite excited.
Many thanks to our parents who
attended the information session
today. Remember you are always
welcome to come and speak with
your child/ children’s teacher about
any aspect of school - we have one
request - please make an
student. A permission note is still
required and will be sent home with
the Week 7 newsletter.
There is a whole school excursion
planned to the War Memorial in
Canberra on Tuesday 8th April.
Further details will be forthcoming
with the permission note in the next
newsletter. Many thanks to the P&C
for contributing $500 towards the cost
of the bus - this helps to keep this
invaluable experience affordable for
all families.
Our school Administrative Manager
Liz Blyton does not work on Mondays
or every second Tuesday. If you need
any assistance from Liz in the office
please do so when possible
Wednesday through to Friday teachers may be able to assist you on
the other days but their main
commitment is to student learning.
The Life Education program will be
run at Nimmitabel P.S on Wednesday
9th April. The school will be covering
the cost of attendance for each
Our school cross country will be held
on Friday 28th March at 9.00 a.m. on
the golf course - parents/
grandparents/ family friends are
welcome to attend.
The athletics carnival will be held on
the last day of term: Friday 11th April
along with the Easter Hat Parade.
Please remember that if you cannot locate
a newsletter, permission note, tuck shop
roster these items are regularly uploaded
to our school website: http://
You can also check out the gallery
section for photos of special events and
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Kind Regards, Nimmitabel PS Staff