Vorstellung LKA-Englisch

Ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to the Bayerisches Landeskriminalamt (BLKA - Bavarian State Criminal Police
The BLKA, which was founded in 1946, currently has approx. 1,800 employees at its offices in Munich,
Nuremberg and Wegscheid.
The Bayerisches Landeskriminalamt is
a modern police headquarters that utilizes, researches and advances all kinds of technology
known for processing information and for examinations, investigations and crime prevention
the central office in Bavaria for processing and transmitting police data
the communications control center of the Bavarian Police for transmitting information
the authorized central office for digital radio services for emergency services in Bavaria
the central office of the Bavarian Police for internal investigations
the center of excellence of the Bavarian Police for fighting cybercrime
The responsibilities of the BLKA include in particular
collecting and analyzing information and documents in order to prevent and prosecute criminal
offenses as well as making decisions in individual cases regarding the storage of such
documents at police offices
enhancing criminalistic methods
advising other organizational units of the police on measures to prevent and prosecute criminal
maintaining facilities for identification, forensic and criminological tests and research
performing identification and forensic tests and writing expert reports upon request of other
police offices or the public prosecutor’s office or by order of the Bavarian State Ministry of the
Interior or the court as well as advising other police offices and monitoring their work, should
they perform such tasks
as a central office, coordinating searches as well as directing searches by order of the Bavarian
State Ministry of the Interior
In addition to these main responsibilities, the Bayerisches Landeskriminalamt also has
original competency to conduct investigations concerning
crimes involving nuclear energy, explosives and radioactive material
illegal narcotics trafficking in cases concerning several regional police headquarters or in cases
of importance at the state, federal or international level
the forgery of money, stamps and securities
illegal trafficking in firearms and ammunition
the formation of politically motivated criminal organizations and the participation in the
activities of such organizations
crimes against peace, high treason, the disclosure of state secrets and the endangerment of
external security
criminal offenses that the BLKA is assigned to in general or in individual cases by the Bavarian
State Ministry of the Interior because of the particular danger, geographical dimensions or
special circumstances of the offense. The court or the public prosecutor’s office may also in
individual cases put the BLKA in charge of investigations in the areas of economic crime and
environmental protection.