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Matthew Stephen Prosser British, born on 16.08.1979 53 Broadlands rise, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS14 9SF England [email protected] International Permaculture Designer, Consultant & Certified Trainer An experienced & passionate international Permaculture designer & consultant that believes in sharing knowledge & working with grassroots projects. Matt has actively pioneered & worked with communities & land-­‐based projects both in Asia & Europe for the last seven years & was a long term member at the Panya Project in Thailand. He is in final stages of completing a diploma in Applied Permaculture Design certified by the British Permaculture Association. He has been trained as a Permaculture teacher in the UK & as a participatory facilitator & eco-­‐village designer in Thailand. Matt celebrates diversity & believes in a balance between the head heart & hands. He enjoys working in the plant realm; gardens & food forest. As a poet, Matt is interested in blurring the lines between work, play & art, believing that Permaculture design is an important part of the solution for regenerative global holistic progression. EXPERIENCE IN PERMACULTURE DESIGN Permaculture Supervisor on Seeds of Permaculture Documentary Released Jan 2014 Supervised & featured (six minutes part on natural building) in the crowd funded free documentary: Seeds of Permaculture: Permaculture Design Consultant Barcelona, Spain, Jun 2013 -­‐ ongoing Design of a 120 hectares site & co-­‐drafting of funding proposal for European Union. Implementation of earthworks, 320 x 1 meters of organic companion planting production, three vegetable mandalas & design of 60 x 6 meter poly tunnel. Permaculture Design Consultant Armutlu, Turkey, Jan-­‐Feb 2013 Consultation & design for ten acres of land in Turkey, including goal setting, earth works (six swales three ponds) & building of a 7 x 5 meter dome home. Urban Permaculture Consultant Leamington Spa, UK, Sep 2012 Completed urban Permaculture design & implementation at a private property. Permaculture Design Consultant Eastern Kenya, Aug 2012 Completed the initial stages of a Permaculture design & land base map for a private property land near mangrove wetland. Natural Building Manager & Community Leader Korat, Thailand, Jan-­‐Jun 2012 at Rak Tamachat Permaculture Project Successfully designed & managed the construction of large composting toilets; designed programs for interns, effectively leading them in community building activities & Permaculture design/implementation. Long Term Member of the Panya Project Community Chiang Mai, Thailand, Nov 2010-­‐Dec 2011 Responsible for managing key community activities such as: conflict resolution, meeting facilitation, decision-­‐making, financial management & logistics. Developed land-­‐based design & effectively lead the maintenance, retrofitting & construction of a range of earthen buildings. Managed short-­‐term volunteers, school visits & gave introductory sessions to NGOs & other visitors. Project Volunteer at Buddha Smiles School (Garden of peace) South India, Dec-­‐Feb 2008-­‐2010 Successfully designed weekly workshops for the school students in which they learned about small-­‐scale organic farming. Designed & implemented largely self-­‐maintaining kitchen gardens & water harvesting systems. Managed the maintenance of earthen buildings, assisted & advised on land regeneration activities, food forest design & implementation. PERMACULTURE TEACHING & WORKSHOP FACILITATION Co-­‐designed & facilitated a 14 day workshop: Introduction to Eco-­‐village Design, Deep Ecology, Community Building & Permaculture (Panya Project) Chiang Mai, Thailand, Oct 2012 Co-­‐designed & facilitated a Permaculture Introduction/Practical Workshop (Rak Tamachat Project) Korat, Thailand April 2-­‐15 2012 Co-­‐designed & facilitated an Introduction to Permaculture Workshop (Panya Project) Chiang Mai, Apr 20-­‐ May 4 2012 Co-­‐designed & facilitated 14 day Introduction to Permaculture & Community living workshop (Panya Project) Chiang Mai, Thailand, Dec 2011 Co-­‐designed & facilitated a Natural Building, Permaculture & Community Living Workshop (Panya Project) Chiang Mai, Thailand, Nov 2011 Co-­‐designed & facilitated 16 day Introduction to Permaculture & Practical Workshop where participants successfully built a 2700 Ferro cement tank & composting toilet. (Panya Project) Chiang Mai, Thailand, Oct 2011 Co-­‐designed & facilitated a Sustainability Internship: Natural Building, Permaculture & Community Living, where participants successfully built a 2700 Ferro cement tank & installed an earthen floor. (Panya Project) Chiang Mai, Thailand, 9-­‐23 Jan 2011 Co-­‐designed & facilitated a 15 day Sustainable Living & Natural Building Workshop (Panya Project) Chiang Mai, Thailand, Dec 2010 Co-­‐designed & facilitated a 15 day hands on Introduction to adobe wattle-­‐cob & final plaster (Panya Project) Chiang Mai, Thailand, Nov 2010 Co-­‐designed & facilitated six week training, including an Introduction to Permaculture & Natural Building internship at Buddha Smiles School (Garden of Peace) South India, 2009 & 2010 EDUCATION & TRAINING Gaia Education Network Certified Training of Trainers on Participatory Learning for Eco-­‐village Design Thailand, Feb-­‐Mar 2012 Non-­‐Violent Communication by Jack Lehman (Panya Project) Chiang Mai, Thailand, Feb 2011 British Permaculture Association Certified Training of Trainers Dorset, UK, Jun 2009 Permaculture Design Certificate (Panya Project) Chiang Mai, Thailand, May 2007 Traveled extensively in India, South East Asia & Australia developing a new worldview 1999 -­‐2007 G.N.V.Q in Advanced Leisure & Tourism (Stafford College) UK, 1995 – 1998 REFERENCES Seeds of Permaculture documentary: Permaculture Mandalas – Holisticprogression: Short film featuring Matt Prosser -­‐ Permaculture & Deep Ecology:­‐kZg “Getting Your Hands Dirty: Studying Permaculture in Panya, Thailand”:­‐panya-­‐project.html For further references please contact: Richard Perkins -­‐ [email protected] -­‐ Christian Shearer -­‐ [email protected] -­‐ www.terra-­‐