CDA/LAD Executive Board Meeting August 20, 2014 6:30

CDA/LAD Executive Board Meeting
August 20, 2014
6:30-8:30 pm
West LA VA
Start time: 6:33
In Attendance: Michele Kezele, Gabby Rios, Ruth Frechman, Lisa Calanni, Mareena Geroge, Ashley GenzSandoval, Fatinah Dawish, Doris Delgado, JJ Istrin, Christine Myung Kim, Colette Rose, Lindsey Marx,
Cathy Fusano, Jocelyn Harrison, David Wiss, Stephanie Burkhart, Karmen Ovsepyan, Amanda Salvestrini,
Jenna Jackson, Lauren Cornell, Luis Mora, Jocceline Hernandez, Carolina Herrera, Monica Pang, Sarah
Lippman, Cary Kreutzer
Presidents Report: (Michele Kezele & Gabby Rios)
Welcome. Will attend CDA leadership meeting Friday.
Calendar – If you are planning an event, let presidents know about it so they can put on google
Two vacant positions available–Volunteer Committee chair & Committee Coordinator III.
The presidents may not be available the end of the month. Contact Lisa Calanni, Pres.-Elect, if
Bylaws: Will be combining Bylaws and Nominating. Secretary was added to the Financial
Planning committee (2 meetings/year). It was moved and seconded to accept the updated
Bylaws. Motion carried.
Sponsorship of Pharmavite – Pharmavite wasn’t notified that LAD wasn’t accepting sponsorship
this year. They planned on giving $1,000 at the Platinum level. It was moved and seconded to
continue to wait one year to accept this application and others. Motion carried.
Presidents Elect Report (Lisa Calanni and Luis Mora)
Upcoming events:
August 27th, Nutrition talk by LA Galaxy team nutritionist. 5pm, followed by game at 7:30.
Carson, CA. 1 CEU. $5/ticket goes back to LAD. Deadline for purchase: 4pm, August 26th.
Instructions for checking in at the event will be emailed to all registrants on August 26th. Parking
is $15 cash and the parking attendant will provided directions to the designated parking lot. Lisa
discussed payment for marketing.
September 20th, CPE for putting together a learning plan and CPE opportunities (how to earn
CEUs). To be held at the West LA VA.
October 18th, Saturday. Amy’s Farm, Ontario, CA
Early November CPE event, clinical/MNT Webinar.
Mailchimp lists
Treasurer Report (Amanda Salvestrini & Jenna Jackson):
Banking info:
Checkbook balance: $15,927.42
Revenue: $223.86
Expenses: $321.56
Membership count:
Total: 164
Active: 103
Student: 55
Retired: 6
LAD has a leftover Cheesecake Factory gift certificate. It will be used as a raffle prize.
Secretary Report (Ruth Frechman): Attendance form was circulated. No corrections to the July minutes.
It was moved and seconded to approve July minutes. Motion carried.
Newsletter Editor Report (Carolina Herrera):
Sent to 149 of 151 emails on most current list of members. 2 bounced. 1 cleaned
24.8% open rate – 37 members opened
3.3% click rate – 5 members
Possible mailchimp issues. Newsletter being sent to spam/junk mail box. Will try different
subject lines.
Asked for requests for newsletter articles or announcements.
Historian Report (Reina Capati): Not in attendance. No report
Social Media Report (Jocceline Hernandez):
5 new page links recently. 912 engagements; 371 engagements. Encourage members to share
pictures from events. Butter throw back had highest “likes”. Throw-back Thursdays are popular.
Using Social Media to get new LAD members. Suggestions for ideas, such as Freaky Friday and
recipes were suggested.
AND/CDA Delegate Report (Dorothy Chen-Maynard): Not in attendence
Committee Coordinator I (Karmen Ovsepyan):
Community Relations (Colette Rose, Lindsey Marx, JJ Istrin)
Progress towards goal (2) to submit newsletter article to Carolina following participation in
community event.
Purchased two rolling containers to use for community events. Organized LAD box and nutrition
education handouts.
JJ is looking for big impact health fairs.
Advocacy/Public Policy Committee (Fatinah Darwish, Ashley Sandoval, Doris Delgado)
SB 993 – Vote passed in Assembly and Senate. 46 people from CDA sent letters of support. The
bill will go on to the Governor’s desk.
We need volunteers to be the liaison between their respected legislator and CDA/LAD.
CMS Rule on Therapeutic Diet Orders – The federal ruling has not influenced California law, nor
does it override existing California law and regulations.
Christmas in July Event took place on July 19th.
Marketing & Sponsorship (David Wiss, Sarah Lippman)
The rubric is available for viewing online on the Dietitians for Professional Integrity website.
Planning to film four 3-minute videos next month.
Committee Coordinator II (Anet Piridzhanyan):
Nominating & Awards Committee (Randi Drasin, Svetlana Akoyeva, Lauren Cornell)
Emailed 1st EBLAST to nominate candidates for all AND/CDA awards. Nominations are due by
September 10th. Goal is to have LAD nominate people for each award.
Email was to sent to Carolina, the Newsletter Editor, to add to the next monthly newsletter.
Connected with Colleen Ross, Dietetic Internship Director at the VA Hospital.
Volunteer Committee (Joan Agraviador, Soheyla Seifhashemi)
Recruited 10 volunteers for Christmas in July. Looking for chairman.
Membership Committee (Mareena George, Christine Myung)
Raffle winner selected, publicized through the newsletter, and notified through email.
Membership pamphlet was updated.
Dr Shapiro donated $150 for 10 student memberships.
Committee Coordinator III (position available)
Career Guidance (Stephanie Sanders) not in attendance.
The LAD Advisor Form was emailed for board members to fill out and provide assistance/career
Fundraising (Moran Hermesh, Carlen Loewenthal)
Nothing to report
Bylaws (Dorothy Chen-Maynard) – not in attendance. Nothing to update.
Area Coordinator Reports:
SGV (Vanessa Tan, Naomi Silvas) – Working on RD Stay Fit event, kayaking event, yoga event, combined
hiking event, and wine mixer event. LAD will front $300 budgeted, SGVE would have to fundraise
remaining $700 to front the wine event.
SFV (Cathy Fusano & Kathy Soltani) - March 7th combined hike with tie-in for NNM. Will connect with the
Ask a Dietitian person.
Westside/Central (Open) SouthBay (Open)
New business:
Starting in January, USC will have new master’s program. Will be an MS coordinated program, as
reported by Dr Cary Kreutzer.
Meeting Adjourned Time: 8:21
Next meeting Wednesday, 9/17 6:30-8:30 pm
Location: West Los Angeles VA
11301 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90073
Room Number 6400– Look out for Evite
Email your reports to your committee coordinators by September 10th. Coordinators to submit to
Presidents by MONDAY, September 15, 2014
Email newsletter articles to Carolina by August 25th [email protected]