Biography-2 Oct 2014 Henry Green

Wii G’winaalth
(henry green)
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Tsm’syen(nation) – Gitando(tribe)
Ganhada (raven) Crest
Northwest Coast of -“Tsm’syen Lax Yuup”[inside the river of mist-territory/land]
Wii Gwinaalth-(b. 1956), was raised in [on wild roses]=Lax Kw’alaams (Port Simpson) and
[on where it foams-reversing rapids]=Lax Kxe’en
(Prince Rupert), on what is now known as-British Columbia-Canada, in a family, tribe and
community rich in knowledge and tradition.
Henry credits-“ Freda Diesing, Haida
and her nephew ,Don Yeomans, Haida”- in particular for stimulating his interest in the Arts
and Woodcarving,-“George Clutesi, Nuu Cha’nuulth”-, for developing his appreciation and
passion for learning about Westcoast Culture ,plus storytelling.
Henry Green has pursued formal art training at the –“Emily Carr College of Art and Design”
in Vancouver, B.C. (1986 - 87) and the -“Institute of San Miguel D'Allende”- in Mexico
(1982 - 83).
As well as being an innovator ,Wii Gwinaalth, is also an accomplished –Engraver –JewellerDesigner-Printmaker-WoodCarver/Sculpture-Toolmaker-Historian-Educator-Mentor.
Henry is strongly committed and supportive of “educational initiatives” and “cultural
developmental programs.” His Artwork is in Private and Corporate Collections throughoutCanada ,Alaska ,United States of America ,Europe and Asia
His work has been guided and sustained by an intensive approach to specific –“Tsm’syen
Mythology, Heraldic Iconic emblems , ideological, historical and modern references.”
Within this context, his commitment to specific, stylistic purity has allowed for a rich and
innovative portfolio of multi-media processes.
Museum of Northern BC – 16’ foot: Lax Sgiik (Eagle) and Sto’ol (beaver) pole.
Prince Rupert, BC- 21’ foot :Pt’saan(totem pole, flattened at the back) Gunahk Ni’is
Simgyet, Museum Carving Shed.
Massett,Haida Gwaii,BC – 40’ foot:Gaya’a’ang(Haida word for totem pole)
assisted -Reg Davidson,Haida- in the carving of this pole for “K’anadsnee Cultural
Los Angeles, California,U.S.A. – 8’ foot :Interior House Pole, Lax Sgiik[eagle] and
T’sak[boy’s name] Episode.
Chicago, Illinois ,U.S.A.– 10’ Foot :Totem Pole, T’xamsem[raven] and Medeek[grizzly bear]
Sealaska Corporation,U.S.A.– 8’ foot :Totem Pole,Mediik [grizzly bear] and Hon [salmon]
Microsoft Corporation, Seattle, Washington,U.S.A. – 8’ foot: Totem ,House Pole-“Whole
Being & Canoe”, Welcome Figure .
Geneva, Switzerland,E.U. – 8’ foot :Totem Pole,Txamsem [raven] Brings the Daylight to the
world .
Montreaux, Switzerland,E.U. – 8’ foot: Interior House Pole, Ga’ak [raven]
Charles Hays Senior Secondary School, Prince Rupert, B.C. – 26’ foot:Pt’saan (totem
pole,flattened at the back]), a “Monumental Heraldic Column”- depicting the combined four
heraldic crests of the Tsm’syen Nation and also released a limited edition, silkscreened print,
given away as gifts, at the occasion of the “Yaawk feast.”(where all nations,dignitaries
attend and witness to –Adaa’wk (true verbal history).
Northwind Dental Office, Northern Vancouver, BC – 4’’x76” X 27” :red cedar carved,
painted, and inlaid with abalone, copper and silver, depicting an episode of the -“Taming of
the Northwind.”
Museum of Northern,Pr. Rupert, BC – 34”x3”- painted rawhide drum on permanent display
and part of there collection,in the Grand Hall, depicting an episode of, the -“Taming of the
Northwind “.
Coastal Peoples Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. – 10’ foot: Totem Pole,Xsgiik (eagle)- T’sak[young
boy’s name] and his Grandmother ,interior house pole.
University of Plymouth, England, U.K. – 18’ foot :Gyetm Gan(totem carved in the round)
“Gaak(raven),-Gyet(human) and Xsgiik (eagle) Commemorative Column”, celebrating
Captain Cooks Travels of the Pacific Northwest .
Lax Kw’alaams, BC – 16’ Foot: Gyetm Gan ,of T’xamsem[raven] and the Box of Daylight at
the head of Kala Aksm Klussims[nass river].
