Research re: Third Party Testing Organized by Lea Harris Of

Research re: Third Party Testing Organized by Lea Harris
Of and
Written by
Lisa Bertolini
I respectfully submit this research in hopes of clarifying that while Ms. Harris’ intentions may have been
of authentic concern for consumers, is invalid and I suspect it would be inadmissible in a court of law.
Due to the amount of people being attracted to this ‘third party testing’ and the amount of critical
condemnation several of these companies (and their reps) have gone through as a result, I feel it’s
important to reconsider Ms. Harris’ conclusions.
Lea Harris has orchestrated a series of blog posts in a campaign to “prove” quality of essential oils.
Please take a few moments to read the data below.
I hope that this will help clear any confusion, gossip, and rumors that have occurred as a result of her
published work.
She started out blogging at then later created She is
now a graduate of Aromahead Institute, a Clinical Aromatherapist, and a member of the Alliance of
International Aromatherapists as well as lists the NAHA (National Association for Holistic
Aromatherapy) on the bottom of her site
I am certain you’ve heard of this already, but keep reading. There’s more.
In her procedures, she does not have a proven sterile environment and her two videos on youtube
shows the steps she took.
Youtube #1: opening bottles
Youtube #2: labels
She does not properly handle changing of gloves to avoid cross blending of essential oils.
We don’t see evidence of a sterile environment.
She breaks the seals and pours them into new smaller bottles.
She labels them on her own (we don’t see what she did with them in between the 2 videos).
Her published results have a discrepancy in labeling. She labeled bottle #1 as YoungLiving and #5
as doTERRA, then later reveals results for #1 as doTERRA and #5 as YoungLiving.
The myrrh test:
Tea tree test:
Peppermint test:
Some of this might be new to you and some might have already come across your desk.
However, there’s more here that must be questioned.
Lea Harris claims she used a third party chemist, Daniel Dantin.
Lea Harris graduated from several programs at AromaHead Institute.
AromaHead Institute is owned by Andrea Butje
AromaHead Institute uses Aromatics Int’l essential oils
Aromatics Int’l was founded by Andrea Butje
Daniel Dantin is Aromatics Itn’ls chemist.
Lea Harris used Daniel Dantin as her “third party” chemist.
Lea Harris said the leaders at AromaHead Institute recommended him.
This hardly constitutes a “third party testing” and could be inadmissible in a court of law. The entire
process is HIGHLY suspicious.
Screenshots below-
Andrea Butje AromaHead and Aromatics Int’l
Daniel Dantin chosen by Lea Harris
Daniel Dantin
Daniel Dantin with Aromatics Int’l
Lea saying she chose “the chemist in France” due to AromaHead
In conclusion, I hope that these issues will be addressed by those involved so the matter may finally be
put to rest.
Lisa Bertolini