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David Ham ley
Landscape Architect
Kaleidoscope Project
11 Godfrey Road Newport NP20 4NX
Proposed Change of Use from B1 to D1
Description of the Applicant and the proposed uses to which the
building would be put.
Kaleidoscope Project is a charity that works with vulnerable people across
England and Wales. It currently runs substance misuse services across Gwent,
Powys and other areas in South Wales. The organization also runs a dual
diagnosis hostel, young people's services, peer mentoring services and an
elderly citizens day centre.
Kaleidoscope Alcohol Service is the current provider of community alcohol
services for Newport City Council and has been approved for a Welsh
Government Capital Fund Grant to enable it to lease 11 Godfrey Road premises
for 5 years.
Community Alcohol Services in Newport are commissioned by Ian Price-Jones
and Gill Phillips and overseen by Tim Powell from Welsh Government Substance
Misuse Advisory Regional Team (SMART) and the Gwent Substance Misuse
Area Planning Board chaired by Chief Superintendent Julian Knight at Gwent
The approval to use 11 Godfrey Road would increase the capacity to see clients
and facilitate the employment of 2 new staff and increase the working hours from
part time to full time for 2 other members of staff.
The service would provide alcohol treatment and advice for hazardous, harmful
and dependent drinking in line with MoCAM 2006 guidance. This would include
structured time limited interventions, long term care coordination and clinical
interventions. Also provided at 11 Godfrey Road would be appointment based
psychosocial interventions such as harm reduction advice, motivational
enhancement therapy, social behavior network therapy and counseling. It would
also act as an administration base for a multidisciplinary team including
counselors, clinical staff and family support.
Alongside counseling and care coordination meetings, 11 Godfrey Road would
be used for nurse assessments and reviews pre and post detox. There will also
be space for multi-agency training and care reviews with other bodies such as
probation and social services.
For clarification:
No medication for alcohol detoxification and relapse prevention will be
held or prescribed at 11 Godfrey Road. This will continue to be done in the
Drug Services Building at Powells Place Newport.
All community detoxs are carried out in the clients' homes.
Doctor clinics are currently held in the Drug Services Building in Powells
The dispensary for substitute medication (Methadone) as part of Drug
Rehabilitation and other Criminal Justice Projects for Newport will continue
to be managed from 35 Godfrey Road Newport
Movement to and from the Property
11 Godfrey Road is located in a prominent position on the corner of Godfrey
Road opposite the main public car park serving the Civic Centre. The property is
within a short walking distance of Newport Central Railway Station and the Bus
Station. It is well serviced, therefore, by public transport.
Within the cartilage of the site are three car parking spaces. In addition, time
restricted on street parking is available on Godfrey Road and Faulkner Road.
Outside the property on Godfrey Road is a parking space designated for disabled
Accessibility within the Property
11 Godfrey Road is a three storey property with its entrance opening directly
from the back of the footway in Faulkner Road. This entrance is up one step. A
fire escape at the rear leads to the three parking spaces but the escape door and
the parking are separated by large stepped changes in ground level.
Inside the property the ground floor (49.8 sq.m) is at one level but at first floor
(51.3 sq.m) and second floor (32.5 sq.m) changes in floor level between front
and rear areas make wheelchair use impractical.
Kaleidoscope is a caring organization experienced in the provision of their
services and any disabled clients would be accommodated at ground floor level.
Environmental Sustainability
The proposed change of use would have a negative impact on sustainability. No
alterations to the property are proposed.
No alterations to the property are proposed; the internal layout would remain as
existing. All areas would be redecorated and some interior floor finishes
Hours of Opening
The Pre-application advice received states that 'the Council would wish to restrict
the opening hours of the premises ..." At present, opening hours would be:
Monday to Friday
9am - 5pm
9am - 2pm
Kaleidoscope Project would prefer opening hours to be extended slightly to:
Monday to Friday
9am - 8pm
9am - 5pm
Staying open in the early evening would allow greater flexibility for those clients
who have child care commitments or work commitments to attend at times which
are more convenient for them. The sessions after normal office hours would be
by appointment only and numbers would be restricted. It is understood that
Kaleidoscope operate these extended hours in other buildings and experience no
The enclosed Planning Application seeks permission for the extended hours and
the Applicant hopes that the Council will allow its care service to be improved in
this way.
Floor Plans
The Pre-application advice states 'You should also include an existing and
proposed floor plan.'
As previously stated, Kaleidoscope Project intend to utilize the existing layout
without the need for any internal alterations. The premises would be redecorated
and one or two floor finishes changed. As a registered charity, Kaleidoscope
Project is reluctant to incur the additional costs of commissioning the preparation
of floor plans for which it has no practical use, and has asked whether, in this
case, the Council would be prepared to reconsider its requirements for these
Design and Access Statement 11 Godfrey Road Newport 28 12 12
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