Hull, Quebec – “Tsm’syen: Wii Leksm Wa’alp-(big house) Project,” installed and on
permanent display at the Monumental Gallery at “The Museum of Civilization”.
Lax K’xeen Elementary School,Pr. Rupert, B.C. – commemorative limited edtion print
-2001-commisioned and released for the formal opening of the new school, depicting
an- Adaa’wk (true verbal history) of a closely located ,nieghbouring -Git’siis Tribes,
village site -the original name was “Wil Hal’yel Medeek” (“Where the Grizzly Walks
across the Sand.”)-now known as Hays Creek .
Prince Rupert Regional Library –Submitted a 2 dimensional design ,of a Halibut for a
new Library card ,later the “Friendship House Elders Group”,collaborated with the Library and staff and came up with a new Tsm’syen, Sm’algyax word -“Waa’lp
Liitsx”- (House of Reading) that won the first time, in the cities history the
prestigious “-“2002 ,B.C. Library Association Merit Award.”
Former Canadian Governor General, Romeo Leblanc, commissioned diplomatic gifts
of silver jewelry,in the form of engraved broach/pendants.
Robert Davidson,Haida – 1 ¼”x6”-Kustayak[eagle] bracelet for his own private
Roy Henry Vickers ,Tsm’syen- 1 ½”x4”-silver ,hair barrette for his wife.
Dorthy Grant ,Haida– 1 ¼”x6”-silver bracelet for her private collection.
Museum of Northern BC – Archived Print Collection.
U.B.C Museum of Anthropology,Vancouver,B.C. – Archived Print Collection.
Rising Tide Seafoods – Qualicum Beach designed company logo and released a print
titled “Salmon Mother” .
Northcoast Net ,Lax Kxe’en– “Traditional Ad’m Steti[stinging nettle] , Salmon Gillnet
-Project”- 1998.
Masset Economic Development, Haida Gwaii – 2002 ,Beginner-IntermediateAdvanced ,Specialized Carvers Toolmaking ,14 day workshop-46 students -1,200 –
various woodcarving tools,were produced by the students/participants.
Canadian Museum Civilization of Man, Hull, Quebec, Canada – Tsm’syen Style—“ Wii
Leksm Wa’alp(bighouse)”- a project coordinated by the -University of British
Columbia- Museum of Anthropology- which is now installed and on permanent
display in the “Monumental Gallery of the Grand Hall”.
Expo 86 Vancouver, BC – assisted in the creation of the -36’foot long x 5’foot wide
“Hieltsuk Nation:-Gl’waa -Dugout Canoe Project”-for the Expedition from “Bella Bella
to Vancouver, BC”.
Exhibits & Shows
1. Museum of Northern B.C. – “Arts of the Salmon People”- 1980.
2. Lax Kw’alaams- School District #52 – Developed, implemented and taught ,for 3
years a “Native Art Program.” Instruction included, Basic Design, History, Tool
making, Wood carving and Silver engraving instruction,Mentoring. 1983-1986.
3. Quintana’s Gallery; Portland, Oregon,U.S.A. – Group mixed media exhibit.- 1988.
4. Gallery of Tribal Arts; Vancouver, BC – “Tribal Treasures” -1989.
5. United Native Nations,Vancouver,B.C. – Mamele Society Art Auction,a fudraiser in
support of Native Childrens Programs -1989.
6. Inuit Gallery,Vancouver,B.C. Mask Exhibition -1989.
7. “Gitx’san–Wet’suwet’en”-Art
Mediik(grizzly bear)-Waam Tsuusk[young prince]Totem House Pole,In Support of
Delgamuukw Courtcase-1990.
8. Inuit Gallery; Vancouver, BC – Drum Show 1990.
9. Nanaimo, BC – Sayseten First Peoples – Art Exhibition.
10. Art Space Gallery ;–Philadelphia, PA, USA – Jewelry Exhibition 1991.
11. Geneva, Switzerland,U.K.– “Raven Brings Light to the World” – 8’ foot Totem Pole1992.
12. Seoul, Korea – Serigraphy Print Exhibit -1992.
13. Daybreak Star Gallery; Seattle, Washington, USA –print exhibit -1993.
14. Alcheringa Gallery; Victoria, BC “Tribal Miniatures” and “Gems of the Northwest
Coast” -1994.
15. Northwest Community College; Prince Rupert, BC – Skeena Cable 10, Documentary
Series on Pole Carving, Anthropology Department -1994.
