LDX 2101 Economical suction roll shell material, flyer

LDX 2101
Economical suction roll shell material
e LDX 2101 lean duplex stainless steel by Outokumpu Corporation is an economical material with properties matching the main requirements for suction roll
shell applications. Valmet's process know-how as a paper machine builder and
unrivalled experience in making suction rolls, combined with Outokumpu's world
leading stainless steel expertise, have resulted in a functional suction roll shell.
e main features are efficient water removal, vibration free runnability, and long
operational lifetime. ese shells are suitable both for new suction rolls as well
as for shell replacements, regardless of the original roll supplier.
Ÿ Optimal performance
Ÿ Durability due to high corrosion fatigue
strength and good corrosion resistance
Ÿ Improved mechanical properties due to
homogenous, fine microstructure
Ÿ An economical choice for moderately
loaded suction roll shell applications
Unrivalled engineering expertise
e smart choice for many
suction roll shell applications
Valmet's technical knowledge and long experience of
making suction rolls are utilized in the shell dimensioning and engineering process. e excellent performance and long operational lifetime of the suction roll
shell are ensured with detailed calculations, which take
into account both the inuence of the corrosive environment and all the forces affecting the shell. Valmet’s
process know-how is utilized when selecting the optimal drilling pattern and open areas/hole volume for
the suction roll shell. e goal is to maximize the
dewatering capacity with minimized risk of suction
hole shadow marking, prevent hole plugging and
reduce roll noise level.
Steel grade
LDX 2101
Yield strenght
LDX 2101 is an economical low-alloyed austeniticferritic duplex stainless steel. Due to carefully optimized alloying it has the right material properties for
durable suction roll shell operation: a high corrosion
fatigue strength, needed in the cyclic loading conditions, and good corrosion resistance, giving protection
against paper machine white water chemicals. is
material can be used in moderately loaded suction roll
shell applications.
Tensile strenght
Corrosion fatigue
Pitting corrosion
resistance equivalence
* Typical value
1) Corrosion fatigue test in simulated whitewater testing environment (pH 3.5, Cl- 400 ppm, SO4 - 250 ppm, temp: approx. 20°C / 68°F)
based on rotating four-point bending-method with 50% failure probability. Used frequency 5 Hz, no. of cycles 107.
High-quality manufacturing methods
Recrystallisation during the hot rolling process.
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Hot formed shell sections are welded together using
high-quality welding methods developed specially for
this purpose. e welding methods used and the subsequent controlled vertical heat treatment ensure consistent material properties for the plate material and
weld areas.
Good runnability is a critical issue for today's paper
machines, which is why Valmet has set high tolerance
and quality requirements for all shell manufacturing
stages, starting from the rough turning of the shell
blank and ending in the balancing of the nished shell.
Shell holes are drilled using highly accurate precision
drilling methods. Precision drilled holes have extremely high surface smoothness, helping to prevent fatigue
crack initiation and hole plugging.
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Alloys with the best properties
Corrosion resistance
By courtesy of Outokumpu Prefab AB
e shell blank is manufactured using continuously
cast and hot rolled steel plates. During the hot rolling
procedure the coarse microstructure common to cast
steel is altered into a more homogenous and ne grain
sized structure. e ner microstructure improves the
steel strength properties, gives better resistance against
heat cracking and also enables 100% ultrasonic inspection of the plates.
stainless steels
stainless steels
LDX 2101
Corrosion fatigue strength
Latest roll cover technology
Valmet also provides a versatile range of suction roll
covers. ese include advanced polyurethane covers
with superior wear and water resistance properties,
hard coatings and a wide selection of rubber covers.
Whatever the suction roll, we can provide a suitable
roll cover to boost its performance to the maximum,
without cover-speci c load or speed limitations.