16. Alcheringa Gallery; Victoria, BC – “Dreams of Silver and Gold” exhibit –Lecture:
Jewelry Engraving Workshop and Serigraphy (printmaking) Exhibit-1995.
17. Alcheringa Gallery; Victoria, BC “Treasures of the Northwest Coast” -1996.
18. Derek Simpkins Gallery of Tribal Art ;– “Shaman & Cranes” ,a painted drum ,that
Celtic Style & Northwest Coast Imagery Combined -1996.
19. Architectural Digest Magazine;-Totem Carvers of the Northwest Coast – June
publication -1998.
20. Phoenix, Arizona ;– “Spirits in the Sun” – First Canadian Aboriginal Art Exhibit -1998.
21. Alcheringa Gallery; Victoria, BC - “Tribal Miniatures” -1998.
22. Museum of Northern B.C.; Monumental Gallery, Group Show – “Taming of the
Northwind” (red cedar panel) -1998.
23. Alcheringa Gallery; Victoria, BC - “Tribal Miniatures” -2000.
24. Coastal Peoples Gallery; Vancouver, BC – “Spirits Transform” December- 2001.
25. Alcheringa Gallery; Victoria, BC – “Storytellers” oral traditions of the Northwest Coast
November- 2002.
26. Alcheringa Gallery; Victoria, BC – “In Celebration of the Feast”.
27. The Legacy Gallery Ltd.; Seattle, Washington,U.S.A. – “Crossing of the Waters”,
Canoes of the Northwest Coast, September -2003.
28. Coastal Peoples Gallery; Vancouver, BC – “Beyond the Grain”- 2003
29. The Legacy Gallery; Seattle, Washington,U.S.A. – “Totem Poles”-2003.
30. Coastal Peoples Gallery; Vancouver, BC – “Totem Poles”- Silent Messengers of the
Northwest Coast, November -2004.
31. Coastal Peoples Gallery; Vancouver, BC - “Box of Treasures-2004.
32. Coastal Peoples Gallery; Vancouver, BC - “Where the Spirits Gather” – celebrating a
contemporary and diverse -Northwest Coast Art Form, November -2005.
33. Northwest Community College ; “First Nations Artist in residence Program”,
designed, articulated and implemented ,academic curriculum, based on –History-ArtCulture and Languages ,this Program was accredited and University transferable 2004-2005.
34. Coastal Peoples Gallery; Transcendence, a multimedia group show celebrating ten
years with an inspiring exhibition, September -2006.
35. Heard Museum; Phoenix, Arizona,U.S.A. – 36”inches x 12”inches -cedar bark,red
cedar carved sculpture/mask-“Chief of Wealth of the Sea”(killerwhale), January 2007.
From Totems to Turquoise – Native North American jewelry from Northwest and Southwest
Museum of the American Indian, New York City,U.S.A.-2005.
Architectual Digest Magazine - Totem Carvers of Northwest Coast – June 1998, Edition.
Native Visions – Seattle Art Museum,U.S.A. -1998, Steve C. Brown, Author/Curator.
Arts of the Salmon People – Museum of N.B.C.,Pr.Rupert,B.C. -1980 - Dawn Hasset,
Persistence and Change – History of the Tsm’syen Nation -2005- Kenneth Campbell ,Author.
Life of the Copper – Commonwealth Games- Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria, BC -1994.
Painted Drums of the Northwest Coast – Inuit Gallery –Vancouver,B.C.-1996.
North of Caution – A journey through the conservation economy of the Northwest Coast,
Eco-Trust Canada -2001.
Prince Rupert, Museum of Northern BC – Carving Shed Totem Pole-carving series
First Nations Education Council Pr.Rupert,B.C.– Tsimshian Nation pole raising and feasting
Geneva, Switzerland, Swiss National News
C.B.C – Morning News
Newspaper Articles
Prince Rupert Daily News
Vancouver Sun
Geneva, Switzerland
Georgia Straight
Teaching, Lectures and Workshops
Massett Economic Development
School District #52, Prince Rupert, BC
University of Plymouth, England
N.W. Community College, Prince Rupert, BC
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Friendship House Association, Prince Rupert, BC
University of Northern BC, Prince George, BC
Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria, BC
Lax Kw’alaams Secondary School, Port Simpson
Lax Kxe’en Elementary School, Prince Rupert, BC
Totem Heritage Centre, Ketchikan, Alaska
Geneva, Switzerland
North Pacific Museum, Port Edward, BC
Surrey Art Museum, Vancouver BC